Jinako Carigiri (ジナコ=カリギリ, Jinako Karigiri?) is the Master of Lancer in the Moon Holy Grail War of Fate/EXTRA CCC.



She was born to a German father and a Japanese mother and was raised in a wealthy environment. When she was 14, she lost her parents in a truck accident. She inherited all of her family's fortune, which would last her for a lifetime. After that, she withdrew herself from the world and didn't attend her high school. Although she did not consciously decide to not go to high school, there was simply no one who told her to go, so she stayed home.[3] As a result, she became addicted to the world of virtual gaming and eventually became the champ of Eurozone with even Shinji Matou being placed in second ranking. She has an IQ of 200. Her handle name is Jinako (じな子?).[3]

At the age of 29, she heard a rumor about the Moon Cell Holy Grail War so she crept into the SE.RA.PH, hoping to seek life. She summoned Karna as a Lancer class during the Holy Grail War on the Near Side; however, she changed his class name to Launcher due to Brahmastra appearing similar to a beam attack.

But after joining in on the Holy Grail War, she found herself surrounded by talented geniuses in a game with no place to run.[3] In the first week battle, her first opponent was Monji Gatou. Fearing battle, she desperately looked for a safe place to hide and by hacking she discovered the janitor room, which was no longer in use since it became the entrance to the coliseum. The chicken Jinako tried to boycott the war before the battles began, and ended up holing herself up in an empty storage closet she finds by chance in the school.[3]

« If I just hide here until the winner is decided there’ll be no probs~. Jinako, you are one smart cookie![3]  »


She escaped from the monitoring of SE.RA.PH and hid in the janitor room. Though she was technically disqualified during the early rounds, Jinako stayed within the room and avoided deletion because the system would not delete participants in that location. Despite putting on a strong face like this just for herself, as the Holy Grail War progressed she realized that once the seventh round ended she too would be erased, because she could hear the announcements that sounded throughout the school building. About when the fifth round was happening Jinako, still unable to face the reality that once the seventh round finished the school would completely disappear, fell mentally ill and became completely overcome with self-centered emotion. Due to the fear of imminent death she became addicted to her temporary home in the storage closet and just before going insane, or possibly at the very moment she went insane, she fell to the far side of the Moon and lost all her memories.[3] She was still ultimately doomed once the Holy Grail War would be completed and everything besides the winner was to be deleted. However Karna secretly gave her his armor to prevent her death and deletion.


She is 29 years old, though she rounds it down to 25.[2]

She wears white underwear, though she isn't afraid to wear sexy black underwear, but has "no one to show it to."[2]


An avid otaku by nature, little-by-little she bought up otaku goods from around the world, and enjoyed a fairly comfortable hikkikomori (shut-in) otaku lifestyle.[3]

« No no no, being a NEET is being a true winner at life y’know.[3] »


But at the same time she somewhat felt like she wanted to leave behind something important. Living through the strong fronted personality she built on the net, and pretending to have no troubles, came to only provide temporary relief from her worries. So when she would turn around into her room, away from her computer and the net, she found herself covered in a transparent unease. Of course, with Jinako having enough money to live out her life, she was not worried about her financial situation. She was looking beyond that, pondering if she should really continue living like this forever. Thinking about her future clouded her thoughts, so she would hide under her sheets and escape into sleep. The worries and unease that enveloped Jinako were made of her feelings of wanting to give up, and, as expected, her reflection on the life she had lived so far.[3] During her free time, she was living an all-time, no year-breaks, vacation. She played video games and oes on the internet,[2] often haunting a mega popular European internet BBS called Piece Journal (Abbreviated as PJ) which served as her means of communication with other otaku. In short she is a net-hikky (internet hikkikomori / net recluse).[3]

The reason she decided to participate is “To redo my life” and if possible she wants to create a future where her mother and father didn’t die and she goes to high school and lives out a normal high school otaku life. Normal friends, and a normal boyfriend (…if she can get one), and a normal girl’s life is what she desires. This is her true wish.[3]

Self-centered through and through, and with a defeatist mentality, she is a worthless good-for-nothing. However, like Karna says, “Even snails have their own dignity.” In the end, although just barely, Jinako stands firm and tries to fulfill the minimum level of her responsibilities.[3]

Her ideal partner would be an angelic shota Servant.[2]



  • Jinako's Secret Garden
  • Jinako's punishment

Jinako is one of the Masters who retained their Servant when BB devoured everybody in the prologue. When Hakuno Kishinami tries to recruit Jinako, she refuses to cooperate with the student council to escape from the Far Side of the Moon.[4]

Jinako only offers assistance in dealing with Rani VIII, the second Sentinel. Otherwise, she remains in the janitor's closet and doesn't even allow Karna to cooperate with Hakuno even though Karna wishes to.

After Hakuno convinces her to meet with the student council, everyone is shocked by how plain Jinako is. Leo orders Jinako to act as Hakuno's fake girlfriend and enter Sakura Labyrinth together. As Passionlip spots Jinako with Hakuno, she becomes jealous and chases after her on the 8th floor. A terrified Jinako fails to lure Passionlip to the intended location and is unable to call Karna for assistance thanks to her fear.

After Hakuno defeats Passionlip, they find Jinako near the fragmented memory data. She recovers parts of her memories and remembers her defeat in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War. Shocked with this revelation, she flees deeper into the Sakura Labyrinth. Jinako becomes exhausted and stops as Karna appears. Jinako complains about his late arrival.[5]

Julius B. Harwey locates Jinako and Karna shortly after, and Jinako becomes distracted by Julius's presence. BB's shadow then devours Jinako, using her as the fourth Sentinel.[5]

When Hakuno faces Jinako and Karna for the first time in the 10th floor, Karna easily overpowers them. Jinako then realizes her Servant is truly powerful, and decides he's too powerful to be a regular Lancer, thus dubbing him "Launcher." Monji Gatou assists Hakuno in acquiring Jinako's third SG at the cost of his life, much to Jinako's frustration.

By the time the old school building is about to be deleted, Jinako becomes terrified at the prospect of death. Karna then reveals that Jinako didn't die in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War because she was saved thanks to Karna's golden armor. Karna bids farewell to Jinako.[6]

She may have escaped her fate of death in CCC, but after finding the smallest of hopes, her personality went back to normal and remains unchanged, and she is rather uncooperative with respect to the protagonists. Despite wanting to be saved, she doesn’t want to face her problems and what’s in her own heart, so she maintains a noncommittal stance and just goes with the flow.[3]

Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox TailEdit


  • cheat_atk(); - A codecast skill that causes MP damage.
  • cheat_seal(); - A codecast skill that seal skills against GUARD.
  • cheat_boost(); - A codecast skill that raises Magical Energy.


Creation and ConceptionEdit

The inclusion of Jinako was a request to Kinoko Nasu from the Fate/EXTRA CCC staff. They had the illustration done and the idea of wanting a "NEET girl", so Nasu took it from there.[7]


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