Hassan of the Cursed Arm (呪腕のハサン, Noroi-ude no Hasan?), Class Name Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?, Asashin), is the Assassin-class Servant of Zouken Matou in the Heaven's Feel route of Fate/stay night's Fifth Holy Grail War. Designated as True Assassin (真アサシン, Shin Asashin?) in reference materials, he is the proper Servant meant to be summoned under the Assassin class rather than the aberration in the War, Sasaki Kojiro, summoned as an irregular Assassin by Caster. He is also a Masterless Servant in the Subcategory Holy Grail War of Fate/Labyrinth and summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru of the Grand Orders conflicts of Fate/Grand Order.



True Assassin's True Name is Hassan-i-Sabbah, given the appellation of Hassan of the Cursed Arm, one of the nineteen people to hold the legendary title of "Old Man of the Mountain" leading an assassination organization originating in the Middle East. His real name is Hanam (ハナム?), although it has been lost to him since becoming a Heroic Spirit Candidate. While he was a legendary leader who became the origin of the word Assassin, there were nineteen different people who took up the position of Hassan-i-Sabah over many years. There is a new one born each time someone takes up the position, and True Assassin is one of those nineteen. As with the others, his true name and face before becoming an assassin and a Hassan is still lost.

Hassan-i-Sabah has appeared in many stories, known as the leader of unidentified assassins. All those who became the leader imitated his name and appearance, and there was no other way of succession permitted. The history behind the establishment of the organization is long and complicated, and they followed through on strict and frantic doctrines. While other sections of the religion were willing to use violence in accordance With their teachings, they were the only extreme group that preached of "obedience to absolute power."

Hassan lead from an occupied castle in the mountains, turning it into a base for founding the religious organization. After becoming an organization, they used "assassination" as their political measure. Hassan's methods were extreme, so they used drugs to enhance their mental state and accomplished tasks exceeding human capabilities. The origin of their name, Assassin, comes from a nickname given to the secret killers using the hashish. Their works were precise and unparalleled, and their name was known even in different countries. They never showed themselves as they hid in the mountains, and they killed those who opposed their God. Their way of being became a perfect subject for European poets.

While Hassan's story was dramatized, he still became a legend, and after some time, "Assassin" acquired a new meaning as "secret killer." Their existence was exaggerated as time passed, and they have now established themselves as an illusion that is not inferior to that of legendary heroes in the least. The "assassination agency" that still exists in modern times is part of the cogwheel that Hassan established, and the Old Man of the Mountain continues to exist within the sect no matter how many years pass since its formation.


His appearance is that of an extremely tall, slender, dark man with his right arm bandaged. His right arm is described by Saber as useless flat board, incapable of doing much. His face, revealed by Sakura in the Heaven's Feel scenario, is a skull resembling the mask with its skin and nose shaven off.[6] This inspires Sakura to say that he tries to live for eternity when he already lost his identity.


In contrast with his disturbing appearance, he was very loyal. He accepted the authority of his master and would never betray him. He lacked intelligence after materialization, but that was remedied dramatically after acquiring Lancer's heart. Since then, he was also influenced by Lancer's personality.[6] He is especially devoted to the Saracen people among whom he once lived, especially the boy Rushd, the child of his former love interest.

While he was alive, he wished for nothing more than to become one of the Old Men of the Mountain, so that he might leave his mark on history. Only after he gave up his face, his people, and his love in order to take the name of Hassan-i-Sabbah did he realize that his wish for renown would be forever denied to him. He sees now that he was naive to seek glory as an Old Man of the Mountain, but he does not regret what he has become.


Hassan does not trust him at all, remarking that he reeks of betrayal, and strongly requests that Ritsuka sever his contract immediately.[7]


Fate/stay night[]

The Assassin-class Servant originally summoned for the Fifth Holy Grail War is Assassin. He is an aberration summoned by another Servant, Caster, so he is not one of the Hassan. True Assassin is only summoned during the Heaven's Feel route after Zouken Matou decides to participate within the Holy Grail War.

Heaven's Feel[]

True Assassin kills Caster

Zouken Matou, disgusted with Rider's loss to Saber and enraged at Shinji's incompetence as a Master, decides to participate in the Fifth Holy Grail War by using Assassin's flesh as a catalyst for summoning True Assassin. True Assassin was born with limited intelligence, but was able to remedy this through continued human experience.

In the first movie, he severely injured Souichirou Kuzuki after being summoned. Using Kuzuki as a hostage, True Assassin demands Caster to sever her contract with him, which remained active due to him being summoned from Assassin's body. Wishing to save her Master, Caster stabs herself with Ruler Breaker to rescind the contract. However, True Assassin responds by immediately stabbing her throat to kill her and then throwing a dirk into Kuzuki's head to kill him. Afterwards he leaves the temple as the Shadow takes Caster's corpse.

In the visual novel, he watches silently as Shirou and Saber confront Caster, clutching Rule Breaker and covered in Kuzuki’s blood, and strike her down. After they leave, The Shadow arrives and devours both Caster and Kuzuki’s bodies.

Later in the movie, True Assassin is observing Shinto when he is confronted by Lancer, who had shadowed him since witnessing Caster's death. He throws dirks at him but they're easily dodged and deflected by Lancer. Retreating he eventually lands on a trailer with Lancer in pursuit, and not even detaching one of the cars slows the knight down. Lancer jumps onto the trailer and fights True Assassin, who is able to defend himself though cannot compete with him in melee combat. Eventually jumping from the trailer destroyed from their fight, True Assassin lures Lancer to Ryuudou Lake. Keeping out the water, he watches as Lancer is pursued by the Shadow and tries to defend himself with a rune barrier only for it to be easily destroyed by the the Shadow. Then, while Lancer prepares to throw Gáe Bolg, True Assassin unleashes Zabaniya and crushes Lancer's real heart by crushing the fake heart created from the Noble Phantasm. He then quickly tears out Lancer's heart from his chest and eats it as the Shadow consumes Lancer.

