Katou Danzou(WP) (加藤段蔵(WP), Katō Danzō?), Class Name Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?), is an Assassin-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.


Katou Danzou was a thief and spy whose name can be seen in the Kanazoushi(WP) and military sciences documents from the early Edo period(WP)—In other words, a ninja. Known by the alias “Flying Katou” and “Kite Katou”, while her activities in the Kai and Echigo Provinces has been reported, her origins and objectives are wrapped in mystery with various theories existing about it.[1]

There are legends about how Katou Danzou operated puppets, karakuri dolls(WP), but those are legends derived from the fact that “Danzou herself was a karakuri doll”—so is the setting in this work.[1]

A ninja descended from the Fuuma, who were mostly active and flourished during the late Warring States period(WP). However, her true identity is that of a karakuri doll manufactured by the sorcerer Kashin Koji. An artificial female ninja (kunoichi) molded with the cooperation of the first generation Fuuma Koutarou, and possessed no life as a human being. However, as a result of accomplishing many of her duties and being often talked about even in later literature, her existence was carved into human history as a Heroic Spirit.[1]


Kato Danzo is described by Miyamoto Musashi as a black haired beauty.

The clothing on her body does not hide that nature of her puppet origins as showcase by her ball joints on her metallic limbs. She wears a red scarf around her neck and has her hair up in a ponytail.

Upon second ascension she obtains some armor pieces on her legs and arms.

In her third ascension she gains a kimono inspired outfit and lets her hair down.


A karakuri ninja of few emotions, and is quite mechanical. A karakuri girl. She did not possess free will in her lifetime, and she was just a mechanical doll that just abided by the orders inputted into her—or so she defined herself. But upon being carved into human history as a Heroic Spirit and manifesting as a Servant working for the current world, she began to consider that maybe, she might be allowed to think - and have feelings - just like humans. She wants to do so, if she is allowed.[1]


Kashin Koji

Her manufacturer. A cold-blooded man. An extraordinary black magician.

(The First) Fuuma Kotarou
A person who should also be called another “parent” of hers similarly like Kashin Koji.
Ashiya Douman
A person whose connection to Danzou was born during the Seven Duels.
“He is not a person I met as a Servant of Pan-Human History but… it is noisy…”
Miyamoto Musashi / Senji Muramasa
Two people whose connections to Danzou were born during the Seven Duels.
“They are likewise not people I met as a Servant of Pan-Human History but… I feel like they are people I have a great debt of gratitude for.”
Mochizuki Chiyome
“Chiyome-dono, a shinobi of the Takeda House. The fact is that for Danzou, I want to get close to her, but from the way it seems for Chiyome-dono, she has a somewhat ill feeling for me.”
The secret concerning the two that was hidden in Danzou’s recorded data was lost to her. What the heck is this “certain incident” that the Katou Danzou from her lifetime actually perpetrated on the Takeda House?
(The Fifth) Fuuma Kotarou
When she had been living under the Fuuma clan’s roof for a period of time, Danzou became the foster parent of a certain red-haired infant. The reason is that Danzou, who has the skills of the First Fuuma Kotarou built into her as a database of some sort, was the best “transmitter of the Fuuma skills.” Sometimes guiding him as his ninjutsu mentor, and sometimes treating him with tender loving care like a mother, this little child was surely none other than————the future Fifth Generation Fuuma Kotarou.
At first, Danzou herself did not recognize Kotarou during their unexpected reunion in Chaldea, but…?


