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Henry Jekyll & HydeWP (ヘンリー・ジキル&ハイド, Henrī Jikiru & Haido?), Class Name Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?), is an Assassin-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



The character that appeared in the novel of the 19th Century, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeWP", or maybe the individual who became the model of the novel character. It has been said that he attempted to detach "evil" from his own personality, but instead revealed a personality that embodied "evil", eventually performing murders and in the end, self-destructed.[1]


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Born and raised as a child of an affluent person, Henry Jekyll was a sincere person, having acquired a doctorate in the studies of medicine, civil law, jurisprudence, pharmacy, etc., and on top of that, acquired a Royal SocietyWP membership right after; he was going to be featured in a newspaper, and was a man celebrated as a philantropist to some degree. However, Jekyll was living in anguish. That is, he felt ashamed of the pleasurable nature hidden inside of himself, even though it was called a meager thing because it is possible to say that it is just something everyone has.[2]

Henry Jekyll has a reason to be obssessed with "evil". That is, it is a matter largely caused by the existence of the "Emperor of the Criminal World" he saw with his eyes while in the process of cooperating with a certain private detective's investigation activities in London. Performing works of evil. Works being done to anger others. Works contaminating goodness, disrupting order, and destroying the world. But for himself, before the "Emperor's" presence that is so far as described as overwhelming, who puts on an air of a transcendent person that is above every punishment, and who is located outside of the fate that befalls on society, Mr. Jekyll, who is a good person that acts with sincerity, was fascinated with the repulsiveness of evil.[2]

Good and evil. About humans, Jekyll believed they are not composed out of a single nature, but beings who must have a dual nature, and he attempted to detach all of his evil nature from his persona by means of chemical experiments. For the sake of denying evil that seems to be something everyone has, Jekyll relied on chemistry and alchemy. He attempted to separate the elements of good and evil with the assistance of his powers as a human.[2]

Jekyll refined and adminstered a dose to himself a special medicine. Although he used his own living body as the object of his experiment and as part of the experience, the experiment failed————However, he transformed into "Edward Hyde", who became the embodiment of evil. He became not only a different persona, but it also changed even his flesh. Because of "Hyde" arriving at a decision to dye his hands in blood to the point of committing murder and indulging himself in atrocities, Jekyll eventually decided to stop him for the sake of everyone, and it is said that he severed his own life. At the end of the struggle with Hyde, who exists as a second self originating from himself, Jekyll lost his life.[2]


Jekyll is a dual-existence that changes even his body as the personalities switch over.[1]


Henry Jekyll, who succeeded in materializing as a Servant, has come into existence as a dual-existence entity who can transform even his flesh while accompanied with his persona switching over. Due to his Noble Phantasm, he can change places with "Hyde", a persona who should be beaten by himself. Fight evil with evil. While holding an unbearable dilemma, it seems he will obey his Master as well. For sure this time, he believes he will attain the justice that was never yet fulfilled by himself.[2]

However, maybe due to being summoned as an Assassin, or maybe because of the Master he lost in a previous summon, or maybe because of other reasons, his Saint Graph is unnaturally warped, and Jekyll is currently unable to completely suppress Hyde.[1][2] He can barely contain and grasp a hegemonic hold over the other persona, and he has no conjecture of when he can suddenly change. Furthermore, even being summoned to Chaldea, Jekyll is struggling with the inside of himself.[2] However, this too shall probably be settled one day.[1] The conclusion of the conflict between good and evil is close.[1][2]


A sincere and rational good man——the original personality. To deeply think about things is both Jekyll's merit and demerit.[1] Although he has an obedient nature, in contrast to his calm appearance, he has a strong sense of justice and while alive, he was distressed in earnest concerning the "overthrowing of the evil that lurks inside humans", having researched it and tried to fight against it (and failed).[1][2] There is discord in his Saint Graph for some reason, and he is not able to establish confidence in himself.[2]

Jekyll displays an attitude in tackling things diligently, but if it is a battle, it seems he will become mostly dependent on Hyde for these situations. It is unsure to what extent of how helpful Jekyll himself is.[2]


