Hijikata Toshizou (土方 歳三, Hijikata Toshizō?), Class Name Berserker of the Bakumatsu (幕末のバーサーカー, Bakumatsu no Bāsākā?), is a Berserker-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. Hijikata is also a Non-classed Servant summoned by Okita Souji's Noble Phantasm, Flag of Sincerity, in Fate/KOHA-ACE.



The Vice-Commander of the Shinsengumi, a security organization active around Kyoto during the Bakumatsu period, Hijikata Toshizou. Upholding strictly absolute discipline within the squad, he is a feared demon of a vice-captain even amongst the peerless swordsmen that are his squad-mates.[1]

A samurai who threw away his pale blue haori, put on western clothing, picked up a gun and continued to fight against the changing era in order to follow through with his own truth.[1]

Hijikata's life ended as the samurai was shot to death at Hakodate.



Although a Berserker, normal conversations are possible. Contrary to his demon-like fighting style, in the battlefield he is a pragmatist who also has the flexibility to employ any means necessary to win. That being said, he doesn't endorse the ruthlessless of characters such as Nobunaga. When the Master that summoned him has given up to fight, he will instantly become a target for purging.[1]

In battle he rages wildly like a devil yet retains his rational aspect as a tactician, a rare type of Berserker. The demonic vice-captain bearing the brand of loyalty ---Shinsengumi, advance![1]

Many of Hijikata's lines, particularly during his Noble Phantasm, indicate that the Shinsengumi will not or cannot perish so long as he keeps fighting, and indeed he initially refused to acknowledge his condition as a Heroic Spirit because doing so would have meant admitting that he had been defeated. Although his identity marks the defeat of the Shinsengumi as a whole, he claims to also be forward thinking and does not dwell on the past or future. While Hijikata is not fond of younger girls, particularly those who are childish (such as Nobunaga or Chacha), he is noted to be fond of mature women with large breasts (such as Carmilla and Passionlip) and is quite bold when interacting with them.

In GUDAGUDA Legend of the Imperial Capital Grail, it was shown that Hijikata has incredible mentality as he was visibly not affected by the Holy Grail.

Hijikata greatly enjoys chilled pickles and would be visibly upset if there is a shortage of pickles.


Fate/Grand Order[]

GUDAGUDA Meiji Restoration[]

Following his death at Hakodate, Hijikata found himself in the Singularity as a result of Andras calling out to those who shared his desire of not wanting to die and became one of the keystones to maintain the Singularity. However, only remembering he was fatally shot, Hijikata didn't understand that he died and became a Heroic Spirit. As he wandered the Singularity, he projected his desire of not wanting to die until he won. Andras granted his desire by shaping the Singularity accordingly. But he couldn't control Hijikata's Spirit Origin as their versions of immortality were incompatible with one another. He, therefore, sought another.[3]

Afterward, Hijikata founded his own Shinsengumi, with Nobbus serving as additional members. They are regular enemies of the Oda Shogunate led by Oda Nobukatsu using Oda Nobunaga's name. Ritsuka's party comes across one such battle in Kyoto. Okita Souji recognizes Hijikata from a distance and gets closer to make sure it is him. Hijikata notices her and immediately demands her help, but Okita is confused about the situation. Nobunaga prepares to punish her brother, Nobukatsu, for taking her name when Hijikata stops her, as Nobukatsu is his prey. Okita stops them before a fight can ensue. Hijikata then has Okita accompany him back to Shinsengumi headquarters.[4]

Both parties eventually learn from Hijikata's Nobunsengumi messenger lthat Ronin plotting to burn Kyoto are going to meet in secret at the Ikedaya Inn.[5][6] Hijikata arrives at the inn later that night and helps Ritsuka and Okita destroy Saigou Edimori's Mecha Nobbu. Edimori surrenders afterward, and he is captured for interrogation. Nobunaga and Chacha then arrive with a captured Katsura Tesla, who surrendered after the Nobbu UFOs were destroyed. However, the two inventors flashbang the group, and escape while Nobunaga and Hijitaka argue. The group learns from the inventors boasting as they escaped that their base is in Toba-Fushimi. Okita collapses from overexertion afterward.[7]

Back at Shinsengumi headquarters, Chacha argues with Hijikata about taking Okita into battle to Toba-Fushimi when she isn’t well enough. However, Okita joins him anyway, causing Chacha to leave, but not before giving medicine to Okita. The group then leaves for Toba-Fushimi.[8]

Arriving at Toba-Fushimi, Hijikata assesses that they’re outnumbered, so their only option is to distract the enemy with a feint while another unit flanks. He decides Okita will lead the feint while he leads the flanks. However, since Okita is still unwell, Nobunaga decides she’ll lead the feint while Okita and Hijikata lead the flank.[8] The group eventually emerges victorious, ending with the defeat of Edimori and Tesla. Nobukatsu then arrives with an unconscious Chacha. He reveals his true master is the Great Gold Demon Taikou, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. A golden castle then suddenly appears that Nobukatsu goes to with Chacha.[9]

The group prepares to rescue Chacha. Hijikata recalls Demon Taikou is the identity of the voice he heard before. The group near the castle, the Sun Fortress, when they’re stopped by fortifications suddenly summoned by Sanada Emiyamaru. They then defeat him, Gotou Setanta, Mouri Medinaga, Mysterious Chousokabe Heroine X, Akashi Ex, all of whom were summoned by Taikou to obey Nobukatsu’s orders while he sacrifices Chacha to Taikou. The group confronts Nobukatsu, who reveals Taikou has been revived with Chacha’s sacrifice. He then shifts space to a cavern.[10]

