Huwawa (フワワ, Fuwawa?), Class Name True Berserker (真バーサーカー, Shin Bāsākā?), is the "True" Berserker-class Servant of Haruri Borzak in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange Fake.



Better known as Humbaba(WP) (フンババ, Funbaba?), the beast of the Cedar Forest(WP) in Mesopotamian mythology. It was the child of Utu(WP), birthed with the purpose of being a "complete human being."[3] The Mesopotamian gods forced together the souls of 2,891 human children and gave them life as a complete being. One little girl was the only one among the thousands to retain her sanity, and so Enkidu refers to Huwawa as female.[2]

With the exception of Ishtar and Ereshkigal, all the gods believed that Huwawa was a complete human, Enkidu later commenting that such a mindset showed that it was too late to stop their parting from the humans of the world. Huwawa was actually an inhuman beast of the gods that lived as the guardian of the Cedar Forest. Upon their manifestation into the world, Enkidu was a formless clump of mud, so they were told to seek out the "complete human" to copy its form to be able to interact with humans.[3] Enkidu did as instructed, becoming its friend while they still lived in the wild. Enkidu even says Huwawa raised them. Enkidu wanted to save the souls comprising Huwawa, but didn't know how.[2] Enkidu made it a garden by bending the laws of the earth, and it wore a circlet of flowers on its head taken from the garden.

Enkidu was later sent to find Shamhat, as their humanity was said to still be lacking, and they parted from Huwawa. After Enkidu fought and befriended Gilgamesh, they both traveled to the forest to slay it. Although he cared not for the people currently suffering under his reign at the time, Gilgamesh considered Huwawa an evil of the earth that was necessary to defeat to keep the people from starvation. By the time Enkidu returned to the Cedar Forest with Gilgamesh, Huwawa had become a monster screaming with thousands of voices.[2] Enkidu wondered why it still wore the circlet, and Gilgamesh replied, "For its innocent heart was it was all the more joyous for a simple wreath." As Gilgamesh returned to Uruk, Enkidu left a second circlet behind for their friend.

Harui initially comments on Berserker being the rival of Nikola Tesla and being suitable for the Caster Servant class. Both she and Faldeus Dioland expected something with a more humanoid form from the prepared catalyst, Harui wondering if the "influence of Mazda(WP)" might correlate to the drastic difference. It is unknown if this is related to another aspect of Berserker, or if they were simply mistaken in their knowledge of the Servant that was summoned.[4][5]


Huwawa's appearance as a Servant in Fate/strange Fake is different from how she looked in life. Ishtar theorizes that as Huwawa is a mass of what humans consider "calamities", her appearance adjusts to fit the current era. Ishtar believes that Huwawa looks robotic as a Servant because civilization itself has become a calamity since humans began to control electricity, gunpowder, and so on.[6]

Huwawa appears as a rust-colored robot with spider-like legs and a lion motif,[4][5] covered in pistons, wires and cables. Each step it takes produces harsh, mechanical sounds. Incandescent light blazed in its eyes, and the groans that occasionally emanate from it sound distorted, like a record played with a rusty needle. It also appears to possess the capability to change it's appearance, growing large enough to stomp a small prefabricated house flat with ease, sprout cables from its frame to swipe away projectiles, and even visually hide its appearance and sound like optical camouflage.[5]


Not much has been shown of its personality, however, it has been shown to fly into a rage immediately upon summoning, striking down its Master before a contract could be made. It is also shown to be terrified of Fillia (or rather, the entity possessing her body) who intervenes on Haruri's behalf and forces the contract between the two of them.[4]

Although a monster, Huwawa possessed the innocent heart of a young girl in life. The little girl was the only soul among Huwawa's 2,891 souls that retained her sanity.[2] It found great joy in the circlet of flowers from the garden made by Enkidu. Upon first meeting Enkidu, it let out "a cry of perpetual hate and unending resentment for the whole world."[3] When Enkidu returned to the Cedar Forest later with Gilgamesh, Huwawa had become a monster screaming in the voices of its thousands of souls, and couldn't understand why they suffered or what the object of their hatred should be.[2]


Fate/strange Fake[]

Day 0[]

On the first day of the war, True Berserker was summoned beneath one of Snowfield's thermal power stations by Haruri Borzak. Immediately after being summoned, it went on a rampage, severely injuring Haruri in the process. Before it could kill her, the possessed Fillia intervened, intimidating True Berserker and making it form a contract with Haruri.[4]

Day 2[]

