Homunculus (ホムンクルス, Homunkurusu?) is a term for an existence created through an alchemical formula to produce fully functional lifeforms from sperm and other elements without the use of a womb.[1]


The concept of "age" is meaningless for them, as they receive from nature all necessary knowledge and reasoning at the moment of birth. The maturing of their bodies into the adult stage does not take years like humans, nor do they grow any older from that point on. As an example, despite their mature appearance and personalities, Leysritt and Sella have lived for little more than two years.

A perfect homunculus is essentially a man-made artificial extension of nature that, external factors aside, will not die for as long as the planet is healthy and has mana left. However, the price of being given life through such artificial means is that the homunculus will invariably have some sort of physical defect (small stature, short lifespan, lower intellect or lack of reproductive capabilities are just a few examples). Even with their potential longevity, they are below humans when it comes down to their strength as life-forms.

Despite having the same form and cognition as humans, homunculi are ultimately different beings due to their possessing a powerful Magic Circuit. Regardless of how fragile they are, their Magic Circuits makes it possible for the homunculus to achieve powers that are beyond an ordinary human's. Fundamentally different than the magi that are humans with Magic Circuits, homunculi are better defined as "Magic Circuits with a human form". Not "something made to be a magus", but rather "something made to be a Magic Circuit".

The homunculi created by the Einzbern, even those regarded as failures, have enough magical power to pose a threat to the Enforcers of the Association. Also, their knowledge of Magecraft comes from being branded with a standardized reverse-type magic crest. The models based on Justeaze, such as Irisviel and Illya, share the memories and personality of the original. In a way, they're the same being. Illya herself is a very special case and her very existence can be considered a miracle in itself. She was “birthed” through conventional means by her mother, Irisviel, although she was put through several magical treatments while still in the womb. Said treatments made her body become even more unlike that of a human being than other homunculi and are supposedly the reason why her growth halted in pre-pubescent stage and why of her very limited lifespan.


It takes special means to create homunculi, so even a talented magus like Rin Tohsaka cannot create one as needed.[2]

Einzbern homunculiEdit

The homunculi of the Einzbern are created from the knowledge passed down by Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern, known as the "Master of Northern Alchemy", and Kiritsugu Emiya claims that none can match her descendants in the process of creating artificial humans.[3] Created through cultivation tanks, they are of a high quality.

  • Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern - Justeaze was the head of the Einzbern Family 200 years before the events of Fate/Stay Night. She later became the basis for the standard Einzbern Homunculus.
  • Irisviel von Einzbern - Irisviel was developed to have all the functions of a human body, Magic Circuits far surpassing normal magi, and a "standardized reverse-type Magic Crest" branded onto her as the "starting default."[3] She is born as the "vessel of the Grail", an organic body which has had the inorganic Holy Grail broken down and fused with her organs.[4] Her highest priority has been designated as self-preservation for the safety of the vessel.
  • Illyasviel von Einzbern - Illya is considered to be a being with "all great achievements of alchemy gathered within her", born from the womb of her mother, Irisviel, and conceived with the sperm of a magus, Kiritsugu.[5] Differing from her mother who is "covering" the Grail within her, Illyasviel is born with the ability that her physical body itself is capable of becoming the vessel. With even greater self-defense mechanisms, the secrets of the Holy Grail were implanted into the embryo, and she was given Magic Circuits to her exterior.[5] She is an experimental specimen for the Dress of Heaven.
  • Leysritt - One of Illyasviel's maids.
  • Sella - One of Illyasviel's maids.
  • Einzbern Master - The representative of the Einzberns in the Third Holy Grail War.
  • Fillia - The Einzbern Representative in the False Holy Grail War.

Atlas homunculiEdit

Atlas homunculi, after the depletion of mana, are not created through natural means due to the refining process being lost with the loss of magecraft. They are instead cloned through an unspecified process, ordered in large numbers specifically with Magic Circuits able to interact with the virtual world.


Frankenstein's Monster was a homunculus made after the basis of the "ideal human." Although she wishes for a mate of the same kind as her, she sees herself as being fundamentally different from other homunculi.[6]

Mini ParacelEdit


Mini Paracel (パラケル君, Paracel-kun?) are small homunculi stylized after Paracelsus. Rather than fully autonomous beings, they are more comparable to robots made to carry out a single task efficiently.


Mephistopheles is a homunculus created by Georg Faust. Dr. Faust, with his gifted engineering, has advanced homunculus technology several generations ahead of his time, but due to his strange nature and sense of aesthetics, he strengthened the Homunculus' ego. A Homunculus that is exceedingly quite human———that is the key part of "Mephistopheles" [7]

Yggdmillennia homunculiEdit

  • Male combat homunculus

Yggdmillennia creates homunculi using techniques stolen from the Einzberns and other great alchemical houses, but their level of expertise is menial compared to that of an expert. They consider that sufficient enough for creating soldiers, servants for their castle, and living magical energy batteries for Servants.[8]

Those created as soldiers are built to be able to wield large halberds and use powerful magecraft, potent enough to easily match an average magus. Created as disposable soldiers meant to overwhelm in numbers, their lifespans amount to only two months due to being born with various defects.[8]

However unlike other homunculi created by others all homunculi crafted by the Yggdmillennia are connected, however weakly, by pathways similar to that between Masters and Servants. One of the results of their mass production, possibly – as while they had a critical lack of individuality, they could all receive important information such as one another’s survival from anywhere without any need for conscious efforts such as telepathy. Of course, such data was not necessary to them precisely due to their sameness; the death of another homunculus was just one more number in the grand calculation.


Homunculus (ホムンクルス, Homunkurusu?) and Proto Homunculus (プロトホムンクルス, Puroto Homunkurusu?) appear as Assassin and Lancer class enemies in Fate/Grand Order. They drop Ascension Items such as Homunculus Baby (ホムンクルスベビー, Homunkurusu Bebī?).

Known homunculiEdit


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