HectorWP (ヘクトールWP, Hekutōru?), Class Name Lancer (ランサー, Ransā?), is a Lancer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Hector was known as the greatest and strongest hero on the side of Troy during the "Trojan War".[2][3][4] He was called and admired as "Hector of the Gleaming Helmet" (兜輝くヘクトール, Kabuto Kagayaku Hekutōru?).[1][4] He is the older brother of Paris, the perpetrator that caused the Trojan War to happen, and the greatest rival to Achilles during his lifetime.[2]

In order to challenge the AchaeansWP, who boasted an overwhelming military force, Hector scolded the Trojans who were at a disadvantage in regards to numbers, took over for his aged fatherWP, the king, consolidated the army, and waged war against them.[1][4] In face of the overwhelming difference of soldiers, he maintained the siege by all means.[1] After his defeat to Achilles, who was still the strongest even after losing his immortality, the Trojan side began to rapidly collapse.[1][4] If he was there, they might have won without being deceived by the Trojan Horse. Some even regard that, if it wasn't for Achilles, the war could have ended with the victory of the Trojans.[1]


Originally, the impetus of the Trojan War rose forth from the beginning where Paris, the younger brother of Hector, snatched away Helen of Troy, Queen of the Achaeans. Helen received abuse from her husband Menelaus, and as far as Paris is concerned, it was a justified reason for him to rescue her. (In the first place, Menelaus married Helen for the purpose of reaching ElysiumWP after death. Helen was a shrine maiden of the Goddess of the Moon, and it was a condition to marry her in order to reach Elysium.)[4]

Hector, by all means, could not grow to dislike his younger brother who is not able to look at the whole picture and made the situation worse by saving Helen just before his own eyes. "My older brother. I cannot get used to becoming a king. I cannot abandon a crying woman in front of me, no matter what." If Hector returned Helen, it will result in reparations in some way or another, such as cession of territories and even the decapitation of Paris, of which they might not come to light. However, Hector refused these options and decided to fight.[4]

"If there is no justice in this conflict, then it is about the resentment towards Paris for harbouring Helen."[4]

And as he recited this, Hector decided to fight to the bitter end his opponents, the Greek heroes who gathered in the Achaean army, for ten years thereafter.[4] Hector was the strongest warrior of the Trojan army as well as its high-commander, and on top of that, even a politician. He easily betrayed the expectations of the gods and cornered the Achaean army to the brink of retreating for a time.[1][4]

However, the progress was gradually being upset by the hero Achilles, a hero loved by the gods.[1][4] Although Hector, in one way or another, held out by at times by running away and at times by fighting, all while repeatedly making provocations.[4] Hector even killed Achilles' close friend, Patroclus. Achilles, enraged with his friend's death, kept repeatedly making provocations towards Hector, although Hector held out at times by running away.[2]

In order to settle things once and for all with him, Achilles challenged him to a sink-or-swim duel, where he temporarily gave up his immortality. When Achilles abandoned his immortality with the power of his spear and called out for the one-on-one duel, Hector was compelled to engage in it in a semi-compulsory manner due to Achilles' spear Noble Phantasm and ended up accepting it.[1][4]

Hector already resigned to his fateful end.[4] On the other hand, having not cast away his temptation for victory, and unable to resist the temptation of getting the chance to take Achilles' life, he accepted the one-on-one duel, ending in his defeat by a paper-thin difference in skill.[2][4] However, just before his death, he realized the secret behind Achilles' body, and carved a dying message on his body.[4] Even after killing Hector, the way Achilles insulted him by dragging his corpse around with his chariot was considered to be a foolish and intolerable act.[5] Hector's body was later returned to the Trojans, and Paris became aware of the message. Later on in the war, he splendidly shoots through Achilles' heel by borrowing assistance from the Sun God Apollo.[4]



Hector is the exact opposite of Achilles as a hero, a bearded middle-age man who likes to play the fool.[1] He calls himself an "old man" and always fights on the battlefield with an easygoing attitude.[1][2] He’s ruthless, but not cruel.[2] He attends to things with a slacken mood from beginning to end. One might misunderstand him as lacking in seriousness, but he is always serious. It is just that, he avoids to let such emotion called seriousness show on his face to the best of his abilities. After all, he was also a politician.[1]

