Jing Ke(WP) (荊軻(WP), Keika?), Class Name Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?), is the Assassin-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



She is known for the attempted assassination to the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang and only barely failed her mission. If not for the interference of some external factors, she may have changed the course of Chinese history.[1]

Jing Ke not only made a living out of assassinations, but also was a hedonist individual who loved reading, swordsmanship, chats with her wise friend and - more than anything - alcohol. Upon receiving a commission from Crown Prince Dan(WP), from the State of Yan(WP), to assassinate the First Emperor, Jing Ke cheerfully accepted and began planning how to assassinate the watchful Emperor.[1]

Having a present to offer the First Emperor, obtaining a knife dipped in poison meant for assassinations, but just before the time for implementing the plan came, Prince Dan began to doubt whether Jing Ke - who was awaiting for a friend that would throw his life away as an assistant in the assassination - "had not lost her nerve".[1]

Being under suspicion, Jing Ke had no choice but to depart to Qin(WP) with a man that the Crown Prince had recommended as her assistant. However, during the assassination attempt, the man who was supposed to support her became unable to move out of fear and Jing Ke had to pursue the assassination all alone; but maybe due to the Emperor's good luck, she failed to catch him by a narrow margin.[1]

« Ten steps left. I will kill him »

(Jing Ke)

It has been said that, having made her mind, Jing Ke was killed while scorning the First Emperor. Despite being an assassin, Jing Ke returned to dust without being able to accomplish her kill. Still, Jing Ke - who cheerfully accepted the request even while knowing she wouldn't return alive - was an individual who could be described as the world's chivalry.[1]

« Wind blow, river freeze.
The hero fords, never returns! »

(-- a poem by Jing Ke in the occasion of her parting)


Although history claims Jing Ke as a man, Jing Ke is actually a woman.[1]

Jing Ke is a slender woman with rather toned thighs. Her eyes are sharp and teal colored. Her black hair is tied slightly to the side into a long, thin ponytail that reaches her legs, with a few bangs over her forehead, and two longer ones on each side. Her nails appear to be painted in a grayish tone, and her feet wear sandals. Jing Ke's outfit consists of a seemingly multi-layered kimono, the most out of layers with wide trimmings with a floral pattern. A symbol of a lily is drawn over the waist area, underneath the blue and white sash. The sleeves of the Kimono are rather large, resembling a yukata. A piece of string is also tied around her waist.

In her second Ascension, the trimmings of Jing Ke's sleeves extend, she now wears a see-through ribbon similar to that of a Nio statue, and a Lily flower in full bloom lays on top of her head, off to the right side.

In her third Ascension, Jing Ke wears a chest armor piece held by a string, her left hand holds a grotesque, golden brown mask, and her right hand now holds her Noble Phantasm, the dagger Only For Killing.


Although famed for being an assassin, Jing Kei was also a hedonist individual, who loved reading, swordsmanship, chats with her wise friends and, more than anything, alcohol.[1] During Santa Alter's delivery of presents, she spends seven days drinking to cope with being swindled by Caesar, and is highly intoxicated by their arrival.


Fate/Grand Order[]

Second Singularity: Septem[]

Jing Ke, along with Lu Bu, is a general serving under Nero Claudius. Before meeting Ritsuka and Mash Kyrielight, they had already killed three emperors of the United Roman Empire. On their way back to Rome though, they’re attacked by enemy forces. After Ritsuka’s party helps them, Jing Ke introduce herself and Lu Bu as generals under Nero. She also reveals they already killed three enemy emperors after being told of Chaldea’s mission. Later, she scouts the location of the United Empire’s capital that was provided by Stheno, and reports a carbon copy of Rome is located there. She takes part in the battle between Nero’s forces and the United Empire’s forces when the former was marching onto the latter’s capital. During the battle though, the rear of the Nero’s army is ambushed and struck by a pincer attack. Boudica is captured as a result, but Jing Ke quickly located her in an enemy fort.

