The Indian Lostbelt, alternatively Lostbelt No. 4 (ロストベルト No. 4?), is the fourth of the seven known Lostbelts. Originating in 11900 Deva Vatsara, it's Lost Depth is A and it's associated Crypter is Scandinavia Peperoncino.[1][2]

The events of Chaldea's visit to this Lostbelt are covered in the fourth chapter of Cosmos in the Lostbelt; Yuga Kshetra: Genesis Destruction Cycle (創世滅亡輪廻?, localized as "Samsara of Genesis and Terminus"), alternatively Black Final God (黒き最後の神?, localized as "The Final Dark God").[1]

Setting[edit | edit source]

Indian Lostbelt Map 1.png

During the climax of the Mahabharata, Arjuna absorbed all of the Hindu Gods starting with Krishna. He became Arjuna Alter, a living god with a skewed personality, and decided a perfect being like himself must live in a perfect world befitting him. Orginally the Yuga System in Hindu Mythology that destroys and recreates the World occurs after several millenia, however Arjuna Alter's impatience changed it to occur on a weekly basis. While doing this, any person with tiniest bit of evil, or considered "evil" by Arjuna Alter would be killed without exception. Those people cannot reincarnate, and will be forever forgotten. Unlike how it is in myth, Arjuna Alter's Yuga System isn't a complete restart, instead elements deemed imperfect are slowingly removed. To live in this world and be considered good, a person must pray to Arjuna Alter everyday, obey his word, and abandon all weapons and conflict. If a person fail, they're considered evil, and thus holy beasts and Kali will come to start a new cycle to remove "evil". Arjuna Alter wants to create the perfect world then extend it to the entire galaxy. According to Ashiya Douman, once the Major Yuga is in effect, that would be the end of the universe and the trichiliocosm.

Mahāpralaya rebuilding the Indian Lostbelt

The A-Rank Lost Depth in this Lostbelt is due to Arjuna Alter speeding up the Yuga System to a weekly reset. For the Lostbelt king only those who are deemed worthy will reincarnate next cycle, he is slowly eliminating people from existence, including memories and actions. The problem is that the king is an amalgamation of gods, the "perfect and purest being", so he will never find anyone really worthy except himself. With this, the numbers of living humans are decreased with each reincarnation cycle because the king eliminated those who deemed unworthy, until no human remains and humanity would perish eventually.

Locations[edit | edit source]

God's Skyboulder‎‎[edit | edit source]

God's Skyboulder is the manifestation of Ganesha's Ganesha Vighneshvara and Lakshmibai's Nahi Doongi.

History[edit | edit source]


Arriving in the Lostbelt, Chaldea sees its Fantasy Tree is partially awakened. They also spot a giant floating cube, but the Shadow Border isn't getting response from it. Ritsuka, Mash, and Nezha exit the Border to go to the nearby leyline suitable for summoning.[3] Ritsuka summons Rama and Karna once the Spirit Origin Trunk is powered. Sherlock Holmes asks them about the Cube, but only Karna has a vague feeling of seeing it before. While continuing to investigate, Nezha, Karna, and Rama notice they're not at full strength after slaying a pack of wild beasts. The group proceed to a nearby town, Bichu, where they meet Asha and her dog, Vihan. Her father, Ajay, brings her and Vihan into their home when the town suddenly starts panicking about the Kali. With everyone locking themselves in their own homes, a bizzare six-legged lizard-like creature appears before the group they assume to be a Kali. More Kali then arrive and begin destroying parts of the town, so the group proceed to slay them. A pack of white creatures enter the town and target the Kali, but soon turn their attention to the group. After slaying the creatures, the group are banished by the town elder, Prakash, for slaying the Holy Beasts and the Kali, calling God's messsengers.[4]

