Kadoc Zemlupus (カドック・ゼムルプス, Kadokku Zemurupusu?) is one of the seven Crypters, Masters attempting to supplant the Proper Human History with that of the Lostbelt in Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt. He is the Master of Caster Anastasia. He was formerly one of forty-eight Chaldea Master Candidates and a member of Team A. As of the end of the Atlantic Lostbelt, he has rejoined Chaldea.



Kadoc is a young man from Poland.[1] After he was recruited into Chaldea Security Organization, Kadoc became one of the forty-eight Chaldea Master Candidates and a member of Team A. Kadoc planed to summon a Caster-class Servant since his magical energy was low, and he wanted to avoid high-consumption combat Servants.[2]


A silver-haired and slim young boy.[3] Leonardo da Vinci describes him to be a youth with a gentle smile.[2]


Leonardo da Vinci mentions him to have masochistic tendencies and being timid, but a mythology enthusiast and an avid reader. Mash Kyrielight observes him to be always paying attention to his surroundings. But, he is somewhat sensitive about being pessimistic.[2]

When he joined Chaldea, Kadoc was happy because he was not chosen due to his bloodline or his magecraft but for his capability to be a Master, a strength that he was born with. After he joined the A-Team, his pride feelings of inferiority became even stronger, as all his colleagues were first-class geniuses. Even so, he chose to whole-heartedly do his best to protect the Human Order, but his inferiority complex grew even larger after everything was rendered meaningless by Lev Lainur Flauros sabotage and being brought back by the Alien God. That a complete amateur even more unremarkable than him was the one who took the main stage and accomplished the great deed he was supposed to do brought back an intense feeling of jealousy and frustration. He believes to himself that he can do exactly what the protagonist has done but better.[4]

Kadoc likes rock music and apparently becomes saddened when such luxuries will not exist in his Lostbelt. 


Fate/Grand Order[]

Olga Marie Animusphere orders A-Team to participate "Singularity Point F".[5] With Lev Lainur betrayal, Kadoc was amongst the casualties to be put into cryofreeze in their coffins.[6]

After the arrival of Goredolf Musik, Koyanskaya and Kirei Kotomine. Thirty-nine Chaldea Masters were resuscitated and evacuated, only the A-Team were still frozen and remained in their Coffin.[2] On 27 December 2017, somebody had unfrozen and woke A-Team from their respective coffin and placed a fake signal.[7]

Goredolf orders Da Vinci to open A-Team's coffin, only to find them missing.[7]

Anastasia: Permafrost Empire[]

Because Ivan the Terrible's refusal to let Fantasy Tree take root prevented the Lostbelt from expanding, Kadoc conspires to replace the tsar with his own Servant, Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova, as the Lostbelt King.[8] He has Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart brought to the palace to continuously play his Noble Phantasm in order to keep Ivan asleep. Mozart was later replaced by Antonio Salieri when his Spirit Origin started to collapse from two months of endless playing.[9]

During a meeting between the Crypters, Kirschtaria Wodime confirms Chaldea will soon emerge from the Imaginary Number Space after three months. Daybit Sem Void deduces they'll arrive in the Russian Lostbelt using their connection to the Oprichniki. Kadoc believes they are out for revenge, so he'll be their first target. Kirschtaria orders him to eliminate Chaldea and grow Orochi as quickly as possible. He wishes to see all the Lostbelt realize their full potential, for each s the potential of humanity itself. Therefore he'd find it a travesty for one to end before its history had a chance to flourish. Kadoc assures Kirschtaria that he seeks victory like the others. He then leaves the meeting to wait for Chaldea's arrival.[10]