A few days later, True Assassin battled Saber at the Ryudou Temple while Zouken occupied Shirou. However, Saber's combat prowess prompts him to use similar tactics from when he fought Lancer. Placed in a precarious situation with Shirou in danger, Saber attacked True Assassin with Strike Air, but his Protection from Wind skill rendered him resistant to it. The Shadow then attacks Saber while True Assassin explains that impure heroes like himself are resistant to its effects, while pure heroes like her will struggle furiously to keep their sanity. With her now vulnerable, he tries to use Zabaniya on her, but she is able to use her remaining strength to sever his arm before finally sinking into the Shadow. (In the movie, Saber destroys the patio before Zabaniya can reach her; True Assassin states she chose to be taken by the Shadow instead of being killed by him.) With Saber gone, True Assassin goes to Zouken, who leaves him to kill Shirou. However before he can, he is attacked by Rider, displaying strength not previously observed, and is easily defeated, prompting him to quickly retreat.

True Assassin shared several intimate moments with Zouken, where they discussed similarity in their personal character. Of note, True Assassin observed that his master's desire for immortality showed the value he placed in life. True Assassin explains in the visual novel that he seeks a version of immortality by claiming his own name—which was erased from history.

Fate/tiger colosseum series[]

True Assassin Ending


Assassin was summoned in the Seventh Labyrinth of Caubac Alcatraz. Assassin wishes to use the Subcategory Holy Grail. After encountering Artoria Pendragon and Manaka Sajyou during a boss battle with a Kelpie, Assassin accompanies them along with Medea and Robin Hood to the start of the fourth floor.

When Manaka mysteriously disappears, Archer is shocked to see Norma Goodfellow. However, before he can ask her any questions, Norma runs away and winds up falling into a pit trap. Left with more questions than answers, Assassin and the other Servants battle their way through the remaining floors until they end up at the innermost chamber. Along the way, Saber disappears due to Manaka no longer fuelling her magic circuits.

Entering the chamber, Assassin and the others spot Norma about to be killed by Wolfgang Faustus. Arriving in the nick of time, Assassin and the other Servants save Norma and Gray and help them to defeat Wolfgang once and for all. Having completed their mission, Assassin then disappears.

Fate/Grand Order[]

Fuyuki: The Contaminated City in Flames[]

The Cursed Arm Hassan is an antagonist in the Singularity of Fuyuki City as a Shadow Servant, Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight encountered Musashibou Benkei and The Cursed Arm Hassan. They fought until they were saved by Cu Chulainn.

Sixth Singularity: Camelot[]

Summoned into his original era, Cursed Arm serves as the leader of the Eastern Mountain Village. He is elated to hear that Ritsuka’s party rescued the refugees from the Holy Punishment at Camelot’s main gate. However, upon seeing there are Knights of the Round among them, he bars them from entering the village. He only allows the refugees with them to enter. The group defeats him in the ensuing fight, but he tries to continue fighting despite his injuries. Arash convinces him to stop, but Cursed Arm still refuses to let the group into the village. Rushd, however, tells him they truly saved the refugees. Cursed Arm asks him where his mother, Salia, is, to which Rushd replies they got separated. Cursed Arm reveals Salia was originally from the village. He then allows the group to repay the debt of saving the refugees. He asks Arash to give them a tour while he prepares a place for them to stay.[8]

The next day, Cursed Arm explains the other villages, each protected by a Hassan, are gathering forces to fight Goddess Rhongomyniad. He accepts the group as allies after fighting them with Arash. Learning of Hassan of Intoxicated Smoke’s death, Cursed Arm is then warned of an attack on the western village by Mordred.[8]

Given it would take two days to travel to the western village, Arash launches himself and the others there. They ambush and kill several of Mordred’s knights when Mordred confronts them. Bedivere fights Mordred, while the others fight her knights. Enraged she is losing despite her Gift, Mordred removes her helmet as her armor rejects her Gift. She prepares to launch Clarent Blood Arthur, but Arash shoots her joints to stop her. Mordred then retreats since her unit was eliminated, saying she’ll fight the group in Camelot. The village is successfully protected, but Bedivere passes out from the strain.[9]

Later that night, Cursed Arm thanks the group on behalf of the village’s leader after inspecting the village for damage. He then introduces them to the village’s leader, Hassan of the Hundred Faces, but they already encountered her before. She refuses to cooperate with them, saying they cannot be trusted. Cursed Arm asks Ritsuka what happened between them and Hundred Faces for an update on the situation regarding Hassan of Serenity. Hundred Faces answers there are no developments, but she’s concerned their plans may be tortured out of Serenity. Realizing only Ritsuka's party can help, she tells them that Serenity is imprisoned in a fort belonging to the Round Table. A select few were sent to attempt a rescue, but none have returned. Hundred Faces tells the group to prepare a hostage to exchange for the Hassan; Mash suggests Bedivere. Hundred Faces agrees, and departs with Ritsuka, Mash, and Cursed Arm.[10]

Along the way, the group rescues Xuanzang Sanzang from monsters. She joins them to rescue her disciple, who is also in the fort.[10] Arriving at the fort, the group decides to break in before Agravain returns to torture Serenity again for information. Hundred Faces uses Zabaniya: Delusional Illusion to distract the guards, while the others sneak into the dungeon.[11]