Fate/Grand Order[]

Subspecies Singularity III: Shimosa[]

Danzou's abandoned body, broken down from lack of magical energy, is found and repaired by Ashiya Douman. However, he also altered her mental records to have her serve him. He also imbued her with a sorcery that recreates the Curse of Annihilation's karma through machinery.[2]

Following Houzouin Inshun’s demise at Miyamoto Musashi, Danzou appears in Katori Shrine ready to receive Douman’s orders. She offers to assassinate Musashi and Ritsuka. Yagyuu Munenori dismisses her offer, calling her a puppet that could never hope to match Musashi. Douman then orders her to sick Tomoe Gozen on Musashi. He also orders her to closely observe a group of samurai from Edo that’ll soon arrive in Toke Castle by pretending to be on a secret mission from the Shogunate. Once he determines everything is set, Danzou will bring Tomoe and Musashi together, and witness what comes next. Danzou leaves to exact her orders.[3]

After Tomoe’s encounter with Musashi in Toke Castle town, she and Danzou run together toward Shimosa’s southern border. Tomoe stops after Danozu pointed out she’ll end up in Kazusa and into the ocean if she continues. Unaware how fast she was going, she apologizes to Danzou for unintentionally and potentially leaving her behind. Danzou tells her to restrain herself, not wanting her to exhaust her Spirit Origin carelessly. The pair then spot an elderly couple coming in their direction. Danzou is confused that Tomoe conversed with them instead of killing them, wondering if the curse is no longer effective on her. Tomoe has her confirm here is a village in the direction that the couple came from. Danzou then records her massacring the village by burning it to the ground. She is confused, though, why she spared the couple earlier. Tomoe answers it was because they exchanged pleasantries and expressed concerned for each other. She then wreathed herself in hellfire, spouting nonsense, leading a procession of monsters to continue massacring village after village.[4]

Danzou reports to Douman that Tomoe is heading northward toward Toke Castle Town as she continues her massacres. Concerned that Toke Castle will be in danger, she prepares to use her technique on Tomoe when Douman contacts her. She confirms that Tomoe no longer listens to her. Douman shares her concerns about Tomoe potentially incinerating Onriedo’s foundations again like she did in Hitachi. It thus decided that she will be removed along with Ritsuka’s party.[4]

The next day, Danzou is introduced to Ritsuka's party by Munenori as the spy who saw Tomoe leading the monsters. She will also serve as the group's guide through the mountain pass that they'll be using ambush Tomoe.[4]

As the group walks the mountain pass, Danzou confirms she is an over century old puppet animated by machinery. After hearing Fuuma Kotarou is from the Sagami Province, she finds it a coincidence, since some of her installed ninjustu are from the Sagami clan. She is confused when Kotarou points out that she doesn’t remember him. Eventually the group reaches their destination and stops Tomeo from incinerating more samurai. Kotarou orders Danzou to take the injured to safety, and give the others new orders since they cannot stand against a Servant. After Musashi slays Tomoe, Ritsuka’s party help Danzou and the samurai deal with the remaining monsters.[4]

She meets Ritsuka’s party again in Toke Castle when Kiyohime orders to assist her in her sparring match against Musashi and the others. Afterwards, she and Kotarou praise each other’s ninjutsu. Later that night, as Kotarou fights Mochizuki Chiyome, she hears him say a soulless ninja is nothing more than a hollow blade. She appears after Chiyome retreats and reports that Munenori will arrive momentarily with his samurai. Kiyohime then faints after learning twenty castle guards were killed by Assassin. Danzou attends to her and offers to heal Kotarou’s injuries. He rejects her offer, stopping himself from revealing that he isn’t human.[5] When Chiyome attacks again, Danzou is ordered by Munenori to remain outside the castle.[6]

Some time after Chiyome is slain, she sneaks Shuten-douji in the castle. She watches her collect Orochi’s remains for her wine. Shuten asks her if if she’s developing a soft spot for Ritsuka’s party, knowing Douman ordered her to spy on them. Danzou replies she is merely following her master’s orders, which Shuten calls boring. Shuten then teases her about how she’s always watching Kotarou, recounting his words to Chiyome. After she finishes collecting the remains, she and Danzou head for Arakawa.[6]

There she witnessed Raikou slaughter an entire army near Arakawa River while they were en route to rendezvous with Munenori. She only spared a young soldier left mentally broken by the slaughter, believing he’d make a poor sacrifice. She and Shuten then depart for Sagami to unleash the latter’s Noble Phantasm upon it. Danzou reminds them though that they weren’t ordered to do so, but they ignore her.[6]