After Anastasia and "Mozart" calm Ivan, Kadoc tells her that they can't let Ivan learn the truth of what's occurring in his Lostbelt and launch a campaign. They must first be certain that the Tsar's rule extends throughout the Lostbelt before they do anything else. He warns Anastasia that "Mozart" isn't enough to keep Ivan pacified when she decides to eliminate the rebels herself. Their conversation is soon interrupted by Rasputin, whose remarks Anastasia find disrespectful and intolerable to her as a member of the imperial family. Kadoc stops Anastasia from attacking Rasputin. He tells Rasputin to stop following Anastasia, and return to repairing the cathedral to placate Ivan. Rasputin reports Chaldea has arrived, and recommends attacking them immediately. Kadoc replies he cannot leave Ivan's side yet, so he'll leave Chaldea to the Oprichniki and Koyanskaya. He asks Rasputin if he's going to help her, to which the priest replies he cannot stray far from Yaga Moscow out of concern for Ivan's condition. Anastasia tells Kadoc that Koyanskaya has been distributing food to the Yaga at such exorbitant prices that they rob from each other just to afford it. Kadoc finds it unbelievable that she's still picking on the weak, unable to understand what her motives are. Rasputin advises Kadoc to think of her as a difficult mercenary who gets the job as long as she's paid. However he agrees she's been acting too freely, and decides to tell her to restrain herself in Russia. Kadoc tells him to tell Koyanskaya to watch the major villages, and to eliminate Chaldea when they inevitably stop at one. Rasputin agrees and leaves, advising Kadoc to be more considerate of himself, and to think on where his hostility comes from. Kadoc believes Rasputin meant that he needs to accept that Chaldea are his rivals, believing they just got lucky. Anastasia tells him to accept the fact that he wasn't able to save the world, while Ritsuka and Mash did. She tells him to use this opportunity to show everyone his potential.[11]

Later Kadoc apologizes to Anastasia for the twisted way he summoned her as it was the only way to ensure she'd be a powerful Heroic Spirit. Anastasia doesn't mind though, happy to be a Lostbelt Servant. She starts freezing the area as she thinks of killing Ivan following Chaldea and the rebels. Kadoc calms her down, telling her to regulate her magical energy inside the palace. He reminds her they need to keep Ivan asleep for the time being. Anastasia decides she'll work on her dress, which Kadoc confuses on why she'd do that. She answers it's for the ball, which she'll throw herself. Kadoc reminds her though that none of the Yaga know how to dance. He then gets worried that Anastasia is planning to dance with him. Anastasia assures him that she was joking about putting on a ball. She then jokes about freezing his feet to the floor if he keeps looking her like she's monster. Kadoc finds this particular behavior of hers exhausting.[12]

He dreams of Anastasia's final moments in life and how she contracted with Viy. Anastasia wakes him up to tell him they received a report from the Oprichniki on the frontier. It mentions that they burned down one of the rebels' storehouses. Anastasia says they should figure out what to do with the Servants not with the rebels before they threaten Ivan's rule. Kadoc answers they'll handle them together, and says Rasputin will handle things in the palace. Anastasia decides to get ready, but Kadoc tells her to just go as she is now. Kadoc get annoyed at her for saying he's supposed to send her off with a smile, saying he's all about efficiency. Anastasia responds he can be efficient now by helping her get ready. They then leave to pick what coat she'll wear, much to Kadoc's chagrin.[13]

The two later wait for Kirschtaria's inspection. They discuss that Kirschtaria is likely to win the competition between the Crypters' Lostbelts, at least for the time being. Caenis then arrives, pleased to hear Kadoc still has the will to fight. Kadoc tells her they have nothing noteworthy to report, saying everything's going fine. Caenis reminds him that his Lostbelt is the only one where the Fantasy Tree hasn't taken root, let alone sprouted. Kadoc replies it's because Ivan doesn't understand why he needs it yet. Until Ivan understands that, Kadoc will continue laying the groundwork. Caenis understands Kadoc will turn the tables on Ivan when the time comes. She is impressed by his ambitions, so she'll report to Kirschtaria that there's no problem in Russia. She then has Kadoc confirm that Chaldea is in the Lostbelt. She is concerned Kadoc hasn't killed them yet, so she offers to kill them for him. Kadoc rejects her offer, declaring Chaldea came to his Lostbelt, so they're his to deal with as he sees fit. Caenis agrees to let him handle it and leaves the Lostbelt.[14]

