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Karl der Große (Charles the Great) (カール大帝, Kāru Taitei?), Class Name Ruler (ルーラー, Rūrā?), is a Ruler-class Servant appearing in the post-Moon Holy Grail War world of Fate/EXTELLA LINK. He is the primary antagonist of Fate/EXTELLA LINK.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Identity[edit | edit source]

The model of the legend of Charlemagne who achieved the unity of Western Europe. Karl and Charlemagne are both the same Heroic Spirit with the same Saint Graph, but Charlemagne will never normally be summoned because he embodies the fantasy aspect of the legend. Karl's real life exploits outweigh the other aspects of his legend. They are registered as two unique Saint Graphs by the Moon Cell at the end of the story, so they can each be summoned.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

A figure of tall and muscular bearing, Karl der Große has a handsome, aged appearance, with a cross-shaped beard, long, curled hair, crimson eyes, and a tall crown upon his head. He adorns golden armor and a white and black body suit, with gold line details. A golden cross is also placed at the center of his chest, and black cloth drapes from his pauldrons. He bears a resemblance to the historical Charlemagne/Charles The Great during his later years, only having blond hair instead of white.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Karl is described as a "majestic man", "holy king", and "supreme ruler." He is said to never distress or lose his way, regardless of being faced with victory or defeat, and he will push forward with calm judgement. Regardless of the era, he boasts of a strong love only second to that of God. He is extremely relentless in battle, only showing kindness to those who show their allegiance to "God" as well.[2]

His wish is bring to about eternal and universal peace to all people in the name of God and the World. He had once believed he could build a kingdom where everyone can live in peace and happiness, and where religions can co-exist with one another. He also believed universal understanding would come about if the people continue to wish for peace. However, the people didn't want peace, instead they wanted Karl to "correct" those who had different views and beliefs as them, deeming them wrong and themselves correct. Karl began to lose his faith in humanity upon coming face to face with the violent and contradictory nature of humanity while conquering western Europe. Upon being summoned as a Servant, he came to realization that his wish can only come true if everyone were like him. Even though he knows it'll destroy individuality, Karl believes assimilating all existence with his own will finally bring peace and salvation to all.

Role[edit | edit source]

Fate/EXTELLA LINK[edit | edit source]

Karl acts as the primary antagonist of Fate/EXTELLA LINK, seeking to assimilate and bring SE.RA.PH under his rule,[3] in the name of God.[1]

The aspects of Charles the Great were miraculously summoned as separate Servants: the reality, Karl, and the fantasy, Charlemagne. Karl told Charlemagne to leave his sight, as he could not absorb him. After Charlemagne fled in terror, Karl began his construction of the New Holy Empire, and summoned his fortress, Carolus Patricius. Needing a tremendous amount of energy to assimilate SE.RA.PH with himself to bring about his goal of universal peace, Karl began to Oraclize those who could help gather that energy. He eventually encountered and Oraclized Karna, Medusa, Lu Bu, Darius III, and Lancelot. He also encountered Francis Drake, but he doesn't Oraclize her, instead hiring her to be one of his generals. He also encountered Gilles de Rais, but the Oraclization failed when Gilles resisted. Nonetheless, Karl recruited him anyways. He has Gilgamesh captured and strapped into a machine that continuously drains him of his mana to fuel the first furnace of the Spirit Core Replication System he had built. Using the Spirit Core of a Top Servant, Karl is able replicate the Spirit Core data of Servants to produce a near infinite number of Attack Programs, as well to create copies of Servants. However, the copies are far too degraded, thus only Shadow Servants were produced. Eventually at separate points of time, Jeanne d'Arc and Scáthach are ordered to kill Karl, as he had became a threat to SE.RA.PH. However, he proved to be far more powerful for either Top Servant, and they were both defeated. Karl Oraclized Scáthach while he used his power to convert Jeanne into blue particles, which were then used to fuel the second furnace for the Spirit Core Replication System. With a Spirit Core of another Top Servant, Karl is able to create more stable copies of Spirit Core data. Using this data in conjunction with the blue particles to create a body, Facsimile Servants are produced. However, even with two Top Servants as a power source, the replicated Spirit Cores still degrade, and thus the Fascimile Servants are only a rank above Shadow Servants. Sometime later, Karl recruited Li Shuwen with the promise of a duel against Scáthach. Still needing another Spirit Core of a Top Servant and more energy to fuel his fourth Noble Phantasm, Karl launched his invasion of SE.RA.PH.

