The Holy Grail (聖杯, Seihai?) is the Christian holy relic that received the blood of Christ, considered to be a Noble Phantasm.[1] There have been many claims of its existence, 726 of which were investigated by the Church, and many conflicts for such artifacts have happened around the world throughout history.[2] The name is utilized in the various Holy Grail Wars as the name of an artifact purportedly capable of granting any wish to whomever comes to claim it, rather than the real artifact, though the Church often gets involved simply because of that reason. Its advent is the ultimate goal of the various Holy Grail Wars.


The Holy Grail of the Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars of Fuyuki City appears at the end of the war to grant the final Master and Servant pair a wish on the Greater Grail, the true device that has the power to grant wishes. Because it is only a vessel to summon the Greater Grail, it is known as the Lesser Grail.

Nature and powerEdit

What is handed down in the city of Fuyuki is not the one that received the blood of the Christ, but the prototype of an even more ancient "omnipotent container"; this container is the 726th Grail that sticks to the legend of the name. It is a gate that leads to the Root, Akasha; a hole connected to the nuclear core, the Greater Grail (大聖杯, daiseihai?), a wish machine - the key to startup the Great Grail. It is not an omnipotent container, but a replica created to work like a "wish machine" that can bring forth one's own will.[3]

It is, however only a clump of magical energy and thus is not as omnipotent as people believe it to be, so wishing for something like "Saving the World" without specifying a working method will not suffice. Even if someone lacks power or wealth, the Grail can possibly carry out such a wish if they knew "the method of Saving the World." Kiritsugu Emiya, knowing only the practice of "sacrificing few for the benefit of many", was shown such a vision of "what would happen if the World was saved", though the corruption caused him to be shown the most malicious imagery of his "saved world." Had he followed through with it, the Grail would have certainty done as it showed him.[4] Ultimately, it can only amplify the scale of realization of wishes within working methodologies and is incapable of granting true miracles.



The evil essence of the Grail attempting to be born into the world during Heaven's Feel.

The essence of its content is a "colorless force", but after the third Grail War, it has been polluted by Angra Mainyu and became a malignant "swirling power", a curse, the third element. Hence, it is absolutely impossible to correct inconsistencies by precise calculations or interactions, and it will interpret any wish of the owner with nothing else than destruction, and grant it. Moreover, once it has been opened, it will keep flowing out infinitely and bring disaster.

The servant who is known as Angra Mainyu was summoned in the Third Grail War, he is a Heroic Spirit born into existence according to people’s wishes. As a result, Avenger was born into this world in order to grant everybody’s desire for an existence like “All the World’s Evil (Angra Mainyu)” [5]

Even though the Holy Grail would happen every 60 years, the 10-year gap between the Fourth and Fifth Holy Grail Wars was shorter because the Lesser Grail was destroyed before the Greater Grail could direct the accumulated mana to establish its pathway, with the unused mana becoming trapped in the Grail. The function of the Greater Grail was also already disrupted when it was impregnated with Avenger in the Third War.[6]

Additionally, since the corruption, the Grail has been able to summon evil-aligned Heroic Spirits; something that was not allowed before. Heroic Spirits are humans whose legends are passed down in the memory of humanity, regardless of their alignment; the Grail originally was allowed to summon only "good" Heroic Spirits, but ever since the corruption, spirits like Gilles de Rais, Medusa and Medea can be summoned despite being anti-heroes rather than heroes in the common understanding of the term.

The classes are, however, unaffected. The summoning of Avenger was a mistake done prior to the corruption, and the corruption itself had no known influence on the classes. It seems that it is only a coincidence that the two known Casters have an evil alignment.

This power also gives birth to Inverted Moon of the Heavens (天の逆月, Ten no Gyakutsuki?), Angra Mainyu. While it is weak compared to the maelstrom of magical energy that is the Einzbern Grail, what it can do is grant wishes. In a way, it is a small but "true" Holy Grail. It is the foundation of the looping world in hollow ataraxia, where it appears as a black moon, hence the name.


