Katsushika HokusaiWP (葛飾 北斎WP, Katsushika Hokusai?), Class Name Foreigner (フォーリナー, Fōrinā?), is a Foreigner-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Katsushika Hokusai is a composite Servant.


Katsushika Hokusai[]

An ukiyoe artist from the second half of the Edo period.

In addition to "Katsushika Hokusai", he had over 30 other pen names like "Gakyo Rojin" and "Sori".

As a painter representing Japan, he had a great influence on foreign painters and musicians such as Gogh and DebussyWP.

Known for his terribly fast brush strokes, he left behind 30,000 works in his lifetime. The aforementioned works range from ukiyo-e woodblock prints to paintings done by hand, manga (different from modern manga), and shunga (pornographic art).

In his later years, he was living together with his third daughter, "Katshushika Ōi" who worked as his assistant.

His most important works are the woodblock print series “Thirty-six Views of Mount FujiWP“, "Hokusai Manga", the monster paintings from his "Hyakumonogatari" series, the shunga "“The Dream of the Fisherman's WifeWP“ and others.

He was known as an oddball who stood out with his eccentric behavior, such as changing residence 93 times during his lifetime, or being really careless with money despite living in extreme poverty. On the occasions when he ventured outside, he was constantly reciting incantations and the like.[1]

At some point, Katsushika encountered an Outer God. Most ordinary humans would have been rendered hopelessly insane or turned into mindless thralls by its presence, but sheer stubbornness and dedication to portray what he had seen on his own terms allowed him to keep his mind intact.

Katshushika Ōi[]

The main body is actually Hokusai's daughter Katsushika OuiWP (葛飾 応為WP, Katsushika Ōi?); the little octopus is Hokusai. This is because their legend and Mystery extends to both of them courtesy of Oui painting under the name.

Outer God[]

Main article: Outer God (Hokusai)


« You're saying I do not look like Hokusai at all? Well, apologies for the charming appearance. If you want to know the circumstances, you better listen to my story! »


She is always together with the weird octopus she calls “father”.[1]


Hokusai (pops) and Oui (Oei). This father-daughter pair is similar even down to their personalities.

They're raised in Edo with a strong frank attitude.

They put emphasis on style and taste, and don't really bother with small details. Not very good with gloomy moods.

Cleaning, cooking, and basically all house chores are trivial and completely ignored by them.

They love Amazake and sweet bean jam-filled rice cakes. Also of course, beauties.

Strangely, Hokusai doesn't drink nor smoke, meanwhile, Oui is somewhat fond of both, though alcohol only in small quantities, and for reasons, she's currently stopped smoking.

Hokusai has an unconventional nature. Although he enthusiastically studied the techniques of various painters without being fixated on a single school, he was full of progressive temperament. Adopting the perspectiveWP of Western paintings, he can be said to be the origin of modern-day manga by employing landscape painting that presented a cut-out moment of motion. Manifesting in this modern age and freed from the rigid shogunate's pressure, Hokusai will probably learn all forms of art with glee, vigorously challenging himself. Be it shunga, abstract, digital or performance art.[1]


Fate/Grand Order[]

The strange octopus 'pops'.

His daughter and assistant, 'Katsushika Oui (Oei)'.

A pair of Servants that introduce themselves as 'Katsushika Hokusai'.

An octopus that usually just floats about without saying anything, and his daughter Oei who doesn't seem bothered by her father's transformation.

Once she grabs a brush, father and daughter become as one, and they fiercely display the painting talent that conquered all the streets of Edo. Hokusai's desire to master the way of painting, was something that, unlike the limits a normal person could reach in their lifetime, opened up new frontiers. The works he left behind made an impression on many people, and there were countless of those who sought to continue Hokusai's legacy.

However, what moves people isn't just ideals. Greed and delusion, hesitation and madness. 'If I had lived just a bit more...I'd have become a true artist...'. This wish of the mad painter was what the Demon Pillar Raum took advantage of, and gave Hokusai the opportunity to beome enchanted by the god of the abyss that lurked in space.

