Jean Rum (ジーン・ラム, Jīn Ramu?), also known as Gale Wheel (疾風車輪, Hayate Sharin?), is the Master of Caster of Red of the Red Faction in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha.[1] Along with Cabik Pentel, Deimlet Pentel, Feend vor Sembren, and Rottweil Berzinsky, she is entranced by Assassin of Red and Shirou Kotomine before even meeting her Servant, later coerced into giving up her Command Spells.



Jean made her living as a freelance magus, known throughout the world. At some point, in her life, she had worked with Kairi Sisigou.[2]



Jean is a bibliomaniac, and there is a rumor that she searched for Ivan the Thunder Emperor's library.[3]

She apparently has a sense of rectitude, showing aversion to how Rottweil Berzinsky had killed both his client and his confrères in a subspecies Holy Grail War.



Although she is skilled, Jean was easily entranced by Semiramis's poison upon her arrival to Sighisoara.[3] Along with the four other captured Masters, she is fooled to believe that Shirou Kotomine, pretending to be an "intermediary" acting on their behalf, is guiding the war in their stead. Their Servants are summoned in Shirou's presence and lead to believe that their Masters simply wish to remain hidden, while the Masters sit in a set-up reminiscent of a throne room behind a thin curtain. They spend their time sharing stories in peace, only dealing with the status of the war when Shirou reports to them. Kneeling reverently, he feeds them false details of victory over five of the Black Faction Servants while attempting to convince them to relinquish control to him. While they consider it, they felt it is too dangerous to give up control at the moment. As their common sense has mostly collapsed by that point, they eventually concede to the idea after another attempt.

They remained inside the Hanging Gardens of Babylon for the duration of the war, but is later rescued by Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia at the behest of Lancer of Red. All of their positions have become precarious after being released due to everything about the war being considered a major failure.[3]

Other appearances

Jean's relative, Org Rum (オルグ・ラム, Orugu Ramu?), makes an appearance in "Fate/strange fake" where he was mentioned to be a former student of Lord El-Melloi II.[3] He has reached either the ranks of "Brand" and "Pride".[4]


Jean is a first-rate magus, utilizing wind-element magecraft and chakrams as implied by the title "Gale Wheel."[3] Kairi Sisigou ranks her ability highly along with the other three Masters with whom he had previously worked, describing them as "monsters specialized in combat who remove the opposition without mercy."[2] Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia also thinks highly of their reputation, feeling that only he and Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia stand any chance of facing them in direct battle out of all the Black Faction Masters.


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