Hinako Akuta (芥ヒナコ, Akuta Hinako?) is one of the seven Crypters, Masters attempting to supplant the Greater History of Man with that of the Lostbelt in Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt. Despite her desired Servant class being Rider, she is the Master of Saber Prince of Lanling. She was formerly one of forty eight Chaldea Master Candidates and a member of A-Team.

She later appears as Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?), an Assassin-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru.



Assassin's True Name and Hinako's real identity is Yu Mei-ren (虞美人, Yu The Beauty?), also known as Consort Yu (虞姫?). She is an Incarnated Elemental, a vampiric creature labelled by Magi as closely related to True Ancestors due to having similar development processes, though they are different species with an unclear distinction. Yu Mei-ren is a Xian [female Immortal], a Zhenren [True Human], that were spoken of in ancient Chinese traditions, and since she acquired a reason and a self-consciousness much later after her appearance in the world, she herself does not know what her origins are or how she came to be.

She has lived since the Age of Gods before she settled in China for a period of time around 200 BC, becoming the concubine of Xiang Yu. She is thought to have died in recorded history, but she continued to live after that period. She became acquainted with Gao Changgong much later in 500 AD, making a promise to see him once again if possible due to how he treated her.

With her circumstances of complete isolation, with neither a family nor a group she can belong to, and while being weary and fearful of humans, single-mindedly running away and hiding from human society that continues to expand, Yu Mei-ren refused to commit suicide and fulfilled her duty to Xiang Yu, who was the only person who understood her, and she continued to live for a time that lasts for eternity. In the middle of her destiny towards a long, long road of wandering, she saved up all the exhaustion of wandering she had built, and if she can get to a place where she can feel at ease, even for a brief moment, then she will embrace a desperate desire where it does not matter if that place is connected to her own ruin so long as she gets there.

On the other hand, Yu Mei-ren laments for her own future after the death of Xiang Yu, someone who she mourns for even now, and she is caught in a self-contradiction where she cannot even make a bold start on a quick suicide. As far as she is concerned, the place called Chaldea – a place where inhuman Heroic Spirits gather and where equilibrium is preserved among the various purposes of the various people there – possesses a special meaning as “a place where people are not even frightened by what kind of person she is”, a place that she did not reach for the very long time of 2000 years, until now.

Over two thousand years after Xiang Yu's death, she was recruited by Marisbury Animusphere into Chaldea Security Organization. He proposed to give her a new identity and somewhere to be at peace. He believed her status as a being similar to True Ancestors would allow her to perform the Grand Orders even if the human body proved too weak. Her background orchestrated by Marisbury was that she was enrolled in the Clock Tower's Botany Faculty.[3] It is said she became a technician at Chaldea, but she was chosen one of the forty eight Chaldea Master Candidates after her talent was discovered. She later became a member of A-Team. She refused medical examinations due to her real identity, which often caused Romani Archaman to sulk. Hinako planned to summon a Rider-class Servant, most likely the Xiang Yu of Proper Human History, something she strongly wished for.[3]

In 2015 AD, the incineration of the Human Order by Goetia commenced. When Hinako and the rest of the A-Team were set to leyshift to the Fuyuki Singularity, Lev Lainur Flauros set bombs to kill the Chaldea staff. The A-Team and other Masters were in their leyshift coffins at the time. Romani decided to enact cryostasis to keep the Masters from dying. Ritsuka Fujimaru completed the Grand Orders during the time they were frozen, and they were all set to be healed and revived from cryosleep throughout 2017. Unbeknownst to Chaldea, Kirschtaria Wodime was contacted by the Alien God for the plan to replace the Greater History of Man. At Wodime's behest, the Alien God took the other six members including Hinako, giving them each control of one of seven Lostbelts. Declaring themselves the Crypters, the Alien God launched the attack on the Greater History a year after Goetia's defeat at the end of 2017. Hinako was granted the Chinese Lostbelt, summoning Saber rather than her desired Rider.

After the events of the Chinese Lostbelt, Qin Shi Huang recommended she choose to enter the Throne of Heroes, as True Ancestors are the type of being who can choose how they manifest. She followed his recommendation in the hope that she could be reunited with Xiang Yu, allowing her to be summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru.


Leonardo da Vinci noticed her having an odd vibe.[3] Hinako seemingly is a young woman with long hair tied in twin tails, she wears white attire and a pair of glasses. Hinako has extremely long brown hair styled into pigtails and white coat that covers her entire body, leaving only a dark turtleneck sweater-dress under and a pair of black boots to be seen. She wears a pair of glasses on her face. Most notably her coat has many buttons and a chaldea logo near her neck serving as an emblem. Her eye color was brown but changed to crimson red upon sucking blood. In her True Ancestor Awakened state, Hinako discards the coat, wearing the same dark sweater-dress and a black dress over it resembling a jacket on the top end. Her hair is still brown but this time styled or let down depending on her Ascension. Most notably, depending on her ascenstion, the dress will have a flame effect on its limb ends and she may be barefoot. She wields chinese swords which may be covered in flames.


