Kanshou and Bakuya: Gān Jiàng and Mò Yé (干将(かんしょう)莫邪(ばくや), Kanshō - Bakuya?) are "married" twin swords representing Yin and YangWP, crafted by the blacksmith Gān Jiàng (干将, Kanshō?) of Wu during the Spring and Autumn PeriodWP of China.[1][2][3][4] They were crafted more for the sake of crafting, as if questioning the meaning of the swordsmith, than for any real idea behind their creation. They were created without vanity, and lack a sense of purpose found in other swords. They contain no fighting spirit to defeat others nor a competitive spirit to beat other weapons, and they contain neither the desire to be famous nor the faith to accomplish great deeds.

Upon receiving orders from the King of Wu to forge an imperial sword, Gān Jiàng could not think of ways to forge swords that fit such orders. While he was extremely frustrated and desperate, his wife, Mò Yé (莫邪, Bakuya?), upon seeing this situation, decided to gamble her own life. The sacrificing of human lives is absolutely necessary in order to forge items reaching the realm of Gods, so Bakuya hurled herself into the furnace in front of the husband she loved and used her own life to help the Essence of Five Mountains and the Metal of Six Heroes meld. Kanshou forged the two swords in grief.[1] He kept the Yang sword, named "Gān Jiàng", and he only handed over the Yin Sword, "Mò Yé", to the king when it came time to present them. The king was furious upon discovering the deception, and he had Gān Jiàng killed.[2]

Their quality and ability as swords is high due to being made with the best materials and a human sacrifice, and they have shamanistic and ritual aspects as enchanted weapons. The quality of the grips is more important in the practical use of the swords than the ornamental value, and they are noted as being quite big and heavy.[5] They are identical in shape with the only difference being their color. Kanshou (Gān Jiàng), the black Yang sword, is covered in a hexagonal pattern, and Bakuya (Mò Yé), the white Yin sword, has less of the shine of a polished metal in its ore than it has the haze of a cloud. While the story of their creation has survived into the modern day, there is no mention of what kind of swords they actually were, and even their shape is a mystery. The assumption is that they were cast swords, as was common in their time period. The only known description of the swords simply says that Kanshou had a black tortoise shell pattern and Bakuya had a white wave pattern.[6]

The original versions of the swords that reached the realm of the Gods due to human sacrifice, rather than the imperfect projected versions, also have a strong affinity against monsters, allowing them to easily cut down creatures like the Gorgon form of Medusa and the extradimensional evil god summoned by Caster in a single strike.[7]


Kanshou and Bakuya (Trace)[]

EMIYA encounters the sword at some point during his lifetime and added them to the numerous weapons recorded and stored in Unlimited Blade Works. Archer additionally crafted spells of warding all over the swords' blades.[1][2] They are his favored weapons to project, having become his symbols after wielding them all his life.[3] He and Shirou Emiya find the craftsmanship of the blades to be extremely captivating and beautiful, and the swords suit their natural style of fighting. Despite not having a wielder in the legends, they are still Noble Phantasms crafted by the blacksmith.

Li Shuwen instantly recognizes them as fakes but at the same time, admires them as if the original swordsmith has returned as a Heroic Spirit.[8]

They are rather low ranking compared to other Noble Phantasms, but the dual-wielding style, their experience, and their tracing time makes them very reliable. The main ability of the swords is their strong bond with each other, which not only allows them to attract each other, but it is also said they will return to their owner even if events cause them to be lost. If one is thrown while the other is held, the thrown sword will return to the wielder much like a boomerang. This works well with projection, allowing an already projected sword to identify a new projection as its partner sword. When both are wielded, the wielder's Magic Resistance and physical resistance improve, and their rank as both weapons and Noble Phantasms increases.

Kanshou and Bakuya Overedge[]

EMIYA can utilize reinforcement magecraft to completely transform the blades into longswords, referred to as Kanshou and Bakuya Overedge (干将·莫邪オーバーエッジ, Kanshō - Bakuya Ōbāejji?).[6] It is unknown exactly what effects are provided through the reinforcement, but he did utilize them at some point in the battle against Berserker in the Fate route of the visual novel.[6]

Kanshou and Bakuya (Handguns)[]

EMIYA Alter, through unknown methods, modified Kanshou and Bakuya to function as bayoneted handguns, which he is able to trace and use in battle. It is with them he is able to use his Noble Phantasm, Unlimited Lost Works. He also shows the capability to transform them back into actual blades vaguely similar to the original swords, along with connecting them at their pommels to create a dual-bladed melee staff as well as lacking their Yin and Yang centers.