First Route[edit | edit source]

Day 1[edit | edit source]

Karl orders Karna and Drake to invade Mare Aurum. Unknown to him at the time, he ended up calling to Altera after Charlemagne defended her and Hakuno from Attack Programs. After Hakuno's faction repel Karna and Drake's invasion, Karl's forces launch a two pronged invatsion of Mare Luxuria and Mare Mellum. Later in Carolus Patricus, Karl appoints Gilles as his second-in-command. He tells him to show the enemy the will and righteous path of God and the World, and to share his dream to create a utopia on the Moon. He continues they will liberate every Servant, as is his reason for his arrival. Later, Karl sees Altera, who recently arrived in the fortress, is safe and sound, for which he is thankful for. He answers Altera that the reason for invading SE.RA.PH is to grant his wish. Altera asks him if he will continue wishing for it, even if he ends up hurting other people. He answers he will still wish for it, not excepting her nor anyone to understand him. He then speaks at length about his wish. Altera calls his wish both good and bad, and knows no one can stop him from granting his wish. Though he furrows his brow at Altera's pity, Karl continues his assimilation of SE.RA.PH, all the while wishing that if he cannot be understood, he can still be accepted.

Day 2[edit | edit source]

If Hakuno's faction oust the New Holy Empire from Mare Luxuria, Karl is surprised that Karna was forced to retreat. He accepts it was neither Karna nor Lu Bu's army's fault, understanding Hakuno's faction acted accordingly to their knowledge of his forces' strength. He then orders expediting of the Oraclization, and the collection of even more energy. He continues to order to Oraclize all digital beings, and to assimilate every Servant, NPC, and Wizard. He announces an eternal empire will descend upon the Moon. He announces further that fantasy will give way to reality, to the unchanging will of God and the World.

If Hakuno's faction oust the New Holy Empire from Mare Mellum, Karl is surprised at their losses, even though they have Darius, Medusa, and Lancelot on their side. Karna tells him not blame them, but Karl says he doesn't care about blame. He continues that victory depends on strategy, so he alone should shoulder the results. He also surprised by Hakuno's strength. He then orders expediting of the Oraclization, and the collection of even more energy. He continues to order to Oraclize all digital beings, and to assimilate every Servant, NPC, and Wizard. He announces an eternal empire will descend upon the Moon. He announces further that fantasy will give way to reality, to the unchanging will of God and the World.

If Hakuno's faction oust the New Holy Empire from Mare Aurum, Karl sees Drake's loss as her measuring the strength of Hakuno's forces. He is surprised by Hakuno's strength, to which Drake reveals Hakuno won the Holy Grail War after defeating many opponents without losing and retreating. Karl finds Hakuno wouldn't be a worthy opponent if that wasn't the case, finding them to be a fitting final trail on the path to his destiny. He then orders expediting of the Oraclization, and the collection of even more energy. He continues to order to Oraclize all digital beings, and to assimilate every Servant, NPC, and Wizard. He announces an eternal empire will descend upon the Moon. He announces further that fantasy will give way to reality, to the unchanging will of God and the World.

Day 3[edit | edit source]

If Hakuno's faction defeat the New Holy Empire forces at Mare Origo, Karl remarks how Darius has been defeated, and Cú Chulainn has now joined Hakuno's faction. He realizes now is the time to rally their troops, which Li Shuwen takes as an indication it's his turn now. Karl confirms such, and commands him to mobilize.

If Hakuno's faction undo Astolfo's Oraclization at Mare Mellum, Karl accepts Astolfo has joined Hakuno's faction. Altera asks if he's sad, but he merely replies he is the System, as he's given his body to peace, God, and the World. He continues to say that he is only unchanging and universal. Altera tells him that it's sad to be alone, but he claims he doesn't know fear. He continues he doesn't fear any man, only fearing God and the World, as it was in his first life. He states his second life will be the same, but he laments he will be able to bear this.

If Hakuno's faction undo Elizabeth Bathory's Oraclization at Mare Aurum, Karl accepts she has joined Hakuno's faction. He states that Elizabeth has a wound on her soul that will never heal. He pities her for going against the very power that would save her despite her pain. Altera calls Elizabeth loud and haughty yet honest, which makes Karl realizes he shouldn't have Oraclized her. He continues that to assimilate Elizabeth would be the same as crushing her dream, something he cannot allow as he cannot crush his own dream.

