Kama(WP) (カーマ?), Class Name Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?), is an Assassin-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Also known as Kamadeva (カーマデーヴァ?), Kama is the God of Love of Indian mythology. Normally a male deity, he has manifested as a female Pseudo-Servant in the body of Sakura Matou, likely related to her "special characteristic" and another goddess who is also a Pseudo-Servant.[1]

Kama is able to use his sugarcane bow and arrows adorned with flowers to arouse love and lust in whomever he pierces with an arrow. He is famous for the anecdote where he shot the God Shiva, who was focused on his meditation, to get him to notice the feelings of his wife Parvati.[1]


Kama is the god of love in Hinduism. kama means "love".

A handsome man who rides a parrot holding a bow made of sugarcane and five flower arrows.

Those shot by his arrows would fall in love.

Kama's most famous episode is about Parvati and Shiva.

The gods wanted Parvati and Shiva to make a child, but Shiva was in the middle of his ascetic meditation and had absolutely no interest in Parvati.

And so, the gods (or just Parvati) sent in Kama and forced him to shoot the meditating Shiva with the arrow of love.

It is said that Shiva was enraged and, opening his third eye, burned Kama to ashes.

This is the origin of Kama's other name, "The Incorporeal One (Ananga)".

In addition, in Buddhism Kama is viewed as the same as the incarnation of worldly desires, the demon Mara(WP). The origin of the word Mara is "one that kills" and is translated as "demon", "obstacle to Buddhist practices" and "demon king". This identification does not appear in the earliest Buddhist writings, but appears to be a later development.

In this interpratation, it is the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven that resides in the sixth heaven of the six heavens of the desire realm, the heaven of controlling others' emanations.

When the Gautama Buddha was reaching enlightenment, Mara tried to hinder that in various ways.

It sent three beautiful girls to him (they were all Mara transformed), threw a plate of fire at him, rained stones and weapons on him, assailed him with monsters, heavy rain, and wind......

However, the Gautama Buddha turned the plate of fire and weapons into flowers and his enlightenment couldn't be obstructed.

Having hindered Shiva, Kama has been established as Mara who obstructed the Gautama Buddha and her role as "one who stands in the way of the practitioners of Buddhism" has been fixed.

One could even call Kama/Mara the god who represents the good and bad sides of the concept known as love.

The lazy "evil goddess of love".

In the past, when she shot Shiva with her arrow for Parvati's sake, it turned into an outrageous situation.

She didn't do anything bad, but she was turned into ashes and killed.

"How ridiculous...I am sick of working for the sake of others' affections and love." is what she currently thinks.

That's why, when it comes to her duty as a god of love, she's doing what's all the rage these days: she's boycotting it.

Basically, she's apathetic, always bored, uninterested and sick of everything.

However, contrary to that, once she finds something that looks "somewhat interesting", she'll make her move with an unpleasant smile on her face.

For the most part, it will turn into something that brings trouble to others (mostly Parvati).


The listed height and weight are from the standard form. Depending on the Saint Graph Stage (or the opponent's likes), she changes to a certain degree along with her apparent age.

Kama can age herself up, as seen throughout her Ascensions. Her first Ascension resembles the appearance of Sakura's younger self as seen in Fate/Zero, albeit with Dark Sakura's hair color. Her second Ascension is more similar to that of Sakura's teenage appearance. Her final Ascension is that of a hypothetical adult version of Sakura, with her limbs assuming an ethereal appearance and her hair projecting the image of a starry sky.


A divine spirit who took an interest in the dark parts of her vessel's personality and integrated with them. Being taken as both the god of love and the demon king of depravity, Kama/Mara only possessed an authority of the "directivity that corrupts humans". Her form is one that connects that directivity with the depressed sense of self, personality, and interests and preferences that make up one facet of the young girl used as her vessel.

