Ibaraki-doujiWP (茨木童子WP, Ibaraki-dōji?), Class Name Berserker (バーサーカー, Bāsākā?), is a Berserker-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



One of the Oni that appeared in the Imperial Capital during the Heian periodWP, exhaustively carrying out all manners of atrocities. It has been said that Ibaraki-douji is regarded as a subordinate of Shuten-douji who lived in Mount OoeWP; during the "Oni Extermination of Mount Ooe" by Minamoto-no-Raikou and her Four Heavenly Kings, Ibaraki crossed swords with Watanabe-no-Tsuna of the Four Heavenly Kings.[1][2] Due to her anecdotes and vestiges, she is classified as an "Anti-Hero".[2]


In actual fact, Ibaraki-douji is not Shuten-douji's subordinate, but it is rather believed that she existed as "the ringleader of Mount Ooe's Onis" instead.[1][2]

Ibuki-douji, who was born from the Great God Ibuki of Mount IbukiWP, that is, Yamata no OrochiWP, and a human. In other words, Shuten-douji. Indeed, it was only appropriate for Abe-no-Seimei, an authority of ancient KyotoWP, to pay attention to such a being. However, the one who, in reality, lead over the Onis of Mount Ooe is none other than Ibaraki-douji.[1]

Despite being a mighty existence, the strong but extremely pleasure-seeking Shuten-douji had not even a bit of interest in commanding the swarm of Oni herself.[1][2] As far as Shuten is concerned, the only one who could lead the bunch of Oni that were being drawn to her position as the "master who controls the mouintain" is her equal, Ibaraki-douji, and no other.[1]

The one who erected a solemnly majestic palace at Mount Ooe, who had cherished the pleasure-seeking Shuten-douji as her "sworn sibling brought up together with her", who had commanded a group of Oni that were each a match for a thousand warriors, and who had exerted tyranny on ancient Kyoto, had been Ibaraki-douji herself; a "raging Oni" who had made the people fall into the depths of terror.[1][2]

Ibaraki-douji's status as an Oni is highly ranked; a sharp-witted and fierce commander whose strong point is guerilla warfare. If one thinks about it, together with her army of Oni, she should have crushed any kind of strength from the humans, even if it is Raikou and her Four Heavenly Kings. (Or at least that's what she thought.)[1]

The one thing that tore down Ibaraki-douji's stronghold is none other than the pleasure of Shuten-douji's, her sworn sibling who she should love more than anything. For the sake of speaking with Sakata Kintoki, Shuten had guided Raikou and the Four Heavenly Kings into her stronghold, and even while knowing it was poison, she had drank the Providential Oni Poison. It was the height of pleasure for Shuten-douji. And Ibaraki-douji failed to stop her.[1]

The sole survivor of Mount Ooe's Onis, Ibaraki-douji attacked Watanabe no Tsuna on the RashoumonWP (or perhaps the bridge of Ichijou-modoribashi) at the Imperial Capital and ended up having her arm cut off. While said arm was then temporarily snatched away as a spoil of war, Ibaraki-douji would manage to later retrieve it and then disappeared to somewhere.[1][2]


A blond haired girl with scarlet blood eyes.[1] In the anecdote of the Rashoumon, Ibaraki-douji appeared in the figure of a "beautiful woman".[1][2]

Ibaraki-douji is a rather short Servant. Her hair is light yellow, with two curled bangs on the sides of her head and cut straight after reaching her thighs. Ibaraki-douji's eyes are of a glimmering gold. The ears are pointed and the earrings she wears resemble black beads. Her horns protrude right out of her forehead, going from black to red. Ibaraki's outfit seems to be a loosely worn, short-skirted yukata with a white, low-cut undershirt. Her yukata, of the same color as her hair, possesses long extensions on her sleeves, decorated with a multi-colored floral pattern. Outside the yukata, she wears a string of large black beads, resembling those of her earrings, while on the inside, she wears a wine-colored sash, tied into a bow on her back, with a yellow hexagonal pattern on each end. With her yukata worn loosely, her shoulders are exposed as a result.

Her nails are sharp like the talons of a beast, black by nature. Her hands and feet are of an unnatural blood-red, and slowly transitions into her pale skin in the form of tribal-like tattoos that reach from her hands to her shoulders and from her feet to below the knees. She is barefoot, but black strips are tied around the instep of each foot.

Her signature weapon is a great blade of bone that only the demonkin may hold. A mass of curses and grudges incomparable with the likes of swords made by iron.

In her second Ascension, Ibaraki-douji's head is decorated by a set of ribbons, and an additional sash is slumped over her left shoulder and covering her torso. Her hair also begins to turn into fire midway through.

In her third Ascension, her headwear gets a crown of feathers attached to it, a shimenawa-like rope appears around her waist, tied into a a knot, and the flames of her hair increased in length and took on the appearance of wings.


An Oni born in this world with an inhuman appearance. In her childhood, Ibaraki-douji was strictly disclipined by her mother, who descended from a noble bloodline, to learn how to hold pride as an Oni. Then again, when seen from the perspective of a third party, one cannot really see that Oni mother's training as something filled with love. Though it's pretty close to harassment.[1]

To summarize it, Ibaraki-douji is self-aware of her responsibility as the child of her noble mother, to have the last of the Onis, a kind being eradicated by humans, act as a group. In order to do that, Ibaraki established a standard rule, and for any of the Onis that break said rules, she would spank them with an iron staff. (Of course, Shuten is the sole exception.) She is a demon, so from the humans' viewpoints, she is unmistakably a wicked beast. But at her root, she is a belle who respects order and ponders over the fate of her brethren.[1]

While Ibaraki-douji's appearance exudes innocence, that very state of being is that of an Oni. Hurting humans, devouring humans, loving blood. However, she does not have much of a disposition in the way of selfishly enjoying slaughter and massacre. Her nature is not that of an Oni that brings disorder to the world; in the end, she devours humans as an Oni, as a living being. One can say that she is close to that of a wild animal. For example, even if she appears to be fascinated with sweets, her nature is indeed not that of a young human girl. Depending on the circumstances, she just might devour even the human who enticed her with sweets. Never ever take a lion for a cat. Never. Ever. Yet... If one actually succeeds on feeding her, she just might display a lovely smile.[1]

Ibaraki-douji's wish for the Holy Grail is "to see the smiling face of Shuten." The smile of her sworn sibling, one without worry, without sorrow, and without hesitation, is indeed the source of Ibaraki-douji's everything. Be it the famed-in-Kyoto Abe-no-Seimei, or Minamoto-no-Raikou, or her powerful Four Heavenly Kings, Ibaraki is unperturbed in her opposition against all of them, wishing only for that single smile even unto her death.[1][2]


