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"Written work
If one unties a pillow by its string
be known far and wide, Daitouren
Many clouds shall rise and cover the skies like roof tiles
and evil spirits shall swarm, spearing the sparrow
Sword of Transcendent Wisdom and Knowledge Daishintou,
Love Blast,
Heavenly Demon Rain!!!"

Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail
Sword of Manjushri Daishintou, Love Blast, Heavenly Demon Rain (文殊智剣大神通恋愛発破天鬼雨
もんじゅちけんだいしんとう れんあいはっぱてんきあめ
, Monjuchi-ken Daishintō Ren'ai Happa Tenkiame?), also abbreviated as Heavenly Demon Rain (天鬼雨
, Tenkiame?, localized as "Demonic Sun-Shower"), is the "first sword Noble Phantasm" of Suzuka Gozen, activated with the floating golden sword with two tassels, Daitsuuren. Along with Shoutouren, It is a blade of wisdom that belongs to Manjushri.[1]

Utilizing her beloved sword, Daitsuuren, and a small ornate hairpin with the same tassels pulled from her bag, Suzuka begins a chant as they both float into the air. Upon finishing the chant and once the hairpin comes into contact with the floating sword, the single golden sword divides up to a maximum of 250 blades, and with her Supernatural Power, she makes them mercilessly fall like rain onto her opponents.[1][2] During her lifetime, pairing Daitsuuren with its married sword, its husband, Sohayamaru, in a collaboration technique allowed a total of 500 blades to be rained. Now, her ornate hairpin, full of those memories, is regarded as Sohayamaru, and upon contact with Daitsuuren which floats in midair, it can activate Heavenly Demon Rain.[2]

The shooting accuracy is not very precise, but during the activation of "Blessing of Wisdom", specific manipulations such as "fall on everything around me except myself" becomes possible.[2]


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