Due to this, her Divine Spirit-ness is somewhat weaker compared to someone like Ishtar, which allows her to take on a stance of "refusing to work" that would go against the meaning of her existence as a god, to some extent.

A young girl full of a bitter and decadent sense of fatigue. A demonic woman who won't acknowledge the insistence and rights of a partner who doesn't assert himself, and is lewd, greedy and ruthless while being chaste, and would become as brutal as possible for the sake of love.

Basically, she hates, looks down on and mocks everyone (humans), but at the same time this also means that "she pays mind to everyone". As a god of love, Kama's forte is "being able to love anyone no matter what they are like". This goddess who became Kama/Mara has a truly annoying personality of "hating everyone other than herself" despite "loving everyone but herself".

She loves making humans who seem happy miserable. She also loves seeing miserable humans becoming even more miserable. She loves turning the love-life of others into a mess. She really, really loves sadistic methods such as strangling someone's neck with silk floss.

And so, she is an ideal evil boss heroine, however, despite her powerful authority, she's a pessimist who finds most things a pain in the ass so her actions seem subdued. She's clumsy in some way.

Regardless of how hard they try to persuade her with fervent speeches, she'd just go "Yes, yes. It's so nice that you're enjoying yourself. I'm the worst though." and won't even acknowledge the other person. She won't accept their words either. Basically, she's a boss heroine that is impossible to persuade.

...However, in truth, she is extremely weak-willed. She wants to be loved so all of her pessimism and negativity are ways to get attention.

She's a cunning goddess who'd behave strangely like getting red in the face when pressed with a pushy attitude.

Because of this annoying "attribute of secretly wanting to be loved", she is a heavy goddess who'll fully devote herself to the partner that opens his heart to her and will keep expecting things from him.

"There are black holes even in the universe, no?" was the comment from the goddess of Venus.

Motives and attitude towards Master[]

She has no particular wish for the Holy Grail, but she thinks it would be nice to harass Parvati through it. She is sick of being used as an intermediary for unrequited loves and convenient love-lives.

"Yeah, yeah, everything is my (Kama's) fault, all of it."

Tired of playing such a role, currently, Kama has taken on a cynical attitude. Something like a Master is nothing but a plaything for her. Basically, she is observing their unsightly life with a cold look. Scorn, exasperation, and boredom. All of these are mixed into the look she gives the Master as if they were a pig slated to be shipped off by tomorrow. However, this mustn't cause you to despair.

Kama wouldn't even look at those she has no interest in to begin with. Her gazing at the Master (as if they were a pig), are actually because of things such as admiration and expectations. Just what kind of hopeless failure is this Master and how much will seeing their laughable and pitiful state entertain her? How long will they stay by her side without coming to hate her?

Kama's holding such hopes without being aware of it at all. If you were to patiently go along with this goddess' bad taste and insensitivity, one day, her good nature buried deep within all that wickedness would────You might come in contact with the heart of a shy but sincere maiden slumbering within the young girl used as her vessel.


It's impossible, for real.
...So instead, she'll make harassing this woman my purpose in life.
However, cornering the divine wife of Shiva in argument completely is quite difficult and it would often turn out to be a waste of effort.
They say you can often witness Kama being the one to receive damage instead and gnash her teeth in frustration.
She refuses to deal with those affiliated with Shiva. Using them as a target of harassment would be fine.
She is also somewhat involved with Krishna, because of a previous reincarnation, but the Pseudo-Servant Kama isn't aware of that.
Kiara Sessyoin
I do not know her. That's right, I do not know her so up till this point and even afterwards, I'll have nothing to do with her. I won't involve myself with her. ...I said I won't! I won't!
BB/Sakura Five
Though we have similar faces, the rules are different...or rather, we'd be glitches to each other should we stay in the same place. Seriously, what's with this vessel of mine?