Ibaraki-douji's beloved sworn partner. She feels happiness when Shuten is besides her, but on the other hand, Ibaraki does understand that it was being with Shuten that brought ruin to Mount Ooe. She had abandoned her Oni subordinates for her love for Shuten, completely running counter to her mother's precept. Due to that, Ibaraki-douji conceals her feelings of friendship and affection for Shuten-douji. (Or so she thought anyways.)[1]
"Hate her. Just once, I want to kill her, just once, but there's just no way against that one."[1]
The Minamoto as a wholeWP
"Hate them. Will kill them all if they dare show their faces."[1]
Sakata Kintoki (Berserker)
"Hate him. Even killing him twice won't be enough. If you go to the point of almost killing someone, it would be as if you've already committed the act anyway, no?"[1]
Sakata Kintoki (Rider)
"Hate him. But at least his steel horse is not half bad. Heard that it is a dreadful steel bear known as the GOLDEN HUGE BEAR MkI. With that kind of name, of course I will feel curious."[1]
"Hate him. Even killing him thrice won't be enough."[1]
But, Ibaraki occasionally would like to exchange words instead of swords. A raging intention to kill, and sheer curiosity. A bit bewildered that two such conflicting thoughts resides within her, but why... when telling Shuten this, she smiles and whispered "Finally, Ibaraki acts prim and demon-like too." Why...?[1]
Hard to deal with. One of the Great Monsters, yet blending in with the human world. Just reminiscing about it is scary enough already.[1]
Robin Hood
"Sage of the forest. He was ostracized out by his village. Maybe I shall keep this forest dwelling sage company."[1]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Event: Rashoumon[]

Ibaraki and Shuten-douji wake up in Kyoto, finding the Grail in front of them filled with wine. Shuten drank the wine first, with Ibaraki following suit after some peer pressure from the former. After Shuten fell asleep, the Grail-influenced wine reacted to Ibaraki's inner wish to go on a rampage with Shuten. But that wish was twisted into rampaging with Shuten's power. As a result, Shuten's power was absorbed into Ibaraki, eventually rendering Shuten unconscious. Then, in a panic, Ibaraki captures her and shuts herself behind a large gate.[3]

When Ritsuka's party comes to the gate, Ibaraki shows the unconscious Shuten floating behind and declares she'll sacrifice her. She believes Sakata Kintoki is glaring behind his sunglasses, though she doesn't why he'd be worried about Shuten when he tricked and slew her. Kintoki shouts he doesn't care what Ibaraki does, telling her to take her fight with Shuten somewhere else. He also believes Shuten will eat Ibaraki from the inside if the latter ate her. In response, Ibaraki summons the Great Grudge of Rashoumon, and declares she will devour everyone. The group then fight her.[4] She and Kintoki are evenly matched, so she retreats beyond the gate.[5]

After several failed attempts,[6][7][8][9] Ritsuka's party nearly defeat Ibaraki. However, she unleashes her Noble Phantasm and escapes when it's blocked.[10]

The next day, Kintoki defeats Ibarki with Golden Spark. Ibaraki says it shouldn't be possible for humans to best her, who's above all oni, even if they are Heroic Spirits. Kintoki calls her child pretending to be above anything, noting she lacked the guts she needed to the very end. Ibaraki denies she lacks anything, but Ritsuka deduces she never ate Shuten. Ibaraki replies she only said that in a hypothetical sense and asks if she seems the type who could eat Shuten. She respects Shuten and hasn't harmed her. In the first place, she'd be too scared to do so, feeling Shuten would kill her. Insulted by Ritsuka calling her weak, Ibaraki learns their name and declares she'll curse it to the end of time. She gets even more frustrated when not even Mash fears her. Kintoki realizes Ibaraki captured Shuten and gave alcohol to the humans because there was too much for her. Ibaraki acknowledges her loss and the group's strength. She then retreats, saying she will make them deeply regret the next time they insult her.[11]

Event: Onigashima[]

Ibaraki and Shuten come to Onigashima, intending to destroy it. However, wanting to do it elegantly, they decided to set up a teahouse. So for their first step, they snuck into the island's treasure room and found the Grail. Shuten poured wine in it and drank from it. Finding the taste familiar, she realized they couldn't simply destroy the island. Afterward, she told Ibaraki they should wait for Kintoki to join them. While waiting, they set up their teahouse and began serving oni, human and Servant alike.[12]

When Ritsuka's party comes to the teahouse, Ibaraki is led to believe by Shuten that they aren't going to tell the group anything. That is until Shuten quickly admits neither of them were involved in Onigashima's construction and instead wanted to destroy it. Explaining their circumstances, Shuten suggests an alliance to find the mastermind behind Rashoumon and Onigashima. But Kintoki refuses, and a fight ensues.[12]

baraki fights Ushiwakamaru and Musashibou Benkei. She realizes from Ushiwakamaru's scent and swordsmanship that she is a Minamoto. Seeing it as a chance to get revenge on the Minamoto, Ibaraki unleashes her Noble Phantasm while Ushiwakamaru is exhausted. However, Benkei uses his body to block it, and Ushiwakamaru disperses the flames with Kikenjō - Icicle Cutting after jumping from his shoulders. Seeing that they're struggling, Shuten considers showing her true nature. But Ibaraki refuses to let Shuten show her true nature before mere humans. She then asks Shuten for the Grail to regain the power she had in Rashoumon. Shuten agrees and hands Ibaraki the Grail. But before Ibaraki can drink the Grail's wine, she dodges a surprise attack from Minamoto-no-Raikou thanks to Shuten's warning. Then, with Raikou's help, Ritsuka's party forces Shuten and Ibaraki to retreat.[12]

Raikou chases the two oni to the island's peak. There she returned to being Ushi-Gozen and proceeded to decapitate Ibaraki and slice Shuten's belly open.[13]

Halloween Event: Halloween Comeback! Super Ultra ☆ Giant Pumpkin Village[]

Hearing about Halloween from Ritsuka, Ibaraki secretly rayshifts with them and Mash to the Singularity in the hopers of getting plenty of candy. Yet, despite following them and Elizabeth Bathory, she is disappointed by the lack of candy. She confronts Ritsuka about this after Nitocris joins the group, and accuses them of lying to her.

Traveling through the Glacier Zone with the others, Ibaraki eats all the candy Ritsuka gave her. She demands more but Ritasua says they don't have any more. Ibaraki threatens to leave when Robin Hood throws chocolate into her mouth. She demands more, but Robin can't due to monsters appearing. After they're slain, Robin convinces Ibaraki to stay by saying she'll get all the sweets she wants if defeats the pyramid's queen. Afterward, Elizabeth says they need to go to the Lava Zone next.

In the Lava Zone, the group comes across Raikou, Hassan of Serenity, and Kiyohime. When the three sense Ritsuka, the group hides underneath Robin’s cloak. They unveil themselves, though, when Ritsuka decides to confront Raikou, Serenity, and Kiyohime. Ibaraki, realizing a fight is coming, asks Nitocris to make a decoy of Ritsuka.

While the others fight, Nitocris completes her task. Ibaraki blinds Raikou, Serenity, and Kiyohime with Great Grudge of Rashoumon, then places the decoy near some lava to drive them away. As she planned, Raikou, Serenity, and Kiyohime go after the decoy into the lava, but to her horror, they all swim harmlessly in it. The group takes this chance to make a break for it.

