Kairi Sisigou (獅子劫 界離, Shishigō Kairi?) is the Master of Saber of Red in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha.



« It's like my youth that was spent stepping over corpses. »

(Kairi Sisigou)

Kairi is the seventh generation head of the Sisigou family, surprising for a family whose origins lie in the Far East where magecraft had a lesser standing. It was thought that he would follow in the footsteps of his father, Touki Sisigou, whose treatise had been highly praised at the Clock Tower of the Mage's Association. The curse of the previous Sisigou generation has activated on Kairi, resulting him unable to produce children. His parents decided to pressure Kairi to adopt a distant relative as his daughter, they hoped to transplant his Magic Crest onto her. She died as they tried transferring Kairi's Crest to her. He was devastated when she died and accepted that the Sisigou would end in his generation. Rather than following the similar path of a researcher, he left his family and education behind him before the end of his third year there, taking on the path of a bounty hunter and freelancer. He normally wanders from battlefield to battlefield recovering the corpses of magi and plundering their Magic Crests.[2] Suppressing heretical magi for a living, he used the various battlefield to obtain materials for his craft, and he gained much notoriety within the "thaumaturgical underground" in the next ten years. He had not cut all ties with the Association, taking on various jobs for people like Rocco Belfaban.

He is a good friend of Jean-Mario Supinerra's, and the two of them met when they were students at the Clock Tower. Jean-Mario ranked higher than Kairi on the annual unofficial poll of which men at the Clock Tower the female students most wanted to sleep with.[3]


Kairi is 32 years old during in the Great Holy Grail War.[1] His fiendish appearance is just like that of an American outlaw.[2] Sisigou has a scarred face, razor-sharp eyes with a noticeable gaze, a muscular frame, and a black jacket fashioned from hides skinned from magical beasts. He carries a thick stench of blood and gunpowder emanating from his entire body due to the battlefields he has worked in as a freelance bounty hunter. He simply thinks that he looks formidable and that having clothing different from regular magi may be unsettling, but he cannot understand the fear he instills within people. Simply walking down the street is enough to have police perform multiple body searches, and even magi stay away from him in fear. Although magi may work under questionable ethics, they still find that which is horrible horrifying. Before his appearance became fiendish, his face was very much that of a serious scholar.[2]


Kairi's photo

He has a lot of affection towards his stepdaughter, and in his back pockets of his jacket, you can find an old photo of the two of them together there.[2]

Kairi has a wish that he wants granted, but does not consider it urgent nor did he have any hope of actually achieving it. He claims that his wish as a Magus is to bring prosperity to his clan. Though he had thrown his hopes aside, the possibility of obtain the Holy Grail has brought it before his grasp. He is a pragmatic man who thinks over his actions in relation to what he can achieve, unwilling to take risks that have little outcome of success like directly having to combat Servants. He accepts that even with their advantage in their location, Yggdmillennia is not at an overwhelming advantage with the other side having an equal amount of Servants. His real wish was simply to undo the death of his stepdaughter.[2]

He enjoys smoking, using a Taiwanese brand rare enough that being able to buy one case from another magus was almost a miracle, but he finds the taste awful. He feels the clash of rare status and foul taste allows for him to feel the transiency of the world.

Summoning a Servant with a similar personality, he develops a good relationship with his Saber. He cannot deny that he would choose her over King Arthur if given the choice due to her having the more interesting personality. He believes he could never have summoned a proper Knight of the Round Table in the first place, and that regardless of the notions of right and wrong, that her path to rebellion was something that took courage. When seeing her extreme confidence in herself, he can see that they have the same personality trait.



With the advent of the Great Holy Grail War, Sisigou responds to the summons of Rocco Belfaban, but he is held up by police searching him three times, each avoided by casting a suggestion on them, severely questioned by the security magi four times, and he has to deal with students staring at him in fear; all due to his appearance. Upon meeting with Belfaban, he notes a preserved juvenile hydra within his collection, but Belfaban passes it of as a forgery. Belfaban proceeds to explain the specifics of the true purpose of reaching the Root, Yggdmillennia's role, and the unique circumstances of the war.