Fate/Grand Order[]

Tokugawa's World-Changing Labyrinth: Inner Chambers[]

As a result of what happened to the gods in the Indian Lostbelt, the normally suppressed presence of Mara inside Kama become stronger, and she began to turn into a Beast. In order to avoid the Counter Force from detecting the presence of a Beast, she sought a place to hide while her transformation completes. She eventually found the Ooku in Edo Castle upon sensing the dying regrets of Lady Kasuga to want to continue nurturing the Tokugawa. She established a personal chamber inside the Ooku, and invited Tokugawa Iemitsu to indulge in her flesh until he forgot everything. After obtaining his soul, she followed the karmic bonds to everyone in the Ooku, and took their souls. Following that, she took all the souls from the rest of Edo Castle, then everyone's souls from the surrounding area. She then used Kasuga's karmic bonds to the Tokugawa to steal the souls of the Tokugawa Shoguns in the past and future. Afterwards, she used her karmic bonds with Ritsuka to reach into Chaldea. She manipulated Goredolf Musik into disabling Chaldea's protection so she could rayshift everyone in Chaldea into the Ooku, using the Coffins as a medium. Once they rayshifted to the Ooku, Kama froze them while their spiritron avatars were still being established. The exception was Parvati, who resisted, and granted her own Saint Graph to Kasuga's lost soul to keep her in the world.

Using the souls of everyone from Edo Castle and Chaldea, Kama reconstructed the Ooku into a labyrinth that is a six floors deep. She used the souls of the Tokugawa shoguns to serve as the lynchpins for her Ooku. Each floor of her Ooku was designed to be impossible for any human to pass unless they break one of the Five Precepts each floor presents. However any human who breaks them activates a curse that turns them into a Tokugawa. This is connected to the concept of the Ooku being a place for the shogun to indulge in pleasure, thus conceptually, any human who indulges in the pleasures of Kama's Ooku is the shogun. Before the arrival of Chaldea, Goredolf became the first victim of the curse. Kama also connected the Ooku is also connected to her, and since her existence is connected to the concept of the universe, thus it is a recreation of the universe and her body.

Ritsuka, Kiara Sessyoin, and Parvati eventually confront her in a chamber at the end of the first floor. Ritsuka notices she and Parvati are both posessing the same person; Kama explains Parvati possesses the vessel's good side while she possessed her dark side. Parvati then recognizes her and demands to know her connection to the Ooku. Kama replies it shouldn't be strange for a god of love to be connected to a place filled with lust. She also states she didn't create the labyrinth for Parvati. She asks the group if they felt pleasure after clearing the first floor, and reveals she made the automaton maids so efficiently weak to make the group forget the "do not kill" precept. She then wonders who Kiara is since she was outside of her calculations, but she decides to ignore it. She threatens to kill the Chaldea staff and Servants she captured when Ritsuka demands to know what her goal is. She says she may release them if the group makes it to labyrinth's bottom. She then summons a large female ghost, and escapes to await the group at the labyrinth's bottom.

Later, Kama learns of Yagyu Munenori's rescue from her servant, Matsudaira Nobutsuna. When he asks to punish her for his faulure, she tells him the outcome would be the same regardless because defeat is natural for humans. She continues humans cannot perform their duties because they are powerless. She then declares she hates humans yet she will love them. She says her vessel is enveloped with love, as if it's the only thing important to her. She then declares while Parvati loves the pure ones, she will love the imperfect ones, for she is a god of love.

The group later confront her again at the end of the second floor. She ask them why they didn't let the maids guide them since they would've brought them to her. She ignores it though, declaring she already hated them from the beginning. Parvati asks her if she constructed the labyrinth using everyone from Chaldea and Edo Castle as materials to bring her out for the sake of revenge. After Kama laughs off the questions, Parvati asks her again what her goal is. She ignores the question again, and orders a ghost and maids to attack the group.