The group arrives at the castle, where they're confronted by Vlad III. Vlad declares he has come to judge Elizabeth for her sins. He is defeated, only to get back up to tell Elizabeth that she doesn’t understand. He says she needs to understand if she wishes to call herself a hero. The group is then suddenly teleported back to the graveyard by a giant floating Siegfried.

At the graveyard, Elizabeth asks Robin what she doesn’t understand since he seemed to know. He points out the situation in town, prompting Elizabeth to recall no one was preparing for Halloween, and everyone was locked in their houses. Robin reveals no one was celebrating Halloween because Elizabeth never ordered them to. Elizabeth makes the excuse she was preparing for her concert as she panics at not knowing what to do. Though scared of seeing Vlad angry at her again, she is encouraged to properly prepare for Halloween. Told how to prepare and encouraged by Ibaraki, Elizabeth then loudly proclaims that the Halloween festivities will commence. Her proclamation was so loud, though, that it made the dead raise, forcing the group to fight. After defeating the pumpkin-headed undead, the group takes the pumpkins to give to the townsfolk.

Returning to town, the group split up to ask the townsfolk to help decorate for Halloween while handing out pumpkins. As agreed, they reconvene back at the town square after two hours. Unfortunately, none of them could convince the townsfolk to help decorate for Halloween. Suddenly, the group is confronted by Tristan and Lancelot (as the Mysterious Black Knight). After they’re defeated, Elizabeth announces that the town will celebrate Halloween, including the knights who she has wear pumpkins. They comply with her order, but they retreat when they realize they can’t remove the pumpkins as Nitocris has cursed them. With the knights now gone, Elizabeth announces that it’s safe to openly celebrate Halloween.

After Ibaraki sends Tristan and Lancelot flying back to the pyramid, the group watches the town celebrate Halloween. They then proceed to the castle gate and defeat Vlad. After he disappears, saying the world doesn't care about sin, Ibaraki agrees with Romani that Heroic Spirits cannot be summoned if they do not wish for humanity's preservation. Even though she hates, she has no desire to destroy their world and finds them useful for several reasons. Without humans, neither she nor Shuten could exist now. She then tells Elizabeth that she'll always be a Heroic Spirit regardless of the sins accumulated as long as she doesn't wish for nothingness.

Inside the castle, Tristan and Lancelot guide the group to the throne room. There they meet the queen, Cleopatra. Elizabeth defeats her in a duel and demands she remove the pyramid. But Cleopatra reveals she didn’t summon the pyramid. Ozymandias appears and proudly announces he summoned the pyramid. The group is confused, though, why there are Egyptians in the Singularity since they have no connection to Castle Csejte. Ozymandias reveals Cleopatra initially refused to be summoned as a Servant, but she took the chance to rule over his pyramid until Halloween’s end on the promise he'll grant her wish. Elizabeth calls Cleopatra an idiot for suppressing her selfishness to atone for destroying her kingdom and tells her it’s fine to be a pharaoh who follows their desires. After she decides to join Chaldea, Cleopatra confesses she wishes to see Julius Caesar again. But her description of him differs greatly from what everyone else knows. Caesar then suddenly rayshifts into the Singularity, and Cleopatra faints at the sight of his obese body. Ibaraki calls humans fragile beings, believing they should be positive as long as they strive for something.

Seventh Singularity: Babylonia[]

Ibaraki-douji was summoned by Gilgamesh in Babylon, but Ibaraki had argued with Gilgamesh and betrayed him to become a bandit where she and her followers are constantly harassing the towns.[14]

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Ibaraki-douji is amongst the "special events" Servants assisting Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[15]

Event: Oni Pagoda Festival[]

Ibaraki joins Shuten in her scheme to confirm her suspicion that Tomoe Gozen is an oni. Together they trick the Chaldea staff into secretly rayshifting them to a minor Singularity in Japan. There Shuten combines her Noble Phantasm with a source of magical energy (possibly Grail fragments) to create a hundred-story pagoda. that she names the Oni Pagoda.

Ritsuka's party finds Ibaraki on the 90th floor with a plethora of Shuten merchandise made by Shuten herself. Ibaraki explains, using her full-sized Shuten body pillow as a ventriloquist dummy. At first, Shuten made only one but made more when Ibaraki asked. When Ibaraki asked about it, Shuten told her that she only needs to show Ritsuka's party that she is an oni having the time of her life. For that, she will provide anything if Ibaraki asks. Ibaraki says her greatest joy is being with Shuten, as everyone knows. But since Shuten has to stay on the top floor, she had her make all the merchandise to keep her company.  She then boastfully asks Tomoe what she thinks of all of it. Tomoe has no response to it, which frustrates and confuses Ibaraki. Shuten had instructed her and the others to show how fun it is to be an oni. Ibaraki feels she and Tomoe have a connection, which frustrates her further that her demonstration failed. Tomoe admits she also feels a connection, which further confuses Ibaraki as to why she still refuses to join the oni. Tomoe tries to ignore Ibaraki, but the latter's continued insistence that she is like an oni sends her into a rage. She then defeats Ibaraki, who retreats in frustration.

Biding her time on the 90th floor's outer wall, Ibaraki is soon driven to the roof by Raikou's bloodlust. She suggests to Shuten that they either kill Raikou or escape. Shuten goes with the second option and tells Tomoe that she had already removed her magical energy core from the tower so it can be destroyed. Ibaraki notices that Tomoe's horns have grown and that she wields fire. Then, for whatever reason, she accuses Tomoe of pretending to be mad at her to get candy from Robin. She tells her that she is her superior as a fire oni, so she expects her to pay. She and Shuten then make their escape.

Ibaraki asks Shuten if she's sure they won't be trouble once they return to Chaldea. Shuten answers it will probably be fine since the tower will be gone soon. She also believes they'll be forgiven if they apologize and explain they were trying to welcome Tomoe, especially since they didn't harm any humans. Ibaraki asks her if she's sad to see the tower she worked so hard to build destroy. Shuten confesses she figured it would end this way when she made it. It is why she named it the Oni Pagoda; It was built by an oni and was meant to be burned down by one.

Back in Chaldea, Shuten and Ibaraki are drinking in the rec room when Ritsuka and Tomoe enter. Tomoe easily convinces Ibaraki to join her and Ritsuka in a 3v3 match with the promise of sweets.

Summer Event: Servant Summer Festival![]

Ibaraki enters the command room, looking for Shuten. Leonardo da Vinci convinces her to join the Foreigner investigation in Hawaii by saying Shuten already went there to fight the Foreigner. Hearing that Hawaii is in tropics, ibaraki gets excited at the opportunity to wear a swimsuit and leaves to get ready. Da Vinci then tells everyone that they’ll have to fly to Hawaii commercially to avoid any issues with Mage’s Association. But Jeanne Alter refuses to go in spirit form, insisting that everyone will ride as regular passengers. Da Vinci eventually concedes, saying she’ll think of a way to conceal the Servants’ outfits. She warns them, however, to behave themselves during the flight, or she will immediately hypnotize everyone on the plane, force them into the spirit forms, and make it impossible to turn back until they reach Hawaii. After everyone agrees to behave, Ritsuka’s party board their flight.

