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« Witness it well, the exquisite technique of the Hozoin-ryu!"
"This is the ultimate pinnacle of the spear. The eleven stances that established an undefeated lifeteam, Hazy Inverted Moon──now here I come! »


Hazy Inverted Moon - Eleven Styles (朧裏月十一式おぼろうらづきじゅういちしき, Oboro-ura-zuki Jūichi-shiki?) is the Noble Phantasm of Hozoin Inshun. A Noble Phantasm that sublimated the cruciform spear’s martial arts that Hozoin Inshun mastered. It indicates the 11 unofficial techniques that Inshun established, which contrasts with the 15 official techniques that his predecessor In'ei established.[1]

The forms of the techniques devised by Inshun, which were extolled as "a spear that reaches the gods and buddhas", makes possible to cope with any and all enemies with those techniques. Also, this Noble Phantasm can cancel out disadvantages derived from fighting against opponents that he is seeing for the first time, or even against those whose weapon is too much strange to him.[1]


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