Kama is confronted once again at the end of the fourth floor. She is dissatisfied the group were able to bypass the puzzles she worked so hard to make. Kiara realizes Kama wants them to reach the Ooku's innermost depths while breaking the precepts. She asks what Kama's goal is, and what her thoughts are. Kama claims her goal is simply to give pleasure in her Ooku. She states going against the strong feeling of not breaking the Five Precepts is particularly satisfying. Because her original conduct isn't bound to such framework, Kama will support every kinds of pleasure, taste, and depravity no matter what they are. She states her body is perfectly suited to such a task, then ages herself into a younger woman. She reveals she created the Ooku Labyrinth so the group could break the Five Precepts and feel great pleasure from it. She tries to tempt Ritsuka into breaking the precept of not stealing, but the others defend them from her. She reveals she has the key to the next floor, and mocks the group for knowing they need to break the precept to advance. After summoning a ghost, Kama becomes strangely angry at Kiara merely talking. She asks for her identity since everyone inside Chaldea except Ritsuka should've been turned into materials. She then assumes Kiara is a Servant whose only talent is to hide. The group then fight her and the ghost, and they surprisingly defeat both of them.

Upon the group reaching the Ooku Labyrinth's innermost chamber, Kasuga demands from Kama where Iemitsu is. Kama removes a pillbox from herself, and reveals it contains Iemitsu's soul. She then reveals the circumstances of how she arrived at the Ooku and recreated it into a labyrinth. Parvati assumes her goal is to destroy humanity, but she corrects that her goal was Ritsuka. She reveals she was able to reach into Chaldea thanks to her karmic bonds with Ritsuka. However Sion Eltnam Sokaris protected Ritsuka against her, so she had them go through the Ooku to reach the innermost chamber to submit to her love. Ritsuka then begins to believe they are a Tokugawa by Kama's power. Nobutsuna reveals there is a curse in Kama's Ooku that activates upon breaking the Five Precepts, and turn one into a Tokugawa. Kama explains that since the Ooku was originally a place where the shogun indulged in pleasures, then conceptually a human who experience those pleasures are the shogun. Kiara realizes Kama's intention wasn't to corrupt them as a whole, but use the corruption to turn Ritsuka into a Tokugawa. Kama reveals Goredolf was the first invite into the Ooku, where he was eventually corrupted into a Tokugawa. She proclaims the Five Precepts are perfect for demonstrating her love, as she will always love those who break them. She declares it to be a proof of her love, but Parvati calls it depravity. Nobutsuna reveals it is impossible to escape Kama's Ooku once someone becomes a Tokugawa. The group try to tell Ritsuka to resist their transformation, but Kama says its futile. She prepares to finish Ritsuka's corruption, and fights the group. Afterwards, she changes her form again, and transform the chamber into a scenery of the universe.

