James Moriarty(WP) (ジェームズ・モリアーティ(WP), Jēmuzu Moriāti?), Class Name Archer (アーチャー, Āchā?), also known as Archer of Shinjuku (新宿のアーチャー, Shinjuku no Āchā?) is an Archer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



In the Sherlock Holmes Series, this mathematics professor is famous as Holmes' greatest and strongest rival. Despite appearing in only three works - furthermore, most of the time, he is merely mentioned by Holmes - the charisma of this evil genius nevertheless obtained tremendous endorsing thanks to the secret maneuvering during Holmes’ final case (although he would later be revived...). A genius, philosopher, thinker, and an extremely outstanding intellect. Holmes once said that he was the "Napoleon of the Criminal World“ - despite being a simple mathematics professor, his organization web supposedly spread all over Europe. According to the setting revealed within the story, he engaged in a job that was like a criminal consultant so to speak - or something.[1]

In addition, although the Holmes Series itself is a collection of works that should be called the pioneer of every “mystery”, it could perhaps be said that Moriarty is also the fundamental being for a charismatic criminal that “plans crimes without receiving any wrongdoing for that”.[2]

Moriarty’s public appearance is a mathematician/teacher. However, one of the treatises written by him, The Dynamics of an Asteroid(WP), has been buried in the dark without almost ever appearing on the surface, and Isaac Asimov(WP) thought of an idea for that and wrote The Ultimate Crime(WP), a short story in the Black Widowers Series(WP). Also, it is highly likely that Holmes intentionally circulated misinformation to have Moriarty’s image and appearance differ from the one in the original texts.[2]



Through the machinations of Baal, Archer is a fusion-type Servant that absorbed the abilities of the Phantom Max (マックス?) The Freeshooter (魔弾の射手, Madan'no Shashu?, Magic Bullet Shooter) from the opera “Der Freischütz(WP)”. In the story, a huntsman obtains magic bullets that always bring down the targeted prey by selling his soul to a demon. However, the story goes that the seventh shot alone was fired towards someone the demon wanted - in other words, someone who would bring despair to the contractor.[1]

« Now, I am quite ordinary, you see.
Simply a little, a very little bit crooked!
With my magic bullet, I shall help you out. Still, there is a limit for the magic bullets, so please beware! »

(Archer of Shinjuku)


Archer has the body of a 55 years old man. His white hair is slicked back with a single strand hanging over his right eye. He also has a mustache.


A charismatic evil person. The dignified appearance of that charismatic evil person is so overwhelming, those with a rebellious spirit will lose their feelings of wanting to defy him in his presence. As a philosopher and a mathematician, Moriarty thinks of chaos as something “good”. Even though he was summoned as a Servant, due to “The End of the Spider Thread” Skill, he has become a being that one must always be careful around.[2]

Moriarty is a scheming individual who had planned to destroy the world by any means necessary, even through the use of betraying the protagonist after becoming close to them. His desire to defeat Holmes also motivated many of his actions, including the aforementioned plan.

Having never cared for anyone in his life, Moriarty is an amoral human being who can rarely be trusted. However, he possesses a weakness for daughter-type Servants and becomes enthusiastic towards the idea of being Fran's "papa." He was also ultimately unable to betray the protagonist after bonding with them and ends up holding himself back during their final fight, leading to his defeat. He also makes remarks that hint towards jealousy towards Holmes for him being summoned in a youthful, handsome body, while he was summoned as an old man.

Towards his Master, Moriarty comes into contact with them as a relatively pleasant grandfather. Also, he occasionally whispers evil and will try to lead his Master into it. Nevertheless, if they do not give in (deepen their bond with him), Moriarty will display his mettle for his Master and will try to be helpful to them while still being evil.[2]

Moriarty is also somewhat wary of magecraft, as he is an existence closer to the present era. Though he is aware of its existence and has prepared plans against it, he does not tread too far into magecraft itself. Moriarty also speculates that his attitude towards magecraft is the reason Holmes associated with magecraft organizations in his life.[3]

« Please call me Mr. Dandy! (no way) »

(Archer of Shinjuku)


