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« Allow my perfection to enlighten you. Now is the optimal chance."
"Katoptron Katho Phlegon!! »


Katoptron Katho Phlegon: Clustered Straws, Burn Out like the Moon (集いし藁、月のように燃え尽きよ
カトプトロン カトプレゴン
, Tsudoishi Wara, Tsuki no Yō ni Moetsukiyo
Katoputoron Kapuregon
?, Κατόπτρων Κατω φλέγον in Greek) is the Noble Phantasm of Archimedes. An optic weapon born from the legend wherein Archimedes set fire to the warships that dared to breach the shores of Syracuse.[1]

When summoned, a celestial globe (Sphaera) appears in front of Archimedes’ chest. It collects and accelerates particles of sunlight and temporary spiritrons in the atmosphere to generate a tremendous amount of energy, which he then unleashes as a devastating beam of light.[1]

The optical weapon used to burn the warships anchored in the shores of Syracuse in Archimedes' legend. The Western European world had for a long time completely forgotten about Archimedes' mathematical writings (his biography was published around the 5th~6th Century, but there was no mention of him afterwards), but he was reclaimed by Ancient Greece's literature and scholarship and became a topic of intense Renaissance debate and attention. Among others, a current rumor that was considered a sensational conversation topic was this invention that set the enemies' ships ablaze. "After Marcellus moved his ships backwards into the range of the arrows," the records state, "the old man Archimedes set four mirrors of the same kind that were linked and moved with hinges in gaps that matched the size of the mirrors. The hexagonal mirrors he creates collected the midday sun within them, and shot out a ray of light regardless of whether it was summer or winter. Afterwards, when the sun beam reflected off the mirrors, a terrible fire rose up on top of the ships, and then the ships that were within arrows' reach all turned to ash."[1]

In the present world, no matter what kind of experiment one does, one cannot burn a ship with mirror reflections. This indicates that there was still mana in the atmosphere around the time Archimedes was still alive. Archimedes took in not only the sunlight, but the mana around him and developed a Mystic Code exposed to the public as a heat ray.[1]


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