Day 4[edit | edit source]

If Hakuno's faction defeat the New Holy Empire at Mare Origio, Karl is mildly surprised they failed to Oraclize them even with all their troops. He asks Scáthach if she will go, to which she responds he didn't need to ask as she is a warrior while he is a king.

If Hakuno's faction defeat the New Holy Empire at Mare Luxuria, Karl wonders if their strength is simply good fortune since they've defeated Li Shuwen. He wishes Scáthach luck when she prepares to go to battle. He hopes she will accept his universal truth when she returns, but Scáthach cannot promise that.

Day 7[edit | edit source]

Karl welcomes Hakuno, Charlemagne, Nero Claudius, and Tamamo no Mae when they enter the Great Cathedral of Carolus Patricius. He introduces himself, and proclaims himself to be the World's final savior that'll bring salvation to all. He continues he will unite everyone as the bringer of unchanging universal truth, claiming he is the answer the humanity has arrived at. He states he shall bestow eternal peace in the name of God and the World, and equality through unity. Nero rejects Karl's unity, as it will remove the people's individuality, but he denies her. He explains universal justice could never come from heroes, and states they need a world where everyone is equal. He then proclaims that all that should is him, God, and the World, and announces he will assimilate all of existence into his own. He tells the group to discard their empheral live and embrace eternity, declaring it to be love. He calls Charlemagne a mistake, wondering what blunder brought him forth when Charlemagne called his love selfish. He also claims his rule would adamant if it wasn't Charlemagne, and declares there is no place for him in the new world. Charlemagne tells him he has come to stop his broken dream, but Karl declares he now has the power to make it real. He enters the altar-like structure at the end of the Cathedral, and summons his troops to attack the group. After his troops are defeated, Karl reveals the altar to his third Noble Phantasm, Carolus Patricius Auctoritas, and prepares to activates it to assimilate all. A tremendous amount of blue particles are then absorbed into Carolus Patricius Auctoritas, crashing through the windows of the Catherdral, which transforms into its battle form. Piloting the mechanized armor, Karl then fights the group. Ultimately though, he is fatally wounded when the group eventually manage to destroy Carolus Patricius Auctoritas. Karl then disappears in rage towards his unfulfilled dream and Charlemagne. With his defeat, Carolus Patricius is destroyed, the assimilated Servants are returned to normal, and the Facsimile Servants all disappear.

Second Route[edit | edit source]

Day 4[edit | edit source]

After Hakuno's faction prevent Gilles from capturing Artoria Pendragon, Karl regrets they were unable to secure the third core. He explains Spirit Cores can indeed be replicated with only the cores of two Top Servants, but they will not be stable. Altera says they'll need someone else before they complete the World, but Karl suggests he and her join the World to make three. Altera asks if that's what he wants, and he answers he does not seek what cannot be done. He then decides that if there are only two, then the World shall be saved by two.

After Hakuno's faction revert Jeanne to her original state, Karl goes to the Monolith. There he is confronted by Archimedes, who is shocked by how warped Karl's Spirit Core, and states it's the first time they've met. Karl asks Archimedes what bring him, to which Archimedes replies he came to ascertain if there was a danger to Moon Cell. He concludes there is no such danger, so he doesn't need to interfere. Karl then approaches the Monolith, and recalls how his quest for universality began with it. He also remarks he never thought he would encounter it again after being summoned. Altera asks him if he wants to destroy all bad civiliztion, and bring out eternal peace. He answers he wantsbto free everyone from their sins, and bring forth the will of God and the World. He continues he will save all Servants, and to that end, he will release the seal on Carolus Patricius Dimitte. He asks Archimedes if he objects when Archimedes is surprised by a single Servant having such lofty goals. Archimedes explains he doesn't care for the politics of SE.RA.PH, as long as it doesn't interfere with the Moon Cell's operations. He states it would be different if Karl wanted to destroy the Moon Cell, but he'll leave it be since that isn't Karl's goal. After Archimedes leaves, Karl remarks the Moon Cell itself intends to watch over his greats endeavor. He then calls himself a sacrifice to the system called the Holy Empire, and asserts he will become Rex Magnus by the will of God and the World.

