Iskandar's Shadow (イスカンダルの影武者, Isukandaru no Kagemusha?), Class Name Faker (フェイカー, Feikā?), is a Faker-class Servant summoned by Doctor Heartless appearing in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files.[2][3]



Faker was born without a name. In place of a True Name she is referred to as both Iskandar's Shadow and Hephaestion. She was the younger twin sister of Hephaestion, one of the generals serving under Alexander the Great. She was taught from a young age by Olympias, Iskandar's mother, to act as a body-double and confidant to Iskandar, and also acted for her brother at times. For this purpose, she was never given a name, and borrowed her brother's when needed. Combined with spreading rumors of Iskandar's appearance as based on her own, so distinctly different from his, she was the ideal vessel to receive any curses directed towards Iskandar.

Not accepting these near inhumane circumstances, Iskandar attempted numerous times to give her a proper name and identity,[2][3] all of which she vehemently refused due to her loyalty to him and her desire to continue serving him as his "Shadow". Since giving her a name would weaken the spells redirecting curses from him to her she rejected each time. Not only that, but for the sake of protecting Iskandar from various forms of curses and magecraft, she developed numerous counter-intelligence schemes. That is why the descriptions left behind about Iskandar don’t match the appearance of the Servant Iskandar at all.[4]

The Class name of Faker is, in a way, the first name she ever received.[4]

Because of her own hatred toward Iskandar's army, she isn't recognized as a part of his army. Thus she is not present in Ionioi Hetairoi. This is why Waver does not recognize her.


Faker wears an outfit extremely similar to that of Alexander as a child. She has heterochomatic eyes, with one appearing to be a very pale grey with a slight goldish tint, while the other is blue. When Faker uses her Mystic Eyes, both eyes glow orange.


Faker appears as a haughty young woman, citing herself as the primary confidant of Iskandar, and bears a dislike for Lord El-Melloi II. She grows angered when he refers to himself as Iskandar's subject, claiming to be disgusted because he has no qualifications to be so. She considers him to be similar to Eumenes.

Despite her loyalty, she resents Iskandar for never letting go of his dream to see Okeanos, believing he knew it was not real but still desired to seek it out. This eventually caused her to harbor a certain level of contempt for his army and her fellow subjects who unquestionably followed his dream, despite the revelation of the truth that there was no sea at the end of the world. Her absence from Ionioi Hetairoi is due to her opinion on the army after the Wars of the Diadochi. When Iskandar activates his Noble Phantasm the spirit of Iskandar's Shadow hears the call, in the process of being summoned she is given knowledge of events after her death and learns about the Wars of the Diadochi, and then she rejects the summoning before it is completed.[4]

After Gray absorbs some of her magical energy, she becomes impressed enough to show off her Mystic Eyes of Compulsion. At the same time, her warrior's pride compels her to rescue Gray from an avalanche, stating that "Warriors should die on the battlefield."

As a servant of Dionysus the god of wine, she regularly outdrank other members Iskandar's army.[4] She had a poor relationship with the other retainers of Iskandar, which caused problems for her brother as he tried to find a way to mend those relationships.[5]

Just as she said during the story, “Being a warrior is a question of both body, mind, and spirit.” Her love of battle and the skills that saw her through numerous battlefields made it possible for her and Heartless to break through the Spiritual Tomb of Albion alone. Despite how much of a mismatched pair the two of them may seem, her partnership with Heartless is one she finds unexpectedly comfortable.

Though it was never discussed in detail, the way Heartless’ life changed after being betrayed by his students and her unwillingness to forgive the betrayal she suffered in the Wars of the Diadochi demonstrated a clear unity of values between them.[4]


Lord El-Melloi II Case Files[]

case. Mystic Eyes collection train[]

Faker appears atop the Rail Zeppelin.

In an ironic echo to Rider's summoning, Faker was summoned by Doctor Heartless using the piece of Iskandar's mantle that he stole from Lord El-Melloi II. When she first reveals herself to Lord El-Melloi II and Gray atop the Rail Zeppelin, she lies to them that she is Hephaestion. El-Melloi II is shocked that there was a servant of Iskandar who he had never seen before, as she was not part of Ionioi Hetairoi.

She fights Karabo Frampton, ending up killing him. She subsequently fights Gray, overwhelming her using her Noble Phantasm Hecatic Wheel and ends up getting blasted away by Rhongomyniad. Heartless saves her in extremis using his "Turn around, my heart" incantation to teleport themselves to safety.