Triple-Linked Crane Wings[]

Triple-Linked Crane Wings (鶴翼三連(かくよくさんれん), Kakuyoku Sanren?) is an "exquisite technique" utilized by EMIYA, the culmination of his usage of the swords and the "true meaning behind Kanshou and Bakuya."[9][10] It is said to be a "fatal attack" used to get him through his numerous battles, relying on the married swords' attraction to one another, consecutive projections, and keeping the basic technique, symbolized by the chanted poem.[10] The user projects three sets of Kanshou and Bakuya, executing an unavoidable combination through throwing and slashing maneuvers.[9] Each blade is lethal and the multiple attacks are meant to prohibit escape or defense.[11] The only ways to defeat it are with an omni-directional defense, or by ignoring the damage to make a suicidal assault on the user.[9]

Spirit and technique, flawless and firm
Our strength rips the mountains
Our swords split the water
Our names reach the imperial villa
The two of us cannot hold the heavens together.

 Shingi, muketsu ni shite banjaku
 Chikara, yama wo nuki
 Tsurugi, mizu wo wakatsu
 Seimei, rikyuu ni todoki
 Warera, tomo ni ten wo idakazu


Crane wings (Spirit and technique), without opening (flawless and firm)
Spirit and technique (Strength), reaching the mountain (pierce the mountain)
Spirit and technique (Sword), crossing the Yellow River (split the water)
Name (Fame), ending in a different heaven (reaching the imperial villa)
Two rivals / Two great men (We), sharing a life (cannot embrace heavens together)



In EMIYA's version, the first pair is thrown at the enemy with the purpose of being deflected, while the second is prepared for close range combat. While the enemy is off guard, he slashes with the second pair, and the thrown pair returns and hits the enemy from behind. Finally, the third pair is modified into Overedge and he performs the final strike with them.

No Name's version begins with a pair of thrown swords that strike the enemy, followed by an overhead slash, and then finishing with a dashing double slash.

In Fate/EXTELLA, No Name's version involves throwing a pair at the opponent that then returns the same way back to him, after which he throws them again with another pair so that there are altogether four swords, followed by a jumping attack with Overedge.


Shirou's version used to defeat Saber Alter begins with a thrown pair aimed at the neck, coinciding with the first line of the chant, that is deflected by the enemy, and then closes in for close combat with a second pair. The thrown Bakuya returns from behind to attack the enemy and he immediately strikes with the Kanshou in his hand. Directly afterward, the thrown Kanshou returns and he uses the Bakuya in his hand to attack as well, coinciding with the second and third lines. Saber managed to block all four attacks, but the result left her defenses completely open. He then projects the final pair without any reinforcement to slash the enemy's open defense in a downward X-motion, coinciding with the final two lines. It is essentially a methodical strategy at rendering the opponent defenseless.


English | Japanese

« I'll show you what I’ve been holding back!"
"Twin wings that overcome mountains, part seas, and never fall..."
"Triple-Linked Crane Wings! »


Kuro's version begins with her throwing two pairs of Kanshou and Bakuya that encircle the enemy. She then makes use of her teleportation in conjunction with the technique, making her attack difficult to predict even with one's Eye of the Mind.[9] During the Grand Orders and against Bazett in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA, she teleports behind the enemy and slashes with a regular pair of swords, while she teleports under the platform Angelica is standing on and pierces through it with a pair of Overedge swords when using the technique in conjunction with Shirou's own Triple-Linked Crane Wings.[11][12] Bazett manages to take the slashes from the thrown swords head-on with minor injury, counterattacking against Kuro,[12] while Angelica is caught off-guard and struck, allowing Shirou to defeat her.[11]


Shirou's version begins with two thrown pairs that surround the opponent. He then creates an Overedge pair and performs an overhead downward slash. Upon combining the technique with Kuro against Angelica, all of their attacks are rendered useless by Flash Air, but Kuro manages to surprise her from below.[11]

First Lady (Black Bird Scissorhands)[]

Black Bird Scissorhands: Fallen Triple-Linked Crane Wings (堕・鶴翼三連(ブラックバード・シザーハンズ), Da - Kakuyoku Sanren(Burakkubādo Shizāhanzu)?) is the name of the variation utilized by First Lady when inside Chloe von Einzbern's body. It does not differ visibly from Chloe's version.


Hirokazu Koyama is the weapon designer for Kanshou and Bakuya.

