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« Well then, here's my trump card."
"Here is the great flames of hell, namely, pandemonium."
"Immortal Chaos Brigade! »


Immortal Chaos Brigade: Undying Chaotic Brigade (不滅の混沌旅団
, Fumetsu no Konton Ryodan
Imōtaru Kaosu Burigeido
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Fuma Kotaro. Rather than Fuma Kotaro's Noble Phantasm, it is more appropriate to call it the Noble Phantasm of the Fuma Ninja Corps. It summons his 200 subordinates as spiritual bodies, automatically turns the surroundings of the enemy group into darkness, and throw them into a hell of agonizing cries. Together with 200 thugs, the Fifth Fuma Kotaro that was employed by the Hojo infiltrated into the encampment of the Takeda army and indiscriminately murdered wounded soldiers, plundered weapons and provisions, and dumped fire here and there while raising war cries. Those night raids that continued every day and night forced the Takeda army into retreat.[1]


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