Between the Rail Zeppelin Incident and the Grand Roll Incident[]

Between the times of the Rail Zeppelin and Grand Roll incidents, Heartless and Faker got involved in numerous incidents beyond the knowledge of El-Melloi II. Through it all, Heartless always seemed to be strangely enjoying himself, an attitude that always brought a frown and a “what’s with this guy?” from Faker.[6]

case. Grand Resolution[]

Inspired by the ritual from Blackmore Cemetery that would have turned Gray into a second coming of King Arthur, Heartless planned to turn Faker into Iskandar. The both of them attack the Department of Modern Magecraft using Hecatic Wheel to destroy an old building and reveal a portal to the Spiritual Tomb of Albion behind it. Faker engages in battle against Touko Aozaki and a Volumen Hydrargyrum armored Svin Glascheit. She compliments Touko's skill, but Faker's magecraft is fundamentally stronger due to its origins in the Age of Gods. Heartless and Faker eventually have to withdraw through a rift to the Spiritual Tomb of Albion before it closes, but Touko's last attack knocks a golden coin free from their chariot.[7]

The golden coin has Iskandar's face on it, an old currency from his empire, and it's thanks to it that Lord El-Melloi II is able to figure out Heartless' plan: Heartless plans to travel to the heart of the Spiritual Tomb of Albion, making use of its properties as a labyrinth in death and rebirth initiation rites to ascend Faker's Saint Graph closer to that of Iskandar's. He also plans to use the Sealing Designated Norikata Emiya to accelerate Faker's time billions of times over using Innate Time Control, praying to her the whole time. This should have the effect of accumulating thousands of years of prayer to her, or more specifically to Iskandar, who was said to carry the blood of Zeus. The Grand Roll itself also provides the required amount of tons of Magical Energy, as during the ceremony the dragon's heart of the Spiritual Tomb of Albion is opened, making it the best place to get a wave of Mystery big enough connected to the inner sea of the planet to turn a Heroic Spirit into a Divine Spirit. With this, Iskandar will ascend to the rank of a Divine Spirit in modern times. The Authority of a god is the source of the magecraft of the Age of Gods, and with it mages won't need to seek the Root anymore, ushering in a new age of magic. Coins like the one they dropped would become powerful magical catalysts, as after Iskandar became a god they would work as a pass, connecting their holder to Iskandar as a sort of pseudo-master.[7]

Heartless succeeds in his plan to transform Iskandar into a Divine Spirit and summon him in the present day. Faker as Divine Spirit Iskandar is shining figure that human eyes can only see as dazzling light, because it is impossible to process all the excess information it is made of, including the different heights and figures of both Faker and Iskandar. Divine Spirit Iskandar emits so much Magical Energy that it's difficult to breathe and it's burning the Magic Circuits of those present.[8]

After apologizing for being unable to achieve Iskandar's wish and then thanking him and saying goodbye, El-Melloi II uses the Command Spell Luvia gave him as well as the coin making him a pseudo-master to order Iskandar to unsummon himself, changing Faker back into herself. After Iskandar is unsummoned and turns back into Faker, Faker stays with Heartless in his dying moments before she disappears.[8]


As she didn’t leave behind any anecdotal stories in history, her status as a Servant is rather weak, but she still boasts a considerable and comprehensive combat ability. This results not just from having powerful skills or Noble Phantasms, but from the wide variety of physical and magical options available to her in combat, and her ability to keenly recognize which of those options is optimal for each situation.[4]

Her main armament is a short sword akin to Iskandar's spatha, but with two horns curving off the hilt, and she shows the strength and skill to overpower Gray.

Mystic Eyes of Compulsion.

Faker possesses Noble Colours rank Mystic Eyes of Compulsion, which give her the ability to forcibly take control of her target's body against their will and can even compel them to speak the truth. It causes the victim physical and mental strain as they are still conscious of their actions.

Faker has also displayed a level of skill in using magecraft and spellcraft, as seen in her attempts to use several offensive spells against Gray. Her magical energy takes the color of vibrant red lightning similar to Iskandar's blue. The Dionysus that Faker references normally corresponds to the god of wine Bacchus, but the magecraft she uses actually points to the maddened Zeus himself. In short, an omnipotent god gone mad. Abandoning reason and embracing infinite chaos is truly suitable as a source for magecraft.[4] The lineage of her magecraft can be traced back to Hecate, giving Faker a loose connection to Medea and Circe who also use spells derived from Hecate.[9] She could easily overpower Touko, one of the greatest magi in the modern era, in a contest of magecraft since Faker wield Age of Gods mystics.


Class Skills[]

  • Independent Action (Rank B): It is possible for a Servant to stay in the world for two days without a Master. However, this is the ideal value achieved by maximally conserving mana and avoiding battle and Noble Phantasm usage.
  • Camouflage (Rank B): At B Rank, it is possible to fool an opponent by appearing as another Class or with different parameters.