Kadoc and Anastasia arrive in Yaga Tula after Ritsuka's party knocked Salieri out. Kadoc explains that the Cypters' goal is to grow their Lostbelts and end the Proper History. He believes if any member of A-Team, especially Kirschtaria, resolved the Incineration of Humanity, it wouldn't have taken a whole year, with much fewer dead. Ritsuka responds that they just happened to be the only Master left. Kadoc asserts because of that coincidence many died in the Incineration of Humanity. Mash defends Ritsuka, but Kadoc says she should know any member of Team-A would've done better than Ritsuka. Mash replies it's pointless to think about that now, and she's certain shouldn't have lived through the Restoration of Humanity if it was anyone from Team-A handled it. Kadoc confesses she would've probably been abandoned without a second thought at some point. He then orders the Oprichniki to kill the group. After the Oprichniki are killed, he calls on Anastasia to kill the group. Salieri eventually wakes up, and unleashes Dio Santissimo Misericordia de mi on her. She blocks it with Viy, and Salieri accuses her and Kadoc of brainwashing him. Kadoc denies this and orders Anastasia to crush Salieri's legs. He protects her however when Avicebron's snow golems attack her. He orders the Oprichniki to follow the group when they escape with Salieri. He then orders the remaining Oprichniki to massacre the town for harboring rebels. He and Anastasia then return to the palace.[15]

Kadoc later isolates Avicebron from Ritsuka's party while the rest caught in Minotauros's labyrinth so they can talk without interference. He tells him that he can make his wish a reality.[16]

When Atalanta Alter, Salieri, and the remaining rebels are captured and brought to a prison fortress beyond the capital, Kadoc asks Atalanta Alter to join him. She refuses, believing he is in league with Ivan. Kadoc asserts that he isn't, pointing out the lack of Oprichniki. He then asks Atalanta Alter to help him defeat Ivan and Chaldea. Kadoc knows that despite being a Servant from the Proper History, Atalanta Alter's true sympathies lie with the Yaga. Atalanta Alter is herself aware what will happen to the Lostbelt if Chaldea is victorious. After explaining his plan to everyone, Kadoc thinks about how he'll surpass everyone in Chaldea. He then takes everyone to Yaga Moscow, leaving a note for Ritsuka's party to find that reads Atalanta Alter and Salieri there in five days.[17]

At Yaga Moscow, he waits with Anastasia and Atalanta Alter for Ritsuka's party to arrive. He then goes to announce that the execution is about to begin, so they'll know exactly where the group will appear. The area then suddenly shakes; a Oprichnik reports a Servant is in the southwest district attacking the Oprichniki. Kadoc recognizes it's a diversion, and orders the Oprichniki to ignore it. The Oprichniki refuse to follow that order because they're sword to any who defy Ivan. Kadoc gives in, with the warning they cannot wake Ivan up no matter what. When Ritsuka's party does arrive, Kadoc retreats to avoid getting caught up in the ensuing battle.[4]

When Ivan fully awakes from Adam‘s construction, Kadoc proposes to the group that they work together to defeat the Tsar. He suggests they target Ivan’s true body at the mammoth’s head. He and Anastasia then go hold Ivan off, alongside Atalanta Alter, Beowulf, and Miyamoto Musashi. He is shocked and amazed to see Ritsuka riding on Adam’s shoulder as it attacks Ivan. Unfortunately, none of the group’s attack leave a scratch on the Ivan. Kadoc calls on Rasputin, who assumes Kadoc is ready to escape Russia, having exhausted all of his options. Kadoc replies he suspects Rasputin has a trump card and says now it’s time to play it. Rasputin agrees, as neither he nor Anastasia can escape Ivan’s wrath any longer. He commends Kadoc for his idea of using Mozart’s music to keep Ivan asleep, but that wasn’t going to solve the fundamental problem. Kadoc still needs to learn how to stir up other people’s emotions. Rasputin calls Kadoc wrong for thinking he requires repentance and talent. He then calls upon Saleri (who’s in the palace) to play. As Salieri plays Dies Irae, Kadoc is shocked that the musician’s wrath is increasing his abilities, not thinking it possible for anger to boost a Servant’s abilities. Rasputin responds that it is indeed possible, especially if that anger is a core part of that person. Eventually Adam rips Ivan rip out the mammoth thanks to assistance from Salieri, Mash, and Musashi.[9]