They eventually arrive at their destination, but the situation turns strange when BB turns Hawaii into a Singularity, combining the islands into one she dubs the Luluhawa Singularity. After killing a large and monstrous chicken, the group meet Blackbeard. He explains he is in Hawaii for ServantFes, a regular get-together for Chaldean and non-Chaldean Servants, which officially starts in six days. He also tells them that the Servants have agreed that there will be no “real combat” until ServantFes is over, despite the potential danger of a Foreigner being present. BB is this year’s manager of ServantFes and she admits she turned Hawaii into a Singulaitry so the convention can be bigger than ever and the Servants can cut loose without worrying about the Concealment of Mysteries. Once ServantFes is over, the Singularity will be dissolved and the islands will return to normal. She then shocks Ritsuka’s party by saying the most popular doujin club will be rewarded with a Holy Grail. Hearing Jeanne d'Arc’s club won last year’s ServantFes, Jeanne Alter forms the group into their own club, calling it Gespenst Ketzer. But ibaraki refuses to take part and leaves.

She tries looking for Shuten before realizing she doesn’t have a swimsuit. She goes to the Shelton and waits in the hallway outside of what will be Ritsuka’s party’s suite. When they arrive, she complains about not having a swimsuit and pesters Ritsuka to give her one. Ritsuka apologizes that they can’t give her one. Ushiwakamaru then arrives, wearing a swimsuit, and tells Ibaraki that it’s her own fault for asking Scáthach to fiddle with her Spirit Origin beforehand like she did. Frustrated, Ibaraki leaves and is never seen by the others again.

Like everyone else on Luluhawa, she becomes caught in BB’s time loop. Presumably because she wasn’t part of Jeanne Alter’s doujin club, she wasn’t sent back to the airport with the other when BB reserves time to the first day of their arrival. For a week, she spends playing and eating, ending with conquering Mauna Kea. Even without being aware of the time loop, she still knows how time has passed. This astonishes BB and she grants Ibaraki her swimsuit. In exchange, she tells Ibaraki to go on a rampage.

Ibaraki terrorizes the tourists on the streets. Ritsuka’s party soon arrives to stop her rampage, and she blames her rampage on Ritsuka for leaving her all by herself. After denying that she is seeking attention, she fights the group, but soon disengages and retreats. Later that night, BB sics her on Edmond Dantès, but Ritsuka's party drive her away again. The next day, everyone has a cookout and Robin entices Ibaraki to join in.

The day of ServantFes soon comes and Ibaraki helps defeat Mysterious Heroine XX when she attacks he convention center five minutes before the convention starts. XX refuses to do anything beyond her targets are other Foreigners. Presumably of her involvement with Jeanne Alter's club this time around, Ibaraki becomes aware of the time loop and is sent back to the first day with them.

Ritsuka’s party repeats what they did on the first day of the second loop, but this time they have Ibaraki to help. They rush to Waikiki Street, intending to speak with XX before BB shows up, and end up saving Oei. XX confesses her primary order is to eliminate the Foreigners, followed by ServantFes and the Singularity. The group defeat her in battle and she reveals she is also caught in the time loop. But she refuses to talk with them further, believing they’re on BB’s side, and leaves. BB then arrives, surprise to see XX gone and Oei still alive. She tries to ask the group for a favor, but they rush back to the hotel when Mash gets a message saying the final draft is in trouble.

Getting back to their room, they find Edmond there and he confesses he sent the message as a way of warning them without alerting BB. He tells them that XX is the key to unraveling the Singularity’s mysteries, so they must bargain with her and get her on their side. The group goes out and convinces Oda Nobunaga to talk with XX when she next attacks.

Later, they help Oei and Abigail fight Medb off so their club space isn’t stolen by her if they lost. Afterward, Jeanne Alter asks Oei to give her art lessons. Oei, wishing to repay the group, agrees to teach Jeanne Alter.

Afterward, Ritsuka’s party waits with Nobunaga for XX to arrive so they can negotiate with her. XX soon arrives, and she lets slip that her hideout is in Kileau, making Jeanne Alter wonder if she took it after defeating Pele. XX takes a combat stance, so Nobunaga tries to talking to her. But she ends up angering her by saying she’s upset that she doesn’t have a swimsuit and by calling her armor cosplay. XX fully removes her armor and reveals she’s been wearing swimsuit the whole time. In her tirade about having to work while everyone else is on vacation, she let sslip that she was sent to Hawaii in response to an No. 3 Outer God reading. Ritsuka’s party then defeats her and she leaves warning that she will use her Anti-Planet Noble Phantasm to destroy Luluhawa on the morning of the seventh day. After she’s gone, Nobunaga suggests getting XX getting a new job.

That night, joined by Nobunaga and Edmond, the group find XX camped out at Kileau. XX tries to kill them for seeing her living in far less than ideal conditions. Soon she removes a set of her armor and begins charging her Noble Phantasm. But right before she launches it, Nobunaga tells her she’s hired and says they’re trying to poach. She then has Ritsuka hand XX their working conditions agreement, knowing that she hates her current job. XX finds the conditions very agreeable and “accidentally” destroys the antenna she uses to communicate with Galatic Police HQ. Glad to be part of Chaldea now, she leaves to enjoy her paid vacation, saying she’ll answer questions tomorrow. After she’s gone, Jeanne Alter asks Edmond to check on Kileau regularly.

With one night before ServantFes, Ritsuka invites Jeanne, Osakabehime, and Oei to the help complete Jeanne Alter’s story in time. Unfortunately, with the end so close, Oei accidentally deletes all the data. But fortunately, Robin has been backing up the data every 15 minutes. Everyone then crunches until morning and successfully completes the story. Robin copied it to multiple USBs and tells everyone to take one. Ibaraki, Cú Chulainn, and Astolfo hold off Medb's chariot so Ritsuka and Jeanne Alter can get the story to the printer unimpeded.

Ritsuka and Jeanne Alter successfully get the story printed and it becomes the best seller in ServantFes. After they're awarded the Grail by Gilgamesh, Edmond informs Ritsuka's party that BB was never at Kileau like Jeanne Alter suspected. Jeanne Alter tells everyone that they’re going to the Mauna Kea Observatories, saying Pele awaits at the sight of the final battle.