Sherlock Holmes
As everyone knows, Moriarty’s ultimate rival. However, despite Moriarty being summoned as a man of around fifty, Holmes does not really assent to that for he is obviously youthful. Because he is being imposed a destiny called————‘he will always be defeated when doing battle against Holmes head-on’, Moriarty joined forces with Demon God Pillar Baal in order to overturn that. Thereafter the Shinjuku Phantom Incident, it is said that when Chaldea’s Holmes is being inattentive, Moriarty would be slapping victory declaration papers on Chaldea’s doors and hallways, and the protagonist and Mash would be peeling them off while sighing.[2]
Due to being called Papa, something inside Moriarty’s brain sparked, his evil influence was turned inside out, and he shows off a very papa-like manner with a flower circle above his head, as if he was really called a Papa. Fortunately, since Frankenstein has a good sense in its own way, Moriarty regains his true character whenever she hits him hard at a time where he behaved recklessly.[2]
Henry Jekyll
While alive, Moriarty awakened Mr. Hyde, who is called evil, by setting a trap. He does not even consider that fragment evil. Since he considers it as something like, “Because, for him to exist individually, that itself is his achievement”. Because it looks like he will be killed if he puts that into words, he has been refraining from doing so. Although Moriarty utters, “I want to get along with him”, this is relatively what he really thinks. Because after all is said and done, the works he sent out at a whim will be playing an active role for the sake of the world.[2]
Hessian Lobo
On the occasion of the Shinjuku Phantom Incident, Baal, who had acted as Archer of Shinjuku, conducted a remodelling of Phantoms as he desired. For that reason, concerning that relatively, a terribly incalculable chimera had been completely finished, Moriarty secretly puts a distance between himself and Avenger of Shinjuku as a matter of fact.“Dangerous, very scary!”[2]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Subspecies Singularity I: Shinjuku[]

Fused with the Phantom, the Freeshooter, by Baal, Moriarty manifested him as an Archer instead of his standard Caster. Seeking to thwart Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty formed an alliance with Baal, later known as the Phantom Demon Alliance. They plan to transform an asteroid into a magic bullet with the Freeshooter’s powers, becoming possible only with its enhancement through the fusion with Moriarty. However, since crashing an asteroid into the planet wouldn’t be enough to destroy the planet, they decide to construct a tower to act as a barrel to shoot the asteroid into the planet’s core to destroy it. But in order to guarantee the asteroid is loaded into the barrel, Baal and Moriarty will turn it into the Freeshooter’s seventh shot, said to kill an existence important to the shooter. To achieve this part, Moriarty devised to turn Ritsuka into said important existence, which Baal begrudgingly agreed with. Recalling Sherlock never goes full force unless against him, Moriarty erases his own memories, and creates a good personality for himself to trick his enemies. Baal does the same with his memories, and takes Moriarty’s form, believing himself to be him. The two would go their separate ways, believing themselves to enemies while instinctively following their plan.

Moriarty catches Ritsuka as they’re falling from the sky upon rayshifting into the Singularity. Landing on a nearby rooftop, he explains they’re in Shinjuku, a city of villainy. He explains Barrel Tower is currently inaccessible, warning someone coming from the rooftops would be picked off by enemy Servants. Ritsuka asks him who he is, but Moriarty refuses to give his True Name. Instead, he introduces himself as Archer of Shinjuku.[4]

Down on the streets, Moriarty warns Ritsuka to take a few steps back from their current position. A net misses Ritsuka, and Moriarty defeats the thugs that fired it. Afterward, he agrees to disclose what he knows about Shinjuku in exchange for Ritsuka’s trust. However, neither of them can trust the other yet, but they agree they cannot allow evil to run rampant in Shinjuku. Moriarty therefore decides to do his utmost to Ritsuka’s trust, while Ritsuka demonstrates their capabilities.[4] Moriarty saves Ritsuka from a fake baby bomb, warning Shinjuku is filled with such traps. He and Ritsuka then hide from the approaching Coloraturas, watching as the dolls kill and injure a couple thugs. Moriarty says they don’t leave corpses, suspecting they’re used for materials. He and Ritsuka try to sneak around them, only for Moriarty to alert them by accident. After destroying the alerted Coloraturas, Moriarty has Mash give them an optimal escape route when they’re confronted by the Phantom of the Opera and Christine Daaé. Moriarty stalls for time until Mash finds an escape route. He then destroys a nearby gas station to distract the singers, allowing him and Ritsuka to escape.[5]

The pair escape to a highway, only for it turn out to be Hessian Lobo’s territory.[5] Moriarty carries Ritsuka as he flees from Hessian Lobo until Ritsuka decides to fight. Once Hessian Lobo catches up, Ritsuka and Moriarty fight him. Moriarty proves too weak though, so he tells Ritsuka to escape to Shinjuku Station, where they’ll rendezvous. He then continues fighting Hessian Lobo, as Artoria Alter helps Ritsuka escape on her motorcycle.[6]

He eventually escapes to Shinjuku Station, where he is beset by Hornet soldiers. He asks for Ritsuka and Artoria Alter’s help when the two arrive. After killing the hornets, Artoria threatens Moriarty under the belief he is the same one she fought before, demanding to know his True Name and Noble Phantasm. She asks Moriarty why he risked his life to save Ritsuka, even though they’re not contracted. She soon realizes Moriarty isn’t the same one she fought before, but demands to know who is. Moriarty reveals his True Name was stolen, along with most of his power. He agrees with Da Vinci that he was split into good and evil, suspecting that he’s the good half. He then deduces Artoria Alter’s True Name to her shock merely from her swordsmanship and demeanor. Mash wonders if he was a detective, but Moriarty rejects it as the profession he finds the most loathsome in the world. The group then returns to Artoria Alter’s hideout.[7]

