Kama(WP)/Mara(WP) (カーマ/マーラ, Kāma/Māra?), Class Name Beast III/L (ビーストⅢ/L, Bīsuto III/L?), Beast III/Lapse (ビーストⅢ/ラプス, Bīsuto III/Rapusu?), is a Beast-class Servant appearing in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. She is the counterpart to Beast III/R.



Beast III/L. The L stands for Lapse (corruption). While Beast III/R was an embodiment of narcissism that "filled the universe with her own love", but this one is an incarnation of love towards others that "exhausts the universe by aiming love towards all mankind". This is the oppressive and sadistic Kama/Mara, whose speech and actions look down on humanity, but she can "love" anything, and therefore is able to "degenerate into lust". That said, that love isn’t love by thinking of others. The bestial nature of Kama/Mara is not drowning in love and being corrupted, but using love for corrupting.[1]

Originally, only one part of the Divine Spirit Kama/Mara that was a Divided Spirit borrowed the form of a human and manifested as a Pseudo-Servant. (Leave it as if it wasn’t a conscious action, but) according to Parvati, the body of "the girl acting as the yorishiro" is separated into good and evil. "The Kama of this world" possessed/was reincarnated into that body of "evil" as if he was attracted to it. The reason why he became a female deity instead of a male deity is because of this.[1]

Kama/Mara possesses the opposite of affinity towards the emotion of love, variety as a being, and many aspects. Kama/Mara has been an unstable existence from the beginning, but her "divine core mixed with love and suffering" matches the "yorishiro’s" destiny, and she has acquired a more stable Saint Graph.[1]

Normally there’s a ratio of about Kama: Mara = 6: 4. Same as other Divine Spirit Servants like Ishtar, she has the character (personality/nature) of the girl acting as the yorishiro, but not the personality (personal history). The usual Kama has a Kama/Mara proportion of 6:4. But when that ratio gets closer to Mara, this Saint Graph is awakened as a Beast. Kama got the body of the Universe, but that’s similar to how the identical being, the Demon Lord Mara had the power of a boundless territory (Universe) in his hand. The greatest evil/disaster of "The Demon Lord of Lust connected to the Universe" being similar to "the god of love connected to the Universe". That is enough qualification to become the immature form of a beast that destroys people.[1]

One of the Seven Evils of Mankind, the Beast of "Lust", Beast III/R had already manifested. As if that was a chain. "Making all the love be directed to oneself", that beast’s course of action was reversed, however she has manifested here as the immature form of a Beast that "gives love to others ── in other words, steals all the love (basically, the one directed to lovely people)".[1]


Basically, she's no different from Kama. She hates, looks down on and mocks everyone (humans), but at the same time this also means that "she pays mind to everyone". As a god of love, Beast III/L's forte is "being able to love anyone no matter what they are like". She has a truly annoying personality of "hating everyone other than herself" despite "loving everyone but herself". The only point in which she differs from Beast III/R is "whether she loves herself". Kiara only loves herself, while Kama loves everyone but herself.[1]

Beast of Pleasure[]

Beast III/L is described as giving love to all, differing from Beast III/R taking love from all. Beast III/R declares that difference means they cannot associate as friends.[2]

The god of love that was fated to snuggle up to the love of others, annihilated by getting embroiled in the love of others, and as a result had infinite on his hands, naturally lost interest in love. Therefore, she tries to fill everything with her endless love. Because if the Universe (humanity) is filled with her love, the unpleasant and troublesome love of others wouldn’t exist.[1]

What is here is a Beast that stews mankind with her (arrow of) love that could burn the Universe. Do whatever you want. Become as helpless as you want. I’ll love you all the way until you degenerate into livestock, she affirms. To all mankind of the Universe, each one of them, she’ll give more love (temptation) that the one she gave to Buddha in the past.[1]

“Carnal desires innumerable, I vow to overcome them all ──── Isn’t that painful? I’ll burn all your worries”.[1]