Kama reveals that after she was incinerated by Shiva's third eye, which also burned a hole in the universe, she became bound to the concept of the universe. She then confesses she is now a Demon King; Parvati realizes Kama is now her alternate self, Mara. She wonders how the side of Kama that is Mara was able to emerge so easily. Kama reveals that at present, the interior of her Ooku is identical to her existence as the universe. She explains this means everyone is inside her, and thus they cannot move as they please. She says it's futile to fight against the universe, so everyone should surrender and deprave themselves in her love. Kiara realizes Kama cannot draw out the power of the universe, and Kama admits she cannot in her current vessel. She then reveals she is a Beast, and realizes Kiara is fragment of Beast III/R. Kiara confirms this, and asks why Kama has her sights set on Ritsuka. Kama reveals it is because they defeated Beast III/R while still in larval form, thus she is complete her own transformation. She then changes her form again, and reintroduces herself as Beast III/L. She declares her love is expansive as the universe while Beast III/R (Kiara) is an incarnation of self-love. Kiara realizes being give infinite love from one source would result in the overall concept of love being destroyed. Kama declares she will give everyone her love no matter what happens, and calls Ritsuka to her. Mata Hari tries to get Ritsuka to resist, and the group attempt to fight Kama. Kama easily repels them, and orders Nobutsuna to have Ritsuka drink with Goredolf. Nobutsuna explains in the Ooku's innermost chamber, the conceptually authority of the shogun is strengthened, thus it can manipulate others with mere words. Kama states her body holds the same concept. Nobutsuna tells the group to cease resisting since it's obviously Kama is victorious. Kama is shocked though when Kasuga's slap broke Goredolf's mental conditioning by bringing up some past trauma. She prepares to kill the group, but first asks Kasuga if she's aware she'll face death for striking the Shogun. Kasuga answers she would gladly sacrifice her life if it meant guiding the shogun correctly, which reinstates Kama's hatred of humans. Goredolf tries to fight Kama despite not fully understanding the situation, only understanding she is the enemy. However, his mental conditioning as a Tokugawa since its reversion was only temporarily like Kama said. Kiara then decides to hold Kama back while the others escape. She tells Kama that as the same Beast as her, she cannot allow her love to envelop the universe. Kama refutes her love is enough to fill the universe while Kiara cannot be satisfied unless gather all love for herself. Thus neither of them can ever get along with each other. Kiara admits she lacks her power as a Beast to defeat Kama, and she would rather stop being a Servant. She then unleashes her power as Beast III/R, and she is seemingly destroyed by Kama. Kama declares she will satisfy all with her love once she is fully transforms into a Beast. She tells Nobutsuna they only need to wait, as she still holds everyone hostage.

The group eventually return to Kama's chamber with Anti-Tokugawa magic made from Tokugawa Yoshinobu(WP)'s pillbox. Kama fights the group to assimilate them into her love. She eventually feels the physical strain of the battle, but she mocks the group for thinking they won. She reveals she wanted them to find Yoshinobu's pillbox because she wanted them to fall into despair when they lost with their only hope. She also reveals she choose the Ooku to complete her transformation into a Beast because she sensed the dying Kasuga still desiring to love the Tokugawa more. She reminds Kasuga on the dream she showed her, where she could continue raising and coddling the Tokugawa like she did with Iemitsu. She reveals how she used Kasuga's karmic bonds with Tokugawa to take their souls from past and future to use as her Ooku's lynchpins. She declares again she will bestow her infinite love to everyone, but Mash and Mata Hari refute that would destroy the concept of loving another. She then triggers Ritsuka's transformation into a Tokugawa, and reveals the Anti-Tokugawa shield can only halt the corruption, not cleanse it. She also reveals she wanted Ritsuka to find and use the pillboxes to further their transformation into a Tokugawa in order to facilitate her transformation. A light then suddenly burst from the cracks in her horns, and she changes her form into one she claims can reach the farthest reaches of the universe. She then removes the platform the group was standing on since she controlled, leaving them floating in space. She then reveals every star in her inner universe is another her. She ponders how long Ritsuka's mind will last in space, and claims they will beg for her to indulge them in her love.