The next morning, a sudden phone call alerts the group. Answering the phone, Ritsuka learns from Edmond that EMIYA Alter and his soldiers are heading for Jeanne Alter’s hideout at Shinjuku National Park. Moriarty is hesitant to help her, recalling how she attacked him when he snuck into her territory. Regardless, the group leave to save Jeanne Alter.[8]

They soon arrive at her location after she barely escaped from EMIYA Alter. Moriarty asks for her forgiveness for sneaking into her territory when she recognizes him. She tries to incinerate him under the assumption he was the one who grievously wounded her. Moriarty tries to explain that wasn’t he who attacked her, saying it was his evil counterpart. Ritsuka assures Jeanne Alter that she can trust Moriarty.[8] She joins the group despite her mistrust.[9]

Then, while she is searching the ruin of a boutique for clothes, the others are attacked by thugs and their so-called Super Chimera. They kill the thugs when Hessian Lobo appears and kills the Super Chimera in a single bite. Jeanne Alter unleashes her Noble Phantasm on Moriarty’s signal, but the flames prevent the group from escaping. They’re forced to fight Hessian Lobo, who can’t escape either, as Moriarty predicted. However, the group is unable to kill him and he escapes. Moriarty finds he finds he underestimated Hessian Lobo’s tenacity, having failed to realize the wolf is the one in control. But while disappointed they couldn’t kill Hessian Lobo, Moriarty suspects he won’t be returning soon with his wounds. However, with him immobilized, the group can focus on eliminating the Alliance. The Alters realize Moriarty intends to target the Phantom and Christine next. The group then returns to the hideout.[9]

After another call from Edmond, the group learn the other Moriarty is the leader of the Alliance. This further exacerbates the Alters’ distrust towards their own Moriarty. In response, Moriarty says they should defeat Phantom so he can gain their trust. He warns though they would be killed if they were to attack Phantom directly, as the 200 Coloraturas stationed in Kabukicho would severely outnumber them. Moriarty and the Alters recall destroying a few Coloraturas before, but their numbers replenish within 36 hours. Moriarty explains the Coloraturas assigned to patrol Kabukicho also regularly abduct people. Artoria Alter suggests using Excalibur Morgan to destroy Kabukicho, but Moriarty reveals Shinjuku’s magical energy comparable to the Age of Gods would reduce it significantly. Moriarty then asks the others to bring him a Coloratura, which he’ll use to observe Kabukicho. In the meantime, he’ll shop for the materials needed to modify it.[10]

He and the others soon return from their respective errands. He then shows the Coloratura are made from humans and explains the Phantom is responsible. They can’t be returned to normal, as the process first shatters their minds. Moriarty then explains his intention to plant a bomb inside the Coloratura. Said Coloratura will be placed back with the others when they return to Kabukicho at their regular intervals, and then its bomb will triggered. The explosion will cause confusion among the Coloraturas, which the group will use as an opportunity to kill Phantom and Christine. Moriarty asks Ritsuka if they can detonate the bomb to show their willingness to achieve their goals. After he finishes rigging the Coloratura, he gives the detonator to Ritsuka. He’ll tell them when to press it. He assures them they won’t be killing any people, but suspects they find no solace in that. The group then leaves for Kabukicho.[10]

At the Kabukicho, Moriarty plants the modified Coloratura. Afterwards, he has the Alters take their positions. Ten minutes pass, and the bomb is triggered, but Ritsuka didn’t press the trigger. Moriarty confesses he did, saying that seeing Ritsuka’s resolve was enough proof for him. Though he’s forgotten his past, he knows without a doubt that he is an evil person. He tells Ritsuka that the only thing that mattered was they showed the resolve to do what must be done to achieve their goal. He and Ritsuka then proceed into Kabukicho.[11]

Encountering the Phantom and Christine, Moriarty questions who’s the Berserker and deduces Christine isn’t the real one. The Phantom reveals Christine is a Phantom placed into a Coloratura by him. This confirms to Moriarty that the Phantom is the Berserker, as he chose to plunge both himself and Christine into mutual destruction instead of taking responsibility, taking hundreds with them along the way. Ritsuka and Moriarty then defeat the mad singers. After Christine disappears, EMIYA Alter kills Phantom before he can reveal any information about Moriarty. He doesn’t give his exact reasons, finding it weird for Moriarty to ask. Moriarty asks him if he knows his True Name. EMIYA Alter refuses to say anything and prepares to kill Ritsuka and Moriarty. They get ready to fight when Hassan of the Cursed Arm arrives and convinces EMIYA Alter to retreat. After the Alters rendezvous with the others, the group escape Kabukicho.[11]