Belfaban explains the Red and Black factions, presenting Sisigou with a shard of the Round Table to use as a catalyst. Due to its general nature, he is told that he will likely obtain the knight closest to him in personality, but he is happy that it will guarantee a strong Servant. He agrees to Belfaban's terms, and he asks for half of the payment due to the danger of the task, taking the hydra to Belfaban's displeasure.

He immediately boards a flight to Bucharest, Romania, all his equipment already prepared at the time he was first contacted about the job. Studying the materials about the Holy Grail given to him, he arrives in Romania and instantly obtains Command Spells upon leaving the plane. He decided to summon his Servant before heading into enemy territory, and he is pleased that Bucharest's six hundred years of history and powerful leylines will allow for a proper summoning.

After establishing a Bounded Field to ward people away from the cemetery he chose, he begins preparing for the ritual. Reflecting on the war while he waits for the right time to start, he thinks over his wish and the feasibility of fighting. He decides that his time to back out already long passed, and that there would be nowhere to return even if he was able. Pleased with his mental state, he begins the incantation to summon his Servant. At the same time as the Black Faction summons the rest of their Servants, Mordred is summoned into the world.

As he tries to introduce himself, Saber is displeased about being summoned in such a location, but understands upon deducing that he is a necromancer. Due to her Secret of Pedigree, he is unable to tell her true name, so she takes it off to reveal her face. He is shocked at her being female, which earns her instant ire. As he promises never to bring it up again, she is somewhat placated, but is then instantly angered again after learning that the she was summoned with a shard of the Round Table. After she destroys it in disgust, the act allows him to deduce her true name due to Mordred being one who would bare malice towards their common symbol.

They begin to discuss her past, and he learns of her wish to challenge the sword of appointment. Although he questions her surety that she can pull it without fail, she moves the discussion along to taking immediate action against the Black Faction. As he tries to explain the need to scout out information before diving into battle, they receive an invitation from one of Assassin of Red's dove to meet with other members of the Red Faction. As they head to the meeting place, he agrees to buy Saber some clothing so that she can appear during the day without her armor drawing suspicion. They arrive at the church in Sighisoara the designated time of nine in the morning, and they are greeted by Shirou Kotomine. He asks Saber to detect the presence of Servants, but while she cannot sense any, she tells him to be cautious.

Kairi believes he recognizes something from Shirou's name, but cannot put it to mind. When Shirou requests that he materialize his Servant, he begins to deny the request until Saber interrupts him and suggests that he proceed due to her previous feeling of unease. Shirou seems slightly perturbed upon her materialization, due to not being able to tell her statistics using his Ruler-class abilities, but quickly dismisses it and orders for Assassin to show herself. Kairi is taken aback as she appears right next to where he was sitting, and he quickly pulls away from her as she attempts to reach for his hand. Shirou lightly chides her for troubling him, and he begins reviewing the facts of the war. Discussing the parameters of the Black Faction and likelihood of Lancer of Black being Vlad III, Shirou states that Lancer of Red and Rider of Red are a match for him.

This causes Saber to momentarily think that one could potentially be her father, but he dismisses the thought, hoping that their forces won't be divided from the very start by such an event. As Shirou asks for Saber's true name, Kairi declines to provide it, uneasy about fighting on the same side as Shirou and Assassin. Sensing deception from them, he plans to work alone, but offers to buy information from them. Shirou says that he will provide them with information, but that it is unfortunate that they will not stand together. Quickly leaving the church, he immediately expects someone to be following, but Saber confirms that there is no one. Praising him for not falling for their trickery, they both confidently plan to take on all the Servants of the war in the worst-case scenario.

He buys Saber her requested clothing from a boutique in Sighisoara, and they arrive in Trifas after nightfall. He sets out to construct a workshop after once again settling down Saber from immediately pursing a fight. Forgoing a hotel, he instead chooses catacombs as the ideal location. Dealing with Saber's complaints at the unideal conditions, she eventually gives up in trying to argue against magi eccentricities. He begins to process the hydra into a poison for later use, and Saber ignores the danger it poses to him by asking about his wish for the Grail. She becomes bored with his answer of prosperity for his clan even though that should be fairly obvious. This leads to the topic of sons succeeding their fathers, causing Saber's mood to drop. Moving on to the body of the hydra, he thinks about Saber and her suitability as his Servant.