Inside the dungeon, Mash finds a hidden passageway with cells; one holding Sanzang’s disciple, Tawara Touta. After being broken out, he shows the group to where Serenity is being kept. They find her chained to a wall of the torture chamber by Agravain’s Iron Punishment. Cursed Arm confirms to her that Mash is speaking the truth when she says they came with him and Hundred Faces to rescue her. He then asks Ritsuka to undo her chains since they have an adverse effect on Servants. Afterward, Agravain arrives, and repeatedly sends knights towards the group. He eventually sends special knights modeled after the enraged Lancelot, but the group kills them. Serenity activates Zabaniya: Delusional Poison Body, forcing Agravain to retreat. With the knights knocked out by the poison, the group escapes the fort.[11]

Back at the village, everyone enjoys a feast thanks to Touta’s Inexhaustible Bale. Cursed Arm doesn’t partake because his body can’t ingest human food much. He confesses he was the most ordinary of the Hassans, having no exceptional talent. Since he needed a non-replicable skill to become a Hassan, he sacrificed his body to replace his right arm with Shaytan’s. He left everything behind to become Hassan, not understanding at the time he would become indistinguishable from the others in history. Noticing the smell of the food has attracted monsters, Cursed Arm, Ritsuka, and Mash go out to kill them. By the time they return, the feast has ended.[12]

The next morning, the group realizes they’re seriously outmatched in terms of power and numbers. They also recognize they need someone to fight Gawain since their assault on Camelot will always fail as long as he’s at the front gate. Serenity suggests going to the Shrine of Azrael to ask for the First Hassan, whose location she was tortured for. Cursed Arm agrees with the idea despite knowing what it means for him as the current Hassan. He tells the others to return to the eastern village, where he’ll show them the secrets of the Hassan sect.[12]

Two days after Hundred Faces split off from them to gather more troops, the group returns to the village. Cursed Arm gets suspicious that Bedivere knows about Hassan’s abilities despite being a Knight of the Round. He leaves it be when Bedivere claims it was second-hand knowledge from a mage, even though he knows he’s lying. The group then leave for the Shrine.[13]

The group reaches the Shrine after a day and enters after defeating its ghost guardians. Hassan agrees to help against Goddess Rhongomyniad, but he decides to punish the group for entering the Shrine. He’ll forgive their transgression if they pass his trial. He then takes control of Serenity to fight the group as part of the trial. Cursed Arm asks him to use him instead, saying the burden is too much for Serenity. Hassan replies his sword shall take Cursed Arm’s head, so it is not worthy for the ritual. After the group passes the trial, Cursed Arm asks Hassan to lend him his strength to them against Goddess Rhongomyniad. Hassan tells Cursed Arm is mistaken on two counts and asks Ritsuka if he wishes to defeat Goddess Rhongomyniad. Ritsuka answers they don’t know, which shocks Cursed Arm. He is also shocked when Ritsuka says Hassan and the others aren’t enough after Hassan asks if one more addition is enough. Hassan agrees to aid the group once they learned the truth about Goddess Rhongomyniad, Ozymandias, and the Incineration of Humanity. Cursed Arm then prepares himself to be executed as punishment for asking for Hassan’s help, as it means he is no longer worthy of his title. However, Hassan postpones his execution until Cursed Arm is done helping the group. He then directs them to the Atlas Institute in the desert as the place they'll learn the answers.[13]

The group returns to the eastern village, only to find it besieged by forces led by Tristan and Lancelot. Cursed Arm goes on ahead after ordering Serenity to protect Ritsuka, and Bedivere, Sanzang, and Touta to rescue the villagers. He, Sanzang, and Touta eventually arrive to help Ritsuka’s party against Tristan. However, they all bear witness as Rhongomyniad destroys the western village. Tristan then leaves, warning Rhongomyniad will strike the eastern village in five minutes. A grievously injured Arash arrives and tells Cursed Arm to take everyone to the cave. Cursed Arm complies and bids him farewell, calling him the greatest ally he met in this land. He and the others then evacuate while Arash successfully counters Rhongomyniad with Stella.[14]

The following day, the village holds a funeral for those lost, including Arash. Cursed Arm reveals Hundred Faces evacuated most of the western village before it was destroyed. He implores Ritsuka to head for the Atlas Institute before Camelot attacks the village again. In the meantime, he and the other Hassans will gather their forces for the assault on Camelot and spread word of Ritsuka to the other Saracens. He agrees with Romani Archaman to rendezvous in the village for final confirmation on the assault once Ritsuka returns. Before leaving, he tells Bedivere that he will never forgive the Knights of the Round for what happened, especially Tristan. Bedivere swears he will not defend Tristan, saying all the injustices committed by the Knights of the Round are a responsibility held by all the knights. He then implores Cursed Arm to treat him like the other knights if Goddess Rhongomyniad is exposed as the true evil.[14]

After Ritsuka’s party successfully gains Ozymandias’s cooperation, they return to the eastern mountain village. The Hassans and Bedivere have been making preparations for the final battle. Serenity confirms they’ve gathered 17, 000 followers. Hundred Faces says there are 2,000 people in Camelot secretly supporting their rebellion. Later, Cursed Arm reviews their strategy. Afterward, Ritsuka, Mash, and Bedivere prove their resolve to the Hassans through combat.[15]

Afterward, everyone takes time to rest. Mash tells Cursed Arm about how Rushd vowed to continue living in honor of his mother’s last words. Cursed Arm hints that he and Salia were childhood friends before he left to become Hassan. He suspects he’ll be left in the era after Goddess Rhongomyniad is defeated, while the other Hassans will probably disappear. In that case, he’ll look after the Saracens for a while.[15]