A general of the "capable yet lazy persona" type, so to speak, that uses frivolous talk and displays an attitude of low motivation. Hector's attitude can be openly seen as a little playful rather than as something said to be calm, but he has a sharp-eyed analysis. In the case where he judged his Master's orders to be a mistake, he will go against it and calmly speak in a way that can be comprehended. "It seems it won't be a problem if it eventually goes well." Saying this, he is in a carefree mood from beginning to end. He is the type of person to not unite with someone deadly like professor Kayneth.[4]

However, it can be concluded that Hector is not an irresponsible person or a playboy that stemmed from the depths of his foundation, for he has a tempered resourcefulness that was being used for the sake of winning through the Trojan War, even if this conflict has become these hopeless siege battles for the Trojans. Because he was surely joking, he was able to prolong that hopeless conflict for as long as he can. Even though he was eventually defeated—it was not only his individual military prowess but also the fearless smile worn on Hector himself that made the Achaean army thoroughly suffer. Also, he was talented in provoking his opponents. From the way it seems, the impulsive-like Achilles was thoroughly harrassed by Hector whether it seems to be in the middle of battle or during a break.[4]

To the Master, the relationship is somewhat too familiar for Hector, bordering on an impression called more or less a relationship between lord and retainer. Contrary to that impression of lord and retainer, it can be said that the relationship is more like Hector being a sergeant-like veteran towards a second lieutenant who is a stranger to the battlefield. In the case where his Master is sort of unjust, he will go against his Master's intentions and limit his wisdom even while outwardly appearing subordinate towards him or her.[4]



As a Servant, he has not yet appeared in the Grand Orders. For the old man, if he is aware of his appearance, Hector intends to run away immediately on a business trip![4]


As a Servant of the same defensive type, they occassionally talk together about "how to be able to hold onto these things in these situations", among other difficulties, and among other things in a completely opposite direction, the talk would be about the foundation of muscles. That being the case, it doesn't help as it is not much of a consultation then.[4]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Third Singularity: Okeanos[]

Hector searches for the Ark with Jason, Medea Lily, and Heracles along with Euryale, a goddess to sacrifice to it after Solomon convinced him it would give him absolute power. Hector and Medea are agents of Solomon who know the era will be destroyed if a goddess is sacrificed to the Ark. Hector soon implants himself in Blackbeard‘s crew, and gives him the Grail in the hopes he’ll destroy the era. He convinces him to steal the Grail possessed by Francis Drake, and to capture Euryale. After Blackbeard summons Anne Bonny and Mary Read and Eric Bloodaxe, they search for Drake and Eurayle.

Later, as Drake’s Golden Hind and Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge, Hector tries to kill Ritsuka. Mash blocks the attack, which impresses Hector. He prepares to kill her, which is when Drake retreats. She shoots out the rope connecting the ships and tries to sail away. Anne Bonny blasts a hole in her ship, but Asterios carries it despite his injuries.[6]

Blackbeard's and Drake's ships eventually encounter each other once again as the latter's ship chases after him in revenge. Hector is surprised they came for revenge earlier than expected. He wonders how they came back after the damage they took before, expecting they have something up their sleeves.[7] After the group defeated Blackbeard, Hector fatally wounds him and steals back the Grail. He expresses frustration at Drake disrupting his plans to destroy the era by giving the Grail to an idiot. The group tries to catch him, but he boards the Golden Hind to kidnap Euryale. Asterios tries to save her, but he’s wounded in the battle. After Blackbeard fails to shoot him, Hector boards another ship with Euryale.[8]

Eurayle later asks Hector if his master is as perverted as Blackbeard. He replies his master isn’t a brave enough womanizer to hit on a goddess like her. He says it’d be wasteful to not use a Divine Spirit like her, even if she has fallen to the level of a Servant. Eurayle replies she is a low-tier Divine Spirit, to which Hector says she is only needed to be sacrificed to the world. She asks him who his master is, but he avoids the question. She and Hector then notice the Golden Hind coming near. Ritsuka, Mash, and Asterios then board Hector’s ship to rescue Euryale.[9]