As a spiritual existence, the Kotomine Church manages the replica that will become its vessel, but the vessel of this fifth war is the heart of the homunculus Illyasviel von Einzbern. It is a catalyst that will help the descent of the real thing, and the ceremony to bring forth the cup that grants any wish, the Holy Grail War (or Heaven's Feel) requires seven Magi and Servants. The Holy Grail chooses its Master by selecting magi possessing magic circuits, be of sufficient stature to summon a Heroic Spirits. The Three Houses take priority as Master.[7]

Servants that get killed return to being a "piece of energy" and disappear from the time axis, but the Grail (container) created by the Einzberns is here to temporarily stop that and store them. When the Holy Grail goes into hibernation, it puts its accumulated mana into storage. When 7 Servants are present, their spiritual cores will be released and the Heroic Spirits’ bodies will disappear from this world. The cores alone will then return to the Throne of Heroes.[8] Once the vessel is filled with energy, the Great Grail can start the ritual that will open a "hole" to the Akasha.

To open a way to the swirl of the Akasha, the Grail needs to sacrifice all seven Servants to start up the Great Grail, but six Servants are enough if the wish is within the limits of the world.

There are four gates in Fuyuki where the Grail can descend, and a miss will have it switch to the next gate. The first time was at the Ryuudou temple on Mount Enzou, the second time was the Tohsaka mansion, the third was the church on the hill, and the fourth was the field that is now burnt.


Holy grail

The Holy Grail

Up until the third Grail War, the vessel for the Grail, also called the Lesser Grail (小聖杯, shouseihai?), was a literal "cup". However, during the events of the third War, it was damaged in battle and the ceremony was interrupted; for that reason, it had to be made as something that could manage and protect itself.[9]

During the Fourth War, Irisviel von Einzbern was a homunculus forged by the Einzbern family to be the physical embodiment of the Lesser Grail. Her deteriorating condition as her consciousness was supplanted by the Grail was mitigated by implanting Avalon into her body until the final days of the war. When she was murdered by Kotomine Kirei, the Grail took on her persona.

During the fifth War, the Lesser Grail was made as the heart of Illyasviel von Einzbern, a special homunculus made with concentrated alchemy, with Irisviel as her mother and Kiritsugu Emiya as her father. The Grail hidden in Illya was even more refined than the one in Irisviel, proof that Illya was expected to be the Einzbern's trump card.

At the end of the Fourth War, Zouken Matou acquired the fragments of the destroyed Grail. He synthesized it with his Crest worms, which he put inside the body of Sakura Matou. Though she was incomplete, this turned her into a second Lesser Grail.[10]

Greater GrailEdit


The Cup of Heaven and Avenger being born into the world

The Greater Grail (大聖杯, Dai Seihai?) is the gateway linked to the Root and the ultimate prize for the Fuyuki Holy Grail War, and is in essence, a wishing machine. Known as the core world, the Cup of Heaven (天の杯, Ten no Hai?), the core of the Grail was formed by Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern, who continues to remain at its centre. The creation of the Great Grail was done so under the supervision of Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, the teacher of the three founders of the war, Justica, Makiri Zouken, and Nagato Tohsaka.

The magic circle of the Greater Grail is inscribed upon the land managed by the Tohsaka family in Fuyuki City. Located in the great cave underneath the Ryuudou Temple on Mount Enzou, it consists of a series of seals carved around above 50 meters of bare rock. It is the most ideal location for the Holy Grail to be summoned, though three other locations also exist should the location at Mount Enzou be unavailable: the Tohsaka residence, Fuyuki Church, and Fuyuki Central Park. The Greater Grail itself is a system, and the Holy Grail is the key to start it up. The Greater Grail does not have a will and Justicia’s soul was completely sublimated when she sacrificed herself for the ritual.[11] While the Holy Grail collects the souls of the Servants, the Greater Grail uses the energy to open a gateway. Though the Lesser Grail is forcibly destroyed by Saber under the command of her master, Kiritsugu Emiya, its corrupted contents spill from the Greater Grail in the form of black mud.

For the Holy Grail Wars, the Greater Grail is what selects the Masters and invites Heroic Spirits, setting them in the Servant class system. After picking a Master from each of the three founding families (the Einzbern, Matou, and Tohsaka), it preferably picks Masters who earnestly want it, although it is possible to have irregulars, like Kirei Kotomine in the fourth Holy Grail War, who has no sense of purpose.

