The Imperial Capital Holy Grail Strange Story (帝都聖杯奇譚, Teito Seihai Kitan?, localized as "Legend of the Imperial Capital Grail") is a series of Holy Grail War set in the Fate/KOHA-ACE timeline.





Imperial Capital Holy Grail Strange Story MemoirsEdit

The Imperial Capital Holy Grail Strange Story Memoirs -Showa Sengoku Picture Scroll- (帝都聖杯奇譚回顧録 昭和戦国絵巻?) is the Third Fuyuki Holy Grail War of the Fate/KOHA-ACE timeline. It is not directly related to the world of Fate/stay night in the same way that Fate/Apocrypha diverges from it.

Imperial Capital Holy Grail Strange StoryEdit

The Imperial Capital Holy Grail Strange Story is a divergent Holy Grail War set shortly after the Third Holy Grail War in which Archer won the battle. The Imperial Japanese Army won the war and created a new bomb that used the Holy Grail as its core. Called the "81st Holy Grail Bomb", it is a special weapon designed to protect Japan against its enemies near the end of World War II. With an enemy from the German Third Reich’s magi division, it has become a Holy Grail War hidden in history.[1]

Fate/type RedlineEdit

Fate/type Redline is a revised version of Fate/KOHA-ACE with new Masters.


[v]Series War Servant Identity Master
???MemoirsSaber Toyotomi HideyoshiRin Tohsaka/Sakura Matou
???MemoirsArcher Oda Nobunaga Artoria
???MemoirsLancer of Eight FlowersNagao KagetoraSatsuki Yumizuka
???MemoirsUnknownUnknownIllyasviel von Einzbern
Fate/KOHA-ACEStrange StorySaber Okita SoujiKohaku
Fate/KOHA-ACEStrange StoryArcher Oda Nobunaga Artoria
Fate/KOHA-ACEStrange StoryLancerLi ShuwenCaren Kotomine
Fate/KOHA-ACEStrange StoryRiderSakamoto RyomaNone (Counter Force)
Fate/KOHA-ACEStrange StoryCasterMaxwell's DemonFuhrer
Fate/KOHA-ACEStrange StoryAssassinOkada IzouMajor Reiter
Fate/KOHA-ACEStrange StoryBerserkerMori NagayoshiMajor Matou
Fate/KOHA-ACEStrange StoryCounter GuardianOkita Souji (Alter)None (Counter Force)
Fate/KOHA-ACEStrange StoryLancerCú ChulainnMysterious Officer
Fate/KOHA-ACEStrange StoryHeroic Spirit SoldiersVariousFuhrer
Fate/type RedlineStrange StorySaber Okita SoujiKanata Akagi
Fate/type RedlineStrange StoryArcher Oda NobunagaUnnamed
Fate/type RedlineStrange StoryLancerLi Shuwen???
Fate/type RedlineStrange StoryRiderSakamoto RyomaNone (Counter Force)
Fate/type RedlineStrange StoryCasterMaxwell's DemonUnnamed
Fate/type RedlineStrange StoryAssassinOkada IzouUnnamed
Fate/type RedlineStrange StoryBerserkerMori NagayoshiMajor Magatsu
Fate/type RedlineStrange StoryLancer UnknownMysterious Officer
Koha-AceNoneTokugawa Ieyasu Tokugawa IeyasuNone
Koha-AceNoneSun Wukong Sun WukongNone
Koha-AceNoneDevil Saber Okita Souji/Oda NobunagaNone


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