In the wastelands near Camelot, the group reviews their strategy once more when Romani reports the city is prepared for them. Lancelot (who defected from Camelot earlier) orders the allied forces to advance when a sandstorm created by Hassan suddenly appears from the north to envelop Camelot. With the storm making both sides’ archers useless, the allied forces advance onto Camelot as fast as possible.[16]

As Ritsuka’s party struggle against Tristan, the Hassans arrive to fight him instead. After Ritsuka’s party leave, the Hassans fight Tristan. Hundred Faces’ manifested personas are soon reduced to less than five. Serenity attempts to poison Tristan with her Noble Phantasm, knowing he has a conceptual weakness to poison. However, it is ineffective due to his Gift. Tristan then kills Hundred Faces and Serenity. Cursed Arm grabs his arm, allowing himself to be disemboweled. Tristan soon notices Cursed Arm’s arm is moving on its own. Cursed Arm reveals he removed the curse he uses to control Shaytan's arm, and suspects Shaytan will devour both him and Tristan. As he struggles to get free, Tristan asks Cursed Arm why he’s willing to go so far despite not being bound by any Gift. Cursed Arm replies his people don’t need Gifts, as their only concerns were caring for themselves and their land. Tristan then frees himself by severing Shaytan’s arm with Failnaught. He was too late though, as Shaytan has already devoured half of his body.[16]

Now Shaytan incarnated, he attempts to eat the defenseless Cursed Arm. He is quickly slain, however, by the First Hassan. Cursed Arm prepares himself to be executed, but Hassan spares him. Hassan claims what he slew was Cursed Arm, so Hassan of the Cursed Arm is no more. He then leaves commending Cursed Arm to be the only Hassan to be freed of the title without forfeiting his life. Cursed Arm decides to stay to help restore the Saracens under his original name: Hanam. After that is done, he’ll repay his debt to Ritsuka. He hopes fate will bring them together, though he’s worried his inexperience will mean he won’t be much help.[16]

Christmas Event: The Second Generation is Alter[]

A conspirator in Ritsuka's plan to help Jeanne Alter Santa Lily, Cursed Arm meets with EMIYA ahead on Alter Lily's party as they travel toward the sea. Cursed Arm finds the situation ridiculous and questions why they have to interfere. EMIYA answers nothing can be done for Alter Lily if her heart doesn't change. He calls Alter Lily a paradox for trying to be a wish granter while not understanding what it means to grant wishes. To be Santa is to have your wish granted by granting others' wishes. But Alter Lily lacks that, so if left alone, she will lose her reason to live and maybe lose her identity. Worse, she is a version of Jeanne d'Arc no one believes in nor is aware of as she is a fake created by the Holy Grail. Jeanne Alter barely became a Servant after many trials, so her being in a Lily state makes her materialization even less stable. It was for that reason Artoria Alter passed the role of Santa to Alter Lily.

The next morning, Cursed Arm interrupts Alter Lily's pary's journey,, declaring he cannot let them go to the sea. Alter Lily asks him why to which Cursed Arm answers it's because the real Santa is here. But Alter Lily is suspicious since it sounded like he thought of it when Ritsuka said there were other Santas. Dodging the accusation, Cursed Arm introduces a disguised EMIYA as the true Santa, Santam. He gives Nursery Rhyme and Jack the Ripper candy to keep them from refuting EMIYA's words.

Afterward, he joins his fellow co-conspirators as they watch Alter Lily look at the sea with her newfound friends. He is relieved that everything worked out in the end.

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Hassan of the Cursed Arm is amongst the "Camelot" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillar.[17]

Subspecies Singularity I: Shinjuku[]

Cursed Arm was summoned to Shinjuku some time prior to Chaldea's arrival, described as having fought all by himself before he was killed by Yan Qing, who later dons his disguise to trick the party.

Parvati Trial Quest[]

Cursed Arm is picking discarded recyclables in Fuyuki, joined by some delinquents who share in his belief. Ritsuka and Parvati eventually find him, the latter of whom asking him what he is doing. Cursed Arm replies he is disposing of those who are empty or those who lost their way. Parvati becomes even more suspicious when she sees the delinquents following him. Believing them to be murderers, she decides to punish them all. Cursed Arm eventually surrenders, and tells his men to do the same. He then clarifies that what they were doing, and notes how the delinquents turned for the better. Parvati is confused since Cursed Arm is suppose to be an assassin, a truly evil man who, under the orders of a bug-smelling Master, killed both humans and Servants. Cursed Arm accepts he is nominally an evil being, but as a Servant of Ritsuka, he will not attack indiscriminately. Parvati apologizes for her behavior, which Cursed Arm accepts.

Hokusai Trial Quest[]

Cursed Arm appears as a detective named Hatchoubori in Ritsuka's dream of Edo. He is accompanied by his subordinates Bou (Hundred Faces) and Sei (Serenity).

Receiving false intel from Utagawa publisher, Hoeidou, they arrive in Enkou-in to search for the supposed impostor of Katsushika Hokusai. As Hokusai himself isn't present, they decide to arrest Hokusai's disciples, Oei included. But publisher Nishimuraya says the police should've gotten notice that Hokusai himself wouldn't be present. Nevertheless, Hatchoubori and his subordinates continue with their arrest. Oei fights back, with Ritsuka and Suzuka Gozen joining her.

