Haruri Borzak (ハルリ・ボルザーク, Haruri Boruzāku?) is the "True" Master of True Berserker in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange fake.



Haruri encountered Francesca Prelati while attempting a mystical approach to the United States in pursuit of her goal. She accepted Francesca's deal for a chance to destroy the magical world she hates.[1]



Haruri has a powerful hatred for the magical world which took everything from her people and seeks to destroy it in revenge. She wishes to use the Grail to render all methods of concealment used by Magi ineffective, compromising their society's secrecy.[2][1]


Fate/strange fake

Day 0

On the first day of Snowfield's Holy Grail War, Haruri summoned True Berserker under one of the city's thermal power stations. Before she could form a contract, True Berserker went on a rampage and severely injured her. As she was preparing to die, a possessed Fillia intervened, healing Haruri and making True Berserker enter into a contract with her.[2]

Harui & Filia

Day 2

Despite Haruri being the actual Master, she decides to follow Fillia, doing as she wants. Together, they attack the workshop of Bazdilot Cordelion, the Master of True Archer. While Fillia fights with True Archer, Bazdilot confronts Haruri and tries to shoot her. However, True Berserker manifests, now far larger than when initially summoned, blocking the bullets. Haruri, encouraged by Fillia, then orders Berserker to destroy the workshop and the area around it. Seeing Berserker rampaging through the area, Bazdilot questions what kind of a Servant Haruri summoned. Before the situation can escalate, however, True Caster appears, creating a giant hole in the ground with his Noble Phantasm, Grand Illusion. True Caster then manages to make a temporary truce between the parties, recreating the ground afterward. Haruri and Fillia then leave, along with Berserker.[3]


Haruri is a practitioner of Witchcraft. She describes it as an art that always require sacrifice, although she has only ever offered her own flesh and blood as tribute.[2][1] Her primary forte in Witchcraft is actually the deflection of curses rather than casting them.[1]

She has some skills in healing magic, as she was able to heal herself and her magic circuits. While her combat capacity is low, she believes that with help from familiars, she should be able to drive away a couple of thugs.[1]


Creation and Concept


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