In the nearby plains, the group search for a place to camp when Asha arrives to thank them. They learn epics like Mahabharata don't exist in the Lostbelt when Asha doesn't recognize either Rama or Karna's names. She then suggest the group camp in a cave she plays in, and offers to guide them. She refers to the Cube as God's Sky Rock, suspecting God created it. The townsfolk dare not approach its location due to the Kali. She then reveals the Kali appear more frequently when the Kali Yuga approaches, which is tomorrow. She explains that after Kali Yuga everyone will be killed by God, but those loved by him will be resurrected for the new Yuga. Later, after camp is set up, She confirms the first Yuga is for four days, the second for three, the third for two, and the final, Kali Yuga, for one. She explains the Kali increase in number depending on the current Yuga, and those killed by them lose God's blessing. She then recalls a self-proclaimed god came to her town a few days ago before heading to the mountains. The group decide to investigate, suspecting the person is a Divine Spirit and a Stray Servant. Karna then ensures Asha returns safely home.[4]

The group search the mountains with Nezha searching from the air. While the others meet Scandinavia Peperoncino, she clashes with someone. She crashes into ground before the group and disappears. A blonde Nezha with tanned skin and a dark outfit then arrives and attacks them. However, despite overwhelming them, she leaves upon spotting Peperoncino. The group eventually find a talking elephant god statue that attacks them. Karna breaks the statue to reveal a girl inside, recogizing her as a normal human with a godly aura. She introduces herself as Ganesha, and Sherlock confirms she is a Pseudo-Servant. She refuses to help the group, and goes back into the statue. She fights them however when they decide to use force to remove her from the statue. Afterwards, She confirms it's been five days since she visted the town when it was peaceful, and she agrees to help.[5]

The next morning, the group travel back to Asha's town. However, they notice the environment has become completely desolate within a single day. They eventually return to Asha's town to find it completely destroyed. They try to protect the survivors from an increasing number of Kali when Ashwatthama suddenly appears. As he fights the group, the other Nezha, an old hunter, and a masked man arrive.[6] The old hunter points to Vimana floating above everyone, calling the figure there the sole god of India. Despite his different appearance, Karna recognizes the figure as Arjuna. Arjuna calls himself God, and considers the group failures unneeded in the next Yuga. Energy begins gathering into a sphere in his palms, overloading the Border's systems. Rama throws Brahmastra at God Arjuna, only for it to harmlessly bounce off him. Peperoncino then arrives and calls God Arjuna an amalgamation of the Hindu gods. He offers to help the escape, as the other Nezha chased him through the mountain earlier on God Arjuna's orders. Ashwatthama reveals he is Peperoncino's former Servant, and now he is God Arjuna's. The group fight him while Peperoncino avoids his attacks with high-speed movements. Karna hits him with Vasavi Shakti, and the group escape without finishing him off. Peperoncino warns them that God Arjuna has been preparing to destroy everything in the Lostbelt and then remake it. The group realize diving into the Imaginary Numbers Space is their only option to avoid the restart. They reach the Border when God Arjuna initiates the restart. Karna exits and uses Kavacha and Kundala to protect the Border from God Arjuna's Mahāpralaya. The Border then dives into the Imaginary Number Space.[7]

Peperoncino reveals Arjuna became an amalgamation of the gods during the climax of the Mahabharata. He first obtained Vishnu's power by absorbing his avatar, Krishna. Peperoncino continues that he spent a few months trying to control him, but God Arjuna changed after Ashiya Douman spoke with him. God Arjuna then stole Peperoncino's contract with Ashwatthama, and summoned other Servants. After the Border resurfaces, Ritsuka, Mash, Rama, Ganesha, and Peperoncino exit to investigate.[8] They notice the environment is now beautiful and gentle before proceeding to Asha's town. The town looks relatively pristine, and some are kinder because the current Yuga is the Krita Yuga, the Yuga of Happiness. The group meet Ajay and Asha, but she doesn't remember Vihan. Peperonico explains originally the Yuga last a few millennia between each other with each year equaling 350 human years. He deduces the increased number of Kali is due to the Yuga Cycle being shortened to a weekly basis. He reveals God Arjuna removes what he deems as failures and unnecessary between each cycle in pursuit of a perfect world without evil. He then reveals God Arjuna spends his time after each restart flying Vimana near the Tree searching for "evil" to eliminate. He also suspects the old hunter and cloaked man are Archer and Caster respectively. He also reveals Crypter is a designation given by Marisbury Animusphere for Masters of A-Team. Later, the group learn of a village rebelling against God Arjuna, and fighting against the Kali.[9]