After being defeated, Hatchoubori admits the police were at fault and apologizes for trying to frame Oei for a crime she didn't commit. He decides to pass the incident off as a minor offense involving a rather lively round of Sumo. He leaves with his subordinates after apologizing to Nishimuraya.


In his interlude Old Man of the Mountain (山の翁?), He aids Ritsuka and Mash in investigating recent child kidnappings in Rome. When he arrives before the pair, Hassan reports that he has already discovered the kidnappers' hideout. The group go to the kidnapper's hideout where they defeat much of the group, but a remaining kidnapper takes a child as a hostage. However, Hassan uses Zabinya to kill the kidnapper, telling him that he was foolish to turn a child into an assassin when they're not fit for such a life. With his mission accomplished Hassan takes his leave of the group, but Chaldea gets a call latter from Nero revealing that Hassan has continued taking down criminals in Rome ever since.

Fate/Grand Order Arcade[]

Lost Jerusalem: Knight Order's Esteemed Expedition[]


Assassin is a proper Assassin-class Servant, so he is not suited to direct combat, unlike Kojirou. He cannot match other Servants in direct combat, and he specializes in killing Masters instead of their Servants. His proper role is to lurk in the shadows and strike at the right opportunity. He is quickly beaten back by Lancer, Rider, Saber, and Archer when forced directly into close combat, and readily admits that he has no chance against them under normal circumstances, opting to utilize the Shadow against Saber and Lancer.

He is an anti-hero, and he is not a proper Heroic Spirit due to all of the Hassans being classified as Wraiths. He is inclined towards evil, so he is more resistant to All the World's Evil than regular Heroic Spirits. While he is close in nature to it, he will still have his energy drained should he touch it. He has the Self-Modification skill, allowing him to attach and fuse a totally different body to himself. The rank reflects how far he is from being a proper hero. He is able to last around a day without a Master before he will run out of energy and fade away.

He is unafraid of abilities like Invisible Air's Strike Air despite not having enough magical energy to counter it due to his Protection from Wind. Invoked with the takbir "Allahu Akbar", it is a curse passed down in the Middle East that is used to ward off storms.[18] It is a prayer that invokes Allah in order to ward off the Wind Jinn. It allows him to charge at a wind attack that would instantly shred him apart while screaming in delight, instantly nullifying it. Curses to ward off storms were a necessity for travels in the desert, making it the only magecraft used by him.

He has proper Presence Concealment unlike Kojirou, allowing him to remain perfectly hidden even to the senses of Servants. Erasing his presence, it is suitable for spying because it is nearly impossible to find him. The rank of the ability drops substantially after he begins to attack.

According to him, his abilities are wholly derived from his arm, said to have been taken from Shaytan; a curse placed upon the arm limits its power, preventing Shaytan from manifesting through it and devouring him. Without it, he claims that his abilities would be the least prominent among all who have held the name of Hassan-i-Sabah.


Assassin emerging from Kojirou's body.

Assassin's summoning is unique compared to that of other Servants due to being brought forth after all seven Servants have been summoned. Through an unknown process, Zouken takes the defeated Kojirou and turns his body into the flesh of Assassin. It begins with Kojirou's chest bursting open from Assassin's "deformed, spider-like arm" emerging from it. Still alive, Kojirou begins to feel his internal organs becoming those of someone else before finally expiring. Assassin then fully enters the world in a form much like an insect that devours the rest of Kojirou's body, slowly becoming more like a man and acquiring human wisdom for his empty brain.

He is fully formed after drinking every last bit of blood, but he is still somewhat undeveloped, shown his inability to speak human language. He can originally only make chirping sounds like an insect, but later is able to speak while displaying a strained speech pattern. He needs more experience in order to be fully functional, so he devours Lancer's heart to add to his own intelligence. Afterward, he is able to speak fully and rationally without showing any of the previous insect-like qualities. Saber notes that his voice is strong and clear in contrast to his appearance, and that it is similar to that of Lancer.


True Assassin's Dirks

Assassin's employs numerous Dirks (ダーク, Dāku?, incorrectly romanized as Darks), small black daggers meant to be utilized as throwing weapons rather than as melee weapons. Their tips are hooked, making removal from the target a hard task once they have struck. He has over forty of them, and he can run out in battle because they are finite in number. Due to his attachment to them, he carefully picks them up after each battle.[6] He is very accurate, can throw multiple Dirks like bullets without any visible movement, and always aims for vital points. They are not extremely potent weapons, as while they would be fatal if they were to hit, abilities like Protection from Arrows and Saber's ability to read the path of projectiles make them easy to manage and no different from thrown stones.

His precision with the weapons is close to that of Archer, allowing him to throw accurately while constantly moving. He launches them during the small openings between the swings of the opponent's weapon, and they are thrown so that the opponent will not be able to see them if circumstances allow. He utilizes his agility to jump from various positions including walls and ceilings, all while hurling numerous Dirks from each location. This creates an unavoidable rain of daggers from all directions that cannot be blocked or avoided.

A "Dirk" was originally the name of a type of thrusting dagger traditionally used in Scotland and they were utilized both as weapons and decoration until around the eighteenth century. They were relegated to ceremonial uses after that, but the British Empire adopted it as a weapon in the armed force and navy after incorporating Scotland into their empire. Calling the weapons "Darks" would be incorrect, though such a thing would never happen.[19] The dirk's used by Assasin are a bit modified to include a swell just below the finger-well on the grip and a very non-standard gut-hook just below the tip. (a bladed hook on the back of a knife, used for removing the guts of a fish).