After Boudica is rescued, Nero’s forces launch their assault on the United Empire’s capital, where they learn the leader is Romulus. Jing Ke and Boudica discuss how Romulus’ incredible charisma has boosted enemy morale to the point where even mere civilians are fighting. After discussing Nero’s loss of confidence, Jing Ke searches for a way to the palace. She later leads Ritsuka, Mash, and Nero to the throne room. There they defeat Romulus and meet Lev Lainur Flauros. He reveals his original plan was to give Romulus the Holy Grail to destroy era. Romulus refused though, so Lev manipulated events to destroy the era. He then transforms into Demon God Flauros, but the group eventually defeat him. Returning to his human form, Lev summons Altera and orders her to destroy Rome. She kills him though and absorbs the Grail into her body. She then destroys the palace with her Noble Phantasm. Fortunately, the group survives thanks to Mash and Boudica’s quick use of their Noble Phantasm. They then chase after Altera to defeat her before she can destroy Rome. They eventually catch up to and defeat her before that can happen. After Ritsuka and Mash retrieve the Grail, Jing Ke and Boudica disappear when the era begins to restore itself.

Christmas Event: Miss Almost Weekly Santa Alter[]

While plotting another assassination attempt on Qin Shi Huang, Jing Ke is confronted by Julius Caesar. He gives her advice and persuades her to lend him her daggers. Because of this encounter, she began drinking to annoyance of Martha and Ushiwakamaru. Later, when Santa Alter came to deliver a present to her, Jing Ke appears when she hears Ushiwakamru saying her name after Santa Alter (calling her Jean Kay) asked for her. Utterly drunk, she is excited by the company, and asks Martha to cook seared beef along with some sea turtle soup. Martha however confronts her about how lazy she’s become instead of being her usual gallant self, but Jing Ke merely begs for her to cook while also wondering how she cuts meat without a blade. She then, in her drunkenness, confuses Santa Alter for Ushiwakamaru for which the latter apologizes for. But, when Santa Alter reveals herself to be Santa Claus, Jing Ke, Martha, and Ushiwakamaru attack her with Jing Ke wanting a gift card for a good yakinku place. After Santa Alter defeats them, Jing Ke is given a talisman of Tokiomi Tohsaka that will help her do her job elegantly, and not panic before her target. She bursts into laughter at sight of Tokiomi’s face, and says she’ll assassinate him, commenting that he has a face that makes her want her to stab him in the back.

Christmas Event: The Second Generation is Alter[]

Jing Ke sends a letter to Santa detailing how she asked for a sharp dagger last year but got an "elegant older gentleman" instead.

Like last year, Jing Ke is drunk, though this time alongside Ushiwakamaru and Mata Hari. They tease about making Tarasque into turtle soup. Martha soon notices Ritsuka and Jeanne Alter Santa Lily. Alter Lily criticizes the girls for getting drunk but hides in fear when Jing Ke drunkenly touches her. Martha then challenges her to fight her alongside the other girls. Alter Lily accepts and proceeds to defeat them. She then gives the girls their presents, all of which are detoxifiers. She scolds them for getting drunk and explains the medicine will help them keep to their duty as Servants. Jing Ke asks what's the point of living if she can't drink. Upon hearing the detoxifiers were made by a Caster who wore white clothes, she, Ushiwakamaru, and Mata Hari leave to kill him.

Final Singulairty: Solomon[]

Jing Ke appears among the "Septem" Servants to help the Protagonist.

SIN: Land of Unified Knowledge[]

Jing Ke is summoned with Mordred and Spartacus when another container is launched Xianyang. She is annoyed that she was summoned with others to assassinate Qin Shi Huang. The group then forces Hinako Akuta and Prince of Lanling to retreat when they emerge from the container.[2] Later, the group slay Jotun from the Norse Lostbelt.[3] While asking about colder areas outside the village, Jing Ke and the others are shocked to learn the villagers are forbidden by law to leave. Fortunately, a youth knows of such a place in the nearby forest, and he offers to lead the group there. They then leave while the rest of the Shadow Border crew stay behind.[4]