Day 5[edit | edit source]

Karl states the Monolith is the key to the alien star, and believes it has the same origin as the power that guided him and Altera. He then reveals only he, who touched it in his first life, and Altera can control the Monolith. Altera (now in her adult form) wonders if she placed her burdens on Karl and Charlemagne, but Karl is joyous he received his life's purpose unlike the billions of lives who never found theirs. He then explains he intended to assimilate every Servant, NPC, and human one by one, but Hakuno proved to be a more formidable opponent than expected along with Charlemagne. Believing there is no other choice now, he asks Altera not to stop him. Altera realizes he intends to use the Monolith to assimilate all of SE.RA.PH all at once. Karl understands it's a desperate measure, as this method will assimilate 60% of digital life forms while the rest will disappear. He exclaims neither ethics nor justice will stop him, as he was made for this purpose. He apologizes to Altera for being unable to live any other way. He then activates the Monolith, and proceeds to travel to Mare Mellum with Altera and a massive army.

After Altera is defeated by Hakuno's faction and reverted back to her child form, Karl suddenly appears, and agrees that Altera should rest now. He asks Charlemagne if the vision Altera showed them was a mere delusions when Charlemagne calls his goal a daydream. Charlemagne responds he's always wanted to build a kingdom where everyone can smile, but points out that Karl is obsessed. After being called broken and beyond repair, Karl tells Charlemagne he would never understand, and admits that he's been backed into a corner. However, he reveals the Monolith can no longer be stopped, and reveals Altera had held the group long enough for the Monolith to fully activate. Charlemagne attacks him, but Karl easily encounters him, draining him of of nearly all his mana. He calls Charlemagne a fantasy that cannot touch him. He then tells the group to await the end in peace, which was original intention for coming, and leaves.

Day 6[edit | edit source]

At Carolus Patricius, Karl activates Carolus Patricius Dimitte, prompting blue particles to spew and spread out from the fortress. Later, he is confronted by Hakuno, Charlemagne, Nero, and Tamamo in Carolus Patricius' Great Cathedral, which is now flooded with blue particles. He tells the resistance is futile, and to accept salvation, but Charlemagne counters he and the others can beat the odds. After Jeanne temporarily halts the Oraclization with Luminosité Eternelle, Karl reminds her that her power cannot stop him. Jeanne understands she cannot defeat him, and points she was now comrades by her side, who all agree it's thanks to Hakuno. Karl exclaims his truth will remain steadfast against the group's so-called intangible nonsense. He then enters Carolus Patricius Auctoritas's dormant form, and summons troops to attack the group. After his troops are defeated, Karl activates Carolus Patricius Auctoritas, absorbing a tremendous amount of blue particles into it. Carolus Patricius Auctoritas then transforms into its battle form, and Karl proceeds to pilot it to forcibly assimilate the group. However after a long battle, the group manages to destroy Carolus Patricius Auctoritas, leaving Karl fatally wounded. He then soon disappears with his regrets as Carolus Patricius begins to collapse.

Final Route[edit | edit source]

Day 2[edit | edit source]

Following the start of his invasion of SE.RA.PH, Karl grants an audience to Altera with him, not recognizing her at first. He soon recognizes her despite her appearance, and wonders if God sent her to test him, to which Altera answers no.

Day 3[edit | edit source]

Karl senses Charlemagne approaching, referring to him as his shadow and daydream. Altera asks him what he will wish for once he's killed Charlemagne. Karl answers his wish always be to bring universal peace to everyone. He continues if SE.RA.PH is to be their new land, then it shall be land where people can live in peace. He then claims God and the World desire love, and declares he was come to spread this truth all across SE.RA.PH. He asserts his words as the truths when Altera questions it.

After Hakuno's faction free Gilgamesh from the Spirit Core Replication Factory, Karl learns from Gilles of what transpired. Giles apologizes for the destruction of the factory, and reports the process of activating Carolus Patricius Dimitte will be unavoidable delayed with only one core. Karl tells him that it's important, and that no apologies are needed. He reveals he had no assumptions of keeping Gilgamesh forever, as his complacency let them exploit him. Accepting Gilgamesh is lost to them, Karl declares his mana, and the Monolith, will take care of the rest. He then states the empire's forces have conquered much of SE.RA.PH, and that the second core, Jeanne, still remains. He is confident that with these resources, resuming the replication of Spirit Cores will not be a difficult task. He then asks Gilles about Hakuno's faction.

Day 5[edit | edit source]

After Altera returns to Hakuno's side, Karl accepts her choice since she only stayed in Carolus Patricius because of him. He then asserts he has sacrificed his body for justice, for world peace, and for the salvation of all souls. He announces he will activate the Monolith, and orders Gilles and Drake to delay Hakuno's factions until it's activated.

