Kanata Ishizue (石杖 火鉈, Ishizue Kanata?) is the sister of Arika Ishizue in DDD.



Kanata was the younger sister of Arika Ishizue and afflicted by Agonist Disorder. She ate Arika's left arm and killed their parents. She was taken to the D Block of the Origa Memorial Institute.


Kanata is 14 around the time of Hand(S) and looks 20. It’s not uncommon to see her drenched in blood.




Kanata has a small role in the last few pages of DDD’s second volume. It’s a small memo in which she describes demolishing Origa Memorial Hospital and all its wardees, other afflicted people with powers like temporal distortion, telepathy and mass alteration.

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Kanata's Agonist Disorder, currently called B (Brainless) (B(ブレインレス)?) but "taking applications" for the name, involves adapting and evolving when faced with adversity that leads to her death.

Her ability supposedly is superhuman strength but it seems to go outright into enhanced bodily functions. Since she has unlimited growth and unlimited access to the durability of her body, she is listed as one of the most powerful individuals afflicted by the syndrome. The ability can even evolve to the point of destroying planets under the very specific conditions of Ookumaneko's concept universe. He views the planets and the entire universe as lifeforms of their own, so she becomes able to destroy them once she also identifies them as beings.


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