Heine Istari (ハイネ・イスタリ?) is one of the people involved in the Adra Castle incident of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files.[1]



The Istari were a family well-noted for their alchemy. At one point in the past, he had turned his back on the life of a magus and become a monk with the Church.[2] As a result, the Istari family, which had lost its heir, turned its eyes to its second child; Rosalind Istari. Heine's father must have been impatient and implanted their Magic Crest into her. Within only one year, they had finished transplanting the Crest into her, but the Crest had actually stolen the vast majority of her life force.[3] His family didn't want his talent to go to waste, so his family pulled him back in.[2] After hearing of this from the family, Heine instantly discarded the laws of the Church and returned to have the Crest re-transplanted into him, but it was already too late.[3] Heine fought his way out of the Church, causing the combat strength of the Church tempered to a state beyond common comprehension. He used his own magic to defeat the master assassins from the Church, and thus he was famous in the Clock Tower. He is known as Heine Istari The Knight (騎士
, Kishi?).[2]


He has blonde hair and blue eyes. Gray thought he looked like an impressive young man and appears in his mid twenties, but he carried a sense of confidence and experience that didn't match his age. From his unblemished white suit, to his necktie pin encrusted with precious stones, to his calm and collected demeanour, his manliness seemed to be on a different level.[2]


Although he treats Lord El-Melloi II with respect, he is very cautious of him. He understands he is superior in terms of magecraft skills but he couldn't underestimate him.


Lord El-Melloi II Case FilesEdit

Adra Castle cast

The gathering guest in Adra castle.

Heine greets Lord El-Melloi II, when arrived in the lobby of the Adra castle. Rosalind hid behind the staircase because she was afraid of Lord El-Melloi II. Heine comforted Rosalind by saying Lord El-Melloi II is a honest person. He saw Flueger and holds a negative opinion about him.[2] He temporary fights against Jiroubou Seigen Tokitou.[4]

After chasing after the beast, he found Hishiri Adashino "corpse" on top of a statue.[3]

Heine requested Seigen to watch over Rosalind. Heine started to do some more investigation and he encounters the beast again. He manages to trap it by transforming his armor, however the beast's roar disabled his magic crests and Heine was killed by the beast. He is found dead in the next morning and he is the second victim to die from the beast.


Heine possessed a dual Elements of Fire and Water, rare even in the world of magi. While it might be common to think that a contradictory affinity, they weren't necessarily in conflict with each other. Of course, possessing them as a dual element was a rare ability in and of itself, but if you thought of a liquid that burns, it would be fairly easy to understand.[3]

The Istari's trademark Living Stones (生きている石, Ikiteiruishi?) has been compared to a poor knock-off of arms used by Heroic Spirits, but it seems to actually be a considerable talent.[3]

Knight Istari
The Istari family's prized Living Stone was buried deep within Heine's own body. By infusing his own body with Magical energy, he could change its construction with a single spell by chanting "Convert" (「Convert」
?). A single one of those stones covered, by his calculations, about seven percent of his body. By activating only half of them, eighty four percent of his body was now covered with violet armour. On the Mohs Scale, it would be an armour of comparable hardness to sapphire. Even his face had transformed to the same material as the rest of his body. The clothes he had been wearing before were originally an item created by Istari alchemy. The suit, which blended easily with the Living Stone, provided a stabilizing effect. The sleeves of the suit itself had transformed into gauntlets, and the boots into greaves. At the same time as his armour, a spear appeared in his hand. It was a spear made of the same Living Stone. Using alchemy, it had been strengthened to the utmost, its tip more durable than even diamond. If combined with the mechanical horse of the Istari family, Heine was confident his charge would penetrate even through the armour of a tank.[3]


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