Kaede Makidera (蒔寺 楓, Makidera Kaede?) is a student at Homurahara Academy.



Kaede is a friend of Yukika Saegusa and Kane Himuro, known together as Class 2-A's famed track girl trio. She is the track team's star sprinter, and she wishes people would call her the "Black Panther of Homura" while her actual nickname is just "Maki".

It is revealed in fate/school life that she is the daughter of an established and influential kimono merchants. Ironically, her ancestors were pirates of the inland sea.


Kaede is a beautiful but loud and obnoxious sprinter. She is energetic, likes competition, and tries to lead the members of their trio. She can't really stand failures. She is not academically brilliant and has poor marks at school. In the Fate/school life spinoff, she is depicted as receiving high marks only in History class.

She is a friend of Rin Tohsaka and she's scheming at making her as her best friend, and she sees Ayako Mitsuzuri as a rival. Her hobby is collecting wind chimes, and she loves working with glass. Perhaps because her tastes intersect with Rin's on that point, the two often go around visiting antique shops together on their days off and the two often go window-shopping together.[1]


Fate/stay nightEdit

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Fate/Grand Order x Himuro's Universe: Seven Most Powerful Great Figures ChapterEdit

In the special, during Ritsuka Fujimaru's summoning experiment, she acts as the vessel for an Assassin class Pseudo-Servant, Ishikawa Takuboku.[2]

Today's Menu for Emiya FamilyEdit

Kaede appears briefly in Episode 10 of Today's Menu for Emiya Family. She tries to request sea food stands for the school festival, but Issei Ryuudou turns her down.


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