A form that smiles while ridiculing and toying with the oath of a Bodhisattva. Truly the great enemy of Buddhism, one suitable to be called Demon Lord. Her class was determined by more than her true nature. A fake name like that of a god of love. That’s the great disaster that became a God Demon and will save humanity mostly late. Its name is Beast III/L. One aspect of the Seven Evils of Mankind, the Beast that has the principle of "Lust".[1]


(It must be remembered that these are her base height and weight. She can freely change these based on her target's preferences.)[1]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Tokugawa's World-Changing Labyrinth: Inner Chambers[]

Main article: Tokugawa's World-Changing Labyrinth

Other appearances[]

In Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-, the third-ranked member of the Burial Agency, Kiara Kisshouin, used the Sabbath(WP) (サバト?) to turn into a demon, managing to climb to the rank of Maradeva, and became omnipotent in this dimension because of her higher dimensional senses.[3]


A long time ago, Shiva incinerated Kama with his third eye for disturbing him during his meditation. Due to possessing power capable of incinerating the universe itself, the unfathomable power that his third eye possessed burned her concept and flesh, turning her very existence into something vague and hazy. It is said that the more powerful a Divinity, the greater the ramifications their actions will have. Since Shiva is meant to incinerate the universe, and he incinerated Kama, Kama herself could now be considered the universe. It is for this reason that she and the universe are fundamentally linked on a conceptual level. Under normal circumstances, that would have been too much for any ordinary god to handle, but Kama was no ordinary god of love.[4]

As the Indian god of love that wields the bow and arrow of lust,[5] Kama/Mara possesses the affinity, the multifaceted existence, as well as the hidden, negative aspects of the emotion called love.[1] As the embodiment of love and lust, Mara is said to be an ultimate evil, leading all she encounters to their doom as the demon king. Kiara Sessyoin claims that even if Kama is the Demon King, she shouldn’t be able to wield anywhere near as much of the universe’s power as she does. That is because being Mara is just a premise. The whole reason she did is because of another level of power she awakened. When Beast III/R was defeated, the weight causing a scale tip towards the Right was removed, dipping back down on the left.[4] Generally speaking, the ratio of Kama:Mara is around 6:4,[1] however, this offest in the scale resonated both with Kama's demonic side and Beast III,[6] causing Kama's ratio to increase on a grand scale in Mara's favor, awakening her Saint Graph as Beast III/L.[1][7] Under normal circumstances, this would be impossible, since Shiva and the other gods always have Kama under constant supervision to prevent Mara to rise as a demon god. This outcome only took place during the Grand Orders due to the events of the Indian Lostbelt, where something happened on Earth that compromised the entire Indian pantheon.[7]

Although Kama became an entity that contains the calamity known as the "Deluge of Love and Desire", and that lavishes mankind with (arrows of) lust that could burn the universe, that is only enough to qualify her as the immature Beast. The Beast III/L who received her "Beast's Crown of Light" could be said to have "gone through eclosion", but from there, it would take her a hundred million hours to fill up the universe and she would only reach her "adult" form after that. While requiring a long time to reach her normal state after "eclosion" compared to other Beasts is a weak point of hers, Beast III/L came up with the amazing plan of shortening that hundred million hours to just a couple by likening the universe to the restricted space inside the "Ooku".[1] When Kiara was still an immature Beast III/R, it was Ritsuka Fujimaru himself who stopped her from maturing during the events of the SE.RA.PH. Singularity. So as the immature organism opposite to her, if Kama managed to surpass Fujimaru she would evolve further than Kiara ever could, allowing her to become a complete Beast.[4]

Tokugawa Labyrinth[]

In order to fully emerge as Beast III/L and to assert her dominance over the existence that formed a pair with her, Beast III/R, Kama formulated a plan to annihilate Chaldea.[1] To do so, she could have modificated the Topkapi Palace harem, or China’s inner palace. She couldn't care less about the place. The only reason she went with the Ooku is that it happened to catch her eye at the time. If we define the Ooku as a place devoted to the shogun’s pleasure, then anyone who experiences pleasure there would have to be a shogun. Her plan was to corrupt Ritsuka Fujimaru into experiencing pleassure in her labyrinth to turn him into a Tokugawa.[4] The reason she designed it around the Five Precepts(WP) is because it’s easier to understand. The more you are forbidden from doing something, the better it feels when you do it.[8] Such a massive speciallized spell is unheard of among the many stories Scheherazade has read, who also claims that even a Divine Spirit would not be able to pull it off so easily.[4]