The next day, the group reach a walled village, Dewar, which they suspect to be home to the Resistance. They try to enter when the Resistance leader suspects them of being servants of God Arjuna. She fights them when Holy Beasts suddenly attack. She realizes the group aren't servants of God Arjuna after seeing them slay the Holy Beasts. She introduces herself as Lakshmibai, and she possesses Lakshmi's power and consciousness. She reveals she has been materialized for more than 10 days. Peperoncino suspects she survived the restart because she wasn't recognize as flawed. Despite the risk of being deemed flawed, Lakshmibai joins the group.The group then head for the Cube's location.[10] The group then head for the Cube, which was already present when Lakshmibai was summoned. Pepperoncino considered removing it if it was detrimental. The group soon reach the Cube, but they're forced to retreat due to the abnormal number of Kali.[11]

Later, the village is attacked by Nezha. As the group fight her, Sherlock deduces God Arjuna granted divinities to his Servants, the Lokapala. She eventually decides to overload herself by using too many treasures to prevent Kubera's divinity from overwhelming her consciousness. She reveals a Lokapala's divinities will scatter once defeated, and that they each maintain their territories expect Ashwatthama whose on a independent mission. She was charged with the North to South-East; William Tell is charged with the North to South-West; Asclepius is charged with the South-East to South-West. After Nezha disappears, the group agree to target Asclepius. Lakshmibai recalls a town in the southwest that she suspects Asclepius will appear at.[12]

The group arrive at a village, where a doctor came and stop an epidemic from spreading. They suspect it's Asclepius when he appears. He summons the undead, revealing the divinity he was given as a Lokapala is Yama. The group fight the undead, but they're constantly restored. Suddenly, God Arjuna appears and defeats the group. He then leaves, and Asclepius prepares to finish them off. However, Daybit Sem Void suddenly appears with his Servant, which Da Vinci realizes is a Grand Servant. Daybit's Servant destroys Asclepius' undead with a single strike, and leaves when ordered to. Daybit was transported to the Lostbelt by Tamamo Vitch. He advises Peperoncino on how to fight God Arjuna before leaving. The group then recover and force Asclepius to retreat. They then leave the village out of concern they'll be considered outcasts after God Arjuna defeated them.[13]

On their way back to Lakshmibai's village, the group learn from Peperonciono that God Arjuna's power will decrease if people stop revering him as a god. They also realize Lakshmibai's Resistance could be used as a starting point for this goal. Peperoncino suggests they incite rebellion to the other villages. Unfortunately, the group reach Lakshmibai's village to find it besieged by Holy Beasts. After killing them, they move the survivors to Bichu.[14] 

The next morning, Bichu's citzens and Dewar's survivors argue about the group slaying Holy Beasts yesterday. The town is attacked by the Kali, which the group fight joined by the survivors and later the Bichu citzens. William snipes the Kali far outside the village, but the Holy Beasts continue attacking. Suddenly he changes his target to Ritsuka, but Mash blocks his shots. Rama deduces he was granted Vayu's divinity to have such incredible range. The group enter a horse carriage, and Lakshmibai drives toward William's position. She is shot several times, but she is able to get the others to William.