Combat Tactics[]

Assassin does not fight opponents at close range due to being no match for other Servants, instead using his Dirks at mid-range while constantly moving away from his opponent. He retreats while maintaining a proper distance between them, moving with a beast-like pace rivaling Lancer while he retreats that allows him to slither across the ground without having to slow down around obstacles. He is able to jump extremely well, and his movements are compared to a spider, snake, and scorpion. Lancer notes that after he is injured, he is unimpeded by it. Lancer guesses that rather than healing, Assassin has employed drugs to keep the wound from affecting him.

He employs a constant battle strategy used against Heroic Spirits and even regular humans should he fight them. While he throws numerous Dirks in battle, the act is not done in order to kill the opponent. While each strike is indeed intended to be fatal, their real worth is to gauge the opponent's strength. The first Dirk measures their mobility, and the second measures their action principles. He remains seven meters away at all times, keeping a distance at which only projectile weapons are useful and still remain able to measure the opponent's skill. If he is unable to kill them in one blow, he will force them to a place where it is possible.

He drives the opponent into a corner by cutting their limbs and tiring their bodies, all in preparation for his fatal attack, his Noble Phantasm, Zabaniya: Delusional Heartbeat. Even if they are in preparation, they are still meant to kill, so he notes that Kirei Kotomine's ability to last against them as long as he does is admirable. The daggers are merely to analyze the target's skill, create the perfect opportunity, and then smash their heart with his arm. Once he knows their capabilities and is assured that they are tired and wounded, he measures out a fatal strike to be blocked so that he has time to utilize Zabaniya.

The ritual is a chore for him that brings him no joy, but it can also be a weakness if the ritual is known to the enemy. He sticks to it methodically, so seeing it through Lancer's eyes allows Kirei to form a countermeasure and temporarily defeat Assassin. Zabaniya creates a copy of the opponents heart for Assassin to crush, but it has no effect on Kirei's blackened heart.


Creation and Conception[]

Kinoko Nasu is the scenario writer for him in Fate/Grand Order.[2] Takashi Takeuchi is the original character designer for Hassan of the Cursed Arm. Task Ohna is the character illustrator for Hassan of the Cursed Arm.[2][3]


  • In the first Popularity polls of Fate/stay night in 2004, Assassin was ranked 24th.
  • In the second Popularity polls of Fate/stay night in 2006, Assassin was ranked 33rd.


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    Hassan-i Sabbah
    Class: Assassin
    Master: Matou Zouken
    Alignment: Lawfully Evil
    Sex: Male
    Height: 215cm
    Weight: 62kg
    Armament: dirk

    STR: B
    CON: C
    AGI: A
    MGI: C
    LCK: E
    Noble Phantasm: C

    The legend of the "Old Man of the Mountain" appeared even in The Travels of Marco Polo. He was the head of an order of assassins who sought out promising young candidates and recruited them with promises of food, drink, and women, in exchange for assassinating important figures.
    This legend had its origins in the 11th century. It originated with Nizari subbranch of Ismāʿīlism, a branch of Shia Islam. They were known as a radical sect. The progenitor of the Nizari was Hassan-i Sabbāh himself. Hassan, who had deep connections to the fallen Fatimid Caliphate, opposed the great Seljuq dynasty, repeatedly assaulting it with war and assassination. The tales of the "assassin order" in later centuries were based on this historical truth.
    In the world of Fate/stay night, the name Hassan-i Sabbāh was a title among the Nizari people, whose heir would remove his or her nose and skin to become a faceless person. It is believed that the origin of the term "assassin" is either Hassan's name, or the hashish that he used as a brainwashing drug. Hassan's summoning catalyst is the Assassin class itself. For this reason, a properly summoned Assassin will always manifest as Hassan-i Sabbāh.

    Hassan appears only a few times in the story. Normally, he moves stealthily, collecting intelligence per the orders of his Master, Matou Zouken. Hassan only shows himself when it is time to kill an enemy.
    Hassan himself not a strong Servant. He displays his combat strength through surprise attacks, and is ill-suited to frontal assaults. Thus, Hassan waits for opportunities to arise with an invariable/absolute/certain chance of killing the target. There is no need for him to pursue the superhuman Servants. Instead, he waits for the perfect chance to get close to a Master, whom he can easily defeat...

    Class Abilities
    Presence Concealment: A+
    The greatest weapon of the Assassin class is Presence Containment. When this power is activated, it is possible to completely cut off one's presence. When Hassan is so concealed, it is impossible even for a Servant to sense his presence. One would not be able to tell if Hassan was approaching, if he had already left the area, or if he had even been there in the first place... Thus, Hassan is able to gather intelligence with impunity. Security systems of any kind are meaningless before him.
    Also, Hassan-i Sabbāh is a being created from the nineteen people that inherited the name. When Assassin is summoned, one of those nineteen individuals will appear. Naturally, Assassin's abilities and Noble Phantasms change depending on which Hassan is summoned. However, the excellent Presence Containment skill is a class ability, so it is shared by all Assassins. As described above, each Hassan has removed his or her nose and skin to create a faceless appearance, which carries the significance of being "nobody." It is hypothesized that the anonymity of being "nobody," the elimination of the self, also influences Presence Containment's ability to "hide oneself." Incidentally, the nineteen Hassans each have unique personalities, so the reader should take care to remember that they are not emotionless fighting machines.
    Each of the "Hassans" are not quite Heroic Spirits, but rather mere wraiths (Heroic Spirits are heroes that have left their names in history, and assassins have no names). In comparison to the other Servants, Assassin's combat ability is lacking. However, the discussion changes if Assassin uses Presence Containment to obtain a perfect killing opportunity. Even if the first blow fails to defeat the enemy, Assassin can conceal himself again with Presence Containment, and vigilantly await another opportunity. As a matter of fact, even the formidable Cu Chulainn was easily defeated when he faced Hassan.
    Nonetheless, there are weaknesses. In the moment that the user launches an attack, the rank of Presence Containment dramatically decreases. A normal person would fail to notice the killing intent and be sent to the world beyond. However, Hassan's opponents are Servants. For example, with Artoria's Instinct, it is possible to sense the presence of a trap and respond to it. Strategic planning on the Master's part is essential to make the best use of this crafty Servant.