She accompanies Ritsuka’s party back to Senji Muramasa’s hermitage. Her new orders from Munenori are to gather information around Shimosa, and to ensure the group arrives safely at their destination. She finds it strange that Kotarou isn’t injured despite what happened to him last night. She thought it was a Sagami ninjustu, but her database doesn’t have a ninjutsu that would explain Kotarou’s rapid recovery. Kotarou says his body differs greatly from an ordinary person, but it isn’t because of any ninjutsu. He assures her that pain isn’t new to him, prompting Danzou to walk ahead of the others. Danzou is confused why she is showing concern for an enemy. She wonders if part of her is broken, or if she’s feeling the effects of last night.[6]

At the hermitage, she meets Muramasa. She introduces herself as Ritsuka and Musashi’s escort to ensure they returned safely to the hermitage. With that task complete, she prepares to leave when Muramasa invites her to stay. She and Musashi then help Onui prepare dinner. After dinner, she puts the children to bed. She then overhears Muramasa telling the others what happened at Arakawa, learning that Shuten and Raikou destroyed the Sagami Province. Muramasa continues the two massacred larger settlements until high noon. Suddenly everyone hears Onui screaming from outside.[6]

They rush out to find her and Tasuke captured by Shuten and Raikou. The Swordmasters overwhelm the group using only a fraction of their power. Raikou tells them to come to the peak of the nearby mountain before high noon if they wish to save the children. After they escape, the group prepares to go to the mountain.[6]

As Muramasa forges a new sword, Danzou blames herself for the children getting kidnapped. She agrees to help rescue them, as Munenori ordered her to assist Ritsuka’s party against the Heroic Spirit Swordmasters. After Muramasa is done, the group leave for the mountain. They cut through the nearby bamboo forest into a mountain trial. During this time, Danzou learns that Kotarou is a Servant.[7]

As they continue to ascend, Orochi suddenly appears, even though Chiyome is long gone. Kotarou realizes Shuten can summon it because she is a descendant of Orcohi. With the last of its energy, Orochi knocks Ritsuka down a slope. Kotarou goes to save them when another Orochi appears.[7]

The others eventually find Ritsuka. Kotarou uses his clan's secret ointment to close their wound caused by Shuten. After getting more rest, Ritsuka continues onward to the peak with the others.[8]

There the group demand Shuten and Raikou to give the children back. They doubt Shuten’s claims that she ate them and slay the Orochi she summoned. After Shuten disappears, Raikou tells the group that the children are safe and unharmed in a small shrine up ahead. She asks them to defeat the Swordmasters and prevent the Onriedo’s arrival. After she disappears, Kotarou arrives with Onui and Tasuke; Danzou is relieved to hear that they’re unharmed. Everyone then returns to the hermitage.[8]

At the hermitage, Ritsuka's party see day become the blood moon night. They assume another Swordmaster has arrived. Danzou sends up a flying observational device to see that Toke Castle has been transformed. Later, Danzou is found alone in the smithy by Kotarou after he got the horses that Muramasa provided ready to ride to town. He asks her if she's concerned about the situation as an agent of the shogunate or a lone ninja, or if something else is weighing on her mind. He confesses he'd personally rather have her remain at the hermitage, concerned about her safety. Danzou thanks him for his concern, but nonetheless decides to go with him and the others. On the way, she wonders if she knew Kotarou from before Douman found and repaired her.[9]

Arriving in town, Kotarou scouts on ahead, and assumes the castle is the cause of the monsters in town. He also says a number of the townsfolk were turned into monsters. Danzou confirms the eastern area has been completely wiped out. The group notice Otama helping people evacuate. She confirms most of the survivors have already escaped an hour from when the carnage began. Munenori and his samurai fought the monsters long enough for the survivors to escape. Leaving the children with Otama, the group leave for the castle when two Orochi arrive. They slay one, then encounter the missionary who fought the other Orochi. He explains that Amakusa Shirou Tokisada plans to sacrifice Kiyohime to Onriedo Castle to destroy every world where the Tokugawa exists. The group rush towards the castle to save Kiyohime and stop Amakusa Shirou.[9]