While the others fight Hector, another ship approaches their position. Drake fires her cannons at it but they’re all deflected. Hector escapes to the other ship; Artemis recognizes it as the ​Argo​. Jason demands the group hand over Euryale to him, otherwise he’ll send Heracles to attack them. They refuse, so he sends both Medea and Heracles to kill them and steal Euryale. Medea sends waves of Dragon Tooth Warriors to attack the group. She then tries and fails to fight the group, so she switches out with Heracles. The group cannot defeat him however because of his Noble Phantasm, God Hand. Drake orders everyone to retreat to the Golden Hind. Heracles then suddenly attacks Euryale, whose death would foil Jason’s plan, but Asterios protects her. As this is happening, Jason orders Medea to retrieve Eurayle, but Drake and Mash protect her. Hector then unleashes Durindana Pilum, impaling both Asterios and Heracles. Jason commands Heracles to bring Euryale to him, but Asterios plummets him and himself into the ocean. Hector suspects Asterios allowed it to happen so the group could escape.[10]

Afterward, Jason orders Hector to chase after them. He refutes though, since his spear sank into the ocean with Asterios and Heracles. He also suspects they’ll be long gone by the time Heracles returns after Asterios dies. He then asks Medea if she’ll tell Jason the truth. She replies it’s unnecessary since the world is going to end, so it’s best to leave Jason in ignorant bliss. She then tells him to warn Heracles against killing Euryale, suspecting he knows she is the key to the era’s destruction.[10]

Hector and the Argonauts eventually find the island where the group is. Jason orders him, Medea, and Heracles to go seize Euryale and the Ark. However, the Archers allied with Chaldea launch their Noble Phantasms at Jason. After Jason sends Heracles to kill the Archers, Hector ponders what the group’s plan against Heracles is. He suspects what is, but dismisses it as Ritsuka putting their life at risk at unnecessarily. After Heracles is killed, Jason orders a retreat, though Hector questions him. As the group chases after it, they blast the Argo with cannonballs and arrows. Jason questions how their ship could keep up with theirs, to which Hector responds it’s a difference of helmsman. Someone who lived at sea differs from someone who casually sailed. After Jason’s Shadow Servants are killed, Hector is sent in to kill the group. Ritsuka impressed him, having already resolved two Singularities. He is defeated in the ensuing fight, then tries to kill Euryale. His attack fails and Euryale finishes him off with Eye of the Euryale as revenge for Asterios. Hector realizes he isn’t cut out to be a villain and disappears.[11]

Da Vinci and The Seven Counterfeit Heroic Spirits[]

A counterfeit of Hector is created by Jeanne Alter. He's given the role of a "friendly, free-spirited older man who's part from overseas, who may or may not be related by!"

Ritsuka's party encounters him in a counterfeiter's workshop in a cave. He asks them to let him and explains what his role is. He confirms Leonardo da Vinci's suspicions that Jeanne Alter is trying to surpass her then fights the group. After he’s defeated, Da Vinci tells him he lost because he was weak, not because he’s a counterfeit. Hector disappears, saying he'll be stronger next time.

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Hector is amongst the "Okeanos" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillar.[12]

Christmas Event: Holy Samba Night[]

Hector and Penthesilea are partners in the Santa Tag Team Tournament representing Troy. He himself has no real interest in becoming the “true”, though he wouldn’t mind if Penthesilea granted her own wish of killing Achilles.

They are Bradamante and Quetzalcoatl’s second match. Bradamante finds Hector’s spear and asks if it’s Durandal. Hector confirms it is, though he calls Durindanna himself. Bradamante realizes who he is and recounts a rumor that he’s possibly the ancestor of Ruggerio, Charlemagne, and her. Hector admits he doesn’t know much about his bloodline following his death and finds it a coincidence that he’s meeting one of his possible descendants. Bradamante then yells at him to take care of his gears, blaming it for why the Twelve Paladins were caught in so many conflicts. Hector points out he couldn’t do anything about it, given that he was dead. Bradamante apologizes for blaming him for the troubles they’ve had because of his gear. She is disappointed in him, though, when he admits he’d use Santa Claus’ power for his own benefit. As a paladin, she cannot let such a thing stand, saying those with power have a responsibility to wield it properly. The match then starts.