While the group is being led to the nest, Jing Ke admits her initial concern about taking the youth with them. She is surprised though that Spartacus is good at taking care of others. The group soon near a village when they smell blood. They find Kritchat has destroyed the village, then follow their tracks to their nest. Mash notes Spartacus’s gentleness towards the youth, to which Jing Ke calls him a Heroic Spirit whose duty is to protect those he targets to protect. To that end, he will not hesitate to make whatever sacrifice necessary. Jing Ke considers those extremes to be truly befitting of a Berserker. The group then comes to a cave that serve as the monsters’ nest while led by the youth. After slaying some monsters, Jing Ke questions why the Kritchat tracks led them to Jotun. She is concerned about letting the youth come with them, Spartacus assures her that he’ll protect him.[4]

The group then enters the cave and finds the Kritchat and Jotun are living together despite their differing biomes. Sherlock Holmes wonders what the purpose could be, but Jing Ke points out there may no particular reason. She considers the possibility that Tamamo Vitch Koyanskaya summoned these monsters for the sole purpose of tormenting the Lostbelt’s innocents like she did in the others. After destroying the nest, the group discovers the monsters cannibalized each other, having been forced to adapt to a new environment. They return to the village with the alcohol gland Jing Ke removed from a Dyavol Tron.[4]

Jing Ke teaches the villagers poetry. She is shocked though to learn that they lack the concept of parents; none of them know when they were born or who their parents were.[5] Another container is launched from Xianyang, but Mordred destroys it with Clarent Blood Arthur. However, Xiang Yu emerges from its remnants and attacks the group. He leaves with Langling when the latter comes to retrieve him. Jing Ke later notes how Xiang Yu predicted their every move. She also finds it strange that he would serve under the Qin, given his rebellion against them in the Proper History. Leonardo da Vinci then reports an army is approaching by vehicle, so the group goes to intercept it. They fight Lanling and Xiang Yu when Qin Liangyu and her army arrive, ordering both sides to stand down. Shi Duang then speaks to them through the vibrations of Mash’s shield after firing a focus magnetic beam at it. He agrees to hand Koyanskaya over if they agree to let him examine the Shadow Border, so the group reluctantly agree. After he examines the Shadow Border, the group realizes the construct at Xianyang is his true form.[6]

Later, Jing Ke is disgusted by the idea of allying with Shi Huang. However, she accepts it since finding the antidote to Koyanskaya’s poison, defeating Hinako, and destroying the Fantasy Tree is more prudent. She, Ritsuka, and Mash then learn from Sherlock that the medicine that the villagers receive is a mass-produced drug that prevents all ailments. However, it has the intentional side effect of killing a person once they reach a certain age. Jing Ke compares the villagers to domestic livestock. She understands Shi Huang stopped being human, so he doesn’t treat people as human. She also realizes the Lostbelt’s centuries of prosperity means there were never Heroic Spirits in this world, thus the leyline cannot connect to the Throne of Heroes. Learning all of this strengthens her resolve to kill Shi Huang, though she knows the antidote takes priority.[7]

The group later learns Spartacus has taken several villagers to march towards Xianyang. Jing Ke decides to go after them with Ritsuka, Mash, and Mordred, feeling responsible for Spartacus’ behavior. The group eventually catches up to Spartacus and the villagers. They’re forced to fight him when refuses to listen to reason. They fight him when Nezha arrives to report that Liangyu has stolen the Shadow Border. Sherlock gave Nezha the Spirit Origin Graph and had her escape. Shi Huang then orders Xiang Yu to kill the group after learning they taught the villagers poetry, as he’d rather have them be peacefully ignorant. The group struggle against him when Hinako and Lanling arrive. The two groups fight for a bit when Shi Huang suddenly has Hinako, Lanling, and Xiang Yu retreat. He has launched a payload from the Great Wall towards the group’s current location, and it’ll arrive in three minutes. After Spartacus sacrifices himself with an overloaded Crying Warmonger to stop the meteorite, the Spiritual Foundation Graph reacts to the leyline connecting to the Throne.[8]

