Hishiri Adashino (化野 菱理, Adashino Hishiri?) is one of the people involved in the Adra Castle incident of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files.




Both Gray and Waver describes her as similar to a snake, elegant and ever calculating.


Lord El-Melloi II Case FilesEdit

Waver suspected she and her department had intimate understanding of the history of the Adra Castle and most likely sent troublesome individuals there to eliminate them. Indeed, Hishiri was quick to remove herself from the equation during the Adra Castle incident by falsifying her death via a similar looking corpse she had prepare ahead of time, while she sat back and observed the rest of the invited guests.


The glasses she wears are Mystic Eye Killers, although it is unknown what kind of Mystic Eyes she possess.

She is quite cunning, as she understood that all it took to falsify her death was by preparing a similar looking corpse and then destroying it eyes to immediately convince people the corpse was her.


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