Day 7[edit | edit source]

Karl welcomes Hakuno, Charlemagne, Nero, and Tamamo when they enter Carolus Patricius' cathedral. He reveals he's already absorbed the Monolith's power and activated Carolus Patricius Dimitte. He further reveals Hakuno's servants are the only servants left on SE.RA.PH who haven't been assimilated by him. He declares himself to be their salvation, telling the group to kneel and cry tears of joy. He also declares to be the end and the embodiment of the will of the God and the World. He then points to the blue light produced by his Noble Phantasm, claiming it to be the universal light of the Holy Spirit. He explains Iskandar, the Roman Empire, and all great rulers dream of it, of eternal prosperity. When Charlemagne talks to him, Karl mocks him as a shadow of his legend; a wild lie told by bards for money and drinks. He then reminds him of when they were summoned, and he forced him to run away in fear since he couldn't absorb him. He becomes infuriated by Charlemagne recalling his first life since he didn't have one. He explains the Twelve Paladins were his elite troops, and nothing fantastical existed during his reign unlike Charlemagne's "memories". After stating he shaped the foundations of Rome using his wisdom and all avabiable tools, Karl asks Charlemagne of which of their legends did the world need. Charlemagne answers it needed Karl, and reminds him of his dream of building kingdom of peace and happiness, along with his desire to co-exist with other religions. He continues that Karl believed that people could understand each other someday if they continued to wish for peace. Karl denies his words, and points out how the world is filled with contradictions; different gods, different doctrines, even different definitions of "peace". Stating everyone fights for their own truth, Karl laments how people continue to forcibly correct those they deem wrong. He then states his wish for peace and unity cannot be achieve without power. On that subject, he asks the group if they know of the Western European Financial Group. He reveals it has roots in his Holy Roman Empire, hailing from a united Europe, though their leader is unknown to him. He says they should have carried on his will, instead they allowed poverty to run rampant on Earth, and trap humanity on it. He states human wisdom is limited, and that the Western Western European Financial Group (referring to them as Philistines) would let his people rot, and thus he claims a savior is needed. He declares through the Oracle all will exist as one, claiming the masses desire it. He then calls humans beasts who would kill each other and themselves, and claims he can ensure that never happens. He then states his Oraclized Servants, while they did fight Hakuno's Servants, they remained their original selves. He then yells at Charlemagne to get out of his way, but Charlemagne refuses. While he agrees with Karl's goals, Charlemagne claims Karl's salvation to eliminate life's struggles would be almost like eliminating life itself. Deciding the time for talk is over, Karl rages at Charlemagne, saying he should've killed him long ago. Claiming his Spirit Core never needed Charlemagne, Karl enters Carolus Patricius Auctoritas.

A tremendous amount of blue particles are absorbed into Carolus Patricius Auctoritas, which then transforms into his battle form. Charlemagne declares the salvation of humanity is the only thing Karl, but Karl doesn't know what he's talking about. He claims that despite them splitting into fantasy and reality, they continue to believe they would save Altera after seeing a vision of her upon touching Sefar's remains, and believed they could continue to live in peace. Karl states one cannot afford such foolish wishes if they wish to becomes the system. Charlemagne rejects this, and says Karl's salvation should include Karl as well. He then reveals the Oraclization worked on the Servants because it aligned with their primal desire of wanting to live as themselves. He then claims those feeling became stronger in Karl when he decided to discard his fantasies. Tired of Charlemagne's talking, Karl proclaims himself as the greatness beyond humanity, as Charlemagne should know. He criticizes Charlemagne for claiming to know better than him, even though they lived the same life. He finds it unforgivable, but Charlemagne counters trying to live by eclipsing others is even more so. Karl declares himself to be the light while Charlemagne is his shadow, one unable to see the glory and guidance of God. Karl then fights the group after rejecting Charlemagne's belief that a savior isn't needed.