Danzou guides the group to the castle courtyard. There she tries to confess she is an enemy spy, but Musashi reveals it before she can. The group suspected her at different times; Musashi and Muramasa from the beginning; Kotarou after Chiyome’s demise; Ritsuka after Onui and Tasuke were abducted. Danzou reveals Douman ordered her to kill them if the chance presents itself. She believes she gained a soul, and guided the others to the castle of her own volition to stop its activation. Douman appears and mocks her for thinking such. He then reveals what he did to her. Musashi attacks him, but a barrier stops her. Danzou also tries to attack her from behind, but Kotarou stops her. Danzou realizes Douman has been controlling her actions the whole time. Douman then calls the monsters that he’s been keeping at bay. He also has Danzou fight the group. The group slays the monsters, but Danzou is too fast for them. Danzou then self-destructs herself after thanking the others for treating her like a real person. She pleads with the others to stop Amakusa Shirou so she can make amends. She also remembers that she indeed knew Kotarou from before and then shuts down. Her magical energy, the same the first Kotarou imdued her with, along with her will are passed to Kotarou.[9]

Lostbelt No. 5.5: Hell Realm Heian-kyō[]


Katou Danzou is an extremely fast servant, able to keep pace with the fastest steed. She also claims that anyone but her wouldn't be able to keep up with Archer of Inferno's speed, whose power had been greatly increased by the Curse of Annihilation.[10] Danzou can carry out attacks with mainly a large number of edged tools and shooting-type wires that are built into her limbs. She is able to use both short-distance attacks and long-distance attacks. Sometimes, things like wooden missiles that appear to be of a Kashin Koji make can be pumped up and shot out too.

In the Shimosa Singularity, Danzou's power was momentarily greatly increased by Caster of Limbo after he imbued her with a special form of his sorcery that recreates the Curse of Annihilation's karma through machinery. With one of Caster's greatest techniques, Danzou is easily capable of destroying even a Servant. In this state, her speed is further enhanced and she is able to keep pace with Miyamoto Musashi, even claiming Musashi is just too slow.[11]

Class Skills[]

  • Presence Concealment (A Rank): Hides one's presence as a Servant. Suitable for spying. It is possible to disappear completely and become nearly impossible to be detected. The rank of Presence Concealment drops considerably when preparing to attack.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Synthetic Limbs (Mechanical) (A++ Rank): The flesh became a man-made mechanism - particularly, wooden machinery (karakuri). Bonus modifiers are added to action checks related to combat and success checks. At A Rank, not only the limbs, but her entire body is an artificial “karakuri doll”.[1]
  • Ninjutsu (A Rank): The general term for the secret intelligence techniques, combat techniques, larceny techniques, torture techniques, etc., employed by ninjas. Its system differs between each school. Since Katou Danzou was loaded with the skills of Fuuma Koutarou (First), her school would be that of the Fuuma party.[1]
  • Mechanical Illusionary Method (B+ Rank): Techniques that utilize karakuri with genjutsu working as the core of these techniques. They are something Danzou especially regards as her specialty. It is possible to apply these to many activities, such as infiltration, spying, combat, and so on. When it comes to combat situations, the “Mechanical Decapitation Method” excels in such situations, but Danzou does not like it very much.