In the Fate and Unlimited Blade Works routes of Fate/stay night, ten years after the Fifth Holy Grail War, the Mages Association planned on bring back the Greater Grail with great opposition from the Church. After the end of a great turmoil with the same magnitude as the Grail War, the Holy Grail in Fuyuki City was dismantled under the direction of Lord El-Melloi II and Rin Tohsaka and the Grail Wars of Fuyuki came to a complete conclusion. In the Heaven's Feel scenario, the Greater Grail is either finally destroyed by Shirou Emiya (normal end) or shut down for good by Illyasviel von Einzbern (true end).

Moon CellEdit

The term Holy Grail in Moon Cell differs from the standard "Wishing Device that can grant any wish", the Moon Cell Holy Grail is the "right to use Moon Cell".[12]

Great Holy Grail WarEdit

Grail Apocrypha

The Grail as it appeared during the Great Holy Grail War

In the alternate universe of Fate/Apocrypha, the Third Holy Grail War failed due to the destruction of the Lesser Grail. Furthermore, the Greater Grail was stolen from Fuyuki by Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia with support from Nazi forces, who intended to use the Grail as a weapon to win World War II. The Three Families tried to stop the theft, but they were hampered by exhaustion brought about by the War's fighting.

However, Darnic betrayed the Nazis and disappeared with the Grail to Romania, where he spent the next sixty years preparing a Holy Land suitable for a Holy Grail War. Ultimately, he was successful in establishing himself as the leader of the Yggdmillennia clan and starting a War.

Snowfield Holy Grail WarEdit

Shortly after the Third Holy Grail War, a group of rogue magi affiliated with the U.S. Government stole a piece of Fuyuki's Grail and used it to prepare a rival Holy Land upon the city of Snowfield, Nevada. Despite originally expecting it would take up to two centuries to prepare the land for a War, through unknown methods, they were able to start it ten years after the Fifth Holy Grail War.

The magi were aware the original ritual was a marvel of mastery of the arcane arts, and were unable to perfectly copy it in its entirety. They were forced to alter the rite by initiating a "false" Holy Grail War in order to "prime the pump" for a "true" War to take place in Snowfield. The so-called False Holy Grail War came with many blurred lines, including the loss of the Saber template and allowing for the summoning of irregular Servants.

After the initial summoning of the six remaining Servants in the False Holy Grail War, the group of Magi forced the summoning of a Saber-class Servant, kickstarting the True Holy Grail War. Collectively, the two Wars in Snowfield are simply addressed as the Snowfield Holy Grail War.

Ainsworth Holy Grail WarEdit


The Holy Grail' wish granting system in PRISMA ILLYA.

The Holy Grail of the Ainsworth Holy Grail Wars of Fuyuki City instead of being provided by Einzbern family, which does not seem to exist in Miyu's world, is provided by the Sakatsuki family. It is mentioned by Gilgamesh that the Holy Grail War was rather created for Miyu Sakatsuki, the hidden descendant of the Child of God (神稚児, Kami Chigo?), instead of the opposite. With her birth, the Holy Grail was completed.[13] At the end of the Fifth war, the young girl was placed in the Ten no Sakazuki cavern. Here, the winner needs to be in possession of the seven Class Cards used by the participants during the Ainsworth Holy Grail War, to be able to have his wish granted by the Holy Grail.


In the events of Fate/Labyrinth, someone has installed and activated one of the Subcategory of the Holy Grails in the Seventh Labyrinth of Caubac Alcatraz. It is located deep within the bottommost level of this labyrinth. The Subcategory Holy Grail is an imitation of the Greater Grail. Its function as a wish granting device is inferior to the true Greater Grail. The Subcategory Holy Grail operates just like the one in the Holy Grail War. But, the Heroic Spirits never surpass five Servants. In this Subcategory Holy Grail War, there are only four Servants. Four Servants were automatically summoned, the servants are Archer, Assassin, Caster and Saber. This time the victory conditions of the Subcategory Holy Grail War, is to reach the centre-most room, on the bottom-most level. Find the Subcategory Holy Grail, and the person who obtains it becomes the winner. However the four Servants are permitted to act independently as they aim for the same location, whether it is to “destroy” or “obtain” the Subcategory of the Holy Grail.