A hedonist without sense of morals——the "evil" personality.[1] Vulgar in violence.[2] An anti-hero of malice, the embodiment of evil intentions, that reflexively attempts to wound everything he comes in contact with.[1][2] An agglomeration of ill will lurking inside Jekyll, who is known as a sincerely virtuous person.[2] It is unknown if evil really lurked inside Jekyll's heart, if Hyde became a force of violence with evil largely dormant within him as a reaction to the existence of the ordinary Jekyll who was a virtuous person, or if "it amounted to only this much atrocity" consequently from Jekyll who has a scarce amount of and is being destitute of evil.[1][2] Hyde basically does not think about these things. He has no view of morality. He frequently acts reflexively towards everything before his own eyes. He is seen as the distortion within the Saint Graph for some reason.[2]

It is good for Hyde in the cases where he can act violently. He wants to act freely, as long as he is not bound by anything, and he wants to perform atrocities to his heart's content.[2]



Edison / Nikola Tesla / Babbage

Jekyll's ability to continue talking all throughout the night is compatible with Servants who are scholars.[2]

Lord El-Melloi II

"The so-called Clock Tower person. Moreover, he is from the 21st Century. Truly I'm intrigued."[2]


"Again and again, she would say "Today, too, your face is pale" as a pretext to keep an eye on me'."[2]

Paracelsus / Arthur

"It feels like déjà vu."[2]

Sherlock Holmes

"Mister Sherlock Holmes! How nostalgic. Thank you for helping me while we were alive——"[2]



Ritsuka Fujimaru

Because he is a good person, Jekyll agrees with the conduct of his Master in saving the world.[2]


Angra Mainyu

"All the World's Evil". He who became an anti-Heroic Spirit from a wish. To Hyde, who was born as "a person's evil desires", he is a target of aspiration. At any rate, this person is no more than an avatar of the "concept of evil". So what exactly is All the World's Evil...?[2]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Fourth Singularity: London[]

Jekyll is a living person as a result of the distortions caused by the Singularity.[3] When the Demonic Fog descends upon London, he collaborates with Victor Frankenstein and Hans Christian Andersen to gain information on it. He eventually met Mordred, who manifested from the fog, and they became partners to remove the fog.[4] Before Chaldea's arrival, the pair discovered the British Museum, which serves as the Clock Tower's entrance, was destroyed by the fog's creators, Project Demonic Fog, to remove any opposition.[5]

He meets Ritsuka and Mash when Mordred brings them to his apartment. He scolds Mordred for introducing herself with her True Name. She ignores him though, since they’re not in a normal Holy Grail War. The two then explain to Ritsuka and Mash how they became partners to remove the fog. Jekyll assures Mash that he is a genuine human when she said he shares his name with the main character in a novel published before the era. Setting aside his confusion, he and Mordred learn about the Grand Order. He then reveals how the fog has descended upon London for the past three nights. He explains people die, depending on their predisposition, within an hour of inhaling the fog. He estimates causalities are now in the hundred thousands. He states several areas have been abandoned, with the east end being nearly gone. He details for the past three days automatons, homunculi, Helter Skelters, and Jack the Ripper have been roaming the streets committing atrocities. He reveals the Demonic Fog has isolated London from the rest of Britain and warns the city will fall once food and water depletes. He agrees to help Ritsuka and Mash, and sends them and Mordred to protect one of his collaborators, Victor Frankenstein.[4]

The group return with Frankenstein, whom Jekyll inspects and confirms is a living person. He apologizes for touching her when Mordred demands he does. He wonders if Mordred can understand Frankenstein because they're the same gender. Mordred threatens to kill him in response. Jekyll then sends out the group to deal with a Magical Tome that's been entering buildings and attacking civilians in Soho.[6]

After they return with Andersen, Jekyll tells the group that Jack is attacking Scotland Yard. He asks Ritsuka and Mash if they recall fighting Jack before. Mash realizes she couldn't recall the details of their previous encounter until now because of a Skill or Noble Phantasm. The group then rush to Scotland Yard.[7] Later, Jekyll thanks Andersen when he manipulates Mordred, Ritsuka, and Andersen into going on patrol since they were under a lot of strain.[8]

The next day, the group report to Jekyll about the mass production of Helter Skelters. He suspects Project Demonic Fog is increasing their efforts to procure more Servants from the fog following Paracelsus von Hohenheim’s death. Mordred says they need to disable the Helter Skelters. Andersen then requests they retrieve data from the Clock Tower to prove his theory about the Holy Grail War. Mordred and Jekyll however reveal its entrance, the British Museum, was destroyed before Chaldea arrived. Jekyll decides to go there with Ritsuka, Mash, Mordred, Andersen, and William Shakespeare.[5]