The design for Overedge comes from the animated version of the fight between Archer and Berserker, and was created by the art director of the anime, Koyama Toshihisa. Nasu Kinoko fell in love with the dangerous look of the swords, and applied them to Archer's version of the attack in the reference material.[13]


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    It is unknown why Archer chose to carve what seems to be spells of warding all over the swords."

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    Historically, the swords are purported to have been created during China’s Spring and Autumn Period. The swordsmith Gan Jiang was commissioned by the king of the time to make him a wonderful pair of swords. However, the swordsmith’s furnace was unable to even melt the metal. Worried about her husband, the swordsmith’s wife Mo Ye willingly threw herself into the furnace, and the heat of her sacrifice allowed the swords to be completed. The Yang sword was named “Ganjiang”, and the Yin sword “Moye”, after the married couple. However, when it came time to present his handiwork to the king, Gan Jiang handed over only the Moye sword, keeping the Ganjiang sword for himself. The king was furious when he discovered this deception, and had Gan Jiang killed.


    アーチャーが使用していた二振り一対の夫婦剣。そろえて装備することで所有者の対魔術、対物理が向上し、武 器や宝具としてのランクも上昇する。また、刀身には魔よけと思われる言葉が刻まれている。
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    Strength: -, Defense: -, Agility: -, Magic: -, Luck: -
    Anti-Magic: D, Independence: C, False Insight: B


    01 - Unlimited Blade Works: Universe of Endless Blades
    This Noble Phantasm is not used directly wielded as a weapon. Rather, it is a powerful reality marble that focuses one's inner being and projects it onto the real world. The reality that this particular skill creates is that of a magus who devoted their life to mastering the art of the sword, and makes available to the user every sword-type weapon ever encountered by that magus in their lifetime.

    02 - Kansho and Bakuya
    A set of matched swords favored by Archer. Although extremely lethal, their mystical aspects make them useful for ceremonial and divination rituals. They are thought to have created in the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history by the master smith Gan jiang.

    03 - Hero of Black Metal
    This is the title given to the one who in a previous life was involved in the development and manufacture of many different types of weaponry.
    It hints at the fact that in his previous life, this Archer was more of a craftsman than a warrior.

    01 - 無限の剣製(アンリミテッド・ブレイドワークス)


    02 - 干将・莫耶(かんしょう ばくや)

    03 - 錬鉄の英雄


    Anti-Magic [D]
    Cancels single-action spells.
    It also bestows magical resistance equal to that normally provided by a physical talisman such as an amulet.

    Independence [C]
    This ability allows him to remain independent by rejecting any kind of support from his Master. When this skill reaches rank C, he can remain in the world for a single day without establishing a contract with a Master.

    False Insight [B]
    Bestows a heightened sense of awareness honed and refined through experience. Makes one capable of making claim and rational decisions on the field of battle regardless of the surrounding dangers.





    01 - Character Background
    A hero without a name. A fictional Legendary Soul. A fake.

    The remnants of a person who spent his human life in the pursuit of justice. While the man who spawned this Legendary Soul was once a real, living being, the slow passage of time has completely erased his entire existence from the records of human history.

    The weapons he uses in battle are not technically real, but are created using thaumaturgy technique known as Projection. All of the weapons at his disposal are simply manifestations of those he sees in his mind's eye and then materializes in the real world.

    02 - "Ally of Justice"
    In life, he was a mere magus, like the Masters participating in the Holy Grail War. While not even remotely in the same league as Rin Tousaka, he did possess Magic Circuits capable of a single function.

    He was a real 'ally of justice' like many people dream of, but when faced with a disaster that was beyond his power to solve, he sold his postmortem self to the Moon Cell in exchange for a miracle. As a result, as a Servant who is not a hero, he is now used after his death as the concept of an 'ally of justice'.

    As for the human he once was, no traces of that person exist. Instead, he is now the personification of what most people would imagine one who holds the title of "Ally of Justice" to be.

    01 - 人物背景:


    02 - 『正義の味方』



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    A black coated bow. Not a Noble Phantasm. Has no meaning by itself.

    Install (Phantasm Summon)
    Heroic Spirit of Phantasms, XXX's power is acquired. After putting in sufficient magical energy arrows that are fired surpass the speed of sound.
    Not only a bowman he can also use a sword and easily handle close combat.
    He does not possess a specific Noble Phantasm, but by using Projection magecraft he can materialize Noble Phantasms. Originally, Excalibur and other things that surpass human limits, divine constructs cannot be projected. For argument's sake even if it were possible, that person is not the user and therefore cannot release the true name. However, the previous Ilya did just that, weakened as it was, its output still exceeded that of the original.
    Kuro isn't currently able to use such an advanced exploit so the ability of her projected Excalibur is like a paper mache version.