Back at the hideout, Moriarty shares celebratory drinks with Ritsuka and Cursed Arm. During this time, he plants a letter from Ritsuka. He then lets Cursed Arm kidnap Ritsuka, deducing that he’s a member of the Alliance. In the letter he assures Ritsuka their life isn’t in danger and help will come, and when it does, everything will be explained. He therefore sets up Sherlock (disguised as Edmond) to rescue Ritsuka.[12][13]

When Ritsuka returns with Sherlock, Moriarty apologizes to Ritsuka for putting them in danger. He confirms Sherlock’s suspicions that he has deduced his own True Name. Ritsuka then confirms Sherlock already told them his True Name. Moriarty then reintroduces himself with his True Name, revealing he’s fused with a Phantom. Sherlock then explains how the Alliance’s goal of destroying the planet is possible without utilizing outside forces by doing what Thomas Edison and the Lion King attempted. It is then revealed the Singularity is in a culled timeline. This means the Counter Force’s protection is no longer activate, so the planet’s destruction becomes possible. Moriarty tells Ritsuka that nothing will truly be lost if they return to Chaldea, but Ritsuka refuses to abandon Shinjuku. Sherlock then reveals the evil Moriarty plans to use the power of his Phantom to load a meteorite into Barrel Tower and fire it into the planet’s core as a magic bullet to destroy the planet. The group then decides to kill Yan Qing first, so Moriarty formulates a plan. Overlooking the information Sherlock gave him about Yan Qing, Moriarty orders the others to get some clothes.[14]

Once Ritsuka and the Alters are dressed up, Moriarty gives them radios so he and Sherlock can oversee the situation at Yan Qing’s party without worrying about their magical energy being detected. He joins the others when Yan Qing orders his Hornets to kill the group after he’s been found out. The group defeat his Hornets followed by Romeo and Juliet. More Hornets arrive, with Yan Qing being among. Ritsuka removes their disguise to shock him into revealing himself as part of Moriarty’s plan. Yan Qing introduces himself and fights the group. Sensing that he’s going to lose, Yan Qing activates a bomb under the building to collapse it, prompting the group to escape.[15]

A thug, a Hornet, and a civilian emerge from the rubble. Moriarty and Sherlock both deduce the civilian is actually Yan Qing. Moriarty kills Yan Qing, and prepares to return to the hideout with the others when they’re found by the newly recovered Hessian Lobo.[15] They see he’s been fused with the Invisible Man(WP). Hessian Lobo then becomes a Avenger and instantly targets Ritsuka because they’re human. The group is unable to defeat him, so Jeanne Alter holds him back off while the others escape.[16]

At the hideout, the group formulate a plan to defeat Hessian Lobo. They recognize they’ll need trap him, and recall Lobo died after falling for a trap using his dead mate, Blanca. They can construct a leg trap, but they lack a white wolf like Blanca to lure Lobo. However, they realize they can use Artoria Alter’s Cavall II instead. Moriarty later set traps on the highway for Ritsuka and Artoria Alter to lead Hessian Lobo into.[17]

Returning to the hideout following Hessian Lobo’s demise, Moriarty states EMIYA Alter is standing guard in front of Barrel Tower with over 200 Hornets. Sherlock deduces Evil Moriarty plans to use Bennu, an asteroid measuring 500m that was observed in the current year, as his magic bullet. He then reveals Phantoms can have their abilities greatly enhanced when fused with Heroic Spirits, meaning the Freeshooter can turn celestial objects into magical bullets. Moriarty explains fusion between Heroic Spirits and Phantoms is only possible in Shinjuku, as the concept of Heroic Spirits fusing together is inherently impossible. Returning to the topic of EMIYA Alter and his Hornets, Moriarty sends Da Vinci pictures of them. She relays information on their formation and weapons, the same used against large Demonic Beasts. Artoria Alter realizes she’s their target, so they can’t charge in on her motorcycle. Mash then recalls how she and Ritsuka were launched by Arash during Camelot.[18]

On a rooftop near the Tower, Moriarty constructs a makeshift launcher according to Da Vinci’s plans. He then launches Ritsuka and Artoria Alter into the ranks of EMIYA Alter and his Hornets. While EMIYA Alter and his Hornets are fighting Ritsuka, Artoria Alter, and the Coloraturas Sherlock sent out, Moriarty throws down a smokescreen. Artoria Alter uses this to quickly switch a Hornet with him disguised as one. EMIYA Alter sees through his disguise immediately, but he allows him to enter the Tower anyway.[18]