Bradamante defeats Penthesilea. Surprised she was defeated, Hector wonders if he should have used the secret cologne, “Eau de Greece: Absolute Rampage”, to further increase Penthesilea’s rage. Though there’s a solid chance he’d be the first casualty of that rage. Quetzalcoatl then defeats him since his source of offense, Penthesilea, is gone. fterward, Bradamante asks Hector if he knows where Ruggerio has materialized, but she is disappointed to hear he doesn’t.


In his interlude, Trojan Guardian, Hector tells Ritsuka and Mash that his Noble Phantasm, Durindana has weakened. After Mash suggest training in the simulator, Hector and the others go to the simulator to train him. After defeating the increasing number of monsters summoned by Mash, Hector asks for her to summon a dragon which she accepts. His request though turns out to be a joke, but it’s too late as Mash states that the summoning is already complete. After slaying the dragon, Hector senses Durindana is back to full strength, and tells Ritsuka that he guesses he can be a bit more useful from now on. Hearing Ritsuka say that he’ll be useful, Hector states that he’ll do his best, and leaves the simulator.

Other appearances[]

In the Unlimited Blade Works scenario of Fate/stay night, Hector was indirectly mentioned when Archer deployed Rho Aias against Lancer's Gáe Bolg.[13]

In Fate/Apocrypha, Hector was mentioned in Achilles's narration.[5] He is noted to be one of the top three foes Achilles never wants to fight against ever again.[2]

The ~turas réalta~ manga adaptation specifies that he was summoned to Okeanos by Medea, meaning that he ultimately follows her orders over Jason's. Later he accompanies Ritsuka and Mash to the North American Singularity, having been summoned to Chaldea just prior to their departure.


Hector is known as the greatest and strongest hero of the Trojans,[2][3] and his skill level is only but a paper-thin difference to Achilles'. He, who fought against numerous and famous Greek heroes in the Trojan War, easily betrays the expectations of the Greek gods and possesses sharp levels of analysis that can potentially see through the deception of the Trojan Horse.[1][2][4] He is also one of the three people Achilles never wants to fight again, whether it is before or after his death. The remaining two being Penthesilea and Chiron.[2]

A superior general who excels in everything.[1] Hector is skilled, yet not gifted. He faced other famous heroes besides Achilles, without retreating a single step. Or rather, he would often retreat two or three steps and then strike the enemy when their guard's down, before running away again, and just when they think he's far away, he throws mud at them.[2]  This particular tactics that he commonly displayed during the Trojan War manifest in the form of his Disengage Skill.

Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (B Rank): Cancels spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by greater magecraft and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for them to be affected.[4]
  • Riding (B Rank): Most vehicles and animals can be handled with above average skill, even vehicles that did not exist in the time period one was alive in, for they are no exception. However, Hector cannot ride the likes of Phantasmal Species such as Monstrous Beasts.[4]

Personal Skills[]

  • Tactics (C+ Rank): Hector prided himself at being the strongest when it comes to siege battles.[2] This skill exemplifies his strengths in this types of battles. Particularly when waging a war of attrition, Hector gains a high battle tactics bonus.[4] An instinctive ability for utilizing tactical knowledge not for one-on-one combat situations, but in battlefields where a large number of people are mobilized. An advantageous modifier is provided only in situations where one’s own Anti-Army Noble Phantasm is used or when conversely dealing with an opposing Anti-Army Noble Phantasm. Particularly in defensive warfare, Hector acquires a high tactical ability bonus.[14]
  • Proof of Friendship (C Rank): The Skill to suppress an enemy Servant's fighting spirit to a certain extent, where then a dialogue can begin. However, the enemy Servant must not possess a Mental Pollution Skill. In regard to a Holy Grail War, an advantageous check can be obtained when constructing temporary alliances.[4]
  • Disengage (B Rank): The ability to withdraw from combat. Restores disadvantageous battle conditions to the battle’s initial turn (turn 1) and restores the condition of one’s techniques to their initial value.[14]