Arriving at the Museum, the group digs through its rubble to find the underground entrance to the Clock Tower. Romani detects magical energy from underground when magic tomes emerge and attack the group. After destroying the books, Jekyll theorizes they were once grimoires brought to life by the Demonic Fog. The group then head underground and confirm the mages are dead, suspecting the culprit is still around. They soon come across a warded door to library. Andersen and Jekyll investigate inside while the others guard the door. The spells on the books prevent Jekyll and Andersen from taking them outside though, so the other must defend them until they find the data Andersen is after. As the others continue to defend against enemies, Jekyll transforms into Hyde to fight with them. Andersen eventually finds the data he was after, so the group return to the apartment.[9]

Back at the apartment, Andersen reveals the Holy Grail War’s Servant summoning ritual was adapted from one that summoned seven of the strongest Heroic Spirits to fight a powerful enemy. He suspects that someone predicted the group’s coming and placed the information about the ritual for them to find. Suddenly, the apartment is attacked by a group of Helter Skelters. After driving them off, Romani informs the group that the robots were created from a Noble Phantasm. He also reveals they are controlled remotely by the Servant who summoned them, meaning they’ll disappear if the Servant is killed. As the group ponders about the Servant’s location, Frankenstein reveals she knows where they are. Jekyll double checks with her that she can detect the traces of magical energy that control the robots.[10]

The next day, Jekyll tells the group that Charles Babbage is a person of the era. Mash tells him Babbage was supposed to have passed a decade prior to their present time. He refutes though that Babbage is still living as an old active scholar. He came across his name while perusing the current Royal Society Almanac; Victor also spoke of him; his inventions were also featured in newspapers from the current and previous years. Romani attributes this to the distortions created by the Singularity resulting in events changing. Thus, the dead still live and don’t exist as Heroic Spirits, such as Jekyll and Frankenstein. Jekyll reveals the Helter Skelters that were completely shut downed have all been reactivated. The group leave to defeat the one controlling the Helter Skelters.[3]

ater, Jekyll is informed by Romani that Ritsuka, Mash, and Mordred defeated Nikola Tesla along with Artoria Alter who appeared from the fog. They also succeeded in removing the Holy Grail from the source of the fog, Angrboda. He finds only Frankenstein in his apartment, wondering where Andersen and Shakespeare. He immediately realizes though that the Singularity will be resolved with the Grail recovered. Therefore, everything will return to its original state, including their memories. Frankenstein then tells Jekyll something that he claims to understand.[11] 

Event: Garden of Order[]

Jekyll is one of the Servants missing from Chaldea to serve as a tenant in the Ogawa Apartment. Upon his arrival, his main personality eroded until only Hyde remained. He acts as the manager of the 1st-floor corridor leading to the 2nd floor.[12]

When Ritsuka's party comes, Hyde (pretending to be Jekyll) advises them to stay on the first floor a little longer and invites them to stay in his room. When they reject his invitation, he "turns" into Hyde and attacks them. Shiki Ryougi blocks his attack to Hyde's surprise. He also sees she is a killer with multiple personalities like him. He is surprised though that she prefers Jekyll.[12]

After the ensuing fight, Hyde "turns" back to normal. "Jekyll" claims he and Hyde were manipulated. He warns Ritsuka not to trust Mephistopheles and prepares to hand them the key to the next floor. However, he "changes" back into Hyde and attacks Ritsuka. Shiki blocks him and takes the key. She deduces he was always Hyde and only pretended to possess dual personalities. Hyde is embarrassed he was found out and disappears telling Shiki not to become a knock-off.[12]

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Jekyll is amongst the "London" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[13]


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde[]

Jekyll thanks Ritsuka and Mash for letting him gain control of Hyde after they traveled to London. Romani Archaman tells them to leave since their presence may hinder the correction of the era. However, Jekyll decides he wants to visit the apartment of the "him" who helped Ritsuka and Mash. Romani tells him though that Jekyll should have been returned to his original era after the Singularity was resolved. But Jekyll still persists, wanting to tell him that he can overcome Hyde without resorting to suicide.