Unlike the previous routes though, Karl breaks Carolus Patricius Auctoritas's top half from its lower half before its main mana generator reaches critcal mass. Switching to the backup generator, he continues fighting with only half of Carolus Patricius Auctoritas. Eventually though, Carolus Patricius Auctoritas is destroyed completely, but Karl survives and emerges from the wreckage. Unwilling to give up, Karl states he wants to live as the self that rejected fantasy and rooted in reality. He and Charlemagne then have one final battle against each other, even though Charlemagne knows its means his demise. After being defeated, Karl angrily regrets he has yet to accomplish anything yet, and he has yet to save Altera. Charlemagne reveals to him that Altera was saved by someone else. Karl questions Charlemagne's decision, even though they both wanted to live and save Altera. Charlemagne replies his summoning was a miracle, and the next Charles summoned will be closer to Karl since they mixed together in the Throne of Heroes. He understands Karl didn't to return to being a mixture of fantasy and reality, as he desired much the same. He then claims Karl's current state could be a form of salvation, though not for him. He then declares he doesn't need salvation, instead wanting to live a life Hakuno and Altera can be proud of. Upon hearing these words, Karl sits on his throne, accepting its truly the end for both of them. He says that while he will simply change, Charlemagne will cease to exist. He asks him if that is what he wants, to which Charlemagne answers it is as they both need to wake up. Karl agrees, content that Altera was saved at the very least. He then disappears asking Hakuno to take care of Altera.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Karl's main weapon is Joyeuse, a serrated black and gold greatsword, much like Charlemagne's own. He is also shown to manifest segments of Auctoritas, such as castle-themed Gauntlets and it's artillery, as well as emit large explosive flame attacks from his sword, Joyeuse, and dark assimilation blasts from his hands, through the power of his Noble Phantasm, Carolus Patricius.[4]


He possesses a power known as Oracle (天声同化(オラクル), Tensei Dōka(Orakuru)?) which allows him to enslave and assimilate.[3] Connected to Karl's encounter with the Monolith (異星鍵(モノリス), Isei Kagi(Monorisu)?), the power automatically acts on those who see that Karl's goals are noble or righteous, and compels them to serve under him.[1] The assimilation can also be applied through force.[1]

Skills[edit | edit source]

Karl's Class Skills are Magic Resistance EX, True Name Discernment C and God's Resolution B. His Personal Skills are Charisma B, Great Emperor Privilege A+, Ceremonial Reformation A and Holy King A.[5]

Ceremonial Reformation (典礼改革, Tenrei Kaikaku?) is a Skill which improves the functionality of the peoples and lands under Karl's control. In life, having been crowned the Western Roman Emperor by Leo III, Karl expanded his theocratical empire, developing its culture and economy, with parishes as its bones, monasteries as its meat and Roman liturgy as its blood.[5]

Great Emperor Privilege (大帝特権, Taitei Tokken?) is a Skill which allows Karl to acquire Skills which he doesn't possess for a short time. Its effect is the same as Imperial Privilege, but the skill name has been changed through self-declaration.[5]

Holy King (聖王, Seiō?) is a Skill which gives Karl advantages against demonic enemies and non-Saint divinities.[5]

Noble Phantasms[edit | edit source]

Karl's Noble Phantasms are Joyeuse, Carolus Patricius, Carolus Patricius Auctoritas, and Carolus Patricius Dimitte.

His first Noble Phantasm, Joyeuse (聖剣ジュワユーズ(), Seiken Juwayūzu()?), is also possessed by Charlemagne. Unlike Charlemagne, Karl, having lived and being rooted in history rather than fantasy, is unable to use it to its full potential.[1]

His second Noble Phantasm, ​Carolus Patricius (カロルス・パトリキウス(), Karorusu Patorikiusu()?), is an automatically expanding giant fortress, encompassing both the armor covering the body of Karl der Große and the domain of the mobile holy city itself.[1] Patricius was originally a title given to guardians of Rome and Italy.[1]

His third Noble Phantasm, Carolus Patricius Auctoritas: Sanctus, Now the Authority is Replenishing the Earth (聖なるかな、今こそ威光が地に満ちる(カロルス・パトリキウス・アウクトリタス), Seinaru ka na , ima koso ikō ga chi ni michiru(Karorusu・Patorikiusu・Aukutoritasu)?) is the trump card of Carolus Patricius which changes the giant fortress into attack form in order to sweep enemies away.[1] It manifests the form of a giant robot, with a vaguely humanoid design incorporating elements of a cathedral and the cross, which can fire missiles from launchers on its shoulders and a powerful beam from its mouth.[1]

His fourth Noble Phantasm, Carolus Patricius Dimitte (カロルス・パトリキウス・ディミッテ(), Karorusu Patorikiusu Dimitte()?) is connected to Karl's power of assimilation, Oracle. Having obtained the power of the Monolith, it is possible to not only assimilate Servants but all cyber bodies of SE.RA.PH at once. However, in this case the assimilation covers only around 60% of the total.[1]

Development[edit | edit source]

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