On the seventh night, Ritsuka’s party comes to Mauna Kea. Jeanne Alter says it doesn’t make sense for BB to tell them to meet her here, because Pele hated it more than anything. Stranger still is that they came to Hawaii because they detected a Foreigner, but XX didn’t arrive until after they checked into the Shelton. XX is therefore not the Foreigner they’re looking for. Then, when Mash realizes the reason that they couldn’t contact Chaldea’s Hawaiian branch wasn’t because of the Singularity, BB reveals it’s because the office disappeared into Imaginary Number Space. It was on Mauna Kea, but BB sent it and the other observatories into Imaginary Number Space. Changing her appearance and that of the environment, BB asks Ritsuka why they didn’t use the Grail like she expected. Ritsuka makes it clear they don’t trust her. BB explains that while laying the groundwork for ServantFes with Pele last month, she visited Chaldea’s Hawaiian branch and looked through their telescope. Through it, she locked eyes with an Outer God and synchronized with it. Chaldea’s Hawaiian branch caught on, so she sent all facilities on the mountain into Imaginary Number Space to erase the evidence. She confirms she is the Foreigner Chaldea detected and reveals reserving time is the Outer God’s Authority. She was also the one who gave Gilgamesh amnesia. Her class isn't designated Foreigner, though, because she only synced with the Outer God, but never merged with it. Calling herself both Foreigner and MoonCancer, BB decides she’ll send everyone back to the first day without their memories intact. She also reveals using the Grail would make the Singularity disappear, along with the rest of the planet. It makes the opposite effect of whatever is wished upon it. After declaring she doesn’t want humanity destroyed since they’re her toys, she tries to turn Robin into a pig, but he counters it with a spell Circe taught him. XX then arrives and helps Ritsuka’s party fights BB.

She proves too powerful for them and nearly consumes them all, but XX stops her and uses her Noble Phantasm to confiscate the Outer God’s Authority, returning BB to her normal self. Gilgamesh shows up and proclaims that ServantFes will be extended by one day. He tells everyone to celebrate, considering it a wrap up party that he will have Sheba pay for. XX then takes BB into custody, promising they’ll both be back for tomorrow night’s party. Ritsuka’s party notice that BB dropped copies of the books they made throughout the loops. But Jeanne Alter sees the two of them are identical, with one being the one they made for the current loop. While she recover from the paradoxical truth about her story, everyone else goes on to celebrate.

Summer vacation soon ends, and Ritsuka’s party return to the airport. Chaldea’s Hawaiian branch and the Mauna Kea observatories have returned from Imaginary Number Space. The group tries to board their return flight when BB shows up and reveals she shut down all flights permanently. She needs their help to dislodge Pele’s Spirit Origin from hers, which even the Grail is incapable of doing, so she can get rid of her tan before she returns to Chladea. To convince them, she says the Singularity won’t disappear until she weakens Pele’s power over her. After Ritsuka’s party agrees to help, she tells them she created clones of herself and spread them around Luluhawa for them to eliminate. Once all four are gone, she should return to normal. Ritsuka’s party eventually succeeds and BB loses her tan. She awards them with another Grail and promises the Singularity will resolve and Luluhawa will return to being the Hawaiian Islands. Everyone then bids farewell to Luluhawa.

Halloween Event: The Land of Mystique, Oniland![]

SHEBA has detected a minute Singularity within the vicinity of the abandoned Chitose Mine in Hokkaido. Ibaraki decides to accompany Ritsuka in Mash’s stead, wanting to do something fun while she still has her Swimsuit Spirit Origin. Da Vinci insists on bringing one other Servant when Mochizuki Chiyome appears to join the mission as well. Ritsuka, Ibaraki, and Chiyome then rayshift to the Singularity.

But when they arrive, they’re at a Halloween themed amusement park run by oni called Oniland. Mash confirms these are the kind that come from stories, though it isn’t known yet if they’re a creation of the Singularity. But even stranger is that these oni are more concerned about safety and security. This upsets Ibaraki, who loudly calls the oni frauds. The oni move to eliminate her as per their orders from the Great Oni to destroy anything that bothers the guests.

Ritsuka’s party defeat them, but more keep coming. Ibaraki wants to keep fighting, but Chiyome reminds her that they can only fight for long as RItsuka has magical energy. Ibaraki concedes, and the group prepares to break through when an oni calling herself Magifender Girl arrives. With her help, they defeat the oni. Afterward, Ibaraki recalls how Shuten told her that oni have a Heroic Spirit equivalent called Magifender and identifies Magifender Girl as Oni Cure. But she’s obvious to the fact that Shuten was messing with her and that Oni Cure is Shuten. Shuten tells Ritsuka’s party that the Great Oni likely has the Grail and leaves after establishing a temporary contract with Ritsuka. Ibaraki is disappointed “Oni Cure” won’t be joining them, but understands she is busy saving the oni world once a week. A mysterious girl then arrives to lead the group to safety.

At her cabin, the girl introduces herself as Sitonai and admits that she and Shuten both want to defeat the Great Oni. She explains the Great Oni is the ruler of Oniland and most of its staff was created by splitting off bits of his magical energy. For long as his magical energy lasts, Oniland will keep growing and gain more employees. Nothing is known about him beyond his attire and that he invited everyone to Oniland for an endless carnival. Ibaraki finds it preposterous for oni to build a nation, but then wonders if the Great Oni is Ura. Sitonai doubts it and asks Ibaraki questions that lead the oni to detract her statement. She then explains the Great Oni gets his power from Kamuy’s Gold, the manifestation of the Grail deep inside Chitose Mine after it collected the leyline’s magical energy. Mash concludes the Great Oni created Oniland to guard the mine. Sitonai explains the gold was broken into multiple fragments, with the largest being carried by Oniland’s attraction managers. If all the gold fragments are collected and sealed away, the Great Oni should become weaker. Since RItsuka accepts Sitonai’s plan, Ibaraki accepts it as well, even though she’s confident she could defeat the Great Oni without weakening him first. Sitonai then takes the group to a cave to test their combat prowess. After they prove themselves, she reveals the attraction managers are both oni and Servants.

Returning to Oniland, Ritsuka’s party comes to the first attraction, the merry-go-round, and sees several Servants riding on it. Da Vinci says Servants have been disappearing from Chaldea, to which Sitonai reveals Kamuy’s Gold called them to Singularity to replenish and bolster its magical energy with theirs. Mash confirms what Sitonai said, revealing the merry-go-round is draining a tiny amount of magical energy from every Servant riding it. Ibaraki denies she wants to ride it, but says she’ll consider it when Ritsuka asks her for the truth. Medb then appears, though Mash questions if she is from Chaldea, as her magical energy readings are a match for Oniland. Sitonai confirms it is because she is the merry-go-round’s manager. Medb then calls in reinforcements, but fortunately, Sitonai reveals the gold fragments limit the number of oni that can be produced around attractions. Ritsuka’s party tries fighting Medb, but she proves to be formidable. Medb then suddenly starts performing a provocative dance on one of the merry-go-round’s horses. Ibaraki, in her innocence, thinks Medb’s dance means she wants to devour the horse and calls her ridiculous for simply not eating the horse. Her mood killed by Ibaraki’s innocence, Medb calls upon several large oni to finish off the group. Fortunately, Shuten arrives and helps the group defeat Medb. Mash becomes worried when Medb disappears instead of retreating back to Chaldea. Da Vinci, however, reveals the Medb who disappeared was an imitation of the real Medb’s Spirit Origin created by Kamuy’s Gold. Sitonai then gets the gold fragment, so Shuten takes her leave. Ibaraki is disappointed she again lost her chance to talk with “Oni Cure” and praises everything about her, who almost reminds of Shuten; Ritsuka keeps quiet for the sake of Ibaraki’s innocence. Sitonai then says they’re going to the spinning teacups next.

