Ira Lupus: Rampaging Maiden Wolf (猛り狂う乙女狼
, Takeri Kuru'u Otome Ōkami
Īra Rupusu
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Gareth.

Gareth’s talent in jousting has been sublimated as a noble phantasm. After hammering in consecutive strikes like a surging wave, she pierces through the enemy with one last finishing thrust. In the past, to protect her dear friend Lady Lyonesse, she defeated such prestigious names as Sir Blamore de Ganis, Sir Galihodin, Sir Galehaut (Not Galihad), Sir Dinadan, Sir La Cote Male Tayle, Sir Sagramore le Desirious, Sir Dodinas le Savage, King Anguish of Ireland, King Carados of Scotland, and King Uriens and King Bagdemagus of Gore all with but a single lance.

On another occasion, when she challenged King Arthur himself to joust, the King praised the way she fought as like a ‘Rampaging Wolf’.

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