Hassan-i-Sabbah (ハサン・サッバーハ, Hasan Sabbāha?), also known as the "Old Man of the Mountain" (山の翁, Yama no Okina?), is the pseudonym shared by the nineteen leaders of the Hashshashin, a medieval Islamic sect based in Persia. All nineteen are currently wraiths considered Heroic Spirit Candidates that have yet to properly ascend to the Throne of Heroes. When summoned as Servants, they are always the Assassin class, and sometimes the only possible candidates for the class entirely. The name of the sect is the etymological root of the word "assassin;" and the class name itself thus acts as the catalyst to summon the members of the organization.


The requirement for those who might truly be described as perfect assassins would normally be to remain anonymous and consequently fail to become Heroic Spirits, so only the Old Man of the Mountain who is known throughout history would normally be applicable for the Assassin class. They are normally summoned in place of truly anonymous killers, but others have managed to fit into the class as well. They have all lost their faces and names upon becoming wraiths, instead only having carved out faces hidden behind skull masks. If they were to regain them, they may be able to be properly inducted. Due to being selected from a group of Wraiths, their abilities are low.[1] The greatest skill of each is expressed as their Noble Phantasm, which all share the name Zabaniya—the name of the 19 angels that guard Hell and torment its inhabitants under Archangel Maalik, according to Islamic faith.

At some point, one of the nineteen Hassan-i-Sabbah joined forces with Richard I and Saladin to fight together against a Dead Apostle during the Third Crusade.

Known Hassan-i-SabbahEdit

Number Name Era Zabaniya
1"Old Man of the Mountain"UnknownNone
?Hassan of the Cursed Arm1200sDelusional Heartbeat
?Hassan-i-Sabbah (Third Holy Grail War)UnknownCyber Phantasy
?Hassan-i-Sabbah (Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA)UnknownDead Heartbeat Melody
?Hassan of Intoxicated SmokeUnknownUnknown
?Hassan of SerenityUnknownDelusional Poison Body
?Hassan-i-Sabbah (Fate/strange Fake)UnknownUnknown
?Hassan of the Quaking PipeUnknownUnknown
?Hassan of Shadow-PeelingUnknownUnknown
?Hassan of the Shining StarUnknownUnknown
?UnknownUnknownFebrile Inspiration
?UnknownUnknownIchor of Reverie
?UnknownUnknownMeditative Sensitivity
?UnknownUnknownRaving Shadow Flash
?UnknownUnknownUnfeeling Patrolling Spirits
N/ANo Name Assassin (#19 candidate)UnknownPhantasmal Pedigree
19Hassan of the Hundred FacesUnknownDelusional Illusion


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