After Anastasia personally defeats Ivan to usurp his position, Kadoc tells Rasputin to stop pretending to be Macarius. He informs the unaware Anastasia of Rasputin's True Name, explaining that he's a Pseudo-Servant possessing a human corpse. Kirei however says Rasputin left his body after Anastasia took the throne. With his connection with Russia gone, Kirei leaves after agreeing to Anastasia's request. Kadoc asks if he should kill him, considering he is one of Anastasia's greatest enemies. Anastasia says however that Rasputin isn't an enemy. She and Kadoc then leave to usher in her rule.[8]

They arrive at Orochi just after Ivan has disappeared. Kadoc orders Atlanta Alter to kill the others. After Atalanta Alter is killed, Kadoc confirms with Anastasia that she is now the Lostbelt King. Anastasia then uses her newfound powers to let Orochi take root. She and Kadoc then fight the group. After they’re defeated, Kadoc tries to use the Sirius Light to rewrite the Lostbelt. Billy shoots at him, only for Anastasia to shield him. Kadoc tells her she didn’t need to do that as he could’ve remade the Lostbelt with the Sirius Light, so she could’ve won. Anastasia replies that victory stolen on a technicality is no victory at all. She forbids Kadoc from killing himself once she’s gone. She believes he will always do the right thing, no matter his flaws. Kadoc responds that his whole life is full of regrets, which Anastasia tells him to hold on to and live on. Anastasia confesses she protected him because he believed in her. She says he should be honored and disappears, calling him her dear sweet Kadoc. Left in tears, Kadoc is then knocked out by Billy. The group prepare to bring him to the Border when Orochi begins releasing True Ether. After Orochi is destroyed, Kadoc is taken prisoner on the Border.[8]

Götterdämmerung: Eternal Icy Fire Century[]

While a prisoner inside of the Shadow Border, he wakes up when he feels the shock-wave of the Shadow Border being attacked. Believing that Crypters are after him to silence him for being a failure, Kadoc tries to escape to the Shadow Border's deck, only to realize there was nothing that could help him escape. Seeing himself in a stalemate, he states that, since he made a promise, he cannot die for naught so he would be willing to swallow his pride and cooperate with Chaldea as long as they guarantee his life. Before he could talk any further, he was stabbed and was rendered unconscious by an incoming Rasputin, while the latter muttered how necessary was to retrieve Kadoc before he could make the things worse for him.[18]

After regaining consciousness, Kadoc learns that Kirschtaria wants him in his Lostbelt. Kadoc sees the priest's actions as useless since the only difference is the one that is going to dispose of him, either Chaldea or Wodime. Rasputin answers saying that, even if he lost his Lostbelt and his right as a Crypter, he still has the Sirius Light, so as long he has that Command Spell he shouldn't worry about a needless death since his life still has usefulness.[18]

SIN: Synchronized Intellect Nation[]

Brought to the Greek Lostbelt, Kadoc went alongside Wodime to the Crypters' meeting room. After stating his opinion about Chaldea's Master and the disgustingness of Beryl's attitude towards him is, he decided to go out the room to walk around the metropolis.[19]

Olympus: Interstellar Mountainous City[]

After Chaldea arrives in Olympus, a disguised Kadoc rescues Ritsuka and Mash from a group of soldiers. He then shows them the way to the resistance's base. After being exposed by Holmes, Kadoc tells them what he knows before leaving.[20].

