Kama Sammohana: A Withering Affection Is Not Love (愛もてかれるは恋無きなりカーマ・サンモーハナ, Ai Motekareru wa Koinaki nariKāma Sanmōhana?) is Kama's Noble Phantasm.

The arrows of flowers, called Sammohana, that the god of love Kama possesses. They have the effect of evoking a feeling of love in the ones they stab.


Samsara KamaEdit

Samsara Kama:  (恋もて焦がすは愛ゆえなりサンサーラ・カーマ, Koi mote Kogasu wa Ai Yue nariSansāra Kāma?) is the True Name that Kama's Noble Phantasm receives in her third Ascension.

In the case in which her nature as "The One without Body" and "The Bewilderer" manifests strongly, her lost body itself is interpreted as the arrow of love.


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