She is a woman who would be happy just reading books all day long in the shade.[3] Due to the particulars of how she came to be persecuted by humanity for a long time, Yu Mei-ren is a staunch misanthropist. However, she was touched by the fact that Xiang Yu – the only person who understood her – desired for “a repose to the world of humans” until the very end, so she consented to being added to the Throne of Heroes, a place that houses the protectors of the Human Order.[2]

In life, Yu had a friendship with Gao Changgong—one so strong that she expressed anger towards his impending death at the hands of the emperor's poison and asked if she should make those involved “sink in a sea of blood.” Upon intercepting Ritsuka's group in China, Da Vinci was shocked by Hinako's behavior and hatred, stating that her current manner was far different from how Chaldea recorded her in the past.

She claims to have a strong hate for humans, even calling Ritsuka’s gang insects. Despite that hatred, she found humanity's intelligence impressive after witnessing Da Vinci's new body, but stopped herself before she could completely compliment her. Goldolf compared the hateful look she gave the group to that of someone looking down on cattle. Although she loathes human civilization, Yu Mei-ren does not loathe humans as lifeforms. She possesses a peculiar sense of ethics that should even be said to be a “wild fundamentalism” so to speak, generally affirming in a providence where the strong eats the weak and flourish. However, she exposes her anger towards the use of science and technology to the extent that it overturns the order of the natural world as well as monotheistic values such as “God desired such a thing from humans.[2]

Upon joining Chaldea, Yu greets the Master with a hint of irritation for the previous events in the story. Though currently more in an embarrassed mood, as she more or less put on a disguise prior to manifesting in hopes of not being recognized, which fails. She serves Chaldea wholeheartedly, knowing full well that her power meant she'd be put to work quite often. She is a wrathful woman who holds grudges to those who ruthlessly defeat her, cursing them in the process of disappearing. Her hate for humans is still seemingly strong, and she realizes a mistake in Marisbury's invitation to join Chaldea, but that could just be her keeping up a front, as Yu finds peace in becoming a Heroic Spirit. She feels comfortable among many beings that are human or otherwise, as while it is abnormal, she is not singled out among them and for this, she decides to follow Chaldea and Ritsuka until the end if only out of obligation to them as their senpai.

Nonetheless, concerning Yu Mei-ren, the particulars of her appearance into the world where she was a specimen who came from a colony is a trauma to her, albeit an unconscious one, and although the person in question firmly denies it, her true character is that of someone who easily succumbs to loneliness. Towards those with the attitude to be able to become a person of understanding to her, she reaches the point that she can embrace a fairly deep compassion for them (without making a distinction of them as a plant, an animal, an android, etc.).[2]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Olga Marie Animusphere orders A-Team to participate "Singularity Point F".[4] With Lev Lainur betrayal, Hinako was among the casualties to be put into cryofreeze in their coffins.[5]

After the arrival of Goldolf Musik, Koyanskaya and Kirei Kotomine. Thirty-nine Chaldea Masters were resuscitated and evacuated, only the A-Team were still frozen and remained in their Coffin.[3] On 27 December 2017, somebody had unfrozen and woke A-Team from their respective coffin and placed a fake signal.[6]

Goldolf orders Leonardo da Vinci to open A-Team's coffin, only to find them missing.[6]

Anastasia: Permafrost Empire[]

At a meeting between the Crypters, Hinako immediately wishes to know why Kirschtaria Wodime called since she reported to him that her Lostbelt is unsuitable for expansion, thus she abandoned the Lostbelt competition some time ago. When Kadoc tells her that conflict is inevitable, she states she doesn't care as long as she can stay until the end. At the meeting's conclusions, she cuts her transmission stating she can't leave the King of her Lostbelt alone due to his desire for exploration and expansion.[7]

Götterdämmerung: Eternal Icy Fire Century[]

SIN: Synchronized Intellect Nation[]

During a meeting with the other Crypters, Hinako calls out Koyanskaya's clearly fake mourning of Ophelia Phamrsolone, saying it'll make her more disgusted by her than she is irritated with Chaldea. She is somewhat relieved Ophelia died before Koyanskaya could make her Mystic Eye part of her collection. She becomes infuriated when Koyanskaya points out she ignored Ophelia's issues, but Scandinavia Peperoncino intervenes before this can go any further. She rejects Scandinavia's suggestion to hold a funeral for Ophelia, saying she has no flowers to offer her, and that she'll leave after reporting on her Lostbelt. She then tells both Scandinavia and Kirschtaria Wodime that she wishes to have nothing more to do with Koyanskaya. She asks for them not to send Koyanskaya to her Lostbelt, even if by mistake, before leaving.[8]