After leaving, Kadoc continues his investigation into Wodime and the Alien God. During the attack on the shrine, Kadoc sneaks into the meeting hall and hacks into the hall's computer database. He then comes upon some information. From the data, Kadoc deduces the Alien God doesn't have a physical body, so it needs a fully grown Tree to incarnate. He suspects its form will be based on the data on the planet it collected. Suddenly, Douman appears from behind him and beats him up, leaving him for dead.[21] Escaping, Kadoc runs into Rasputin who takes him to Chaldea to get his wounds treated as part of Rasputin's promise to Anastasia to keep Kadoc safe.[22]

Traum: Death and Revelation World[]

Kadoc Traum.png

Kadoc awakens from his coma and aids Chaldea. He wears a collar around his neck that will destroy his Magic Circuits if he does anything suspicious or casts magecraft without permission. Sion Eltnam Sokaris was unable to remove the Sirius Light from him, but Chaldea isn't worried because they believe that if the Alien God could activate it remotely she would have done so already.[23]

When Moriarty offers to become Kadoc's Servant so that the two of them can take over Chaldea, Kadoc refuses and says that he's done being a traitor.

Viy has secretly been by Kadoc's side ever since Anastasia died and reveals himself to protect Kadoc from an attack.


Kadoc was said to be mediocre Magus with low magical energy, but Kadoc has a high Rayshift aptitude. His circumstances are similar to Ritsuka Fujimaru, as Kadoc was average in A-Team's line-up of geniuses.[2] Both his resourcefulness and lineage as a magus are commonplace[3] and the history of his family’s Magic Crest brief, about two hundred years old, so he is not a member of a bloodline that has anything to be proud of.[4] Despite that, when Ritsuka Fujimaru asks him if he ever thought about quitting being a mage, Kadoc replies that that is like asking "Why don't you just die, since your life is meaningless?" and advises that Fujimaru never ask that to a normal mage.[23]

The Zemlupus family magecraft is anti-beast, meant for fighting animals. Their specialty is on the verge of obsolescence because humans can now track and kill beasts with mundane means, but in the past anti-beast magecraft was very useful for humans to protect themselves from dangerous animals.[23]

With a place to hide and the incantation "Rat's body in hiding. Cat's byway escape. Let shallow cleverness prevail o'er cunning." he can conceal his and his allies' presence. It is a simple and basic spell, and the incantation is too long to be used in the spur-of-the-moment.[23]

In the boss battle with him and Anastasia at the end of the Russian Lostbelt, Kadoc uses the following spells:

  • Acceleration Line (加速航路) - A Master skill that increases charge by 2 per turn.
  • Magical Energy Cleansing (魔力洗滌) - A Master skill that protects and cleanses debuffs.
  • Phantasm Barrier (幻想結界) - A Master skill that raises defense against Noble Phantasms.

As a playable Master in the Traum Singularity, Kadoc uses the following spells:

  • Beastly Evacuation (猛獣退避) - A Master skill that gives one ally Evade 3 times, for 3 turns.
  • Scent-Tracking (臭跡追跡) - A Master skill that gives all allies Sure Hit for 3 turns.
  • Beastly Nature Bestowal (獣性付与) - A Master skill that seals one enemy's Noble Phantasm and Skills for 1 turn.

After using up his three Command Spells, Kadoc revealed he had a special Command Spell known as the Sirius Light, but was defeated before he could use it and show what it does.


Creation and Conception[]


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    A slim silver-haired young man.
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    身長: 174cm
    体重: 57kg
    出身地: ポーランド
    特技: 対獣魔術、臭跡消し、野外技能
    好きなもの: 現代音楽全般(主にロック)
    嫌いなもの: 才能溢れる魔術師
    一生苦手なもの: 皇女


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    クリプター カドック・ゼムルプス



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