Humans (人間, Ningen?) are the most prevalent species on the planet.


Humans, falling under the category of Primates (霊長, Reichou?). The term is referring to mankind's current evolutionary stage as a species rather than mankind as a group. The collective will of humanity is represented by Alaya, and it is at odds with the natural forces of the planet. During the Age of Gods, humanity was much closer to the root and the gods, but that connection has dwindled over the millennia in the Age of Man. The world was very antagonistic towards humans, so much that even someone like Gilgamesh was unable to needlessly kill people. Being closer to the origin made the power of Alaya more concentrated, and it increased the weight of each human soul in comparison to modern humans. Humanity has the potential to develop to the point where it can outlive the planet itself, such as the Liners and A-Rays.


Humans can be born with innate abilities such as extrasensory perception and other abnormal powers called ESP (超能力, Chounouryoku?). They are normally functions that aren't involved in the operation of the organisms called humans, which are the circuits that cause "supernatural phenomena" to occur. Compared to Magecraft, which can be trained over time, inherent ability is absolutely necessary to use ESP. Those who have these abnormal lines can cause supernatural phenomenon to happen as if they were simply breathing. Those experiencing it find it to be normal, so they only realize the abnormality of themselves for the first time when the common sense of others point this out to them.[1]


It is possible for humans to have offspring with Phantasmal Species and Demons, resulting in the birth of Mixed-Bloods (混血, Konketsu?). Though their blood is growing thinner with each successive generation, on rare occasions a child is born who has strongly inherited that "inhuman" characteristic. Such hybrids include offspring between humans and members of the Oni Kind, such as the Tohno and Kishima clans in Japan.[2] While others include the half incubus Merlin, and the half succubus Natalia Kaminski. There are even offsprings with Dragons, who are considered the strongest of the Phantasmal Species, such as Elizabeth Bathory. Such beings are seen as a distortion that needs to be exterminated in Japan, but they make for troublesome targets for the Demon Hunters. They are immune to the Edict of Binding of Houjutsu, and it is impossible to match their supernatural powers with just a human body.

Inversion ImpulseEdit

Inversion Impulse (反転衝動, Hanten Shōdō?) is a state of being where one's mind is overpowered by other factors of their body. With the case of Mixed-Blood humans with Oni blood, it is that their non-human blood, their instincts, overpower their human blood, their reason. Arcueid Brunestud can possibly fall into such a state from not eating. As her form of taking in nutrition is different from that of humans, her appetite is more akin to lust, and she rarely falls into it because she does not place much priority on it.


Within all humans exists the "Power of the Beginning", the "Root", the original model, from which all human genes began. While none of Earth can withstand Potnia Theron, the start of human history wielded by BB, those who obtain this power are on the same level and cannot be "undone" by it. It requires special access rights within the Moon Cell to obtain the ability, needing to dive into the core of the recorded Heroic Spirit to unlock their root that has been sealed away by the Moon Cell.[3]

Future of HumanityEdit

Though humans are bound to the planet, people like Gilgamesh,[4] Merlin,[5] and Archetype Earth[6] foresaw a future where they eventually leave the planet and reach the stars. There are also other possibilities like Notes and Tsuki no Sango.


The world of Notes, a possible future in which the planet dies and humanity continues to survive, greatly changes humanity. The Land of Steel contains Grain throughout the atmosphere in which humans cannot properly live. As the world was dying, humanity created the A-Ray, heavily modified primates using genes from other species, that could survive in the new world, but they eventually went to war with humanity. On the verge of defeat, humanity created the Liners and Ether Liners which balanced the war. The war was interrupted by the arrival of the Ultimate Ones, causing a ceasefire and combined effort against them.

Last-Seeds: Humans (人間 [Last-Seed]?) are the remaining humans who have not received any modification to live in the Grain-filled world.[7] While humans are strong as living creatures, they are weak as individual existences, so they were almost wiped out with the death of the planet.[8] They cannot live outside without the support of medication or machines. They cannot inhale the air directly or eat the factory-made food because the nutritional value has been made so high it is poisonous to them. They are near extinction due to being no longer able to survive on the planet. They are considered rare, but they have no value.[7]

The remaining humans were only able to live on in an artificial paradise on the Western Continent, but it was quickly destroyed by Type Jupiter upon the arrival of the Ultimate Ones. Gun God, the world's last surviving human, was "unlucky enough" to be saved and receive environmental adaptation treatment.[8]

Tsuki no SangoEdit

The humanity of Tsuki no Sango can be called dead in a sense. They have stagnated after having lost their drive to expand, invent, and propagate, as if the entire species declared “Everything is far too troublesome.” Only one tenth of the population have the drive to "keep trying", so that is enough to keep the failing race alive. Before its stagnation, they attempted the Lunar Immigration Plan to the Moon to overcome their overpopulation crisis, creating a lunar city upon the new frontier. During this expansion, there was an unexpected event, a pole shift on Earth and the sudden lose of humanity's fire, that marked the end of the race. They, not needing civilization to live on Earth, pushed all hope onto those living on the Moon, where civilization was a necessity, after having grown tired of it.

The Moon and Earth became completely independent in only fifty years, sealing their doors after deciding there was nothing to negotiate. Those on Earth made do even with their slowly dwindling population, while those on the Moon secured their living conditions within their environment. The Gregorian calendar was lost, and the conditions on Earth worsened, with the oxygen thinning over time. The people still trying to survive, the Committee for Restoring Humanity, created cities, a lost concept for those in stagnation, in an attempt to return to the basics of life with love as their fundamental principle. While it was possible for the people on Earth to reach the Moon, it became impossible to leave, so it was a one-way trip.

Those on the Moon disappeared after a time, and the Girl of the Moon, created to conform to man’s image of beauty, felt that they all must have "gone to sleep" at once because "staying awake" had become too troublesome, or, due to their rule forbidding residents loving each other, had all been exiled to Earth in punishment. Those who fell in love with someone from Earth were separated forever as punishment. They were so much more advanced than Earth, but were never able to overcome the emotional deficiencies and self-destructed. After the fall of the Girl of the Moon, the coral created began to produce great quantities of oxygen and nitrogen, allowing for humanity to live for a little longer.

Related TermsEdit

Amnesia Syndrome (アムネジア・シンドローム, Amuneshia Shindorōmu?)
Amnesia Syndrome is an infectious disease identified in the 21st century. It is a virus that violates nerves in the brain. Those infected with this disease gradually lose awareness of the boundary line between themselves and other people. Ultimately they lose all awareness of their memories and it ends their lives. A large number of people have been infected, yet it still remains unclear how infection occurs. According to one theory the infection spreads through the collective unconsciousness of the people. In 1970, a treatment was being developed by a certain scientist, however he died and the research remained at a standstill for many years. In 2030 a vaccine was developed.[9]


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