Personal Skills[]

  • High-Speed Divine Words (Rank B): The ability to speak magical incantations at an accelerated speed. By using a language from the Age of Gods, High-Thaumaturgy can be cast at the speed of Single-Action spells.
  • For He Is Another Iskandar (Fake) (Rank B): Allows Faker to imitate Iskander's Noble Phantasms and Skills as his body double. Copied Skills are dropped by one rank, but it is possible to slightly change their function.
  • Blessing of the Nameless (Rank EX): Whether by sword, Magecraft, or curse, she can take the damage in place of someone she recognizes as her Master. The damage can also be mitigated if the correct measures are taken.

Noble Phantasm[]

She possesses the Noble Phantasm Hecatic Wheel, similar to Alexander's Gordius Wheel, drawn by two skeleton Wyverns rather than Divine Bulls. It is a lower rank than Gordius Wheel, but through the use of her Skill For He Is Another Iskandar (Fake) she is able to give her chariot functions that Gordius Wheel did not have, such as an autopilot.


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    Her true identity is that of Hephaestion’s younger twin sister, born at the behest of the King of Conquerer’s mother Olympias, to protect him for his entire life.
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    The Class name of Faker is, in a way, the first name she ever received.
    As she didn’t leave behind any anecdotal stories in history, her status as a Servant is rather weak, but she still boasts a considerable and comprehensive combat ability. This results not just from having powerful skills or Noble Phantasms, but from the wide variety of physical and magical options available to her in combat, and her ability to keenly recognize which of those options is optimal for each situation.
    Just as she said during the story, “Being a warrior is a question of both body, mind, and spirit.” Her love of battle and the skills that saw her through numerous battlefields made it possible for her and Heartless to break through the Spiritual Tomb of Albion alone.
    Despite how much of a mismatched pair the two of them may seem, her partnership with Heartless is one she finds unexpectedly comfortable.
    Though it was never discussed in detail, the way Heartless’ life changed after being betrayed by his students and her unwillingness to forgive the betrayal she suffered in the Wars of the Diadochi demonstrated a clear unity of values betwen them.

    The Dionysus that Faker references normally corresponds to the god of wine Bacchus, but the magecraft she uses actually points to the maddened Zeus himself. In short, an omnipotent god gone mad. Abandoning reason and embracing infinite chaos is truly suitable as a source for magecraft.
    Of course, as one who serves the god of wine, nevermind Iskandar, she regularly drank all of his close friends and advisors under the table.
    In addition, the reason she rejects the summons of the Ionian Hetairoi comes from the following flow of events. “She is called by Iskandar” ⮕ “Immediately before being summoned, she is given the fundamental knowledge from the world about the Wars of the Diadochi” ⮕ “Before the summoning is completed, she rejects it.” A summoned Heroic Spirit, if not from the Holy Grail then from the World itself, receives knowledge about the present era. In the case of Ionian Hetairoi, it is the latter that provides the information.
    Were she to be summoned again as a Servant, as usual she would forget everything that happened during the course of these incidents. But what if she were summoned as part of the Army of the King? What if she were summoned in a Singularity that ignored the correct chronology of history, or by a system completely different than the one set up in Fuyuki?
    The answer will remain a mystery until such an event occurs.



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    Iskandar’s closest friend…though he didn’t think so himself.
    While his sister spread such information around, Hephaestion was aware that was simply counter-intelligence. Hephaestion was inserted at Iskandar’s side so as, even if only a little, to reduce the chance of him being attacked.
    His sister’s relationship with Iskandar’s other retainers was rather poor, a daily pain in Hephaestion’s stomach as he tried to find a way to mend those relationships. If alive today, he would no doubt be accused of having a siscon streak in him. In a way, one could say that fear became accurate after his death.
    At any rate, when Hephaestion was summoned by Iskandar’s Noble Phantasm Ionian Hetairoi, he was the first to notice his sister’s absence.
    If summoned as a Servant, he would gain a number of Iskandar’s Skills and Noble Phantasms from his own Personal Skill, “He is Another Iskandar (True).” The difference between his version and his sister’s “Fake” version of the skill is that his version does not copy the acquired abilities at a reduced rank. Conversely, it would be difficult to use them in the ways Faker does.