They decide to search out the most suitable location from which to begin their assault of the enemy later that night. Scouting one building, Saber grabs Kairi and jumps to the top of the building, and she lacks any remorse after he asks that she never do that again. Though it is a perfect location, it turns out to contain an enemy detection field, bringing forth many of Caster of Black's golems and Yggdmillennia homunculi. While Saber wildly fights the golems, he deals with the homunculi, showing his unconventional weaponry and easily dispatching them. Saber praises his ability, and he speculates on the maker of the golems upon examining the materials and recounting their great strength. As the remains burst into flame, he decides to retreat from the area for the moment, and though they were watched, they did not reveal any detrimental information with Saber's Secret of Pedigree. As he praises Saber at her behest and comments on her wild fighting style, her claim of doing anything to win resonates embarrassingly close to his own mentality.

However, they still fought to obtain the Holy Grail right till the very end, but they dropped out of the Great Holy Grail War when Mordred and Semiramis dealt mutually fatal strikes against each other. The actions that Sisigou took to save Mordred also backfired on him and caused him to die.[2]

Lord El-Melloi II Case Files[]

Grace Note[]

Kairi appears in the anime adaptation of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files. He is a friend of the deceased Trevor Pelham Codrington, a fellow Necromancer, and is familiar with his son Wills. He stayed often enough at the Marburry workshop to warrant having a regular room for him to occupy.

He is met by Reines and Gray as they are attacked by spirits in the underground graveyard. With Reines incapacitated by her Mystic Eyes reacting to the magical energy in the area, Kairi fends off the spirits, revealing his experience as a necromancer. He agrees to help Lord El-Melloi II with the investigation in exchange for a cigar.

Kairi helps Gray gather research materials from Trevor's library, and explains to her that in Britain, fairies are thought to be born from the souls of children who have died. As they head back with armloads of books, they are suddenly attacked by a Black Dog that bursts in from outside, having broken through Hishiri Adashino's Bounded Field. He attempts to fight it off, only for Gray to destroy it herself. Noting the Black Dog's fearful reaction to her scythe, Kairi learns of the true nature of the weapon as Rhongomyniad.

Alongside Wills, he later assists El-Melloi II with a ritual to allow everyone to see the fairy that has appeared in the Marsburry Workshop, and learns that the workshop was created to use the Leyline to draw out the power of Mystic Eyes, specifically Will's Fairy Eyes, and uses the core of the dead to create artificial fairies like the Black Dog he encountered earlier. Kairi observes that the underground graveyard is a sign that there were more deaths than had been publicly reported.

As the mansion is set upon by a hoard of Black Dogs, Kairi helps the other mages fend them off (with El-Melloi II telling him to bill the use of his magical tools to the Department of Policies), even taking a blow for Gray as she is releasing the restraints on Rhongomyniad. He watches as Wills sacrifices himself to close the gate to the fairy realm. As everyone prepares to leave, Kairi encourages Gray to stay by El-Melloi's side, as he needs her presence to keep him grounded in the present even as he obsesses over the past.

He is later approached by Reines to work with Luviagelita Edelfelt to discover who had stolen Iskander's mantle from El-Melloi II and lured him to the Rail Zeppelin.

Other appearances[]

He was mentioned by Orlando Reeve in Fate/strange Fake. Orlando received Kairi's package, which contained a Hydra coated dagger and Caster managed to make it into a Noble Phantasm.[4] He is also noted to have outwitted Bazdilot Cordelion in the past.[5]


Kairi is a magus of the Association personally chosen by Rocco Belfaban to participate. He isn’t a magus, but rather a Spellcaster user. Though he can’t match magi in terms of knowledge, he ranks equally in terms of battle experience with Darnic who has survived for a hundred years. In the past, Kairi’s talent as a magus was first-rate, but is now second-rate. As a Spellcaster, he is first-rate.[2] He is powerful as a Master, allowing Saber to utilize her energy-heavy Noble Phantasm, Clarent Blood Arthur, and regain mobility more quickly than with a lesser Master. He is a necromancer and accompanies the practice with the use of state of the art weaponry, normally thought of as "heresy" in the world of magi. With his unconventional weaponry, it can be said that he is likely the only one of the many necromancers to have managed to make the bodies of magi and magical beasts suitable killing weapons. Though a single one of the combat homunculi of the Black Faction are formidable enough to match the average magus, he makes easy prey of multiple at once.