    Personal Skills
    Projectile (Daggers): B
    Hassan's main mode of attack is to throw dirks, a type of dagger that originated in Scotland. His daggers have the same destructive power as firearms when thrown, spelling certain death for a human target. Interestingly, Hassan will never fail to recover all of his thrown daggers after battle, perhaps out of a possessive quirk of personality, or an aesthetic desire to only use his favorite weapons.
    Caption: Hassan silently closes in on Kotomine Kirei. Hassan threw his daggers, but Kotomine fended them off.

    Protection from Wind: A
    In the Middle East, there are legends that typhoons are caused by evil wind gods called djinni (alternately "jinn," "jinnaye"). Divine Protection from Wind is a chant that offers prayers to God, that oneself might receive a charm of protection against the calamity of such evil spirits. To call it a "charm" smacks of superstition, but the strength of its warding is tremendous. Hassan used this skill to resist Artoria's powerful "Bounded Field of the Wind King -- Invisible Air."
    Caption: Hassan uses Divine Protection from Wind. A hidden, sacred charm is woven, and his body is imbued with its divine protection.

    Self-Modification: C
    As its title suggests, this is the ability to alter oneself by connecting one's own flesh to another body. One can increase the length of one's legs, for example, resulting in a form far removed from that of a proper Heroic Spirit. Hassan, whose abilities are below that of the other Servants, uses Self-Modification to enhance his physical performance and make up for his deficits. In the story, he seized Cu Chulainn's heart and introduced it to his own body.
    Caption: Hassan, deformed via Self-Modification. His right arm is changing into the arm of the devil Shaytan.

    Noble Phantasms
    Zabaniya:Delusional Heartbeat
    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 3~9
    Maximum Targets: 1 Person

    The assassination technique, "Delusional Heartbeat: Zabaniya," that uses Hassan's cursed arm. Hassan connects his arm to the arm of the devil Shaytan (Satan in Christian cosmology). This ability specializes in cursing people to death.
    A mirror image is taken of the target to be killed, and from this mirror an ether clump is used to create an exact double existence. This double existence has a property of resonance with the original, so that if the double existence is harmed, the original will suffer the same damage. This can be considered sympathetic magic, albeit of an extremely high level. With this technique, an imitation heart belonging to the target is crushed, and the target dies without any outward sign of injury as its heart alone is pulverized. All armor is meaningless against Delusional Heartbeat's attack. No matter how mighty the foe, they cannot withstand this Noble Phantasm which directly assaults the inner organs. It is indeed a terrifying Noble Phantasm worthy of an assassin.

    Defending against Zabaniya

    Delusional Heartbeat is a Noble Phantasm of absolute death. However, as with other Noble Phantasms, it is neither invincible nor perfect.
    The ability's effective range is limited, so if one retreats past this distance and uses long-range attacks, Assassin is helpless. Also, Delusional Heartbeat is a curse, so it may be ineffective against Servants with high Magic Resistance, while targets with high Luck may be able to evade it. Additionally, there is the critical fact that the heart organ is not the vital point of a Servant. There also exist exceptional opponents such as Servants that can move without a heart, or individuals that are unaffected by a destroyed heart such as Kotomine Kirei.

    ランク:C 種別:対人宝具


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    Hassan of the Cursed Arm - Assassin

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Task Ohna
    Voice Actor: Tetsu Inada

    Strength: B
    Endurance: C
    Agility: A
    Mana: C
    Luck: E
    Noble Phantasm: C

    Personal Skills
    Projectile (Daggers) B
    Self-Modification C
    Protection from Wind A

    Class Skills
    Presence Concealment A+

    Noble Phantasm
    Zabaniya - Delusional Heartbeat
    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm

    The assassin of the white skull.
    The leader of the assassination cult that had its origins in Middle East.
    Also called "Old Man of the Mountain", he is one of the legendary heads of the Nizari sect that became the root word for the term assassin.
    Supposedly there are 18 successive generations of the Old Man of the Mountain, and each one is said to be an expert that cultivated a special technique.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 215cm・62kg
    Source: Middle East, Old Man of the Mountain
    Region: Middle East
    Alignment: Lawful Evil  Gender: Male
    His height includes the parts from body modification.

    Level 2 Bond
    An ominous outward appearance produced by a skull mask, a dark robe and a pole-like right arm.
    The face underneath the skull mask has been scrapped off, so he is faceless. From the moment he succeeded the professional name of "Hassan i-Sabbah", everything he had until then as an individual was thrown away.

    Level 3 Bond
    Although it cannot be said that he is a humane good person, he is loyal to his lord's orders; he won't betray someone he has recognized as a lord no matter what sort of numerical inferiority befalls, and will silently obey even somewhat unreasonable orders. Also, he treats killing as merely an assignment, duty and does not feel any grief or pleasure from it.

    Level 4 Bond
    "Delusional Heartbeat"
    Rank: C  Type: Anti-Unit
     A cursed arm. The arm of the evil spirit Shaytan, it excels at cursing humans to death.
     By making use of a clump of ether, a two-fold existence of the assassination target reflected in the mirror - in which both the genuine article and the opposite-mirror existence influence each other - is produced.
     By crushing the fake that resonated with the assassination target, even without touching a finger on the genuine article the assassination target is cursed to death.

