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« "Let's go!"
"The holy light that shall never fade, the glowing colors of infinite changing form."
"Carve your legends into this blade to prove my Kingly heroics!"
"Joyeuse Ordre! »

(Charlemagne's noble phantasm quote in Fate/EXTELLA LINK)
Joyeuse Ordre: Exemplify the Heroic King, O' Twelve Radiant Swords That Travel the Wide World (王勇を示せ、遍く世を巡る十二の輝剣
, Ōyū wo Shimese, Amaneku Yo wo Meguru Jūni no Kō Ken
Juwayūzu Orudoru
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Charlemagne, which is enabled through Charlemagne's position as leader of the Twelve Paladins and his possession of the Skill Holy Knight Emperor. It unleashes the power of Joyeuse and the weapons of the Paladins, firing simultaneous beams from all of the weapons against enemies.



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