To build her labyrinth, Kama wrapped up the shoguns’ life energy - their souls, basically - all in a small pillboxes she could use as anchors to construct her domain. She started with Lord Tokugawa Iemitsu(WP), and the other people in the Ooku. She then spread out to cover everyone in Edo Castle. Even then, she didn’t have nearly enough materials to build her false Ooku. That’s why she followed lemitsu’s connections vertically, through time, to his past and future. The anchors were only used as guidelines when she was making the other floors, so she didn’t really need any of them besides the first one once she was done. At the end, she just repurposed them as a power source for the attendants.[4] She then tricked Goredolf Musik into coming there,[4] and she used his bonds to reverse-summon all the Servants in Chaldea and turn them into construction materials.[4][8] Although her Ooku looks like an ordinary building from the outside, on the inside, it appears to be an endless labyrinth. This is because she warped space to create an unknown and secluded spatial structure made by magecraft that according to Sion, may even surpass the Atlas Institute's engineering.[9] The other floors might be borderline, but the final inner chamber IS her. Everyone who enters there is literally enveloped by her. The innermost space inside the Tokugawa Ooku is essentially her own self-contained universe.[4] This is no ordinary Singularity, but rather, a massive Humanity Destruction Zone that affects the axis of time itself.[10] If the Edo Singularity had been left unckeck, it could have led to the collapse of humanity. That was Goetia’s ultimate goal when he created the Seven Singularities, but this time, spawning this Singularity wasn't even a goal, but rather, just a side effect of Kama's true goal.[11] The Beast of Disaster usually need to be fought with the power of the seven Grand Servants chosen by the Counter Force. But since Kama was still immature, and she was inside this Ooku, or rather, herself,[6] where she had prepare "airtight" Anti-Counter Force defenses,[8] the Counter Force did not recognize her as a Beast. That is why not a single Grand Servant was summoned to stop her during the events of the Edo Singularity.[6]

In the end, linking her very being with the Tokugawa and Ooku was her undoing. Since Kama had used other people’s souls to build her false Ooku, Kasuga-no-Tsubone realized that as a soul herself, she would be able to rebuild it into what the Ooku should really be. Under normal circumstances, even if Parvati agreed to let go Lady Kasuga's soul, it would be impossible for Kasuga to fight back Kama’s universe on her own, as she would not have anywhere near the amount of raw power necessary to pull it off. However, due to Scheherazade using Alf Layla wa-Layla to tell her a heroic story depicting her as the powerful, ferocious, absolutely undisputed ruler of the Ooku, and Mata Hari's Mata Hari mind control technique, which made her believe she was like the Kasuga-no-Tsubone in the story, Lady Kasuga gained a form of mental Self-Modification. This was also made possible thanks to Parvati, who created a Bounded Field capable of slowing time inside it, allowing Scheherazade to finish the story in time. With her new Authority over the Ooku, Kasuga created light and a floor so that the Chaldean Servants could fight properly against Kama's Doubles. At that very moment, all the cards’ black boxes activated at once and started running a backdoor program that neutralized Ritsuka Fujimaru’s Tokugawafication.[12] Whether it was the result of this spell Matsudaira Nobutsuna prepared or his own sheer willpower, he also turned his body and soul into a blade meant to be Tokugawa’s mortal enemy. Instead of a Izumi-no-kami Kanesada blade, he became an imitation blade of Izu-no-kami Muramasa. With the ultimate Anti-Tokugawa weapon, Yagyuu Munenori was able to overwhelm Kama, cutting down her clones faster than she could spawn them. Having Yagyuu almost reached her, Kama unwisely gave up her connection to Tokugawa in an attempt to escape Munenori’s sword and Yoshinobu’s power. Having given up her connections, Kama lost the ability to defy Lady Kasuga. After Mata Hari, Scheherazade, and Yagyuu attacked her with a full power attack, Kasuga took the opportunity to exercise her absolute Authority over the Ooku to cast a powerful conceptual spell forbidding Kama from entering her Ooku. On the surface, Parvati used Trishula Shakti to finish her off, and Kama claimed that their combined efforts hurt her as much as when Shiva incinerated her.[13]


