Jaguar in the Black: In the Forest’s Darkness Lurks the Jaguar (ジャガー潜む暗黒の森
, Jagā Hisomu Ankoku no Mori
Jagā in za Burakku
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Jaguar Man. The Jaguar lurks in the forest of the night, waiting for its prey as it becomes darkness itself, and swoops down on its prey as it becomes the jaws of death itself. A Noble Phantasm that can only be used at night. Temporarily grants a plus modifier to her attack damage by exhibiting the Jaguar’s characteristic of being nocturnal. Simultaneously, she acquires a special “Presence Concealment” Skill, granting a plus modifier to her evasion and accuracy as well.[1]

It can apply the same effects to allies that are within range. It left Jaguar Man, Irisviel and Ritsuka mostly undetected as they stalked EMIYA. Jaguar Man said that using this for allies is difficult during intense battles but easy during regular battles.


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