In the Lostbelt, Hinako and Koyanskaya discussing the matter of Heroic Spirits and Ayala with Qin Shi Huang who was skeptical at first. Upon learning of Chaldea's arrival, Qin orders Hinako to intercept and possibly wipe out the intruders. As she takes her leave to follow his command, Koyanskaya chats with her about how surprisingly calm Qin reacted, having expected him to storm out in a fit of rage. Eventually, Hinako encounters Ritsuka's group without Koyanskaya who had split off earlier. After briefly taunting Mash Kyrielight, she recognizes the group as enemies, and sends her Servant, Prince of Lanling to attack. Langling is defeated though, so Hinako retreats recognizing she underestimated her enemies.

Later Hinako is joined by Xiang Yu on the battlefield, charging against the group and pushing them towards defeat. She becomes frustrated at Qin when he sides with Chaldea and sends reinforcements to help them. The Emperor warns Hinako she'll become an enemy of Qin if she continues to attack the group, so she stops and remains silent as each side calms down. She later orchestrates a sneak attack on Ritsuka with Lanling, but the attack ends in failure. As punishment for her disregarding his earlier command, Qin orders Xiang Yu to remove the Gold Elixir from his chest and destroy it. Before that happens though, Hinako cries and begs for forgiveness, swearing loyalty to Qin again.

Later that night, Hinako returns to her army's camp, and converses with Xiang Yu about his nature in history. She explains who he was in another world, how came to be one of the all time greatest generals, and reveals she came to this particular Lostbelt in order to meet him. The next day, the two fight together to intercept Spartacus who was planning to overthrow Qin. They ordered to retreat however as Qin prepared an incoming danger for Ritsuka's group

Hinako later finds Koyanskaya imprisoned but refuses to help her escape, only taunting her while asking of what benefit comes with saving her. Koyanskaya speculates that the reunion with Xiang Yu gave Hinako a boost in confidence, after the latter leaves without helping. Hinako eventually battles the group again in the prison, but she is left grievously wounded. Left with no other options, she drains the blood and mana out of Lanling before everyone, thus revealing her true nature as a True Ancestor. Changing her appearance she personally engages the group in battle, but it ends when Qin commands Hinako, now referred as Yu Mei-ren, to stop and return to base. Yu Mei-ren follows his command knowing full well he only wants her to act on his behalf. After regrouping with Qin, she agrees to continue working for him to destroy Chaldea under the condition she be allowed to live peacefully far off with her beloved.

After many battles Yu Mei-ren enraged over the death of Xiang Yu, allows the Fantasy Tree Mayall to absorb her Saint Graph and merges with it. She is defeated after a grueling battle, and as she lies on the ground dying, Qin explains to her that she could eventually reunite with her beloved if she were to become a heroic spirit as True Ancestors are "the kinds of beings who can decide how they manifest". After physically dying, Yu becomes a wraith, and eventually accepts Qin's proposition to join Chaldea as a Servant.


Despite her early pretense of being human, Hinako or rather Yu Mei-ren is a 2000 year old incarnated Elemental with vampiric attributes/abilities similar to the True Ancestors, known as a Zhenren. In terms of feats of might, prior to becoming a Servant, Yu was powerful enough to fight off the likes of Koyanskaya, Mash, Red Hare, Jing Ke, and Chen Gong on her own by repeatedly unleashing devastating attacks upon the group using her unlimited magical energy supply. Upon growing angry, she unleashed a crimson aura that filled the group with dread for the impending battle. Both Koyanskaya and Yu mention that Yu herself is not the type to stay dead after being killed, and even as a Servant, a quote from Yu mentions jealously over such towards defeated enemies. As seen in the Servant Summer Campevent, even multiple violent deaths in short succession have no lasting effect on her ability to function.

Her armaments are two jian swords, which she fights with grace, being very fluid and gracefully resemble dancing seen in her myths, as befitting a lady known as The Beauty. Yu often throw and telekinetically manipulate her two jian blades to spin, slash, and drill into her foes. She is also capable of utilizing her own blood as a weapon, being able to fire blasts of blood-shaped like blades. Her data entries in Chaldea say that she's a gifted tactician, but in practice she's so awful at leading as a result of her prolonged isolation that her Servants suffer a debuff whenever she's in command as a Master. Mash and Holmes speculate that Marisbury falsified her data to justify her being on Team A, as she would be guaranteed to survive a Rayshift even if the process turned out to be lethal to humans.

