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Jack the RipperWP (ジャック・ザ・リッパーWP, Jakku za Rippā?) is a serial killer who originated in London around 1888. Multiple versions are summoned as Servants.


Jack the Ripper is the name given to a killer, identified by various letters, who butchered five womenWP, all prostitutes, in the Whitechapel district of London and then disappeared without being caught despite the frantic investigations of the Scotland YardWP.[1] Jack was considered the "chaotic type" of serial killer, one who "commits murder based on reasons that are completely illogical and no one besides themselves can understand." Compared to the "orderly type", one "who can commit murder while maintaining a certain amount of reason and order" and prove much harder to convict, the "chaotic type" is the kind who leaves the scene of the crime without destroying evidence leading back to them. Despite leaving behind much evidence, the culprit was never caught, reasons cited as being the limits on the means of scientific investigation during that period and a late response of the initial investigation due to the fact that the victims were "only prostitutes." The culprit also displayed actions showing more reason like sending a letter to a newspaper to incite a panic. The letter is considered highly likely to have been a forgery, but no evidence could completely prove that it false either.

Due to the mystery behind the murders and culprit, Jack the Ripper has become known throughout the world, the most famous of such cases. Besides the culprit and a possible person who put an end to their murders, none know the true name of Jack the Ripper. Possessing no name, no known appearance, no known gender, the assurance that it was only a single culprit, or even the certainty that it was a human culprit, Jack the Ripper is a "symbol of fear" that terrorizes the world, imagined in countless ways and discussed through many stories and theories. People speculate over everything from it having been a doctor, a fellow prostitute, the devil, or madness itself, and those stories created by their fear were unified into a single legend.[1] These converge as a Heroic Spirit whose form is uncertain, summoning a different "Jack the Ripper" as a Servant depending on the class under which they are summoned or the location in which they are summoned. These variations will always happen unless the “true Jack the Ripper” is fixed and settled by the Holy Grail.

Known Jack the Ripper Servants[]

  • Assassin of Black, the Servant of Reika Rikudou in Fate/Apocrypha, is an "amalgamation of the children who were aborted by the many prostitutes who lived in Whitechapel, London." Although she committed murders of prostitutes in life, she is uncertain if she was Jack the Ripper or if those were Jack the Ripper's victims. In the world of Fate/Apocrypha, she can never be summoned again after the Great Holy Grail War due to being sublimated by Ruler.
  • Berserker, the Servant of Flat Escardos in Fate/strange Fake, is the embodiment of the mystery behind the legend of Jack the Ripper in the form of an "emblem of madness."


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