List of wishesEdit

Most Masters and Servants enter the war with a specific wish in mind for when they obtain the Holy Grail. There are also those who seek it simply for the sake of seeking it, those who are against its very existence, and those who pay it no mind in lieu of other goals. Jubstacheit von Einzbern believes that all Servants wish to be resurrected for a second life, although Lancer believes no true hero would actually be interested in the prospect. He claims that true heroes are not attached to the world, but are only attached to the oaths they could not fulfill.[14][15]

Fourth Holy Grail War

Character Wish
Kiritsugu Emiya
Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald
Tokiomi Tohsaka

« "Reaching 'Akasha'. There is no greater purpose than this to us Tohsaka. »


« It is something that should be in my possession to start with. All the treasures in the world originate from my collection. However, because much time passed, it disappeared from my treasury. But I am still its owner. The total amount of my wealth even exceeded my knowing, but as long as it’s a ‘treasure’ then it’d obviously belong to me. You should have more sense then trying to rob my treasure away. »

(Gilgamesh, Fourth Holy Grail War)

« I will use the Holy Grail for my objective. This Holy Grail is real. If you insert seven Servants in it, it will reach the origin. But it does not concern me. I have no interest in such a thing. All I am interested in is the Holy Grail's ability to serve as the 'gate'." Not many weapons are as specialized in murder as that. Yes, to sweep the humans away. I have no intention of admiring humanity like Kotomine. I only admire beautiful things. This world is enjoyable, but it is incorrigible at the same time. It is an insult to the king for so many wretches to be enjoying life. I do not want to rule over such a world. »

(Gilgamesh, Fifth Holy Grail War)
Waver Velvet

« I... What I wish for, is only to be judged equitably. To renew the impression of my colleagues at the Clock Tower, who never acknowledged my talent―" »

(Waver Velvet)

« I’m not satisfied. I want to be reincarnated into this world, and live on as a human. Because that is the cornerstone of ‘conquest’. Possessing a body, marching out towards the ends of the earth, carrying out my conquest – that is truly my way of kingship. But right now I don’t have a body; that won’t do. Without out a body nothing can start anew. I’m not afraid of anything much; I just feel I must have a body of flesh and bone. »

Ryuunosuke Uryuu

« To revive Joan of Arc (Abandoned) »

((Gilles De Rais))
Kirei Kotomine

« ...he too had a secret wish that he wanted to be granted by the Holy Grail – namely, the acquisition of a unified, perfect personality. »

(Fate/Zero material)
Kariya Matou

Fifth Holy Grail War

Character Wish
Shirou Emiya

« I'm still against the Holy Grail War. But I'll fight until the end for sure. I have no wish that I need the Holy Grail to grant. …But I want to protect others, like a superhero. I don't think my wish is inferior. So I have to fight against the wishes of others, even if they are five hundred or a thousand years old. »


« My only desire is to save my country from ruin... I always had such doubts. That I might not be the right king. That there was another hero who should have been chosen. At that time when I pulled the sword out, there must have been a suitable king who would have been able to save the country I could not. …So if I could redo the selection of the king using the power of the Holy Grail, then--- »

Kirei Kotomine

« Let's see. I do not have a wish, but I do have a goal. My goal is not a serious matter, and it is meaningless even if I achieve it myself. I want to know if it is a crime to live as you are, when you are different from others. I cannot come up with the answer by myself. That is why I wish for the birth of what can provide me with the answer. »

Bazett Fraga McRemitz

« He responded to the summoning solely because he wanted to engage in a valiant fight to the death, but this simple wish was never granted to him. »

(Fate/side material)
Rin Tohsaka
Archer"Hmm.  How about world peace?" 
Sakura Matou
Shinji Matou
Souichirou Kuzuki
Zouken Matou
True AssassinStates that he wishes for immortality, to seek Eternity. In what context and form is not known.
Illyasviel von Einzbern
Marisbury AnimusphereHe used the Holy Grail to wish for the money needed to set up the Chaldea Security Organization.
CasterHe made a wish and incarnate himself as the human being Romani Archaman.