Noble Phantasms[]

Her Noble Phantasms are Mechanical Illusionary Method - Bull Swallowing and Black Arts Decapitation Method - Moonflower.[1]


Creation and Conception[]

Makoto Soga is the character illustrator for Katou Danzou.[1]


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    Danzou Katou - Assassin

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Makoto Soga
    Voice Actor: Satomi Akesaka

    Endurance: D
    Agility: A
    Mana: C
    Luck: B
    Noble Phantasm: C

    Personal Skills
    Synthetic Limbs (Doll): A++
    Ninjutsu: A
    Doll's Illusionary Arts: B+

    Class Skills
    Presence Concealment: A

    Noble Phantasm
    karakuri illusionary arts・swallowed bull: Karakuri Genhou・Dongyuu
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Beast Noble Phantasm

    A thief, spy whose name can be seen in Kanazoushi, military sciences documents from the early Edo period---
    In other words, a ninja.
    Known by the alias “Flying Katou” or “Kite Katou”, while her activities in the Kai and Echigo Provinces have been reported, her origins and objectives are wrapped in mystery, with various theories existing about it.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 165cm・45kg
    Source: Historical fact, “Kouyou Gunkan”, “Hokuetsu Gundan”, “Otogi Houko”, “Kouetsu Gunki (Picture Book)”, etc.
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: True Neutral  Gender: Female
    She has a second Noble Phantasm called, “Youjutsu Zanhou・Yuugao”(1), but it is fundamentally not employed in FGO. It seems that she does not want to use it due being too much of a murderous technique.

    Level 2 Bond
    There are legends about how Katou Danzou operated puppets, karakuri dolls, but those are legends derived from the fact that “Danzou herself was a doll”--- so is the setting in this work.

    A ninja descended from the Fuuma, who was mostly active during the late Warring States period.
    However, her true identity is that of a karakuri doll manufactured by the sorcerer・Kashin Koji. An artificial female ninja (kunoichi) molded with the cooperation of the first Fuuma Koutarou, and not a living human. However, as a result of accomplishing many duties and being talked about even in later literature, her existence was carved in human history as a Heroic Spirit.

    Level 3 Bond

    • Artificial Limbs (Karakuri): A++

    The flesh became a man-made mechanism - particularly, a wooden machinery (karakuri).
    Bonus modifiers are added to action checks related to combat and success checks.
    At A Rank, not only the limbs, but her entire body is an artificial “karakuri doll”.

    • Ninjutsu: A

    The general term for the secret intelligence techniques, combat techniques, larceny techniques, torture techniques, etc., employed by ninjas.
    Its system differs between each school. Since Katou Danzou was loaded with the skills of Fuuma Koutarou (First), her school would be that of the Fuuma party.

    Level 4 Bond
    "Karakuri illusionary arts・swallowed bull"
    Rank: C  Type: Anti-Beast Noble Phantasm
    Range: 0~20  Maximum Targets: 50 heads(3)
    Karakuri Genhou・Dongyuu(2).
    Producing a vacuum blade and, after drawing the target in, pulverizing him by compression. An application of the illusion of swallowing up a bull that was described in “Otogi Houko”.
    Thanks to a Mystic Code that Kashin Koji himself included, this is endowed with demonic-slaying properties.
    Just like the anecdotes, it also possible to employ illusions of “erasing objects from before people’s eyes” and “make erased objects appear before their eyes again”, but those are fundamentally not employed in FGO.

    Level 5 Bond
    A karakuri ninja of few emotions, quite mechanical.
    Karakuri girl.
    She did not possessed free will in her lifetime, and was just a mechanical doll that just abided by the orders inputted in her--- or so she defined herself. But, upon being carved in human history as a Heroic Spirit and manifesting as a Servant, she began to consider that maybe she might be allowed to think - and have feelings - just like humans. She wants to do so, if allowed.


    (1) roughly, “black arts decapitation method・moonflower”

    (2) roughly, “karakuri illusionary arts・swallowed bull”

    (3) as in “cattle heads”

    加藤段蔵 - アサシン



    人造四肢(絡繰) A++
    忍術 A
    絡繰幻法 B+

    気配遮断 A

    ランク: C
    種別: 対獣宝具


    属性:中立・中庸  性別:女性





    ランク:C  種別:対獣宝具
    レンジ:0~20  最大捕捉:50匹




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