Inside the tower, the group ascend it defeating Macbeth(WP) along the way.[19] Reaching the top floor, they’re greeted by the evil Moriarty who’s been expecting them. He announces Bennu is already being drawn to the tower by the Freeshooter’s power, and fights the group. They defeat him, but Baal manifests in his place. Having regained his memory, he reveals he waited for 3000 years to kill Ritsuka, finding it unforgivable that a mere human overthrew Goetia‘s plan. While waiting, he discovered a way to fuse Phantoms and Heroic Spirits together. Moriarty then pierces Sherlock, revealing he and Baal were partners. After absorbing Sherlock, he explains the fusion of Phantoms and Heroic Spirit is possible because Shinjuku is in a culled timeline. He also explains his reasons for partnering with Baal and how they erased their memories and original personalities to create new personalities. EMIYA Alter arrives and shoots Baal, revealing he was contracted to kill him. He joined the Alliance since it gave a greater probability of achieving his goal, knowing there would be no repercussion for destruction in a culled timeline. He then fights Baal, while Ritsuka and Artoria Alter fight Moriarty. After being defeated, Baal thanks Moriarty for remaining with him until the end, declaring their alliance is now dissolved. Moriarty agrees and bids him farewell. Baal declares Ritsuka will absolutely die before disappearing.[20]

Bennu suddenly appears in the sky above Shinjuku, having become a magic bullet. Moriarty reveals the six shots of the Freeshooter aren’t enough to turn the asteroid into a magic bullet. Mash then realizes Ritsuka became an important existence when Moriarty protected them. So adhering to the rules of the seventh shot, Bennu will head for Ritsuka. Moriarty confirms Artoria Alter’s suspicious that getting Ritsuka into the tower was part of his plan. Revealing he became good to make Ritsuka vulnerable, he announces Bennu will be loaded into the tower in five minutes. Artoria Alter takes EMIYA Alter with her to intercept Bennu. Da Vinci tries to forcibly rayshift Ritsuka, but Bennu strengthened the Singularity’s causality, preventing the rayshift. Moriarty then dodges an attack from the real Edmond, followed by one from Jeanne Alter, who survived her fight against Hessian Lobo by escaping into the sewers following Sherlock’s advice. Hans Christian Andersen and William Shakespeare, whose rescue was why Edmond was summoned, then arrive to help. The writers deduce Moriarty absorbed Sherlock to remain undefeated. They then combine Märchen Meines Lebens and First Folio to summon the Great Detectives, a cavalcade of Phantom detectives. While they cannot help physically, the detectives lend their strength to Ritsuka. Moriarty then uses the Grail to give himself magical energy equal to a Demon God. With three minutes before Bennu arrives, the group begin their final battle against Moriarty.[21]

Struggling against the group, Moriarty uses the Grail on himself once again. However, the detectives use this opportunity to grant Ritsuka their power. Ritsuka uses it to unveil Moriarty as the culprit which results in his strength being sapped. He realizes he lost because his memories with Ritsuka held him back, knowing he couldn’t erase them for the sake of his plan. He thought he could discard Ritsuka once his memories returned, but he couldn’t. After EMIYA Alter and Artoria Alter destroy Bennu, he apologizes to Baal that both of their dreams couldn’t be fulfilled, yet ironically they feel fulfilled now. He then apologizes to Ritsuka as he disappears. He declares to the detectives that he’ll devise a crime so perfect they’ll never be able to pin it on him. He is confused though when the last detective to disappear wishes him happiness, wondering if it was sarcasm. Mash realizes the detective meant Moriarty may be summoned as a Servant. Moriarty contemplates if it’s possible, but Shakespeare says he’s already been recorded as a proper Servant. Moriarty therefore agrees to be summoned as Ritsuka’s Servant. He bids them farewell and disappears.[21]

Sherlock Holmes Trial Quest[]

Moriarty placed a static blocker in Chaldea's computer system and used it as reference to tamper with the system. As a result, the battle simulator NPCs felt anger toward their losses, instead of acknowledging them. This in turn created an unusual mass of data within the system's internal memory.

After issue with the battle simulator is resolved, Moriarty asks Sherlock why he glossed over the details in his explanation about historical and fictional Heroic Spirits to Ritsuka and Mash. He notes the World of Magecraft would have plenty of "proof" that Sherlock could present. But Sherlock says he had no choice but to gloss over the details, otherwise he had to go into detail about Parallel Worlds, Quantum Time-Lock, and the Age of Gods. He continues that many live in uncertainty, as the world retains no physical trace of their existences. He is fine with this though since reality like a fleeting dream to them, one that would end if Rhongomyniad, which secures the current reality, was removed. As such, he was made into a Ruler to mediate the truth and rule over all creation to maintain the history of humanity. He feels as if the World is telling him that not all illusions and dreams need to be laid bare. He then asks Moriarty if he tampered with the simulator. Moriarty denies any tampering, but Sherlock correctly deduces him as the culprit. Moriarty is annoyed that he would bother asking if he knew all along, an aspect of his personality that always frustrated him. Sherlock asks him if there was such an instance in any of Sir Doyle’s works, which furthers Moriarty’s frustration.

