Hishiri Adashino (化野 菱理, Adashino Hishiri?) is one of the people involved in the Adra Castle incident of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files.



Hishiri is an officer of the Department of Policies within the Clock Tower, which typically serves to regulate and, if necessary, punish mages in violation of Clock Tower rules, such as potential exposure of mysticism. It is believed that she and Doctor Heartless are adopted siblings, but unbeknown to even herself, they are secretly half-sibling by a different mother.



Both Gray and Waver describes her as similar to a snake, elegant and ever calculating. As with most magi, Hishiri is efficient and remorseless, taking no issue at luring a large group of potential troublemakers to a deathtrap under false pretences. 

She has expressed disinterest in the Root, believing the idea of ever reaching it to be a pipe dream and only wishes to continue performing her duties. 


Lord El-Melloi II Case FilesEdit

case. Adra Castle SeparationEdit

Hishiri was the officer assigned to manage the inheritance affairs of the Adra Castle case, although her true role wouldn't be discovered by Waver until later. 

On the next day, Hishiri briefed the guests on Geryon Ashborne's will and the challenge they would need to overcome in order to claim Adra Castle and its secrets, which was to guess the name of a certain angel. This was all however, a ruse set up by the Law Department and the deceased Ashborne. During the night, Hishiri removed herself from the equation by falsifying her own murder with a prepared corpse and remained hidden to observe the other guests.

Reappearing unharmed at the resolution of the case, Waver voiced his suspicion she and her department had intimate understanding of the history of Adra Castle and most likely sent troublesome individuals there to eliminate them. Hishiri does not deny Waver's accusations and instead tells him to consider his own role in the grand scheme.

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Hishiri Snake

Hishiri's snake.

The glasses she wears are Mystic Eye Killers, her Mystic Eyes having the ability to find lost things.

Hishiri's magecraft takes the form of a white snake large enough to completely wrap around a full grown man from head to toe. She can summon and dispel this snake without a word or gesture. Once in place, it can immediately transform into a cloth like material, while still able to unfurl in crucial places like the victim's mouth so they can answer questions. The snake can appear without notice, as if it were camouflaged, and when dismissed, it will dissipate into a black fog.

She is quite cunning, as she understood that all it took to falsify her death was by preparing a similar looking corpse and then destroying its eyes to immediately convince people the corpse was her.


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