He possesses a shard of the Round Table as his catalyst to summon Saber, but Saber later destroys it in disgust.


Locations "drenched by the deaths of human beings" with graves, morgues, and corpses are most fitting for his craft. When choosing the location for summoning Saber, the corners of the cemetery managed by the Stavropoleos Church is most suitable for him. He uses chalk made from dusted bones and the blood of magi to draw a magic ward, a ring of purification carved around a ring of four purging circles, around a ward of summoning. He places a crystal ball in the center, and prepares his catalyst and incantation. He then waits until the magical energy within his body is at its peak and for the dead of night, the most appropriate time for someone who resides over death.[6]

He is skilled in working with ingredients. He is able to concoct an herbal mixture to stave off drowsiness. Obtained from Belfaban, he has a juvenile Hydra preserved in formalin in a glass bottle, which he processes to concoct a potent poison. Removing each head while wearing thick leather gloves, he submerges them into a reddish-black liquid and then holds them over a candle's flame with tweezers after having let them soak. It is a very dangerous process that could lead to death at any moment over the three hour process. He believes he could make enough for a bolt had it been longer, but settles to have enough to coat a dagger.


Kairi's handgun

He uses an unbranded side-by-side sawed-off shotgun as his primary weapon. Due to the stock and barrel being shortened, its effective range is very short, but it excels in being portable and clearing a room. With his unique necromancer twist to the gun, the specifications mean little to him. The only part of using that matters is the act of him holding the gun. He does not need to readily aim at the target due to firing pin and other components of the gun having been treated through magical rituals, making the shots fired the most important aspect. Rather than using bullets, he uses human fingers as "bullets", combining the properties of Gandr's ability to curse others with physical force with his necromancy.[2]

Their speed is only subsonic, but they can readjust their course by detecting body heat much like a snake as they curve through the air. They burrow into the body of the target, reaching their heart and causing the curse to rupture as a "one shot, one kill" demon bullet. The main issue with the shotgun is it being limited to two shots before needing to be reloaded so he supplements that time by throwing a grenade made from a magus's heart packed with their teeth and nails. As a dark-red, shrivelled mass, he throws it at his enemies, making a wet sound as it lands before rapidly expanding and exploding. The shrapnel inside penetrate into his enemies, causing them to die with expressions that seem as though they were fed poison. He fundamentally uses things like hand grenades made out of hearts, animal eyeballs and monkey hands as part of his necromancy, so the majority of his Mystic Codes are in extreme bad taste.[2]


More worldly than traditional magi, he is one who thinks that even with the possibility of converting a room in a hotel into a secure workshop, that settling it in such a structurally weak location is a bad idea. With the existence of those who would, without a second thought, blow up an entire building for the sake of destroying one floor, he instead uses more secure catacombs in Trifas. With leylines of the best quality in the area, they are the most suitable for restoring Saber's magical energy. He uses a number of candles to surround the area, and uses two sleeping bags on an alter as a resting place.

Another reason for choosing such a location is the feasibility in being able to escape from its multiple exits, and even if all of them become sealed, boring a hole to the surface is possible. The location is protected from being targeted by someone wishing to collapse it upon them. Due to its large size, it would require a high amount of explosives or high-level ritual to destroy it. He employs a detection field around the exit, but forgoes further traps until confirming the need to make it a more permanent workshop.