Summer Event: Dead Heat Summer Race[]

Hearing they need a partner and vehicle for Ishtar's race, Moriarty offers to help Frankenstein and Charles Babbage for a price. Frankenstein, taking a page from Chaldea's guide on how to deal with evil Servants, asks for his help while calling him papa. Moriarty immediately agrees to help, elated to have a daughter. He then confesses he successfully modified Babbage with the ability to transform into a vehicle beforehand, having used hypnotism to erase his memories. He activates the transformation and starts boasting of their victory when Frankenstein hits him for modifying Babbage without permission. She forgives him, though. Moriarty reminds his team that they're dealing Ishtar, so it's doubtless there is more to the race than fixing the Singularity.

Afterward, he gives Frankenstein a swimsuit and modifies her weaponry, causing her to class change into a Saber and become able to use regular speech. Then, changing into her swimsuit, Frankstein and her team meet Ritsuka, Mash, and Ishtar to officially register for the race. Babbage even goes into vehicle mode to show they have a vehicle ready.

At the racetrack, Ishtar shows everyone the ritual tools, which are key to erasing the Singularity, and indicates a team is a legit participant. They’re designed to integrate into the vehicles, and any vehicle trying to race without them is automatically disqualified. After commentary on each team from Ishtar, the race begins.

A group of thugs soon appear before the racers. After the thugs are defeated, their leader, Atalanta, arrives. She considers the thugs to be her children to the racers’ confusion. Calling the wasteland the Atalanta Plains, she tells the racers that its roads lead to where she and her children planted Seed Apples. They are essential to her children‘s future, so she cannot permit them to be destroyed in the race. Everyone ignores her but soon learns she planted land mines to protect the seed apples. Atalanta is eventually defeated, and the racers move on to the next area.

The race brings everyone to an active volcano, where they meet Boudica at its crater. She offers to cook them something, only to turn hostile. Her hostility is due to what happened to Britannia and the fact she doesn’t have a playable swimsuit version this year despite modeling in one last year. She has become an Avenger, believing she must utterly break the racers’ spirits to protect her homeland. She will do so through a game of chicken to the mouth of the volcano, setting it up so the racers can’t cross the volcano until they beat her. The racers accept her challenge. Frankenstein's team soon gets cut off from the others by a stream of lava. Babbage says he can vent steam to fly them over it, but he worries that Ishtar may shoot them down for breaking the rule on flying. He turns off Locomotive mode and declares he'll vent steam to leap instead. With Frankenstein sitting on his head and Moriarty following from behind, Babbage continues the race, albeit at a slower speed.

Eventually, the racers arrive at a river. Penthesilea appears and explains the more beautiful they are, the faster they will go. She introduces them to the judges: Mister B, who judges their personal beauty, and Leonardo da Vinci, who judges their vehicles’ beauty. As the race continues, Moriarty modifies Frankenstein's Spirit Origin to change her regular swimsuit into bandages. This outfit change gets a very positive reaction from Mister B, which in turn gives Frankenstein's team a massive speed boost. Helena's team also gets a speed boost. Babbage tells Moriarty he would've thrown him into Mister B if their speed didn't improve for what he did to Frankenstein. Helena Blavatsky's team also gets a speed boost. While the other teams beat up Mister B (who turns out to be Blackbeard in disguise) for his double standards, Frankenstein and Helena's teams become neck in neck in the race. But near the end of the course, they see Penthesilea, who swam all the way there. Given the course's rules, Penthesilea believes her beauty gave her a boost in speed. But Moriarty suspects it's because she remained at a steady pace while they slowed to clash with each other. Penthesilea refuses to be considered beautiful and tries to force the teams back to the start. Frankenstein and Helena's teams defeat her and continue the race. Frankenstein electrocutes Moriarty trying to give electrotherapy for his back pain.

The racers soon enter the fourth area, which has breast-shaped hills. Artemis and her copies fire upon them, warning they cannot go through Artemis Valley as they please. She will allow them to pass if they can find the real Orion among his copies and return him to her. Moriarty demands the Orion that Frankenstein caught to stop flirting with his "daughter".

The racers reach the final area, a bridge over a large ravine, with the Ishtar Temple at the finish line. With victory on the line, Babbage activates his Explosive Steam Turbo Boost. However, everyone is sent plummeting when someone cuts down the bridge.

Summer Event: Death Jail Summer Escape[]

The racers find themselves at the bottom of the ravine. They’re attacked by the Hessian Lobo security system, which overwhelms them. Medb then arrives and arrests the racers for placing weird textures on her land without permission. The racers fall unconscious and wake up in Medb’s prison. They find out that their powers are negated within prison. Medb tells the racers that she locked their vehicles up somewhere outside the prison after sensing a strange power from them. The racers are then brought to their cells, where they soon meet Ishtar’s avatars. They then encounter Carmilla working as a prison guard. Carmilla determines they're too weak to escape and opens their cells.