Moon Holy Grail War

Character Wish
Caster (Andersen)

« Although he was summoned as a Servant, he has no wish or desire. This is probably because while he was alive he was unable to obtain anything he wanted. “Even if life had some sort of value, it would surely be far less than most people fancy it to be.” Like this, we can see that he has a distaste for everything in the world. »

(Fate/EXTRA material)
Jinako Carigiri

« The reason she decided to participate is “To redo my life” and if possible she wants to create a future where her mother and father didn’t die and she goes to high school and lives out a normal high school otaku life. Normal friends, and a normal boyfriend (…if she can get one), and a normal girl’s life is what she desires. This is her true wish. »

(Fate/EXTRA material)
Lancer (Karna)

« As a Servant he is bound by his contract with Jinako, however he has no specific wish of his own. He simply wanted to serve a Master who made the effort to summon him in their time of need. »

(Fate/EXTRA material)
Saber (Nero)

« Red Saber has no particular wish or desire as a Servant. Why? Well that’s because she is already perfect simply by existing. At least, as Red Saber likes to say: “I am complete just with my thoughts, my words and speech, and sleep. Regardless of what era I’m in, I will always be as such. This in itself symbolizes the authority and power of Rome.” She is already perfect, so there is nothing more to wish for or desire. »

(Fate/EXTRA material)
Leonardo B. Harwey

« He seeks the Holy Grail not for greater power but to realize certain stability in the world. If the Holy Grail ends up in the hands of someone other than himself, the current tumultuous events and conflict around the world that would otherwise be fixed and cleaned up in ten years, will instead take twenty. ...Even if another Master that was dispatched to the Moon by the West Europe Plutocracy were to win, because the Holy Grail is a power of national scale that’s obtained by an individual, it will become the kindling of conflict. In order to prevent that possible future from being realized, Leo himself decided to go to the Moon as a Master. »

(Fate/EXTRA material)

Great Holy Grail War

Character Wish
Lancer of Black

« The restoration of his name's honor, that is the wish of Servant Lancer, Vlad III—to wash away the stain of 'Count Dracula' which has spread all over the world. »

Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia

« Archer... my own wish is much the same. I only want to use the Grail to heal my legs. »

Archer of Black

« It is naught but my own selfishness... but I wish for the Gods to return that which they hadgranted me. I wish to have returned the [immortality] I passed to Prometheus. »

Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia

« Well, actually, I have not decided it yet. It's not that I don't have one. I'm a magus too, of course I want to reach the Root and all... but, I think, there are some other things I want. I won't know until we get to that point. For example, if my sister dies in the war, I may want to resurrect her. Something like that would overwrite my own wish. The sister I have now means more to me than the Root I'll reach in a hundred years. »

Berserker of Black

« So... your wish, Berserker, is [a mate that is the same kind of being as you], right? »

(Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia)
Saber of Red

« I have no desire to become king through the Holy Grail. My father would never recognize it even were I to ascend to the throne that way. The only thing I wish for, Master, is the chance to challenge the sword of appointment. »


False Holy Grail War

Character Wish
Jester Karture

« I was planning on awakening the Spider with the power of the Grail and living to see this tiresome world be destroyed, but.... I suppose I need not tire of the world quite yet....That beautiful assassin! Her piety! Nary could I allow her to vanish without a name! »

(Jester Karture)

« She had to bring the Holy Grail —that emblem of heresy— unto naught. That was all she desired. »

(Fate/strange Fake)

« ...I want to know who slew those five prostitutes in Whitechapel— in other words, my own identity. That is all. »

(Fate/side material)

Ainsworth Holy Grail War

Character Wish
Shirou Emiya

« I wish upon the Holy Grail. I pray you find a world where you won't have to suffer any longer. I pray that you meet kind people. I pray you find friends you can laugh with. I pray you find a warm, small...— share of happiness. »

(Shirou to Miyu Sakatsuki)
Julian Ainsworth

« Instead of succession by blood, it's a perfect continuation of the same individual. That's the history of the Ainsworth family hailing from the first generation. Its advertised goal is world salvation. But no ones knows the true wish of master Darius, who has lived for a millennium. That's why master Julian is trying to attain the Holy Grail while his consciousness still remains. Not for Darius' sake, but for that child's own wish. »

(Angelica Ainsworth)
Darius Ainsworth


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