Hibiki Hibino (日比乃ひびき, Hibino Hibiki?) is a character created for the Type-Moon mobile site. She is the Holy Scripture Triten (聖典トライテン?) of Caubac Alcatraz.


Hibiki's most notable family member is her grandfather.


Carnival PhantasmEdit

Hibiki makes a cameo appearance in the 12th episode helping at Ahnenerbe, and is seen at the party at the end.

The 2013 Hibichika Special of Carnival Phantasm has a large majority of the episode revolving around Hibiki and her partner, Chikagi Katsuragi during their workdays at Ahnenerbe. She acts very friendly to the people around her, and is the only person Chikagi does not show hostility towards. She is a fan of the Afterschool Alleyway Alliance as well, though much to Satsuki Yumizuka's displeasure, when she tries to remember their name she gets it horribly wrong.



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