Eventually though, Kasuga disperses the darkness surrounding the group thanks to Scheherazade and Mata Hari modifying her to conceptually rewrite the Ooku. Kama wonders why there is a floor inside her universe, to which Kasuga declares it is her Ooku. Kama angrily asks how the group could reestablish gravity and a supply of oxygen. Sion explains they rewrote the definition of Kama's universe to reestablish gravity, and the mana from Ritsuka's Mystic Code to reestablish oxygen. Kama reminds them though that she interfere with Ritsuka's mind since they still have her corruption inside of then. However, Nobutsuna reveals he plotted with Tenkai(WP) to save the Tokugawa from the threat that would destroy them. It also revealed the hanafuda cards the group has been collecting were made from Nobutsuna's organs, whose energy Sion uses to cleanse Ritsuka of Kama's corruption. Nobutsuna is then killed by Yagyu in order retrieve the sword from his body made from the former's soul, which holds the conception of opposing the Tokugawa placed by Tenkai. Kama declares she will satisfy the universe with her love, and says they doesn't need love she doesn't know of. Parvati tells her that is why she is incompatible with humanity because she only doesn't understand the infinite comforting ways of loving others, only understanding of depravity. The group then fight Kama while Yagyu cuts down her other selves. Eventually Kama understands she will only be killed by Yagyu if she continues to hold the property of a Tokugawa. She thus removes the property of a Tokugawa from herself, but Kasuga reveals that also removed her authority over the Ooku. With the Ooku back under her authority, Kasuga returns the Ooku to its original form. After the others attack Kama, she uses her authority over the Ooku, that is akin to conceptual magic, to expel her from it. As Kama continues to be expelled into the air, Parvati tells her that love isn't meant to be given or received one-sidedly. She then strikes her with the symbol of her love of her husand, Trishula Shakti, which is followed by a slash from Yagyu. As Kama is being destroyed, she laments she is always blamed for there not being enough love in the world. She begs to let her give the humans she despises her infinite love before she is finally destroyed.

Later, Kama wakes up within her universe, finding herself in the palm of Kiara's hand. She asks her counterpart if she wishes to absorb her so they can become the complete Beast III, but Kiara counters with the fact that they are not two halves of one whole so much as two mutually irreconcilable forces. As a punishment for her actions and in order to teach her about the reciprocal love Parvati spoke of, Kiara forces Kama into the form of a Servant that can be summoned by Chaldea. Kama accepts her fate, figuring that if nothing else she will be able to continue irritating Parvati.


Kama's normal class is Archer. Kama's armaments are a sugarcrane bow and floral arrows as well as a giant spear, with her being a master at using them and is able to telekinetically move her weapons. In Hindu mythology, Vajra is a weapon of Indra, but it is said that Kama got in the way of Shiva's meditation on the orders of Indra. It is probably an indirect criticism of that.[1]

Kama also can manipulate blue flames for combat. These flames are the result of Shiva's incineration of Kama's original self that reduced them to ashes.


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (A Rank): Invalidates magecraft of A-Rank or below. Mages of the modern era are unable to wound her with magecraft.[1]
  • Independent Manifestation (C Rank): A special Skill. The ultra-superior version of Independent Action. The corruption of love can appear anywhere. As a Servant, Kama has basically zero motivation so this skill is in a state of being sealed at her depths, but the effects of "instant death and mental debuff resistance" can be displayed even like this.[1]
  • Divine Core of the Love God (B Rank): A Skill that representing her being a perfected god of love from birth. The god of love version of the "Divine Core of the Goddess" skill. It has the effect of maintaining the absoluteness of the mind and the body. It mitigates almost all mental interference, prevents the body from growth, and it prevents the figure from changing no matter how many calories are intaken....On the other hand, as a god of love, it is also endowed with the special characteristic of "being able to change into the form necessary for the act of loving"; at the end of the day, "transforming as one pleases" is also something that symbolizes a great degree of freedom when it comes to one's flesh and outward appearance. A skill that every woman would covet. However, under the present circumstances, it is not possible to change the figure to an extent that would leap past the vessel's framework. If it's just the gender, then perhaps...? It is a composite skill that also includes the Divinity skill. The rank is B because she is a Pseudo-Servant inhabiting a vessel.[1]
  • Riding (A Rank): With the exception of phantasmal and divine beasts, she can control any steed or vehicle as she pleases. Kama's mount is said to be a parrot.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Blessing of the Goddess (B Rank): Gift from an (evil) goddess. HP is plundered from an allied Servant and Kama is healed. Succu-succu.[1]
  • Ananga (EX Rank): The Skill representing one of Kama's aliases, "Ananga (The Incorporeal)". Long ago, an ashura called Tāraka tormented the gods. The gods knew only Shiva and Parvati's child could defeat him, but Shiva was completely focused on his meditation and wouldn't even glance at Parvati. Troubled, the gods dispatched Kama who shot Shiva with an arrow of love and he recovered his love for his wife. However, enraged by this act of Kama, Shiva opened his third eye and burned Kama to death. Having his body burned by Shiva, the god who can destroy all of creation or in other words, the universe, he was annihilated and reborn. Kama, whose divinity was paradoxically proven to be synonymous with the universe by this act, has────[1]
  • Māra-Pāpīyās (EX Rank): A Skill that temporarily displays another facet of Kama, her nature as the demon king who's the incarnation of worldly desires. Kama, also known as Mara, is considered to be the other side of the same existence. There are times when they combine the two as Kama/Mara when talking about them.[1] The origin of the word, Mara is "one that kills" and is translated as "demon", "obstacle to Buddhist practice" and "demon king". In Buddhism, it is the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven that resides in the sixth heaven of the six heavens of the desire realm, the heaven of controlling others' emanations. When the Gautama Buddha was reaching enlightenment, Mara tried to hinder that in various ways. It sent three beautiful girls to him (they were all Mara transformed), threw a plate of fire at him, rained stones and weapons on him, assailed him with monsters, heavy rain and wind......However, the Gautama Buddha turned the plate of fire and weapons into flowers and his enlightenment couldn't be obstructed. Having obstructed Shiva, Kama has been established as Mara who obstructed the Gautama Buddha and her role as "one who obstructs practitioners of Buddhism" has been fixed. One could even call Kama/Mara the god who represents the good and bad side of the concept known as love.

