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Ibuki-doujiWP (伊吹童子?), Class Name Saber (セイバー, Seibā?), is a Saber-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



The child and Divided Spirit of Yamata-no-Orochi and origin of Shuten-douji.[2] She is also known as Orochi's daughter.[3] She is a Divine Spirit and one of Japan's Three Great Monsters.

The other name of the "Shuten-douji" from the base of Mount Ibuki.

Ibuki-douji, whose birth was impossible naturally, that is, she came into this world as an oni child, grew up in the mountains and eventually gained fearsome abnormal powers. It is said she moved to Mt. Ooe and became the great monster "Shuten-douji" who descended on the capital, entertaining herself with massacre and pillaging────[1]


Ibuki-Douji is massive in height and has four black-and-purple curled horns coming out of her head, having purple-grey skin and light blue hair with pink streaks, and grows a long snake tail out from her back, yet she's still depicted as a beautiful woman. She also has a large metal halo behind her back, denoting her status as the avatar of the divine eight-headed serpent.

Her first Ascension depicts her in her freshly hatched child form.

She's a giant by default, but uses her powers to downsize herself when interacting with regular humans.


Her nature as a "god/kami" is quite strong and her self-awareness of being a part of nature (the world) is quite intense. She acts according to primitive desires. She doesn't really feel like coming into contact with humans and their culture/civilization. She makes a face as if she is unaware of the depths of alcohol, the delicacy of human lives, and the pleasure of indulging in a moment of insanity, however... Once she immerses herself in desires, she will be completely unforgiving. Without any incentive, she is harmless, but she could be said to be even more dangerous than Shuten-douji in a certain meaning.

Once her interest is piqued, she'll be strongly fixated on its object. While the target of her interest exists, her eyes will always be fixed on them. Usually, she'd stretch her long fingers towards them, touch them and destroy them completely───or, she would corrupt them and guide them to their death.

The oni species to which her other aspect belongs to can easily pique her interest. Naturally, existences similar to her (children of a dragon god) would also make her eyes sparkle.

...The above is the original Ibuki-douji's nature, but the circumstances of the one that materialized in Chaldea are somewhat different. She's totally Influenced By the modern era.

Since her origin is that of a god, she can't look at things from the same standpoint as a human being, her words and conduct is that of "a big sister of a Heroic Spirit/Divine Spirit who's gotten way too used to modern society".

Her behavior shows that she's studied up on what human beings are like. She even tries to seduce and arouse others, including the Master. The Heroic Spirit Sherlock Holmes speculates that she either studied about modern society or perhaps met a Heroic Spirit who, just like her, was used to modern society and that record was forcibly carried over by the special characteristic of the Chaldea-style summoning system as something useful, however it remains unknown whether that is the truth or not.

She returns to her behavior of a "god/kami" that is her innate nature when she releases the True Name of her Noble Phantasm or when she gets serious, but usually, she's enjoying herself as a carefree "snake big sis".

Furthermore, when she's in her juvenile form (the Saint Graph of her first stage), she displays a speech and conduct that is like a mix of "snake big sis Ibuki" and "Ibuki as a god/kami". The person in question saying "If I molt, it will get dangerous" is probably "Ibuki as a god/kami" speaking.[1]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Hell Realm Mandala Heian-kyō: Flash of Roaring Thunder[]

Ibuki-douji appears.

Limbo's original plan was to use the gathered energy to create a vessel for his own "Alien God" by turning Ibuki-douji to into a host for the Beast-class Yamata-no-Orochi, but upon recalling the events of both Russian and Nordic Lostbelts, he concluded there was no need for two kings in his Lostbelt and, by sacrificing the Divine Spirit to the Tree, he fused with the Hell Realm Mandala to empower himself in an attempt to become an Evil of Humanity, failing in the process due to him lacking the necessary requirement of holding some form of love for Humanity to achieve said designation.

As the group slay the oni, Shuten tries to knock Ibaraki out again. She stops however when everyone notices a figure materialize with a powerful magical energy signature. The figure introduces herself as Ibuki-douji, the incarnation of Yamata-no-Orochi. She then weights everyone except Shuten down with enormous pressure. Shuten uses her power to counteract Ibuki's power, allowing everyone to raise up. Ibuki then grows in size, and fights the group. They're unable to bypass her defenses though until Shuten ambushes her from behind, and shatters her defenses. Danzou realizes Shuten was able to do so because she and Ibuki share the same origin. Ibuki returns to her original size, and weighs everyone down with more pressure than before.[4]

With Hell Realm Mandala in full bloom, the Singularity begins its transformation into a Lostbelt. Ibuki prepares to proceed to Suzuka when a projection of Limbo appears. He reveals Hell Realm Mandala's original purpose was to create his own personal Beast of the god Yamato-no-Orochi, using Ibuki as the vessel due to her relation. He tells Ibuki to go to Suzuka Gate where she can become a Beast. Ibuki increases the pressure on the group so she can proceed to Hell Realm Mandala unimpeded. There however Limbo decides he'll become a Beast instead. Meanwhile, the pressure on the group is reduced enough for Kintoki to counter Ibuki's magical energy with his lightning.[5]

Ibuki's voice is then heard from inside Hell Realm Mandala, having not been completely absorbed. Ibuki's sword, Kusanagi, emerges from Hell Realm Mandala, a gift from Ibuki for Kintoki to wield with Golden Huge Bear so he can cut down the Tree. Limbo then transports everyone to the hellscape for their final battle.[6]

Event: Non-Primate Lebensraum Tunguska Sanctuary[]

Ibuki appears in the Tunguska Special Territory to help Chaldea defeat Beast IV:L.[7][8][9]