Creation and Conception[]

Kairi initial designs

Yuuichirou Higashide said that the initial plotting stages for Kairi and Mordred, would "rampage around as they like without regretting anything and fight and fight until they die while smiling" as "this story's Bonnie and ClydeWP".[2]

In the initial plot, Kairi was supposed to have descended from the family that Darnic chased out. However, it created a contradiction chronologically and the plot was not that entwined with Yggdmillennia in the first place, so it was easily discarded.[2]


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    • 体重:97kg
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    • 誕生日:4月14日
    • 特技:動物加工(含む人体)
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    He normally wanders from battlefield to battlefield recovering the corpses of magi and plundering their Magic Crests. Fundamentally, he intentionally acts so as not to increase the number of casualties. This is because causalities are always appearing somewhere in the world every day and night even without him doing anything.
    He habitually uses a sawed-off (meaning with a shortened barrel) shotgun as a Mystic Code, but he only uses it as medium for the Gandr spell and doesn’t use it in its original purpose as a gun. Also, he fundamentally uses things like hand grenades made out of hearts, animal eyeballs and monkey hands as part of his necromancy, so the majority of his Mystic Codes are in extreme bad taste.
    He chose to participate in the Great Holy Grail War after receiving a request from the Association of Magi. Originally, he had planned to fight alongside the other Red Servants, but he chose to take independent action due to not being able to trust Shirou Kotomine and his Servant Semiramis. He and Saber engaged in skirmishes with the Black Servants and won against Berserker of Black, but then they noticed the scheme of the Red Master Shirou Kotomine and decided to put the war on hold.
    However, they still fought to obtain the Holy Grail right till the very end, but they dropped out of the Great Holy Grail War when Mordred and Semiramis dealt mutually fatal strikes against each other. The actions that Shishigou took to save Mordred also backfired on him and caused him to die.
    The sole thing decided about the two of them from the initial plotting stages was that they would “rampage around as they like without regretting anything and fight and fight until they die while smiling” as “this story’s Bonnie and Clyde”. Well, Bonnie and Clyde didn’t die while smiling, though.
    In the past, Shishigou’s talent as a magus was first-rate, but is now second-rate. As a magecraft user, he is first-rate. As a Master, well, I suppose he gets a passing mark for having well managed Mo-san, who is quite tricky and difficult to deal with, without once antagonizing her.
    He seems to have poured a lot of affection towards his stepdaughter whose name was never revealed in the story, and if you search the back pockets of his jacket, you can fight an old photo of the two of them together there. However, his appearance became fiendish after he began going out to battlefields, so his face in the photo is very much that of a serious scholar.
    If Mordred ever saw that photo, she would first laugh for a while, but then she would understand the unpleasant truth about it and turn silent. In other words, she would realize his unbelievable despair of having chosen a wound-filled life that made the man into that photo turn into the person in front of her.
    The wish that Shishigou had for the Holy Grail was actually something truly acute. Somewhere in his heart, he thought that the wish that he publicly spoke of wasn’t true, but that his real wish was simply to undo the death of his stepdaughter.
    The moment he realized and accepted that, everything about Shishigou’s life as a magus reached its end.
    Furthermore, in the initial plot, Shishigou Kairi was descended from the family that Darnic chased out. However, it created a contradiction chronologically and the plot wasn’t that entwined with Yggdmillennia in the first place, so it was easily discarded.


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    Necromancy falls under the magecraft systems of both communicating with the dead and curses among the departments within the Association of Magi, and the term specifies all magecraft styles that primarily use and process corpses. Even after the soul has vanished, a magus’ body continues to have extremely potent magical properties, so the corpses of magi are more useful than regular corpses. Besides magi, corpses of things like beasts with magical properties are also highly valued by necromancers. For instance, a Phantasmal Species can be made into a suitably strong Mystic Code. Shishigou Kairi processes pieces of corpses such as these for every use he could. For example, he used things like monkey hands, owl eyes, and the hearts of magi.
    Shishigou Kairi’s Mystic Codes were very high quality, and most of all were easy to use since the Mystic Codes that he made from corpses lacked negative factors such as “regret” and “malice” attached to them (while these increase a Mystic Code’s power, it proportionally raises the possibility of it going berserk). And those who should have fallen into ruin ended up becoming the subject of conversation among magi again—that includes the story of how Shishigou Kairi’s Magic Crest was turned poisonous, though.


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