At the teacups, Ritsuka’s party immediately encounters its manager, the fake Blackbeard. Seeing all the couples, Ibaraki figures the theme of the attraction is love. Sitonai asks her if she has a problem with it. Ibaraki replies that she doesn’t, but admits she gets a headache whenever she thinks about it. She soon becomes bored and challenges “Blackbeard” for his gold fragment. “Blackbeard”, nearly overwhelmed by the group, then uses the gold’s magical energy to strengthen himself. Fortunately, once again, Shuten arrives to help. Ibaraki and “Blackbeard” argue over which one of them she winked at. Ibaraki quickly gets annoyed and decides to kill “Blackbeard” while admitting she is in her third Ascension to dress more like “Oni Cure”. She gets excited when Shuten says they could pass as twin Magifender Girls. Ritsuka’s party then defeats “Blackbeard” and Sitonai gets his fragment. After Shuten leaves, Sitonai agrees with Chiyome that Ritsuka needs rest and loudly declares they’re going to the food court.

Ibaraki boasts how she stole yakisoba from a booth paying. Her mood is a bit ruined, though, when Chiyome reminds her all food and drink is free in celebration of the park’s opening. She is then pleasantly surprised to see Shuten and mistakes Chiyome’s discomfort at Shuten getting closer as having reverence for her. She then tells Shuten that she saw another oni that resembled her; Shuten, Ritsuka, and Mash decide to just play along. After Shuten leaves, the group encounters the food court’s manager, fake Gilles de Rais. Sitonai says the food court didn’t have a manager yesterday and determines that the Great Oni now sees them as a threat. Then, after fake Jack the Ripper appears, Ritsuka’s party fight her and “Gilles”. They struggle against them, especially considering the innumerable Sea Demons summoned by “Gilles”, until Shuten arrives as Oni Cure and helps defeat the pair. She immediately leaves after Sitonai retrieves the gold fragment. Ibaraki is disappointed “Oni Cure” left again, having hoped to introduce her to Shuten. Sitonai says they’ll return to her cabin before going to the next attraction: the house of mirrors.

Following Chiyome’s report that the house of mirrors’ manager hides in the attraction itself, Ritsuka’s party leave SItonai’s cabin and head for the house of mirrors. While traversing its halls, though, they become lost and disoriented, which Chiyome suspects is due to the magical energy permeating throughout. Fortunately, Sitonai still has her sense of direction, thanks to Louhi’s magecraft, so she can lead the others. They’re soon joined by Blackbeard, Henry Jekyll, the Phantom of the Opera, Christopher Columbus, and Mephistopheles. Everyone goes their seperate ways, though, when they come to a four-way intersection. SItonai is wary that the manager hasn’t attacked them yet and considers causing trouble to get their attention, but remembers the food court manager attacked with provocation. Everyone then hears Blackbeard scream back near the four-way intersection.

They find Blackbeard collapsed, having been stabbed in the back. After Sitonai heals him, Blackbeard explains he was walking with Jekyll after everyone parted ways at the intersection, only for Jekyll to disappear when he took his eyes off him. He was then stabbed in the back whilst standing around. Jekyll, Columbus, Mephistopheles, and the Phantom then arrive, having also heard Blackbeard’s scream. After hearing what happened, Columbus assures none in his group are the culprit. But then Ibaraki accuses Blackbeard of being the culprit and the attraction manager, believing his intended murder victim turned the tables on him. Sitonai and Mash immediately debunk her theory, however. Jekyll then accuses either Columbus, Mephistopheles, or the Phantom of being the culprit, having heard that attraction managers are only made from copies of evil Heroic Spirits. Columbus defends himself and the others and finds it convenient for Jekyll that they’re the suspects. But, refusing to come quietly, Mephistopheles triggers a battle between everyone when he attacks Jekyll with his bombs.

The Phantom comes at Ritsuka with his claws, but stops and pulls back at the last moment. Mephistopheles asks Jekyll why he only stood idly by and how long he’ll keep his farce up. Realizing it’s pointless to bluff now, Jekyll turns into Hyde, revealing himself to be the attraction manager. Shuten arrives to help defeat “Hyde”, leaving once Sitonai collects his gold fragment. Ritsuka’s party then returns to Sitonai’s cabin, taking the wounded Blackbeard with them.

Chiyome confirms the final attraction is the Ferris wheel and reveals its manager is the strongest of them all. Intrigued, Ibaraki boasts how she’ll shoot the Ferris wheel sky high with her fireworks. Blackbeard realizes Ibaraki is afraid of heights, which she denies. Sitonai then suspects Ibaraki wants to ride the Ferris wheel. Ibaraki says yes and to leave it at that.

Sitonai immediately takes Ibaraki with her to the ride the Ferris wheel, while Ritsuka and Chiyome stay on the ground. Ibaraki again denies she is afraid of heights, saying oni aren’t scared of anything and boasting that she could climb a thousand-story pagoda without breaking a sweat. She notices her heart skip a beat every time she hears the Ferris wheel creak though. Sitonai makes her feel better by reminding her that since they’re Servants they’ll survive a fall from atop the Ferris wheel. She later confesses she never expected to materialize as she is now, revealing her vessel is someone who died several years ago and wasn’t meant to live long. Ibaraki doesn’t find it any different from being a Heroic Spirit, since they all died long ago. Sitonai says she isn’t quite the same, given that she isn’t engraved in the Throne, but agrees. Ibaraki realizes the version of Sitonai she is speaking to now will be gone forever once her business with Oniland concludes. She therefore asks SItonai if there is anything she’d like to do before she disappears. Sitonai answers that she’d like to see Berserker, though Ibaraki mistakes it to mean the class and feels embarrassed that she is currently a Lancer.

The Ferris wheel returns to the ground, and Ibaraki and Sitonai help the others defeat fake Antonio Salieri. With the final gold fragment collected, Mash says the Great Oni’s magical energy should be reduced by nearly 50%. Shuten leaves; Ibaraki eagerly waves her goodbye. Sitonai says the Great Oni is on Main Street, but since he only comes out for the nightly parade, she recommends they rest until then.

Night soon falls, and Ritsuka’s party head for the parade. Though she dislikes Oniland’s oni, the grand spectacle they have put together impresses Ibaraki. She also notices how disciplined they are and believes the oni of Mt. Ooe could’ve destroyed Kyoto’s warriors if they were as disciplined. The precession of oni then immediately stops, having noticed Ritsuka’s party. The group kills oni after oni until the Great Oni arrives and demands to know why they’re destroying his paradise. Unlike Ibaraki, though, the Great Oni isn’t a real oni and was only called such. Battle begins and Ritsuka’s party struggle the Great Oni when Shuten’s animal familiar, Haku, suggests removing the gold from the Great Oni’s possession. With Shuten’s spell supporting her, Sitonai removes all the gold and reveals the Great Oni’s true form: Elizabeth JAPAN.