Noble Phantasm[]

His Noble Phantasm is Durindana, a golden bladed sword/spear able to change its form by controlling the length of its hilt, though Hector prefers to use it as a throwing spear. The spear was praised throughout the world; as being capable of piercing through anything.[1] In the Trojan War, even Aias the Great's shield, which boasts the greatest rank of toughness against projectiles had its 6 first ox hide layers pierced by Hector's spear, however, the seventh was left unbroken.[2][3] Due to this, anything with defensive capabilities short of Rho Aias stands no chance against Durindana. As a Noble Phantasm, its firepower is strong enough to kill once Heracles and a weakened Asterios with a single shot.[10] Orion also claims Artemis would be no match for him when summoned using Orion's Saint Graph.  While Hector can't use both sword and spear forms at the same time, he constantly carries both forms of the weapon, no matter if he is summoned as a Saber or as a Lancer.[4]  


Creation and Conception[]

BLACK is the character illustrator for Hector.[1] Yuuichirou Higashide is the scenario writer for his character.[4]


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    Agility: A
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    Proof of Friendship: C
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    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: B
    Riding: B

    Noble Phantasm
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    Rank: A-→A
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    In the Trojan War, Hector was the supreme hero of the Trojan side.
    In face of overwhelming difference of soldiers, he maintained the siege by all means. Some even regard that, if it wasn't by Achilles, the war could have ended with the victory of the Trojans.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 180cm・82kg
    Source: Trojan War
    Region: Greece
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral  Gender: Male
    A superior general, who excels in everything.

    Level 2 Bond
    Admired as "Hector of the Gleaming Helmet", he is the hero of the Trojan side. In order to challenge the Achaeans, who boasted an overwhelming military force, he took over for his aged father, the king, and consolidated the army.

    Level 3 Bond
    Hector was the strongest warrior of the Trojan army as well as its high-commander, and on top of that even a politician. He easily betrayed the expectations of the gods and cornered the Achaean army to the brink of retreat for a time.
    The Noble Phantasm he uses is Durindana - Unscratched Apogeic Spear. Hector extended the handle of this sword, preferring tactics of throwing it as a spear. Said spear was extolled as piercing through anything in the world. Later, it would lose its features as a spear and become the peerless sword Durandal.

    Level 4 Bond
    However, the progress was gradually upset by the hero Achilles.
    Although Hector held out by at times running away, at times fighting - all while repeatedly making provocations - when Achilles abandoned his immortality with the power of his spear and called out for a one-on-one duel, Hector ended up accepting it.

    Level 5 Bond
    After his defeat to Achilles, who was still the strongest even after losing his immortality, the Trojan side began to rapidly collapse. If he was there, they might have won without being deceived by the Trojan Horse.

    He calls himself an "old man", attending to things with an slacken mood from beginning to end. One might misunderstand him as lacking on seriousness, but he is always serious. Is just that, he avoids to let such emotion called serious show in his face to the best of his abilities. After all, he was also a politician.

    ヘクトール - ランサー



    軍略 C+
    友誼の証明 C
    仕切り直し B

    対魔力 B
    騎乗 B



    属性:秩序・中庸  性別:男性






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    He’s ruthless, but not cruel; skilled, yet not gifted. He faced other famous heroes besides Achilles, without retreating a single step… or not; rather, he would often retreat two or three steps and then strike the enemy when their guard’s down, before running away again, and just when they think he’s far away, he throws mud at them; a-anyway, he prided himself at being the strongest when it comes to siege battles.
    He uses dual long-sword/throwing spear called Durindana, and by throwing it he managed to pierce through six of the barriers of “Rho Aias: Seven Rings that Cover the Fiery Heavens”, which boasts the greatest rank of toughness against projectiles.
    In order to settle things once and for all with him, Achilles challenged him to a sink-or-swim duel, where he temporarily gave up his immortality. Unable to resist the temptation of getting the chance to take Achilles’ life, Hector accepted the one-on-one duel and was defeated by a paper-thin difference in skill.
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    It is the only defensive armament Archer can use proficiently.
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    ロー・アイアス 【宝具】

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