The Divided Spirit that was originally merely a fragment of the Divine Spirit Kama/Mara, borrowed the form of a human and manifested as a Pseudo-Servant.[1][5] As Kama's evolution towards becoming a complete Beast continued, she underwent a series of transformations, each one more powerful than the previous one. Although Servant forms are transient and temporary, her Saint Graph ascensions are described as unnatural, and they are said to be indicative of her being "some kind of monster".[8]

  • Kama's base form
  • Kama's Demon God form: Being unable to restrain herself any longer, Kama released her true form as the Demon God Mara, not because she wanted to, but because her power was so great that it slipped out. Having her body become one with the universe, she could end all the lives of the Servants aiding Fujimaru if she wanted, and they wouldn't be able to do anything about it.[4]
  • Kama's Beast III/L form: In this form, Kama-Mara is one of the Beasts of Disaster that threatens all of mankind. Not only is she incredibly strong, but because the shogun is the most powerful Authority figure in Edo Castle, inside her conceptual universe, she has an overwhelming territorial advantage too. She doesn’t just have the high ground, she IS the high ground. She is no longer the Kama or Mara that Parvati knew. Kiara Sessyoin claims that if she were to break her vow to exist only as a Servant of Chaldea and fight her as Beast III/R, she should be able to defeat Kama. Though she isn’t sure if defeating her once would put an end to this.[4] She was fast enough to dodge a strike of Yagyuu Munenori without much effort.[12]
  • Kama's evolved Beast III/L form: This is Kama's next stage of growth as a Beast. A form that proves that she has become even more deeply linked to the space in the inner chamber of Oouku. Being so close to fully maturing, her Magical Energy output grows even more.[12]


Class Skills[]

  • Authority of the Beast (A Rank): A Skill that one could call Anti-Humanity. She has a strong hold over lifeforms that require the "recognition of the living". Although lifeforms with differing forms of intelligence can not communicate their intentions and their meaning, Beast III's devilish wiles do not require connecting through such intelligence and can corrupt her target through emotions alone. One could even call it a special attack against growth, that makes one renounce hard work and compromise that their current situation is already "good enough".[1]
  • Independent Manifestation (C Rank): In a world overflowing with voices starving for love, she appears to satisfy them. Of course, the world will be satisfied at the Beast's discretion.[1]
  • Nega-Desire (A Rank): The absolute and ultimate Skill of adoration possessed by the Beast that is the incarnation of worldly desires. No matter what kind of existence they are, those with desires will fall into depravity due to her love. If all desires and appetites of the flesh can be fulfilled with infinite love, that is the same as erasing the concept of desire from the universe. Also, as an existence that gives love, she is completely immune to "charm".[1]
  • Accepting Body of Myriad Desires (EX Rank): Originally, Kama/Mara was endowed with a high degree of diversity when it comes to shape and ability in order to answer the (worldly) desires of the multitude of humans inhabiting this world. This diversity has been sublimated into a more specific form by the addition of the nature of infinity known as the universe. It is an Authority that makes sure that each and every (worldly) desire inhabiting this universe is cuddled close together, pampered, and corrupted. A theorem that, innumerable like stardust, there are freely customizable "all-accepting versions of her". In other words, the Beast that is Kama/Mara is infinitely present in the universe known as her.[1]

Personal Skills[]

Kama's infinite clones covering her universe.