Ibaraki asks Elizabeth why she disguised herself as the Great Oni and why she made Oniland as she is supposed to be a Chaldean Servant. But Elizabeth has no memories of Chaldea, let alone her past, and attacks the group for interfering with her concert. Sitonai suggests introducing a spell little by little each time they clash and then activate it remotely to restore Elizabeth’s memories. Everyone else agrees and prepares to hold off Elizabeth. The gold reforms Elizabeth’s Great Oni shell as she declares her desire to sing for everyone, which is why she needs Oniland. Sitonai’s spell is soon ready, so she tells the others they now need to keep hitting Elizabeth.

SItonai’s spell eventually activates, restoring Elizabeth’s memories and releasing the gold’s hold on her, returning her form to normal. Sitonai collects the gold, the last of it that was used to create Oniland, and prepares to take the gold back to Chitose Mine and return it to the leyline. But Haku steals the gold and runs off with it. Ritsuka asks what Haku is, but to everyone’s surprise, Shuten says she doesn’t know. The only thing she knows is that he’s a Demonic Beast she caught in Chitose, claiming to want to help the magifender oni. Finding no reason not to believe him, she took him as her familiar to make her schtick more authentic. Ritsuka, Ibaraki, SItonai, and Shuten then follow Haku’s trail, while Chiyome takes Elizabeth to the cabin.

Inside Chitose Mine, Ritsuka’s party finds an enormous pile of gold, surprising SItonai that there is so much of it left. But Haku corrects her, revealing the gold grew by feeding on the desire of Oniland’s customers. He also vaguely admits to being the one that persuaded Elizabeth to create Oniland. His greed has now transformed him, or rather Kamuy’s Gold, into a golden Fafnir-type dragon.

During the ensuing battle, Sitonai realizes that one of Haku’s true identities is that of the Moshirechik Kotanechik, the beast of darkness from the Ainurakkur. Confirming the connection with her, she confesses her materialization caused the gold to manifest, which is why it’s her responsibility to collect and return it to the leyline. As if to answer everyone’s confusion, Sherlock Holmes reveals it’s because the Einzberns, family of SItonai’s vessel, Illyasviel, were the possessors of Das Rheingold, the cursed gold from Norse mythology. While he cannot discern the direct cause of the Singularity, he concludes it was Sitonai’s influence that turned the Grail into gold. Sitonai confirms Sherlock’s deduction and apologizes for causing everything. Ritsuka and Ibaraki tell her it isn’t her fault, certain that they’d be dead if it wasn’t for her. Shuten also gives Sitonai a pep talk. Chiyome then arrives with all the Servants in Oniland to help take down Haku.

After Haku is slain, Sitonai retrieves the gold and starts to disappear. Ibaraki is sad to see her leaving, wanting to hang out with her more before she did. Sitonai replies she needs to return the gold to the leyline, but she’ll use the surplus magical energy Oniland siphoned from the Servants to create a new Grail for Chaldea before she goes. She again apologizes for everything. Ibaraki tells SItonai to stop apologizing, believing she should go out smiling like herself and Shuten did when they died. With a smiling face, Sitonai says goodbye and disappears with the gold. Everyone then returns to Chaldea.

Later in the cafeteria, Ibaraki encourages Elizabeth to talk with everyone. She can’t go with her, however, since she needs to find Shuten and tell her about Oni Cure. Leaving the cafeteria, she wonders why she feels she did something very unlike an oni. She then runs into Shuten and tells her how much fun she had in Hokkaido. Shuten asks her why she’s crying. Ibaraki denies she is and claims she is smiling because she’s an oni.


Ibaraki-douji was the boss of all the Oni on Mt. Oooe. Although Shuten-douji also apparently lived there, Ibaraki treated her as her surperior, saying Shuten had something she lacked.[16] Ibaraki states she could have never defeated Shuten-douji.[4]


Bone Sword (Unsigned) (骨刀(無銘), Kottō (Mumei)?)

In combat, Ibaraki-douji can perform slashes by means of a large war sword. The Bone Sword.[1] A sword not made by the metal tempered by the fires of hell, but thoroughly tempered over several hundreds of days using the bones of the Oni Kind, the firmest and most solid substance above land; a first-rate sword with an ominous aura wafting around it.[1][17] Unsigned.[1] Ibaraki claims it to be a great blade of bone only an Oni Kind can hold, a mass of curses and grudges incomparable with the likes of swords made by iron.[17]

During the Rashomon event, Ibaraki's strength was greatly enhanced by absorbing most of Shuten-douji's power.[3] In this state, she is no longer the Ibaraki Sakata Kintoki knew. Kintoki states she might be strong enough that Ritsuka Fujimaru could throw all their Servants at her and only have a 50/50 chance of victory. Although in life she was an Oni who used to hide behind Shuten's shadow, she has grown up to reach the level of a god.[4] During this event, Sakata Kintoki and Mash Kyrielight are also a lot stronger than normal due to the Singularity's pseudo Holy Grail granting Kintoki's wish to reunite with Shuten Douji.[3][18] Due to being overflowing with extra power,[18] Kintoki deems Ibaraki a worthy opponent.[4] Similarly, Ibaraki also states that wrestling Kintoki is like wrestling a mountain, and that their fight won't stop until one of them is dead.[5] By fighting Ibaraki multiple times over, Mash and Kintoki manage to wear her down bit by bit.[18] Although Ibaraki used Blaze, Sougenbi against them, they were able to block it. Despite Mash being surprised Ibaraki could summon so much latent power, Kintoki says that was basically her last rally, and that she won't be able to use it again.[10] Although Ibaraki had so much stamina Mash wondered if it was inexhaustible, during their final fight, Kintoki's Golden Spark finally managed to deal a fatal hit. Ibaraki was confused by this outcome, saying she stands above all Oni, and that Humans should not be able to slay her, even if they are Heroic Spirits. Kintoki says she is being ridiculous, and that she's not above anything. She was still "a child just pretending to be", lacking the guts she needed to the very end. She hadn't eaten Shuten completely.[11]


Class Skills[]

  • Mad Enhancement (B Rank): Rank up all Parameters, but takes away reason for the most part. Due to the class specific skill combining simultaneously with her oni kin special trait, she can exceptionally control herself. When she does so, she possesses the ability to reason and make composed conversation.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Oni-kind Demon (A Rank): A skill representing the demonic nature and the superpower of an oni. Only pure and mixed-blood oni kin can acquire this skill. It is a composite skill combining skills such as Natural Demon, Monstrous Strength, Charisma, Mana Burst, but in this work the effect is adjusted. In the case of Ibaraki Douji, her Mana Burst becomes "flame". One blow from and oni combining a high rank Strength, A rank Monstrous Strength, and A rank Mana Burst would result in an astounding amount of destructive force, devastating the target.[1][2]
  • Disengage (A Rank): The ability to withdraw from battle. Returning disadvantageous battle to its initial state. From an anecdote where she managed to splendidly withdrew from battle when Watanabe fought her and had her hand severed with his famed sword "Higekiri".[1] It allowed her to retreat from the battlefield before Sakata Kintoki could fire Golden Spark.[5]
  • Shapeshift (A Rank): Free transformation of her form. It's possible for her to shapeshift to other form such as a child or even giant. Due to her basic physique frame no longer growing anymore, Ibaraki Douji uses this skill to the extreme, zealously striving everyday to become the great oni anyone and everyone would fear.[1]

Noble Phantasms[]

Ibaraki's main Noble Phantasm is Great Grudge of Rashoumon. Although it was powerful enough to send Sakata Kintoki flying, it didn't cause him severe damage.[4] Mash Kyrielight and Sakata Kintoki working together are able to block Ibaraki's "Blaze, Sougenbi" variant of this Noble Phantasm, although she retreats before they can counter-attack.[10]

Her second Noble Phantasm is Great Flame of Mount Ooe.