Massive amounts of magical energy emanate from the Sun Fortress. Da Vinci reveals the corpse of a Demon God who died in the Time Temple is at the castle’s core. Golden Demon Taikou Hideyoshi (Andras) appears and announces the creation of an eternal golden paradise. Nobukatsu proclaims that within the Singularity, Taikou will bless all mortals with eternity. He did of all this to free Nobunaga from her obligations to the Oda, so they can relive their carefree childhoods forever. Nobunaga rejects him though, so he sends wave after wave of soldiers to force her to understand. While Ritsuka, Okita, and Hijikata fight Nobukatsu’s army, Nobunaga deals with her brother.[11]

After Nobukatsu’s army is defeated, Nobunaga prepares to execute him, but she misses on purpose. She then calls out to Chacha, whose yet be consumed by Taikou, and makes her realize Taikou’s deception. The group then learn Taikou cannot maintain his existence using the Spirit Origin of a Heroic Spirit as a catalyst. Realizing the Singularity will return to normal if they free Chacha, the group defeat Taikou.[12]

Andras disappears followed by Nobukatsu as his Spirit Origin was maintained by Andras. However, even with Andras gone, the Singularity isn't collapsing. Nobunaga deduces that a shard of Andras is with Hijikata, being the Demon God's original vessel.[12] She then proceeds to reveal the truth about Hijikata and his connection with Andras. Hijikata realizes the group is trapped in the Singularity until he dies. Okita tries to get Hijikata to understand that the Shinsengumi is already gone. But Hijikata refuses to listen, declaring the Shinsengumi will never end as long as he remains. He then fights the group to determine whether his or Okita’s Shinsengumi is the real one. He is defeated and disappears, telling Okita to always keep her banner flying.[3]

In the still collapsing Singularity, Hijikata accepts his death. Andras urges him to leave before the Singularity collapses completely. Hijikata regrets he wasn’t more compatible with Andras, as the Singularity would’ve been better fortified otherwise. Andras thanks him for teaching him to die lamenting the life lost, seeing this as the sole saving grace he received with his self-awareness. Accepting they’ll soon disappear, Andras tells Hijikata to keep fighting even though he cannot be saved. He calls this Hijikata’s punishment for briefly redeeming his evil, as well as his final wish. After Andras disappears, Hijikata states he’ll accept whatever battlefield he’s summoned to.[3]

GUDAGUDA: Legend of the Imperial Capital Grail[]

Hijikata appears in the thrid GUDAGUDA event.[13][14][15]

Destroy All Nobunagas: GUDAGUDA Final Honnōji 2019[]


Hijikata appears along with other members of the Shinsengumi when Sakura Saber uses Flag of Sincerity to fight Demon Archer. Along with the others, they are able to defeat Archer before being interrupted by Caster.


A rare type of Berserker, who displays both the savagery of an Evil Spirit and the rational aspects of a tactician in battle.[1]


Sakamoto Ryouma warns that Oryou that she doesn't need to hold back against Hijikata Toshizou.[13] When fighting him, Oryou notes that although his fighting style is all over the place, he is very strong. Sakamoto fears they won't be able to reunite with Okita Souji Alter if Hijikata kills them.[14]


Class Skills[]

  • Mad Enhancement (D+ Rank): He is Shinsengumi itself; as long as he is here, even alone, then Shinsengumi shall never die. Such was the intense self-confidence which drives insane of his mind. Alone at the beginning, alone at the end; the lone Shinsengumi.[2]

Personal Skills[]

  • Demon of the Battlefield (B Rank): A Skill which rouses his allies through his personal prowess and valor. Strengthen himself as well as the troops he leads beyond their original abilities. The way he fights, just like that of a demon, sometimes strikes fear even towards his allies.[2]
  • Disengage (C Rank): The ability to withdraw from battle, or to reset the state of affairs. It also returns disadvantageous battle to its initial state and skill condition to its starting value. Simultaneously, several bad statuses are compulsorily cancelled. When he was alive, every time he thought of losing he would always rise again and continue to fight.[2]
  • Laws of the Shinsengumi (EX Rank): A Skill that places compulsory restraints upon oneself. He would receive damage should he breach those prohibitions; however, his statuses would rise in exchange. Breaching all prohibitions would render him immobile. Normally, breaching the prohibitions that which a Shinsengumi regimental soldier would have never been allowed to breach would gradually render one insane. It is the embodiment of his resolution and madness; of one who still aspires to be Shinsengumi, even after he threw away his pride as a warrior.[1][2]
  1. Deviating from Bushido. (一、士道ニ背キ間敷事?)[1][2]
  2. Leaving the Shinsengumi. (一、局ヲ脱スルコトヲ不許?)[1][2]
  3. Raising money privately. (一、勝手ニ金策致不可?)[1][2]
  4. Taking part in litigations. (一、勝手ニ訴訟取扱不可?)[1][2]
  5. Engaging in personal fights. (一、私ノ闘争ノ不許?)[1][2]
  • Tactics (D Rank): A tactical, instinctive ability in regards not of one-on-one battle, but of battle involving large numbers. It grants advantageous correction in the case of using one’s own Anti-Army Noble Phantasm, or when dealing against the enemy’s anti-army Noble Phantasm. (In Fate/Grand Order, it is fundamentally not utilized)[2]

Noble Phantasm[]

Hijikata's Noble Phantasm is Shinsengumi. He used it against Demon King of the Sixth Heaven - Akechi Mitsuhide, but it failed to take it down.[15]


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