Jingle Abel Meuniere (ジングル・アベル・ムニエル, Junguru Aberu Munieru?) is a staff member of Chaldea Security Organization in Fate/Grand Order.



Meuniere was recruited by Chaldea Security Organization and became the Coffins staff officer.




Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Meuniere is one of Chaldea's Staff to help Ritsuka Fujimaru on his Grand Order quest.

Agartha: The Mythical Subterranean SocietyEdit

Meuniere smuggled both Astolfo and Chevalier d'Eon when Ritsuka Fujimaru Rayshifted to Agartha. He registered them as support assistant. As a result, Meuniere should have received a penalty act but because he helped the Grand Order, he was not punished. Instead he received a salary reduction and a bonus cut.

Second PrologueEdit

Meuniere was imprisoned with Ritsuka Fujimaru, Mash Kyrielight and Da Vinci in a 4-man cell. He admits that he isn't too fond of Goldolf Musik, the new director. He warns the group about the Russian mercenaries, NFF Services that are occupying Chaldea. When Da Vinci explains that Goldolf intends to resuscitate A-Team from their Coffins, he calls it reckless and will end in failure.[1]

As Meuniere, Ritsuka and Mash continued to be imprisoned, Kirei informs that the Holy Church will protect the old Chaldea staff from the secret organizations in the Mage's Association. Meuniere was relieved once he learns that he'd be acquit.[2]



Creation and ConceptionEdit


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