    Level 5 Bond

    • Presence Concealment: A+

    Suppress the presence as a Servant.
    Suited for covert operations.
    If the presence is completely suppressed, it is nearly impossible to detect him.
    However, once he make preparations to attack, the Rank of Presence Concealment drops greatly.

    One cannot judge people by their appearances.
    Upon talking, one can understand he is a character that prizes the principle of things, who approves social order.
    Putting aside the abilities as a Heroic Spirit, as someone who serves others he is without question first-rate.

    呪腕のハサン - アサシン



    投擲(短刀) B
    自己改造 C
    風除けの加護 A

    気配遮断 A+



    属性:秩序・悪  性別:男性



    ランク:C  種別:対人宝具



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    True Assassin
    Zouken Matou's Servant. By using the body of Assassin that caster has summoned, Zouken brought him back as the original Assassin in the current world. His intelligence is initially low prior to his summon, he had difficulties to speak, but his intelligence is enhanced dramatically once he captured the heart of Lancer. He began to have a cordial loyalty to Zouken thereafter.

    Character Data 016
    Affiliation: Zouken Matou's Servant
    True Identity: Hassan-i Sabbah
    Gender: Male
    Height: 215cm
    Weight: 62kg
    Image Color: White (MoonLight)
    Talents: Stealth, patience, pickpocket
    Likes: Dirks (Dagger throw), piety
    Dislike: Other than your himself
    Worst enemy: 18 other Assassin (Hassan)
    Origin: Middle East

    真アサシン - 腹より生まれ出し暗殺教団の祖
    間桐臓硯がサーヴァント。キャスターが召喚したアサシンの肉体を利用して、臓硯が本来のアサシンである彼を現界させた。召喚当初は知性が低く、たどたどしい言葉しか話せなかったが、 ランサーの心臓を取り込んで飛躍的に知性が強化される。以降は臓硯に対する篤い忠義を持つようになった。
    彼の正体はアサシンの語源ともなった暗殺教団の党首ハサン・サッバーハ。 山の老翁とも呼ばれるハサンは、何代も代替わりしながら教団を率いており、彼はそのうちのひとり。戦闘能カは他のサーヴァントに劣るが、隠密活動に優れ、敵マスターの暗殺にカを発揮する。特に"ダーク"という投擲用の短剣を用い、敵に近づかず戦うのが得意。彼の宝具は本物と影響しあう偽の心臓を作り、それを握り潰して敵を呪い殺す腕"妄想心音"。この宝具はどんな強カな物理防御でも防げない。
    召喚に応じた理由は、永劫に 自身の名を残すため。しかし物語中では我欲を見せず、常に客観的な視点から臓硯を見守っている。

    Character Data 016

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    True Assassin [Servant]
    The real Heroic Spirit of assassination.
    He was summoned by Matou Zouken, materialized using the flesh of Sasaki Kojirou.
    Bearing a white skull mask and black cloak, he was the classical assassin.
    An unremarkable Servant in terms of abilities, but highly utilitarian. In contrast with his disturbing appearance, he was very loyal. He accepted the authority of his master and would never betray him.
    Strictly speaking, True Assassin was merely a member of a group of Wraiths (Heroic Spirit candidates) who bore the name "Assassin", thus his abilities were intrinsically low. In order to compensate for this disadvantage, he modified his body. As a result, he was able to rival other Servants.
    There was no face under the mask. The skin and nose were shaven off. He inherited the seat of the Old Man of the Mountain as a "nobody".
    He lacked intelligence after materialization, but that was remedied dramatically after acquiring Lancer's heart. Since then, he was also influenced by Lancer's personality.
    By the way, True Assassin was particularly attached to his Dirks. He would carefully pick all of them up after each battle.

    もとから“アサシン” という名称で群をなす亡霊(英霊候補)なので、能力そのものは低い。それを補う為に自身の肉体を改造し、他のサーヴァントたちに対抗している。

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    Protection against Wind [Magecraft]
    The ability True Assassin used to dive into the Barrier of the Wind King.
    For some reason, it was blotted out in the story.
    Originally it was supposed to be something like "Al**hu A*bar", but was cut due to certain events.

    風除けの加護 【魔術】
    本来なら「○○は○○なり」というものなのだが、 大人の事情でカットされた。

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    User: True Assassin
    Daggers carried by True Assassin. Specialized for use as projectiles. Because the tip of the blade is hooked, it is hard to remove them once they’ve hit their target.
    Originally, “Dirk” was the name of a type of thrusting dagger traditionally used in Scotland, which were imprinted with Celtic designs and patterns. They were used as actual weapons until around the 18th century, after which they were relegated to ceremonial uses. Also, once Scotland was incorporated into the British Empire the dirk was adopted as a weapon in the armed forces and navy.
    By the way, if anybody actually called these “Darks” they’d look pretty silly. Thankfully that would never happen.

    真アサシンが使用していた短剣。投擲に特化した作りになっている。刃の先に返しがあり、一度刺さったら抜 けにくくなっている。
    ダークとは本来、スコットランドで伝統的に使用されていた短剣の名称である。ケルト的な文様が施されてい るなどの特徴がある。18世紀くらいまでは実際の武器としても使用されていたが、19世紀以降は礼式用の装 身具として使われるようになった。また、スコットランドが大英帝国に編入された後は、英軍や各国の海軍の武 器として使われている。ちなみに綴りは“Dirk”で、暗いという意味の“Dark”ではない 。

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