Hyouma Sagara (相良豹馬, Sagara Hyōma?) is a magus and original Master of Assassin in the prototype short story version of Fate/Apocrypha Act1: Unbirth.[1] He is mentioned to have been the one to summon Assassin in a similar manner in the novel version of Fate/Apocrypha, but he has not made an appearance.



Little is known about Sagara's background, but it is known that before becoming a master he was born from a lineage of magi that was commonly looked down upon as "rats". Before the Great Holy Grail War, he was living with a prostitute by the name of Reika Rikudou, who was unaware of the existence of Magecraft, and at some point in time he managed to gain possession of Jack the Ripper's knives.


Little is known of Sagara's personality, but from his actions it can be gathered that he had little respect for human life, willingly trying to sacrifice Reika for his own ends. Furthermore, his actual desire for the grail ahead of his own well being is unlikely as he would have had Jack sooner kill herself and lose his chance than enter with a faulty servant.


Fate/Apocrypha Act1: UnbirthEdit


Jack after being summoned and Jack sleeping while Reika watches.

He decided to summon a Assassin class servant, but wishes to get around the problem of their identity of Hassan-i-Sabbah being known simply from finding out their class by summoning Jack the Ripper instead. He wouldn't have had any problem summoning Hassan as Assassin, but he judged that doing so would be disadvantageous under the current conditions where a certain amount of countermeasures against all nineteen different Hassans have been created over the many repetitions of subspecies Holy Grail Wars. Based on the shallowness of his own history as well, he tried to secure victory with a modern Heroic Spirit.[1]

He tried to sacrifice Reika in order to summon Jack, but he was betrayed by his Servant immediately after she was summoned and experienced the misery of being slaughtered as a Master. However, that turned out to be a fatal mistake, though he naturally could never have imagined that the woman he had approached merely to use as a sacrifice was, in fact, a far greater monster than him.[1] While he obtains the Command Spells, Reika is the one to attain the actual Master and Servant connection, so Jack is forced to maim him so that she can keep him from commanding her and transfer the Command Spells to Reika. Sagara's overall role is negligible. After summoning his servant, he is quickly dispatched by her. Despite being kept alive through Jack's medical skills, he had lost all ability to command her or supply her with magical energy

Fate/strange FakeEdit

During the True and False Holy Grail Wars, he and many other magi attempt to attack Flat Escardos to get his Command Seals, only to be easily defeated by him and False Berserker. Flat temporarily paralyzes and seals the Magic Circuits of himself, Carl Lexarm, Silvelt Kotcheff, Avi Dikhail, and members of Zugzwang before locking them in his room. When False Berserker unwittingly takes the form of Assassin of Black, he and the other prisoners instinctively shudder in fear much to their own surprise. When Flat refuses to kill them, he and the other prisoners are confused. Flat and False Berserker leave them in the room.


Sagara is a second-rate magus, and due to the unique properties of the Fifth Holy Grail War, that of fourteen Servants being summoned, he must make up for the Holy Grail's lack of strength in supporting his Servant. He is the type of magus unsuited to combat because his house's magecraft that has been passed down through the generations is specialized in more unspectacular abilities likes suggestion and concealment, causing them to be ridiculed as "rats." He follows this notion by using tactics rather than power because a "rat can kill in ratlike ways." He fights like a fierce sewer rat with cunning and a tenacious attitude.

Just like Atrum Galliasta, he used magecraft that exchanges living sacrifices as compensation for his spells. In Sagara's case, he utilized a hybrid of Japanese and Western cursing techniques and made fortune by establishing security for buildings and protection for people in exchange for sacrificing human lives. His Western cursing techniques consists of techniques he obtained from the Icecolle family that the Celenike is a part of since their disciplines intersect. The way he combined the techniques of a completely different family into his magecraft demonstrates how he is a typical example of an Yggdmillennia magus in a certain sense.[1]

Due to his rank as a magus, he does not believe that he can bring out the true power of or properly utilize the primary classes like Saber or Lancer, and he wishes to avoid the uncontrollable Berserker class. He feels Assassin class is most suited to his abilities.

Sagara, as a user of magecraft, is at least capable of performing the basic summoning for a Servant and understands the ritual enough to surmise his initial faults and incompatibility with the spirit he is attempting to summon. His combat ability is unknown, but he does succeed in mortally wounding Reika to use as a sacrifice.


Yuuichirou Higashide said that there is a misprint regarding him in Volume 2 of Fate/Apocrypha, he wonder how he overlooked that. He will definitely correct it in the second edition.[1]


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