Hydra (ヒュドラー, Hyudorā?) are serpents with nine heads in Greek mythology.



Hydra breathe a potent poison, and their entire bodies are filled with it. Simply standing near an adult one will make a human's lungs begin to rot. Even a deceased juvenile is great enough to harm someone with direct contact, and though not enough to kill a Servant, could still prove harmful to one. Being poisoned was not enough to kill a Divine Spirit like Chiron, but the constant pain was enough to make him give up his Divinity and immortality to cease his torment.[1]



Lernaean HydraEdit


The Lernaean Hydra was battled by Heracles. It was an immortal hydra which would grow back its heads no matter how many times they were cut down. He utilized Nine Lives to simultaneously annihilate one hundred heads with a bow in order to slay it.

Juvenile HydraEdit


Rocco Belfaban owns a juvenile Hydra preserved in formalin, a small snake with its head split in nine. It is a one-of-a-kind item in the entire world according to Kairi Sisigou, and even one-third of its selling price would surpass his house's combined estate. He is able to process it into a potent poison for use in the Great Holy Grail War.[1]


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