In order to blend into human society, Yu began to suppress her nature and powers over time; this came at the detriment of severely weakening her and it took a large source of energy, such as her servant, for her to be able to regain most of her strength.

Although the key differences between the two species has yet to be elaborated upon, one known major difference between Yu/Zhenren and True Ancestors is her lack of bloodlust. While True Ancestors feel a constant psychological thirst to drink blood, Yu has never felt the need. Due to her connection with nature, she can simply draw in energy and mana from the environment and life around her gradually, which is sufficient to meet her needs. Anything short of isolating her in a deserted wasteland will not starve her. However as she is a blood-sucker, the life-blood of others is still a great source of energy for her if need be and she has admitted to killing more than a few victims during her life. She is even capable of draining servants, as Gao gave himself to her in order to empower her.


Class Skills[]

  • Presence Concealment (B Rank): Suppresses one’s presence as a Servant. It is suitable for espionage activities. In addition, due to Yu Mei-ren’s special characteristic as an Elemental Spirit Species, the effect of Presence Concealment is greatly amplified in a natural environment, while on the contrary, the effect decays in an artificial environment.[2]

Personal Skills[]

  • Incarnated Spirit (A Rank): Since she is an Elemental Spirit Species that can share her magical energy with the natural world and its Mana, it is feasible for Yu Mei-ren to draw an inexhaustible supply of magical energy from the physical world rather than storing magical energy within her own body. But since she is restricted to a form that is “humanoid”, even if her supply of magical energy is infinite, there is a limit to her output, so the quantity of magical energy she can practically use is being stopped within the domain of a humanoid Heroic Spirit.[2]
  • Feathered Being of the Immortal Realm (A Rank): Yu Mei-ren is a Xian [Immortal] that were spoken of in Taoist ideology; one who has immortality. Because interferences from the natural world is required in order for her to maintain her body, it is possible to say that she is restricted to a humanoid form as a result.[2]
  • Bloodsucking (C Rank): It is feasible for Yu Mei-ren to deprive a fixed amount of energy from any lifeform – regardless if it is a plant or an animal – and use it for herself. It is strictly different from the act of bloodsucking, but she is recognized as a bloodsucking species because of this ability, so she has come to receive persecution from Executors throughout successive generations.[2]

Noble Phantasm[]

Her Noble Phantasm is Eternal Lament, a desperation move that would typically be called a suicide. However, due to her nature Yu can overload her current body with energy, turning it into a makeshift bomb, detonate and then reconstruct a new body for herself as long as she has enough energy. With enough energy, she can continue to repeat this process for as long as she desires without any repercussions on herself.

Forms and Alternate Versions[]


“Resort of the Summer! A vacation with Xiang Yu-sama!”

Because of this, Yu Mei-ren tried her best to transform her saint graph into a swimsuit form, but Xiang Yu was left behind in Chaldea for some sort of reason.

-Chapter One·End-

However. Although Yu Mei-ren’s ambition failed,

The investigation of the singularity isn’t over yet.

In order to intercept the so called “Demon of Summer”, calculated by mechanical general- Xiang Yu, the gorgeous and beautiful lady of an era ventured into the Summer Singularity with a burrowed spear.

-Chapter Two·End-

To maintain the order between herself and Xiang Yu, she will do anything.

Although she’s basically the same as the usual Yu Mei-ren, but due the spear burrowed from Xiang Yu, she is more or less excited. Therefore, she hasn’t changed her overall personality of hating mankind, even intercepting the flirtatious male in much more brutal ways. Flirtatious males should all die.

Even though there wasn’t an actual flirtatious conversation, as long as (she feels) someone was looking at her with seducing eye, she will commence an attack.

That being said, a spear will be lunged towards anyone who glanced at her swimsuit. It’s the only way to protect her chastity for Xiang Yu-sama, as she defends for her action.


Creation and Conception[]



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    Comment from Illustrator

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    Height: 160cm
    Weight: 49kg
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    Likes: Reading, trekking (off-season only).
    Dislikes: Noisy ambiences, crowds, being pried.

    A wandering mage invited to Chaldea as a scientist.
    She’s unsociable and apathetic but not necessarily a bad person.
    Since she used to be an aristocrat (a refined person who received high level education), she values decorum and preferred destiny to be less chaotic.


    身長: 160cm
    体重: 49kg
    出身地: 日本
    特技: 歴史学(年代と地域に偏りあり)、薬草学、動物の餌付け
    好きなもの: 読書、トレッキング(シーズンオフに限る)
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