    [Noble Phantasms]
    Kanshou and Bakuya: Gan Jiang ・ Mo Ye: C-
    In ancient China a chinese swordsmith Gan Jiang and his wife Mo Ye created a pair of married swords. The black one is Yang sword Gan Jiang and the white one is Yin sword Mo Ye.
    The technique which involves projecting several of these, throwing and then slashing so the attacks coincide is called "Crane Wing Three Realm."

    Calabolg II: Fake Fake Spiral Sword: Unknown Rank
    Deteriorated version of the altered original Calabolg. Although it is stronger when the true name is released and fired. In that case it also twists space piercing everything.

    Rho Aias: Seven Rings that Cover the Fiery Heavens: Unknown Rank
    A shield said to possess the concept of absolute defense against throwing weapons. In it's greatest form it is said to be seven flower petals made from light. Each flower petal has the same defensive power as a rampart.
    The present Kuro can only actualize 4 petals.

    A magecraft which materializes the image of the original with magical energy. All the components come from the user's image, so coming close the original is impossible and it normally only amounts to a paper mache with the same appearance. Aso projected items are nothing but phantasms so the world's corrections only allows them to last for a short time before disappearing.
    However, this Heroic Spirit performs projection that overturns this fundamental rule, repeatedly materializing Noble Phantasms.
    In addition, not matter how long you leave them alone they won't disappear, what's up with that? Even if he specializes in swords, shields and armor can be projected for a moment. However everything is one rank below the original.

    Broken Phantasm
    The Noble Phantasm is changed into an arrow and fired in an explosion attack. It is a disposable bomb that merely uses the magical energy contained within the Noble Phantasm to explode. It is the worst possible insult for a Noble Phantasm to be used this way. As long as there is magical energy Noble Phantasms can be projected. This is a foul play unique to this Heroic Spirit.



    固有の宝具を持たないが、投影魔術により武具・宝具を物質化することができる。本来はエクスカリバーなどの 人域を超えた神造兵器は投影不可能であり、仮にできたとしても、その使い手ではないため真名解放も不可能で ある。しかし、かつてのイリヤはそのどちらをもやってのけ、弱体しているとは言え、オリジナルを上まわる出 力までも引き出した。
    現状のクロでは、そのようなバグ域までは至れず、エクスカリバーを投影してもハリポテの性能ら しい。

    干将・莫邪(かんしょう ばくや): C-
    古代中国、呉の刀匠であるった干将と妻の莫邪により作成された二振りの夫婦剣。黒い方が陽剣・干将、白い方 が陰剣・莫邪。

    偽・偽・螺旋剣(カラドボルグII): ランク不明
    オリジナルのカラドボルグのアレンジ品の、さらに劣化品。とは言え威力は強力で真名解放して放たれた場合は 空間をもねじ切り、あらゆる物を貫通する。

    熾天覆う七つの円環(ロー・アイアス): ランク不明
    投擲武器に対する絶対防御という概念をもつ盾。最大展開形は、光でできた7枚の花弁という姿。花弁1枚が城 壁と同等の防御力をもつ。

    オリジナルの鏡像を魔力で物質化する魔術。構成要素のすべてを術者のイメージから再現するため、通常はオリ ジナルには速く及ばない、外見だけのハリポテとなる。そして投影した物は幻想でしかないため、世界による修 正を受け短時間で消失する。
    だが、この英霊が行う投影はそういった源則を覆し、宝具だろうが何だろうがボンボン物質化。その上、いくら 放っておいても消えないというテタラメさである、剣に特化しているが、いちおう盾や鎧も投影可能。ただし、 オリジナルよりランクが1つ下がる。

    宝具を矢変換して弓で放ち、爆発させる攻撃。宝具に内包される魔力を炸裂させ単なる使い捨ての爆弾として使 用するという、ある意味宝具に対する最悪な侮辱的使用方法である。魔力がある限り宝具を投影できる、この英 霊ならではの反則技。

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    本編では語られないFateルートでのバーサーカー戦で、アーチャーが干将·莫耶を強化し、刀身を長く変化 させたもの。その外見は完全に長剣と呼べるものになっている。
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    Q: If the original Kansho and Bakuya take the stage in the Holy Grail War, as the twin swords reaching the realm of Gods due to the sacrifice of human lives, will they possess powers as Noble Phantasms? Or, since they did not have wielders in the legend, thus cannot become Noble Phantasms?