In the courtyard, the racers meet Gorgon, who's only brought out of solitary confinement, exercise. She agrees to tell them about the prison if they help with exercises. However, the fight is soon interrupted by Florence Nightingale, who leaves after Gorgons says none of them are injured. Minamoto-no-Raikou deduces Gorgon is a projection of her real self inside her cell. Gorgon confirms thus then reveals it's impossible to destroy the prison’s barrier from either the outside or the inside. However, the racers can take advantage of Medb’s overconfidence in her Prison Field to find blind spots to escape. Carmilla then brings the racers back to their cells.

The next day, the racers still haven’t found an escape route. They see Quetzalcoatl training other prisoners to be luchadors After some sparring, the racers are sent back to their cells. They then follow Ritsuka’s advice to dig their way out of the prison.

However, the racers' tunnels all converge onto Gorgon's cell, chained there by divine steel. Gorgon agrees to help them escape if they defeat Nightingale, who's about to spray her with reptile sanitizer. After Nightingale is defeated, Nero Claudius determines they can use Gorgon’s acid to clear any obstacles that bar them while digging. Since they had a deal, Gorgon spews acid into special containers for each team.

Unfortunately, while digging, they discover the Prison Field extends underground. They return to Gorgon's cell, who seems to be enjoying their predicament. After venting their frustrations, the racers realize they have no choice but to kill Medb to disable the Prison Field. Gorgon reveals there was another prisoner who tried escaping by killing Medb. She defeated them and revealed she has a conceptual weakness to projectile cheese. But Medb is always protected by her warriors. Gorgon reveals Medb always takes a shower in her warden’s office at the same time every day. Moriarty, Thomas Edison, and Nikola Tesla point out they need someone intelligent as them and Babbage, who also knows the prison’s layout if they want to successfully snipe Medb from outside her bathroom window. Gorgon reveals there is a prisoner who knows everything about the prison, despite being in solitary confinement. She then gives the racers general directions to that person's cell.

They dig into the prisoner’s cell, who turns to be Enkidu in tight restraints. After Raikou cuts their restraints, Enkidu has the racers spar with them to see if they’re fully functional. Enkidu afterward then agrees to provide the racers with the necessary calculations. Carmilla arrives to feed them, and attacks everyone after seeing Enkidu unrestrained. After defeating Carmilla, Enkidu, Babbage, Edison, and Tesla make blueprints for their cheese-apult.

After building it with the materials Ritsuka provided, the racers use the cheese-apult to assassinate Medb while she’s in the shower. However, Medb kicks the cheese away thanks to training her body to automatically react to incoming cheese. Enkidu reveals there is another way to remove the Prison Field, one they only know of. They reveal the control device for the Prison Field is a stone above the ground. The racers soon realize it’s in the statue of Medb in the courtyard. Enkidu then reveals there is a prisoner who is master of disguise that the racers can use to trick Quetzalcoatl into disabling the Prison Field. Troubled, Moriarrty asks Enkidu if this Servant is a detective. Enkidu answers they're not as detective usually send people to prison, not the other way around. Also according to rumors, the Servant is a phantom. The racers then dig their way to the prisoner’s cell.

They arrive in the prisoner's cell, only to find Carmilla there to their shock. They fight her, but in the midst of it, she turns into Nightingale. After being defeated, she reveals herself to be Yan Qing in disguise. He agrees to disguise himself as Medb to trick Quetzalcoatl into disabling the Prison Field in exchange for fighting him. But Raikou has him sit in the corner and lectures him until he gets sore. Afterward, Yan Qing (disguised as Med) gets Quetzalcoatl to disable the barrier underground, allowing the racers to reach their vehicles in the warehouse.

The racers escape to the outside, where Medb and Quetzalcoatl confront them. Medb deflects shots from X's cheese blaster and decides to execute the racers, accusing them of covering Connacht with textures of another place. The racers defeat Medb and Quetzalcoatl, then return to the race once they disappear.

If Frankenstein's team is in the lead, Moriarty throws mayonnaise at any racer that comes near, Babbage calls him a dastardly for doing so. But he decides to let it go after Moriarty responds with might makers right.