Berserker accompanies Haruri and Fillia when they attack the workshop of Bazdilot Cordelion, the Master of True Archer. Berserker, previously the size of an elephant, becomes large enough that it could wrap its legs around trailers that carry elephants when it appears in the workshop. Berserker easily defends Haruri and Fillia from the Stymphalian Birds summoned by True Archer and the bullet shot by Bazdilot. Berserker then begins to destroy the workshop, and the meat processing plant around it, while also engaging with True Archer. Before their battle can be drawn out, True Caster appears and uses his Noble Phantasm, Grand Illusion, to open a giant hole in the ground where they all fall, by fooling the world itself. While they are falling, Caster manages to make a temporary peace treaty between them, deactivating his Noble Phantasm and return the ground to normal. Berserker, Haruri and Fillia then flee the scene.[5]

Later, while False Archer battles True Archer, Fillia shuts down his Gate of Babylon and Berserker roars to distract him, resulting in him getting shot by True Archer's arrows tipped in Hydra venom. As they reveal themselves and Fillia gloats, False Archer recognizes her as being possessed by Ishtar and recognizes Berserker's identity as well. Ishtar has Berserker impale him before they leave, right before a wave of blackness washes over the street and makes all the combatants disappear.[7]

Fate/Grand Order[]

Huwawa appears in Enkidu's second interlude. Moriarty traps Enkidu within Chaldea's virtual simulator, in a simulation of the Cedar Forest, and the countless souls comprising Huwawa attack them. The ghost of a little girl absorbs the others, and Enkidu apologizes that they do not know how to save her or make those flowers bloom again. They try to kill her with Enuma Elish but Huwawa blocks it, and so Gilgamesh intervenes with Gate of Babylon.[2]


Not much has been shown of True Berserker's abilities, however she is rather powerful as even Gilgamesh fears her. She has been shown to possess abilities of increasing her size, absorbing rubble, manipulating the cables to attack or defend, uproot and devour electrical cables for a power source to supplement her magical energy, breathing out fire and visually hiding its appearance and sound like optical camouflage.[5] Due to being a Berserker, she lacks proper thinking, acting as a mad beast and even ignoring her own Master.

Huwawa can create a hand from the earth that was able to block Enkidu's Enuma Elish.[2]


Class Skills[]

Personal Skills[]

  • Mana Burst (Calamity) (A Rank): Emitting a variety of powers Humanity associates with the word "calamity" (floods, earthquakes, etc.) through her halo. Depending on the circumstances, if she narrows down the direction of the burst, she can make it fly hundreds of kilometers. Whatever is hit with the calamity will take damage according to its type.[1]
  • Guardian Colossus (B- Rank): Her abilities increase when guarding a designated place. The rank is lowered to B- because her legend is that she ultimately failed to protect her place to the end.[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

Huwawa's Noble Phantasm is obscured in her profile.


Humbaba in the Fate/Zero Animation Visual Guide 1.

Humbaba originally appeared in the Fate/Zero Animation Visual Guide 1 with a radically different design.[8]


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    Class: Berserker
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    True name: Humbaba
    Gender: ???
    Height/Weight: Varying. Expands according to the amount of magical energy within her.
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Strength: A++
    Endurance: A++
    Agility: C
    Magic: A
    Luck: D
    Noble Phantasm: A

    Class Skills
    Mad Enhancement: A

    Personal Skills
    Mana Burst (Calamity): A
    Emitting a variety of powers humanity associates with the word "calamity" (floods, earthquakes, etc.) through her halo. Depending on the circumstances, if she narrows down the direction of the burst, she can make it fly hundreds of kilometers. Whatever is hit with the calamity will take damage according to its type.

    Roar of Fear: A++
    A scream that inspires instinctual fear in any living being that hears it. When blessed by one specific goddess, it can affect even the famed King of Heroes.

    Guardian Colossus: B-
    Her abilities increase when guarding a designated place. The rank is lowered to B- because her legend is that she ultimately failed to protect her place to the end.

    Noble Phantasms
    ■ (Obscured in volume 7)
    Rank: ???
    Type: ???
    Range: ???
    Maximum Targets: ???

    CLASS 真バーサーカー



    洪水や地震など、人類にとっての様々な厄災をゆかりとする力を光輪を通じて放出する。 条件にもよるが、放出の方向を絞れば数百キロメートル先にまで届く。 厄災を浴びたものはその種類に合わせたダメージを受ける。

    生物としての本能的な畏怖を抱かせる咆哮。 とある女神の加護がある状態ならば、かの英雄王にさえ影響を与える事ができると言われている。

    特定の場を守護する際、己の能力を上げる。 最終的に守り切れなかった伝承を持つ為ランクはB-にまで落ちている。


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