Jing Ke suggests they split up in the three groups; one to pursue the Shadow Border, and two to take the villagers somewhere unobservable to Shi Huang. She assigns Mordred and Nezha to escort the villagers, while she goes with Ritsuka and Mash to pursue the Shadow Border. Following the Border’s tracks, she assures Mash no harm should come to Da Vinci since Shi Huang’s objective is to analyse the Border’s Imaginary Numbers Dive engine. However, she warns there will be no need for captives once reverse engineering is complete. After destroying some automatons, the group sees a number were destroyed beforehand. Jing Ke rules out Mordred and Nezha since they were travelling in the opposite direction. She agrees with Ritsuka that Stray Servants may be responsible, since this incident occurred after the leyline connected to the Throne. The group soon encounters Chen Gong and Red Hare. Red Hare attacks them to see if Ritsuka is strong enough to be his Master. Afterwards, the group is contacted by Da Vinci, who reveals she and the others are at the detention center in Ankang. She also reveals Goredolf Musik is now unconscious from Koyanskaya’s poison. It changes its efficiency depending on the karma of the one who ingested it. Sherlock then reveals Koyanskaya is also a prisoner.[9]

The group reaches the detention center undetected thanks to Da Vinci’s stealth device. Jing Ke sneaks into the facility, while the others cause havoc at the front gate. She frees the Border crew and Koyanskaya when the others enter. Lanling and guards appear to thwart their escape when Koyanskaya summons a frost jotun with her hair. While it deals with the guards, the group fight Lanling. After Hinako uses her last Command Spell, a bomb explodes beneath her. She suddenly drains Lanling’s Spirit Core through his blood, revealing herself to be like a True Ancestor. Her form is now different, with her injuries healed. Lanling reveals she is Yu Mei-ren before disappearing.[10] She easily overwhelms the group when she retreats after speaking with Shi Huang.[11]

After escaping Ankang, Koyanskaya is tied by her hands and feet. She gives the antidote to her poison, but there is only one dose. Goredolf is given the antidote since his condition is worse compared to Ritsuka. Sherlock then deduces Koyanskaya came to the Lostbelt because of the Fusang Tree. She reveals her poison was distilled from it, and it no longer exists in the Proper History. She came to the Lostbelt after learning Fusang Tree was discovered and preserved there by Hinako, as an antidote could be distilled from it.[11] The Qin’s counterfeit Shadow Borders then approach the group. After destroying them, the group continues onwards to Xianyang. They eventually rendezvous with Mordred and Nezha, who report they hid the villagers in a cave with provisions.[12]

Later that night, Jing Ke confesses to Ritsuka and Mash that she’ll fight Shi Huang as a diversion for them to reach the Fusang Tree. She tells them to discard their concern for her, saying it’s like telling Spartacus to not rebel. She then leaves after promising to infiltrate Epang Palace to distract Shi Huang’s attention away from the others.[12]

Jing Ke infiltrates Shi Huang’s room in Epang Palace. She rejects Shi Huang’s rule is righteous, as he monopolizes authority, denies the people knowledge, and destroys what he doesn’t approve. She is disgusted that he considers himself the ultimate man, even though he is a machine now. Shi Huang declares the Lostbelt is the complete form of his reign, but Jing Ke points out that means its history has reached an impasse. She describes the new things she learned from people of different time periods upon becoming a Servant. As a Heroic Spirit, she watches over the possibilities of Humanity’s future. She calls the reason for building the Great Wall absurd, as the Proper History would use those same resources to develop to the very ends of the cosmos. Shi Huang dismisses her words when she pulls out something the Qin has yet to develop: touchscreen smartphone. Jing Ke reveals to Shi Huang’s shock that there are billions of this device and they’re treated as a personal item. She describes it as a tool that the people of the Proper History used to reach an optimal outcome of understanding and prosperity. She admits there is still strife amongst them, and the day that the people unite as one is still faraway. Despite their fear that day will never come, they will continue towards the future. Heroic Spirits are summoned in response to those who pray for a new future. Shi Huang declares the palace’s defenses have targeted Jing Ke when he experiences interference. Jing Ke reveals a virus was uploaded into his systems while he was scanning her device. Shi Huang seemingly shuts down, but to Jing Ke’s shock, he reappears in humanoid form and fatally wounds her. Jing Ke disappears, believing that failing to make one last move is her destiny.[13]


In her interlude The Wind is Strong and the River Cold, she asks Ritsuka and Mash to train with her in a simulated battle against Qin Shi Huang. Before she confronts the emperor after defeating his soldiers, Jing Ke speaks of how she underestimated him in life, not expecting him to knock down her dagger and escape during her shocked state. After killing the emperor, Jing Ke says that she will sacrifice herself for Ritsuka's mission, and hopes that they will lament her loss.