After forcing him to retreat, the group return to Bichu. Lakshmibai agrees to teach Bichu's citzens on how to fight.[14] The Kali Yuga eventually begins, and the group prepare to leave Bichu with the villagers now trained in combat. However, they see a horde of Kali fuse together to become a larger one. The fight it and the other Kali continuously when Asclepius whose received a new divinity from God Arjuna. He raises the undead, then creates a ripple of water through a tool that strengthens the Kali. Peperoncino deduces his divinity is Varuna, which he suspects Asclepius is more compatible with him than Yama since Varuna is also related to medicine. Sherlock however deduces Asclepius is using Varuna's divinity through his tool. The group defeat him when Ascelipus notices his body is failing him. Peperoncino suspects God Arjuna gave him another divinity knowing would result in his destruction. Rama then kills Ascelipus out of mercy. William then arrives, forcing the group into another fight. While they're fighting, Asha picks up a crossbow and aims it toward William. William is forced to aim his crossbow at her against his will. Ganesha tries to get him to remember his son, but God Arjuna erased those feelings from him.

As William struggles mentally, Rama deals a fatal blow. He tries to finish him off, only for to Ashwatthama do it instead.[15] A still alive William shoots at him, remembering he was made to forget something. The group use this opportunity to retreat; William uses Vayu's power to sneak away from Ashwatthama. Ashwatthama chases the group when he suddenly collapses from William's arrows. God Arjuna then arrives, preparing to initiate the restart. The group run towards the Border to dive into the Imaginary Number Space. The Border crew notice Tamamo Vitch trying to hitchhike with him, so they go pick her up. Meanwhile, William shoots Apfel Schiessen at God Arjuna and Douman. The arrow misses, only for it to twist back to hit God Arjuna through the activation of Zweite Schiessen. William is deemed unnecessary, so he is erased by Mahāpralaya.[16]

In the Border, Vitch explains her goal is separate from those of the other Alter Egos and the Crypters. Hers is to collect monsters and torment humans. She is forbidden by her business contract with the Alien God to divulge any information about the Alter Ego. However, despite their own separate goals, they all seek to nurture the Fantasy Trees. Vitch reveals Grigori Rasputin left the Russian Lostbelt because he foresaw it would fail. The group agree to allow her to accompany them. The Yuga Cycle resets, and the group head for Bichu. There they discover the people of Dewar and Ajay were erased. Lakshimbai confesses the goddess inside her is in truth Alakshmi. Vitch then guides the group to Ashvatthama's location.[17]

By the first day of the second Yuga, the group find Ashwatthama in the mountains. They fight when they discover his regeneration stems from Krishna's curse after seeing how painful the process is. Peperoncino realizes the curse was activated after God Arjuna stole his contract with Ashwatthama. Ashwatthma confesses in his rage that he followed God Arjuna's commands to escape from his eternal suffering. His rage increases his power even further, and he fights the group again. Rama stabs him and transfers his curse to himself, as he and Krishna are avatars of Vishnu.[18]

Ritsuka touching the cube

Joined by Ashwatthma, the group leave the mountains. He suggests they deny the Yuga to weaken God Arjuna by surviving and rejecting his Noble Phantasm. Ganesha and Lakshmibai decide to use their Noble Phantasms to help achieve this. Ashwatthma decides to send them into the past, which he can do thanks to God Arjuna's constant resting damaging space-time. He tells them they need to be an ever-present element like the sun to survive the reset. If they can do that it will prove God Arjuna's imperfect and weaken him in the present. The three initiate the ritual while the others defend them from Kali. Eventually Lakshmibai activates Nahin Denge, followed by Ganesha activating Ganesha Vighneshvara, then Ashwatthma activating Mahakali Shakti. The girls enter the rift opened by Ashwatthma's Noble Phantasm and instantly vanish. The group are soon overwhelmed by the continuous monsters when the Border arrives. They board it, and Goredolf uses evasive maneuvers to retreat from the monsters.[19]