    A: Absolutely without a doubt that they will be true Noble Phantasms. They will be extremely strong anti-monster Noble Phantasms. Rider's ultimate form--Gorgon Lv100, or the extra-dimensional evil god summoned by Gilles, will all be cut down in a single strike.



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    Archer: The secret arts of China are also right here, "Divine Spear" Li. I strike with this Yin and Yang...!
    Assassin: Hou... Those swords, Kanshou and Bakuya. As if the Heroic spirits of the great swordsmiths were new once more.
    Julius: Do not prolong this, Assassin. That servant, he excels at drawn-out battles.


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    Chloe von Einzbern - Archer

    Illustrator and Voice actor
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    Strength: D
    Endurance: C
    Agility: B
    Mana: C
    Luck: C
    Noble Phantasm: C

    Personal Skills
    Mind’s Eye (False): B
    Projection Magic: B
    Kiss Demon: B

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: C
    Independent Action: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Kakuyoku Sanren: Triple-Linked Crane Wings
    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Unit

    Kuro is a clone who split off from Illya and incarnated in the form of a certain Heroic Spirit.
    She describes herself as “Illya’s older sister.”
    However, Illya also claims to be the older sister, leading to endless sibling quarrels that look like someone yelling into a mirror.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 133cm・29kg
    Source: Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya
    Region: Fuyuki, Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Good  Gender: Female
    “Mana transfer, pretty please?”

    Level 2 Bond
    Illya rejected Kuro at first, but Kuro eventually came to live in the Einzbern household.
    Her cover story claims that she’s Illya’s cousin, but the resemblance is so uncanny that they are often mistaken for twin sisters.
    Upon their first meeting Illya’s foster brother Shirou mistook Kuro for Illya. This was understandable since he had no idea Kuro existed, but it seems to have been a great shock to Illya that her brother couldn’t tell them apart.

    Level 3 Bond
    Kuro does not know the identity of the Heroic Spirit whose form she has borrowed. She has only inherited the fighting skills that he refined.
    She wields her formidable combat powers with reckless abandon. Rin saw this as a threat, and inflicted on Kuro a curse of shared pain perception. Kuro’s shared pain with Illya was meant to deter her from targeting her twin, but the trifling curse meant nothing to the little devil.

    Level 4 Bond
    "Threefold Crane Wings"
    Rank: C  Type: Anti-personnel Noble Phantasm
    Kakuyoku Sanren.
    An exquisite technique of a certain Heroic Spirit.
     The user projects three sets of the male and female paired swords, combining throwing and slashing maneuvers to execute an unavoidable combination.
     Kuro also teleports behind the enemy in conjunction with the technique, making her attack difficult to predict even with Mind’s Eye.

    Level 5 Bond

    • Kiss Demon: B

    Kuro, who unexpectedly manifested as a Servant-like being without a Master, always requires magical energy.
    Thus, she resupplies via mucous membrane contact as a quick and easy method that requires no contract.
    An unguarded victim will suddenly oneself thrust into a kissing scene by the brown little devil, without a care for the time or place.

    “But don’t get me wrong, it’s just a medical procedure,” she says. Oh, that makes sense.

    Interlude "Two Flowers Laughing in the Wind"
    Illya’s sealed nature and memories grew denser and more complex until they condensed into a single personality: Kuro.
    Kuro is aware of this.
    She knows that it’s a miracle that she can even exist.
    She may not have even wanted to take this form.
    Still, Illya and her family accepted Kuro.
    The warmth of a family she believed had been stolen from her was still there after all, waiting for her.

    Thus, her birth must have had meaning.
    Kuro will lecture her unreliable little sister, defeat her enemies, and show her the way.
    Once, she thought her little sister was behind her. But before she knows it, Illya will surely surpass even her big sister, and reach for the light of the distant stars.

    クロエ・フォン・アインツベルン - アーチャー



    心眼(偽) C
    投影魔術 C
    キス魔 C

    対魔力 C
    単独行動 B

    ランク: C++


    出典:Fate/kaleid_liner プリズマ☆イリヤ
    属性:混沌・善  性別:女性



    ランク:C  種別:対人宝具



    アンロック条件:「epilog 風に咲う二輪草」をクリアすると開放


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