Class Skills[]

  • Presence Concealment (B Rank): Suppresses one’s presence as a Servant. It is suitable for espionage activities. If one suppresses their presence completely, it is extremely difficult for them to be detected. However, the rank of Presence Concealment drops greatly when they are preparing to attack.[14]

Personal Skills[]

  • Restraint (A Rank): An assassin's secret art that will absolutely not let one’s bloodlust come out to the surface until the moment just before the attack. If it at least reaches Rank A, others would be unable to surmise the presence of one’s bloodlust until the instant they grasp a weapon in their hand.[14]
  • Planning (B Rank): Tactical thinking done up to assassinating a target. Unlike Tactics, this is constricted to only assassination missions in which few people are involved. Furthermore, having herself return alive is not taken into account.[14]
  • Like There's No One Watching (A Rank): The creator of this idiom, which is generally still used even in the present. Although Jing Ke drinks alcohol often with her friend Gao Jianli, she would frequently become too intoxicated and start to act violently, bawl out, and become indignant, so that kind of state was lamented as something like her acting “as if no one is nearby” to watch her be like this.[14]

Noble Phantasm[]

Her Noble Phantasm is Only For Killing.


Creation and Conception[]

Keitarou Takahashi is the character illustrator for Jing Ke.[1]


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    Jing Ke - Assassin

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Keitarou Takahashi
    Voice Actor: Atsuko Tanaka

    Endurance: E
    Agility: A
    Mana: E
    Luck: D
    Noble Phantasm: B

    Personal Skills
    Suppression: A
    Planning: B

    Class Skills
    Presence Concealment: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Only For Killing: Nonreturnable Dagger
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm

    ---ten steps remaining, a sure kill.
    Jing Ke was an assassin that plotted the assassination of the First Emperor, and fell one step short of accomplishing it.
    An individual who could have repainted the history of China, if it weren't for external hindrance.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 159cm・48kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: China
    Alignment: Chaotic Good  Gender: Female
    Transmitted in history as a man.

    Level 2 Bond
    Jing Ke not only made a living out of assassinations, but also was a hedonist individual who loved reading, swordsmanship, chats with her wise friend and - more than anything - alcohol. Upon receiving a commission from Crown Prince Dan, from the State of Yan, to assassinate the First Emperor, Jing Ke cheerfully accepted and began planning how to assassinate the watchful Emperor.

    Level 3 Bond
    Having a present to offer the First Emperor, obtaining a knife dipped in poison meant for assassinations, but just before the time for implementing the plan came, Prince Dan began to doubt whatever Jing Ke - who was awaiting for a friend that would throw his life away as an assistant in the assassination - "had not lost her nerve".

    Level 4 Bond
    Being under suspicion, Jing Ke had no choice but to depart to Qin with a man that the Crown Prince had recommended as her assistant. However, during the assassination attempt, the man who was supposed to support her became unable to move out of fear and Jing Ke had to pursuit the assassination all alone; but maybe due to the Emperor's good luck, she failed to catch him by a narrow margin.

    Level 5 Bond
    It has been said that, having made her mind, Jing Ke was killed while scorning the First Emperor. Despite being an assassin, Jing Ke returned to dust without being able to accomplish her kill. Still, Jing Ke - who cheerfully accepted the request even while knowing she wouldn't return alive - was an individual who could be described as the world's chivalry.

    "Wind blow, river freeze.
    The hero fords, never returns!"
    --a poem by Jing Ke in the occasion of her parting

    荊軻 - アサシン



    抑制 A
    プランニング B

    気配遮断 B

    ランク: B
    種別: 対人宝具


    属性:混沌・善  性別:女性





    壮士 ひとたび去ってまた還らず

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