Noble Phantasm[]

Her Noble Phantasms are Kama Sammohana and Saṃsāra Kama.

Forms and Alternate versions[]



Class Skills:

Personal Skills:

  • Makara Floating (A Rank): The perfect Skill for summer bathing. Kama is considered a being related to Makara, a marine animal from Hindu mythology. Makara is also the vahana (mount) of the water god Varuna and the Ganges goddess Ganga, which means it has the power to control water. The strange float her summer version is always riding, shaped like a shark or an alligator, can cross the stormy seas and sometimes show better mobility than a water scooter, all with visual effects that make her look like she's floating comfortably on a calm pool.[2]
  • Hollow Demon (EX Rank): One unexpected benefit of changing her Class to Avenger is that Kama's nature as someone burned by Shiva and linked to the universe got more deeply connected with the rare Magecraft attribute of the girl hosting him. With this, her summer self attacks using unique forms of Magical Energy manipulation. Her flames of corruption will never extinguish, but thanks to this Skill, they approach a state of existing without existing. That's why in her third Ascension she looks like she has less flames burning her body.[2]
  • Māra of the Midsummer Sea (EX Rank): The Skill that represents how motivated the Demon King of Summer is. It can be considered a summer version of Mara Papiyas. It reduces her lethargic downer side, making her more active, even if not by much. If you ask her to do something she'd normally be too lazy to accept, you might get a "Sure, why not? It's summer." instead of her rejecting glare.[2]

Noble Phantasm:
Kama's Noble Phantasm is Kama Rūpāstra. In her final ascension it changes to Mara Śūnyatā.



Kama is illustrated by ReDrop.

Comment from Illustrator[]

At first, getting an ambitious design of "A male Indian god, using a Sakura around junior high school student age as his base, who's a downer, but make it so it doesn't head into Dark Sakura territory..." made me go "What am I supposed to do with this!"(laughs). And then, Takeuchi-san proposed a greedy three-stage growth set. Thank you very much for accepting my bold approach of making the third ascension all sparkly (she's a god after all), putting a universe inside her hair (she's a god after all), and having her limbs be burning (she got burned after all). Having the Indian lotus in her third ascension's background reflected in her Noble Phantasm animation made me really happy. I am very touched that everyone loves her so much even though she's supposed to be the god who does the loving herself. (ReDrop)


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