After the race, however, an enormous storm moves toward the track as if it has a will of its own. Ishtar reveals this was her plan. Unbeknownst to the racers, their vehicles’ tires were carving magical energy into the Venus textures she placed on the land. She then reveals her temple to be a giant ATM called the Ishtar Quantum Power System. The racers confront her when the relics she had them install in their vehicle are suddenly removed. The relics converge at the Ishtar QPS, which gathers the magical energy expended in the race. At the same time, the relics were storing the heat created by the friction of the racers’ tires running across the Venus textures for each relic to reach an excited state. The purpose of all this was for Ishtar to create a new Gugalanna. After using the relics and the Ishtar QPS to do so, she declares she can use him to destroy the Singularity. Da Vinci points that would work, but it’d also destroy Connacht. The racers then fight Ishtar and Gugalanna before he’s completely formed, but they struggle against him. Quetzalcoatl then arrives to attack Gugalanna, revealing the her that disappeared before was Yan Qing in disguise. After she destroys Gugalanna, the racers and the race’s administrative staff get their picture taken by Georgios.

If Frankenstein's team won, they return to Chaldea to celebrate. Moriarty uses their leftover winningsto create a device to absorb Babbage's steam exhaust. But Babbage and Frankenstein wonder what happened to his evil schemes. Moriarty admits it was completed long ago but assures Frankenstein and Babbage that it won't harm either of them. Frankenstein and Babbage are confused by this. Then, in a monologue, Moriarty reveals he makde bets with some of Chaldea's staff and more hedonistic Servants about who would win. But he downplayed the specs of his team's vehicle and played up the spec of their rivals. As a result, he was able to dramatically increase their winnings.


Normally, James Moriarty would be summoned as a Caster-class Servant, however his fusion with the Phantom Der Freischütz has resulted in his manifestation as an Archer.[22] He is shown carrying a cane-sword, bearing a chameleon theme and a revolver cylinder, trigger, and barrel, revealing that it is also a gun when he attacks, referencing the air-gun cane he had in the stories.[23]

Moriarty possesses a formidable intellect, capable of devising and carrying out complex evil schemes. While he has enhanced physical abilities as a Servant, he still experiences the effects of his age.[24]

Moriarty is capable of performing modifications to Saint Graphs, having modified Frankenstein and Charles Babbage during the events surrounding the Ishtar Cup.[25] Working together with Baal in the Shinjuku Singularity, the two were able to devise and implement a method of fusing Phantoms to Servants to grant them additional capabilities or fusing Phantoms together to form a new Servants.[24]

Super-Excessively Armed Multipurpose Coffin – Reichenbach(WP)[]

His primary weapon is his variable combat coffin, displaying usage of a chainsaw, machine gun, and rocket launcher, as well as simply swinging and hitting people with it via a chain attached to it.[23]

Moriarty boasts that “Because he died at that place, it is fitting to drag this coffin along.” Unexpectedly, it is a formidable weapon equipped with multiple heavy weapons such as a missile launcher and a light machine gun. Its ammunition is infinite as well, but the drawbacks are that it is massive and it has an effect on his back.[2]


Moriarty's Class Skills are Independent Action (A+) and Magic Resistance (D).[1] His Personal Skills are Freeshooter (EX), End of the Spider Thread (A++) and Charisma of Wicked Wisdom (A).[1]

Freeshooter (EX) (魔弾の射手, Madan no Shashu?)
The ability to fire bullets to shoot down targets and even overcome any kind of obstacle. It is actually a Skill not from Moriarty, but from Der Freischütz(WP).[2]

End of the Spider Thread (A+) (蜘蛛糸の果て, Kumo-ito no Hate?)
The faculty to scheme evil. Disrupting order, contaminating goodness, and not causing fate and punishment to face towards oneself. Like a web made by a spider, the evil schemes capture the opponents and causes them to fall.[2]

Charisma of Wicked Wisdom (A) (邪智のカリスマ, Jachi no Karisuma?)
A tremendous Charisma owned not by one who manages a state, but only by one who is at the top of an evil organization. With Moriarty’s evil Charisma at the Rank of A, it is even feasible for him to control not just the United Kingdom, but the whole world from the shadows.[2]

Noble Phantasm[]

Moriarty's Noble Phantasm is The Dynamics of an Asteroid.[1]


Raita Honjou is the character designer for James Moriarty.[1]

I was certainly not expecting that it would result in this many characters so far, like this suspicious old man who is being given all sorts of nicknames such as Shincha, Shinjuku Ojisan and Around 50. The image that was being depicted at the time was cold-hearted and unjust, and he was designed with a calculating and intellectual image, but I am taking my hat off to Mr. Writer who broke through that stereotype and obliged to write him as who he is now fascinatingly! Truly amazing! Design-wise, the Ulysses butterflies are a metaphor for a frail victim and the shedding of a disguise during metamorphosis, the chameleon is a metaphor for camouflage, and the spiderweb in the background is a metaphor for a mastermind manipulating crimes from the center; a metaphorical old man. In addition, he is also an old man whose True Name being hidden was not functioning very well for him. I can say it at last, but I came up with and depicted the orientation and pose in the drawings of Moriarty’s standing pose so that it turns out the opposite to Holmes’. -Raita Honjou[2]


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