Ichiko Inui (乾 一子, Inui Ichiko?) is the older sister of Arihiko Inui in Kagetsu Tohya.



Ichiko became acquainted with Shiki Tohno after he began visiting her brother at their house when they were middle school students.[1]


Nicknamed "Miss Strawberry," Ichiko is a woman who Shiki can call an acquaintance, or possibly "an existence he can't defy." She is even more self-indulgent in how she lives her life than her brother, but she is a "splendidly independent adult woman." Shiki and Arihiko consider her a "mysterious person who changes jobs about once a year."[1]

She sometimes gives Shiki a present to commemorate a good event, but they're all completely inscrutable. Shiki still values them greatly because it seems to mean a lot to her.[1]

She is known to be a heavy smoker. She works at night, and sleeps in the day, demanding that her younger brother keep quiet. No one knows what her job actually is, and Arihiko has wondered about it for many years. Arihiko considers her to be irresponsible and childish, citing her tendency to run around and do as she pleased after their family's death.


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