Entering the apartment, Jekyll attacks his past self, and turns into Hyde. The past Jekyll decides to help fight Hyde. He reveals he is a Servant that materialized from the remains of the Demonic Fog after his living self returned to his era. He predicted Hyde would come after him so he waited in his apartment until the time came. After Hyde is defeated, the past Jekyll warns him not to forget himself and reminds him of Tatsumi Kitano. He then disappears telling Ritsuka and Mash to give Mordred and Frankenstein his regards. Hyde turns back into Jekyll after Romani explained his past self would have disappeared eventually since his summoning was unstable. Jekyll acknowledges he is also Hyde, and wishes to challenge him again one day. 


If he has been summoned into a different class, Jekyll would possess practically no combat ability. The reason why Jekyll is endowed with combat ability as a Servant in Fate/Grand Order is because it is conjectured that the brutality as well as the persona of Hyde is being taken out and dissolved into Jekyll due to the abnormality of his Saint Graph.[2]

While Jekyll is of the Assassin-class, he turns into the Berserker-class as Hyde upon using Dangerous Game, the elixir (miracle drug) that allows for the transformation of Jekyll into Hyde and vice versa. This incarnation of Berserker is different than when Jekyll/Hyde is manifesting as a Berserker in that he retains his human form, as well as more of his sanity and reason. The difference in transformation performed between being an Assassin and being a Berserker lies in his Self-Modification Skill. The Skill would be limited by the Assassin class. However, being summoned in the Berserker class would give rise to a cumulative effect of this Skill combined with Mad Enhancement, no doubt turning him into a beast that hardly resembled humans.[2]


Creation and Conception[]

Nakahara is the character illustrator for Henry Jekyll and Hyde. Hikaru Sakurai is the scenario writer for their characters in Fate/Grand Order.


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    Henry Jekyll & Hyde - Assassin

    Illustrator and Voice actor
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    Strength: C+
    Endurance: E
    Agility: A+
    Mana: E
    Luck: C
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    Personal Skills
    Monstrous Strength: B
    Voice of Panic: A
    Self-Modification: D

    Class Skills
    Presence Concealment: A

    Noble Phantasm
    Dangerous Game - Game of Surreptitious Crime
    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm

    The character that appeared in the novel of 19th Century, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"-- or maybe the individual who became its model.
    It has been said that he attempted to detach "evil" from his own personality, but instead revealed a personality that embodied "evil", eventually performing murders and in the end self-destructed.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 175cm・60kg
    Source: "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Lawful Good (Jekyll)/ Chaotic Evil (Hyde)
    Gender: Male
    A dual-existence that changes even his body as the personalities switch over.

    Level 2 Bond
    A sincere and rational good man-- the original personality.
    To deeply thing about things is both his merit and demerit.
    In contrary to his calm appearance, he has a strong sense of justice and was distressed by the "evil that lurks inside humans" while alive, having fought against it.

    Level 3 Bond
    A hedonist without sense of morals-- the "evil" personality.
    An anti-hero of malice that reflexively attempts to injure everything.
    It is unknown whatever evil really lurked inside Jekyll's heart, or if "it amounted to only this much" due to Jekyll being destitute of evil.

    Level 4 Bond
    "Game of Surreptitious Crime"
    Rank: C  Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
    Dangerous Game. A miracle drug that morphs from Jekyll to Hyde, from Hyde to Jekyll. While as Hyde, he acquires close-combat power comparable to the Three Knight Classes.

    Level 5 Bond
    Powerless Shell: A
    While his mind and body are as Jekyll, his parameters decline and it becomes difficult to perceive him as a Servant.
    Conversely, upon employing the Noble Phantasm to become Hyde, his parameters explosively skyrocket as if a recoil.

    Maybe due being summoned as an Assassin, or maybe because of the Master he lost in a previous summon, Jekyll is currently unable to completely suppress Hyde.
    However, this too shall probably be settled one day.
    The conclusion of the conflict between good and evil is...

    ヘンリー・ジキル&ハイド - アサシン


    筋力: C+
    耐力: E
    敏捷: A+
    魔力: E
    幸運: C
    宝具: C

    怪力 B
    恐慌の声 A
    自己改造 D

    気配遮断 A

    種別: 対人宝具





    ランク:C  種別:対人宝具



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