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    His elemental affinity was originally Earth, but was changed by his experience in the Land of the Fairies.
    In this work, he stands as the greatest rival of El-Melloi II. Or one could call him El-Melloi II’s shadow. While El-Melloi II could be characterized as one so lacking in talent he is always being saved by his students, Heartless can be characterized by one who is so peerless in ability that he was inevitably betrayed by his students.
    The magecraft he uses is wide and varied.
    The Faculty of Modern Magecraft didn’t have much in the way of family lines, and so worked to preserve numerous forms of magecraft of relatively shallow histories. Heartless’ area of study was each and every one of those. Though it is hard to say how much he was aware of it, due to a certain kind of time paradox, having lead the dual lives of Adashino Kurou and Heartless had a large influence on him.
    Adashino Kurou received all kinds of guidance from his future self, Heartless, causing his abilities to grow at an unprecedented rate. To those around him, it seemed like the pouring of water from one bottle into another, but there was nothing supernatural about it. In reality, his future self knew his own nature and thought process so well that he could provide the perfect teaching and guidance for him, thus transferring all of his skills.
    …in short, it was an homage to a certain Archer and his relationship with Emiya Shirou in the Fifth Holy Grail War.
    His ability to completely flip his heart was, as El-Melloi II recognized, not an ability so much as it was a defect. His heart, left behind in the Land of the Fairies, once connected to the body that was now like an empty shell, made a kind of pseudo-teleportation possible for him, an ability encroaching on the domain of True Magic. However, it was an act similar to inserting a scalpel into one’s heart and flipping it over.
    In the Rail Zeppelin incident, he casually opened his heart twice, but in reality his back was really up against the wall.
    He was the bearer of Mystic Eyes that could steal and take over the vision of others, the Mystic Eyes of the Usurper.
    Originally, they were similar to the Mystic Eyes of Finding, only able to find lost things that they were specifically paired with — rare to be sure, but all in all rather low level as far as Mystic Eyes are concerned. However, due to his time spent in the Land of the Fairies, they transformed into “Mystic Eyes that could steal even the vision from Mystic Eyes.”

    During the story, he spent ten years on his plan to turn the world of magecraft on its head.
    This was not because of some anger at Kurou’s friends among the survivors (or his four students, from Heartless’ perspective) betraying him. Having experienced that betrayal twice after jumping through time, he considered that situation to be “a simple result of karma.”
    Water flows from high to low. Things burned turn to ash.
    As such, if the system itself never changes, the same things will happen over and over for all eternity. That was why he left behind his position as head of the Faculty of Modern Magecraft and, using every method imaginable, sought to upend the world of magecraft known to the Clock Tower.
    In this case, the first thing he needed was information to overwhelm the other magi.
    Carefully picking his allies, he ended up joining forces with Lord Marisbury of the Faculty of Astrology, secretly orchestrating the Mystic Eye Bearer Serial Killings seven years prior. After acquiring numerous sets of Mystic Eyes by doing so, Heartless learned of the truth of the Holy Grail War that the Clock Tower failed to consider seriously, and at the same time decided to keep that information hidden.
    As a result, Marisbury also recognized that the Holy Grail War wouldn’t be able to satisfy his objectives, and he put an end to his own plans…but that is another story.
    At any rate, Heartless, knowing about the truth of the Fourth Holy Grail War and the existence of Servants, moved on to the next step of his plan. In short, through the use of the Divine Spirit Iskandar, the plan for the revival of the magecraft from the Age of Gods. The conspiracies of the Clock Tower were nothing more than scrabbling over Mysteries that were already in decline. So, it was better to return to the Age of Gods, where such intrigue was unnecessary, he thought.

    As an aside, his partnership with Faker was an enjoyable one for him.
    Within his life, where he had already predicted his own betrayal, the companionship of Faker who was raging at being betrayed by the Ionian Hetairoi was something he could accept without consideration. In most cases the relationship between Master and Servant is riddled with tension, but regardless of Faker’s opinion of Heartless, Heartless’ opinion of Faker was that he could rest assured in their partnership.
    Part of the reason much of the malice in Faker’s personality seemed to disappear in Grand Roll was no doubt because of Heartless’ attitude in that respect. Between the times of the Rail Zeppelin and Grand Roll incidents, the pair of them got involved in numerous incidents beyond the knowledge of El-Melloi II. Through it all, Heartless always seemed to be strangely enjoying himslf, an attitude that always brought a frown and a “what’s with this guy?” from Faker.
    In comparison to the rest of his unfortunate life, the last two months of his plan to upend the world of magecraft were, despite the tremendous upheavel, incredibly calm.




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    Originally, the Noble Phantasm of Iskandar, Gordius Wheel.
    Due to the skill “He is Another Iskandar (Fake)” that Faker possesses, she has also gained this Noble Phantasm. However, while Iskandar’s chariot is pulled by a pair of divine bulls, hers is pulled by magically animated bone dragons.
    Compared to the original Gordius Wheel, it’s Rank and power have diminished considerably, but in exchange it is capable of many more things. One is the autopilot feature shown in Grand Roll. In addition, if Faker pours her own magical energy into it, it is capable of exhibiting a level of power similar to the original Gordius Wheel.
    The name “Hecatic” is derived from the goddess Hecate, from whom Faker’s lineage of magecraft from the Age of Gods finds its source. Though faint, there is some connection to the Caster of the Fifth Holy Grail War.


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