Fragment of the Great Serpent God's Spirit

Although Ibuki-douji is a supernatural existence similar to an Oni, an oni she is not.[4] She is a Concept, a part of Nature and the World.[1][4] A genuine god. She is a Divided Spirit of Yamata-no-Orochi, the greatest Dragon of Calamity and one of Japan's Three Great Monsters. As the God of Calamity, water, soil, steel, the skies, storm, fire and war, the standing of her existence is alike to the skies.[4] She is not the sort of existence that can be defeated by a Human or an oni.[5] Even Ibaraki-douji, the chief of the Oni, can't do anything but bow her head in Ibuki's presence.[4] Ashiya Douman claims that thanks to possessing a vast Saint Graph, within which is contained the might Yamato-no-Orochi, Ibuki qualifies as a Beast.[5] Here she manifests as a Saber-class Servant. In her final Ascension, Ibuki's Saint Graph is greatly restored, forcing her to return to her original form.[10]

When Ibuki manifests in the Heian-kyō Lostbelt, she causes a spatial distortion, and the quantity of Magical Energy is too great to be calculated by Katou Danzou. She claims it is comparable to a Lostbelt King and in the same realm as the Greek Gods of the 5th Lostbelt. Ibuki's ultra-high-density Magical Energy can be used to create a gravitational force strong enough to restrict the movements of the people around her. Ritsuka Fujimaru states this pressure is close to the one enforced by Terminal Zeus. Shuten-douji is initially unaffected by this attack due to being an alternative aspect of Ibuki, and she takes this to her advantage, neutralizing the pressure restricting Sakata Kintoki, Minamoto-no-Raikou, Watanabe-no-Tsuna, Katou Danzou, and Medea Lily with her own energy. With just a single word, Ibuki can induce a heavier gravitational burden than before, rendering all the people fighting her incapable of movement, even Shuten.[4] Although Kintoki states initially that he can't even lift a finger,[4] he forces himself to stand after a while.[5] Ibuki exerts an even greater pressure again, forcing Kintoki to the ground.[5]

Despite being absorbed by the Fantasy Tree Hell Realm Mandala, Ibuki was able to maintain her Saint Graph and lend her sword to Golden Huge Bear, something Ashiya Douman thought was impossible.[6]


Ibuki's body is inherently protected by a defensive Bounded Field that envelops her flesh since birth. Despite Medea Lily deploying all her Spell protocols within her knowledge per High-Speed Divine Words, Watanabe-no-Tsuna's blade is unable to scratch Ibuki's skin. Even though all the forces arrayed against Ibuki exercised their full combat potential, none of their attacks were able to reach her Spiritual Core. They described it as fighting Nature itself. Shuten-douji was able to tear through the Bounded Field by delivering a surprise attack from behind, not only piercing her flesh, but damaging her Saint Graph as well.[4]

Ibuki also possesses innate automatic regeneration since birth. This allowed her to heal all her wounds after being damaged by Shuten-douji.[4]

Ibuki can grow and shrink her body at will. During combat, she usually grows to 3 meters.[4]

When fighting a recreation of Surtr, Ibuki goes all out, even bringing out her Orochis.[7] With the help of Taigong Wang, Dobrynya Nikitich, Mash Kyrielight, and Habetrot, they defeat him. Ibuki is left exhausted and she praises his sword and his strength. She laments that he wasn't the real thing and Ritsuka Fujimaru agrees that the real Laevatein was even more incredible. Ibuki jokes that if she had been facing the real thing she might have fallen in love.[8]

Despite Taigong Wang using Yuxu Embodiment – Enforcing the Investiture of the Gods, his second Anti-Beast Noble Phantasm to buff Ibuki, Mash Kyrielight, and Dobrynya Nikitich, they are still incapable of matching Tamamo Vitch Koyanskaya in her Juvenile Beast form. Taigong Wang states he failed again, and that the power increase granted by his Noble Phantasm wasn't even 1/10 of what he predicted.[9]


Class Skills[]

  • Divine Core of the Snake God (A Rank): A composite Skill including the Divinity Skill. Since, according to the legends, she is a mixed race with a Human, it should be difficult for her to possess a Divine Core, however... As a child of Yamata-no-Orochi, Ibuki-douji possesses this skill at a high rank exceptionally. In case she degrades into an oni, she will lose this skill and it will be converted into a low rank Divinity Skill.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Fingertips of Impurity (Rank A): A loss of purity, a lack of honor and finally death. Those touched by Ibuki-douji's fingers are impure and aren't allowed to show themselves before the gods or Humans. It is classified as an offensive skill, but it also grants bonus effects when conversing with Spirits of the dead, Demonic Beasts, and fallen gods outside combat.[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

Ibuki's Noble Phantasm is Divine Sword - Kusanagi-no-Tachi, one of the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan. It is such a fearsome weapon that a swingle swing from it upon the release of its True Name blows away eight valleys and peaks and gives birth to eight large rivers... However, according to Ibuki-douji, this is nothing but momentarily borrowing the slightest of glitters of the divine sword. Its true value wouldn't stop at something of this level.[1] Although Tamamo Vitch Koyanskaya regards Ibuki's sword as "troublesome", she overlooks it since Ibuki doesn't seem able to exhibit its true value.[9]

Forms and Alternate Versions[]



Class Skills
Personal Skills
  • Midsummer Goddess (B Rank)
  • Summer Cheerleader (C Rank)
  • Beach Apocalypse (A+ Rank)
Noble Phantasm

Ibuki-douji's Noble Phantasm is Holy Spirit of Ibuki - Eight Channels Surging Waves.


Raita Honjou is the character illustrator for Ibuki-douji.


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