Jǐjiǎo Yīzhèn: Double-Pronged Formation (掎角一陣
?) is the Noble Phantasm of  Chen Gong. Kikaku Ichijin. The heretic Noble Phantasm belonging to Chen Gong. It is the temporary of extreme reinforcement of massive offensive ability to an ultra critical point...utilizing a surplus part built upon the creation of the Five Soldiers of the War God, the ultra-small magic circuit hyper accelerator.

It deals damage towards the enemy lines by sacrificing a single ally. In other words, "a Stella which utilizes the life of others". Truly the worst.

"A clash between my own most powerful against the enemy's most powerful. What is left afterwards is nothing but mere skirmish. Now, let us rebuild----"

Such was Chen Gong's favorite phrase, refreshingly said as he overlooked the destroyed enemy lines from above by means of detonating the military commander. In order to soften such an inhuman (cruel) impression, a bamboo slip illusionary technique of the ancient Xia Dynasty was utilized to create a camouflage and show a scenery where "for some reason, when Chen Gong unleashes his arrow the enemy lines detonates."

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