Time advances to the final day of the Kali Yuga. Goredolf maneuvers the Border to evade the Vimana's shooting. Sherlocks reports an odd reading in their surrounds, so the group drive towards it. They arrive at God's Sky Rock, and realize it was created by Lakshmibai and Ganesha's powers. After breaking through the Kali protecting it, Ritsuka touches it to free Lakshmibai and Ganesha. While Ritsuka, Mash, and Rama tend to them, the others discuss how someone's presence will prove God Arjuna's imperfection. Ashwatthma disappears due to using his Noble Phantasm and God Arjuna severing their contract. Earlier when Ritsuka touched the cube, he met and sparred with Karna in a rift in space. By relinquishing his body and Spirit Core he was able to make Karna return.[20]

Through Ashwatthma's Spirit Core, Karna can temporarily use Shiva's power to match God Arjuna's. God Arjuna descends to face him. Douman also arrives, and Vitch leaves. The group are able to force God Arjuna to retreat back to the Vimana with Karna's help. They follow him to the Fantasy Tree when they're stopped by the Sea of Milk surrounding it. Captain activates his Noble Phantasm to transform the Border into the Nautilus to cross the poisonous waters, revealing himself to be Captain Nemo. They soon reach landfall, and rush toward the Tree. Rama gives Karna Vishnu's power, transforming his Saint Graph. The group reach the Tree where God Arjuna and Douman are waiting. Douman reveals his plan was to reach the apex of eradication. He then has the Fantasy Tree Spiral fully activate, telling it to encircle the planet and bring an infinite multitude of “The End”. God Arjuna absorbs some of its power before fighting Karna. He begins to doubt his own perfection when Karna points out his desire to fight him, losing his perfect godhood. Despite all of his power, he still lost to Karna. He disappears after realizing his contradictory nature. With him gone, the gods he absorbed are freed, and the Kali and sacred beasts vanish.[21]

The group prepare to destroy Spiral when Peperoncino decides to stop them. Rama realizes Krishna's curse disappeared when God Arjuna disappeared; Karna gives him back his back. He then joins Peperoncino before disappearing, allowing a fully revitalized and ascended Ashwatthma to retake his Saint Graph. Now rejoined as Master and Servant, Peperoncino and Ashwatthma fight the group. Eventually the group defeat them and destroy Spiral. Ashwatthma disappears, and Douman arrives. He intended to help defend Spiral, but Asclepius (resurrected through delayed Emulated Medicine) delayed him. After Douman's current body crumbles away, Vitch transports Peperoncino to the Atlantic Lostbelt. Lakshmibai then disappears, and Ganesha leaves back in her statue form. Thanks to Nemo's Alonix Phantasm receiving the needed electric stimuli from specified spot in India, he and the Border are now perfectly synced. This will allow the Border to cross the seas to reach the other Lostbelts. Mash decides to see Asha a final time before the Lostbelt disappears.[21] Asclepius disappears after giving medicine to a boy for his mother. Meanwhile, Ritsuka and Mash tell Asha about the distorted Yuga cycles, including what she had forgotten. They leave unable to tell her the Lostbelt will soon disappear. Asha cries in her sleep, thinking about the family she can no longer remember.[22]

Participants[edit | edit source]


Designation Identity Affiliation
Lancer Nezha Ritsuka Fujimaru
Saber Rama Ritsuka Fujimaru
Lancer Karna Ritsuka Fujimaru
MoonCancer Ganesha Ritsuka Fujimaru
Saber Lakshmibai Resistance
Berserker Nezha Arjuna Alter
Archer William Tell Arjuna Alter
Archer Ashwatthama Arjuna Alter
Caster Asclepius Arjuna Alter
Berserker (Living Hero) Arjuna (Alter) N/A
Alter Ego Ashiya Douman Alien God


Designation Identity Affiliation
Fantasy Tree Fantasy Tree Spiral Alien God
Crypter Scandinavia Peperoncino Crypters

References[edit | edit source]

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