Kaie Karyou (迦遼 海江, Karyō Kaie?) is a main character of DDD.



Kaie's home lies in the outskirts of Shikura City which is an underground chamber beneath the water storage tank that is in the forest. It is built like a giant 10 square meter cube the ceiling is glass and around it are walls of stone layered like brick. There are doors at all four sides of the room, and Arika Ishizue never opened any of them other than the entrance at the south side. His room is underground so radio waves and mobile phones won’t connect.

His only means of communication is a black telephone that lies somewhere in that underground chamber. The existence of the huge water tank isn't known by the people in the city government. Maybe the veterans over at the fire department know about it as part of Shikura City trivia, but it is doubtful that this wisdom is going to include knowing that there’s something underneath the tank. The only ones who know about it are Arika and Mato, and well, some victims that have had some troubles due to the possessed.


A Daemon Master who is called "a genuine demon", a young man of 14 or 15 years of age with long, black silky hair and white porcelain-like face. Possessing a beauty more fit to a young woman that is capable to charm anyone. Born from a wealthy family.


Evil natured, Kaie possesses such a heartless cruelty that one would doubt that he is really human. Rich in passion, he will laugh whole-heartedly over something enjoyable and smile just like an angel over something sad. If God is absolute in his intellectual omnipotence, then daemons are absurdly intangible and can never be understood by men.

He loves humans, never complaining regardless of how badly he is treated by them. However, when enmity is shown towards him he will regard the person as his worst enemy, even if he had a close relationship with the one in question previously. One who loves while completely lacking human-like emotion. Someone who hates something exactly because he loves them. An involvement between the real daemons of fantasy and the fake (in this case regarding the sickness in reality "Agonist Disorder") is not allowed, and thus he hates the fakes, but considers them good source of nutrition for his limbs.




His black artificial left arm

Much like Merem Solomon, Kaie once lost both arms and legs and now the Daemons that he commands act as his limbs when dormant. However, because there is a difference between functionality and comfort, he prefers to remain lying down on a bed without his limbs "attached". Kaie can "loan" his limbs to others and, in the case in which the temporary carrier dies, the limbs will return to Kaie on their own accord. These Daemons were made from his emotions, in order to grant him his wish of a 'human form', they are named accordingly with the emotion that each of them absorbed. And destroying his daemons is meaningless because of his view on daemons and god, they are already melting/falling apart.

  • Delight (歓喜)

Kaie’s right arm, its true form is unknown.

  • Hatred (憎悪)

Karyou’s left arm, only becomes alive when his carrier feels hatred. Only then is the prosthesis just like the original arm of the carrier. But in order for the prosthesis to show it's true form the carrier has to lose, for a short time, his consciousness and rationality to think. The black arm then explodes and scatters itself around its target as solid matter, rains down on it as liquid, and shrouds it as gas. Its true form is that of a one-meter long, blind, black dog who is as thin as seaweed and very sensitive to light. It’s grotesque howling is incomprehensible to the human ear and it shatters the brain instead of the eardrums. When it hunts it uses the human eyeballs of his carrier in order to see and it can only kill a definite object by completely covering a "something" and reducing it into a "nothing". Sounds of grinding can be heard from the parts it’s attached to. And destroying this daemon is meaningless because of Karyou’s view on daemons and god, it is formless from the start and already melting/falling apart. In order to stop the black dog, the carrier has to cut the arm off. The dog loses its vision and can now only use its scent sensation, it will also, as long as the arm is separated, return to its original form.

  • Sorrow (悲哀)

One of Kaie’s legs, its true form is that of a shark-like creature.

  • ???? (????)

Unknown. One of Kaie Karyou's legs.