  • Embrace of Dreams (— Rank): Summons Mara's "doubles" that are unevenly distributed inside the universe by "Accepting Body of Myriad Desires".[1] According to Parvati, Kama was never known to be capable of using powers like that before. Still, considering their nature as Divine Spirits, it’s not too hard to believe that they would be able to make more avatars of themselves if they really wanted to. Even Parvati herself does something similar when she uses her Noble Phantasm. Ninja like Fuuma Kotarou also possess cloning techniques, and Scheherazade has heard of a dollmaker ranked Grand among mages who can make puppets that look identical to real people.[8] However, Kama surpasses all of them in this regard, as her copies are not clones, and she is not dividing herself, either. They are all her. They are all Beasts. Kama is not a single organism, she is a colony with enough identical copies to fill the entire universe.[12] Although they do not possess the Beast's Crown of Light, the clone bodies' abilities are of the same rank as Kama/Mara's.[1]
  • Pathos Scepter (A Rank): Her special trait as the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven, Hajun. The power of the Beast's Crown of Light (scepter). Depending on Beast III/L's state and mood, it emits various beams of love. "Free love", "pure love", "unjust love", "unbiased love", "inexhaustible love" and "everlasting love"; these six. Each one will restore her HP and apply numerous debuffs to the target whenever she attacks. The more Beast III/L fights, the more she will heal her wounds, weaken the opponent and multiply. When it comes to a battle of pure quantity, Beast III/L could be considered the strongest among the Beasts.[1]
  • Affection of the Heavenly Demon (A Rank): A rare Skill that activates after death. The one who defeats Beast III/L or one of her doubles will have all of the debuffs that have been applied to them up to this point cleared. A skill that embodies Beast III/L's special trait of "loving even her killer". It has a disadvantageous effect for Beast III/L, but that might also serve as a source of amusement for her.[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

Beast III/L's Noble Phantasm is Samsara Kama/Mara Avaruddha, a Noble Phantasm of extreme depravity that displays an evil of cataclysmic scale with the power of two gods, Kama and Mara. If one's struck by this Noble Phantasm inside Kama's universe, they might witness a hell────or perhaps heaven-like spectacle where "without distinction, Kama dispatches herself (doubles) everywhere, burning and exhausting the universe with her one-sided love". When the large-flowered lotuses bloom under Kama's feet, she and the target she chose to love fall into the darkness of the universe. Within the immeasurable darkness, Kama faces her partner and presents them her hand. The hand that seems to be inviting a lover or perhaps tempting a Saint, will turn into blue flames before lengthening and flowing through the darkness. The blue flames will eventually crash into the other party in the form of a gigantic arrow, piercing through them and imprisoning them in Kama's universe. Afterwards, the arms of flame become innumerable, filling the space vigorously and inexhaustibly as if to tear the world into pieces, and in the end, the immeasurable darkness is replaced with the blue universe of Kama────by the time one notices, everything has been captured within Kama's arm.[1]

It is a powerful Noble Phantasm, but due to Beast III/L's special characteristics, it also has its flaws where she is unable to love those in close proximity or just a single person. If her target of corruption is not "a large number of people", but a "'single person", she can not wield this Authority. Her Noble Phantasm being single target in "FGO" signifies that Beast III/L was still in an immature stage.[1]

Forms and Alternate Versions[]


Thanks to Kama's Accepting Body of Myriad Desires and Embrace of Dreams skills, she has the ability to manifest as a colony of infinite doubles that spread across her entire universe. During the events of the Edo Singularity, her doubles took two different forms. Initially these doubles took the same form as Kama (Assassin)'s second ascension, and later on, after Kama manifested as a Beast, they obtained their own distinct design, which closely resembles Kama (Assassin)'s third stage and Kama's evolved Beast III/R form. Kama's "doubles" are not clones, and she is not dividing herself, either. They are all her. They are all Beasts. Kama is not a single organism, she is a colony with enough identical copies to fill the entire universe.[12] Although the clone bodies' abilities are of the same rank as Kama/Mara's,[1] Yagyuu Munenori was able to cut them down faster than Kama could spawn them thanks to the false Muramasa Matsudaira Nobutsuna created from his body and soul, which is said to be the ultimate Anti-Tokugawa weapon.[13]


Main article: Kama


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