Forms and Alternate Versions[]


Summer is here. Speaking of summer, there is the summer festival. Speaking of the festival, it's gorgeous, full of excitement, and there are lots of delicious stuff at the night fair. Indeed, it's not bad of an event at all.

...I noticed classes change when they swap into their summer attires. There were many Noble Phantasms that changed. Maybe mine changed as well.

I don't really understand the reason, but I shall try on this Saint Graph for now! Ibaraki Dōji enjoys the summer days to its fullest.

She is your same-as-always Ibaraki Dōji. It seems she didn't change too much in character. If you look from another angle, it's more or less whether if she is "somewhat in a good mood" or not. Pointing it out will surely get you bitten, yet this is strange to even Shuten Dōji. "She is squirmy and exhilirated, so much like a child. Have you ever loved the ocean this much?" Yet, Ibaraki doesn't bite.


Class Skills:

  • Mad Enhancement (D Rank): One's Strength and Endurance parameters are raised, but their sense of reason is stolen away. It's a Class Skill that remained from her time as a Berserker even after her Saint Graph has been changed, but due to combining with her racial characteristic as an Oni, it can be controlled exceptionally well. While in control, her sense of reason remains intact and she is also capable of conversing calmly.[19]

Personal Skills:

  • Oni-kind Demon (Water) (B Rank): A variation of the skill that expresses the supernatural power and demonic nature of the oni. The nature of her Mana Burst has also changed to "water". ‘Isn’t that already a Kappa?' or so Ibaraki states her suspicions. 'Is it because my Saint Graph changed?' 'No, wait. Now that I mentioned it, a bit before something, I think I recall Shuten-douji tampering with my bones or something and since then my body's condition felt different...' What the heck, if it's something from Shuten then it can't be bad!‘ Such thoughts go through Ibaraki's head and she cracks a wide grin. Good for her.[19]
  • I Will Not Go Home Yet! (B++ Rank): A skill resulting from the Disengage skill going through an unexpected transformation. ‘Evening has come, but I want to play more on the beach so I don't want to return to the inn yet.' 'Even if it's night time, I want to play.' 'Still, if everyone goes back I have no choice but to do the same. Since playing by myself is no fun...‘ The feelings of a downhearted Ibaraki are expressed in this skill.[19]
  • Summertime Trouble Girl (A Rank): Ibaraki who is brimming with a playful spirit can be easily found in the center of a disturbance. A skill that invites both weal and woe.─────Now then, will an oni or a snake come out?[19]

Noble Phantasm:
Ibaraki's Noble Phantasm is Encomium Moriae.


Creation and Conception[]

Hidari is the character illustrator for Ibaraki-douji.[1][2] Hikaru Sakurai and Kinoko Nasu are the scenario writers for her character.[1]

Comment from Illustrator[]

"Ibaraki-douji's start is keeping her cuteness as much as I can while still keeping her unique part as an Oni, I think... The beginning concept was a deformed sort of gross-but-cute. Eventually what's left is only her hands and feet, her nonexistent eyebrow, and her long horns; but in the initial concept, she doesn't even have exactly 5 fingers. Her other body parts were finetuned and then it reached her current concept. The complete version is her second form, and from there, I made it simpler for her first form and add stuffs in for her last one. It was such a showy and luxurious design, so I had lots of fun drawing her."


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    [v] Fate/Grand Order - Ibaraki Douji (Berserker) Profile [T]

    Ibaraki Douji - Berserker

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Left
    Voice Actor: Nao Toyama

    Strength: B
    Endurance: A
    Agility: C
    Mana: C
    Luck: B
    Noble Phantasm: C

    Personal Skills
    Demon of the Oni Kind: A
    Disengage: A
    Shapeshift: A

    Class Skills
    Mad Enhancement: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Great Grudge of Rashoumon
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Army

    During the Heian period, one of the oni that appeared on the imperial capital and exhaustively carried out atrocities.
    Regarded as a subordinate of the Shuten Douji that lived in Mt. Ooe, it has been said that - during the "oni extermination of Mt. Ooe" by Minamoto Raikou and her Big Four - she crossed sword with Watanabe Tsuna of the Big Four.
    In the anecdote of the Rashoumon, she appears in the figure of "a beautiful woman".

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 147cm・50kg
    Source: Fairy-tale books and the likes
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil  Gender: Female
    Due her anecdotes and vestiges, she is classified as a "anti-hero".

    Level 2 Bond
    The sole survivor of Mt. Ooe's oni, she attacked Watanabe Tsuna on the Rashoumon (or the Ichijou-modoribashi) at the imperial capital and ended up having her arm cut off.
    While said arm was temporarily snatched away as a spoil of war, Ibaraki would later retrieve it and disappear to somewhere.

    Level 3 Bond
    In actual fact--- she is not Shuten Douji's subordinate, but it is rather believed that Ibaraki Douji existed as "the ringleader of Mt. Ooe's oni".
    (Despite being a mighty existence, the extremely pleasure-seeking Shuten had no intentions of commanding the swarm of oni herself)

    Level 4 Bond
    The one who erected a solemn palace at Mt. Ooe, cherished Shuten Douji as a sworn brother, commanded a group of oni that were each a match for a thousand warriors and exerted tyranny on ancient Kyoto was Ibaraki Douji herself; a "raging oni" that made people fall into the depths of terror.

    Level 5 Bond

    • Demon of the Oni Kind: A

    A Skill that represents the superpower as well as the demonic nature as an oni.
    A mixed Skill of Natural Demon, Monstrous Strength, Charisma, Prana Burst and etc; but some adjustment has been applied to its effects in this work.
    There are many concerned examples in which the form of Prana Burst is "Heat".
    In Ibaraki's case, it is "Flames".

    Her wish for the Holy Grail is “to see Shuten’s smiling face”.
    A smile without a hint anxiety, doubt or concern from her sworn sibling is indeed the source behind Ibaraki Douji’s everything.
    Even when opposing Abe no Seimei or Minamoto Raikou and her Big Four, Ibaraki wished for nothing but a single smile--

    茨木童子 - バーサーカー



    鬼種の魔 A
    仕切り直し A
    変化 A

    狂化 B

    ランク: B
    種別: 対軍宝具


    属性:混沌・悪  性別:女性






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