Hokusai Trial Quest[]

At the moment of his death, Hokusai is called to the Abyss by an Outer God. Hokusai's obsessive desire to paint had drawn the Outer God to him. Not heeding the Gentleman's warnings, he heads further into the Abyss and is possessed by the Outer God.

The Outer God then entered Ritsuka's dream of Edo, planning to enter the real world through it. But Hokusai had no intention of being its vessel and inadvertently called his daughter, Oei, into the dream to obstruct the Outer God's plans. He then became a small octopus floating around his daughter.

In the dream's scenario, Hokusai and the Utagawa had been tasked to paint a treasure ship for the shogun. Hokusai is missing, however, so his disciples (Oei included) search desperately for him. If he isn't found by tomorrow, the entire Hokusai school may be punished depending on how offended the shogun is.

Taking a job at Ekou-in, Oei paints a large picture of Hotei-son to commemorate the new year. Afterward, she notices Ritsuka and Suzuka Gozen. She introduces herself when Hokusai's disciples call her over.  Hatchoubori, along with his subordinates Bou and Sei, has come looking for an impostor of Hokusai, based on the intel the police received. As Hokusai himself isn't present, they decide to arrest Hokusai's disciples, Oei included. But publisher Nishimuraya says the police should've gotten notice that Hokusai himself wouldn't be present. Nevertheless, Hatchoubori and his subordinates continue with their arrest. Oei fights back, with Ritsuka and Suzuka joining her.

After being defeated, Hatchoubori admits the police were at fault and apologizes for trying to frame Oei for a crime she didn't commit.

Afterward, at Ryougoku Bridge, Ritsuka tells Oei they're in a dream to her disbelief. Oei and Nishimuraya then confess that they've been searching everywhere for Hokusai to no avail since yesterday. Her father is needed for an important job.

At her home, Oei explains what Hokusai was tasked with. Ritsuka steps on a wooden figure representing the Myouken Bosatsu. Oei then realizes there is a place she hasn't looked for her father yet.

Oei tries to go to Hosshou Temple, having recalled Hokusai became popular after narrowly escaping death by lightning there. But she and the others are stopped by Old Meowster, Kakuloe, and Illysuke. Kakuloe and Illysuke ask her if the ukiyo-e they were sold is a genuine Hokusai piece. Oei sees it's a real ukiyo-e piece, but she doesn't care if it was made by Hokusai or not. Kakuloe makes the implication that Oei is lying to herself, which angers Oei that her way of life is being questioned. She then produces a response to that of a Servant. With Suzuka's help, she fights Old Meowster, Kakuloe, and Illysuke.

Unfortunately, Oei collapses during the battle. After being tended to by Suzuka and Illysuke, Oei confesses the piece was a collaboration between her and her father. Ever since then she has painted many pieces under her father's name. Ritsuka and Suzuka convince her to sign the piece with her name. Illysuke then recalls there were two art dealers and they carried items labeled "Seiseidou" and "Kitsurudou". Oei recognizes those names as publishers from the Utagawa School, but she doesn't recall selling any Hokusai work to them.

Suzuka later asks Oei what will happen to her if she doesn't find her father. Oei explains the consequences if the Hokusai's disciples offend the shogun. Suzuka suggests Oei present the painting herself to the shogun if they fail to find her father. But Oei reminds Suzuka that the invitation was for her father precisely. She then realizes they're in a dream based on how Suzuka is the real Suzuka and how she moved earlier.

At Hosshou Temple, Ritsuka and Suzuka find BB, Mr. Gold, and Omoe there. Oei tries to leave since her father isn't at the temple, but Mr. Gold prevents her. Suzuka accuses him of being part of the Utagawa scheme, but Mr. Gold reveals he already sent the Utagawa publisher, Hoeidou, to the magistrates. He is also looking for Hokusai. However, Oei reveals the Utagawa were meant to demonstrate to the shogun with her father. BB assures though that  Utagawa Hiroshige will appear before the shogun tomorrow. Mr. Gold then explains the Outer God's plan to escape into reality using Hokusai as its vessel. To prevent this, he will render Hokusai unable to paint ever again. Oei says though that her father would paint no matter what happens. Mr. Gold responds that it was that obsession that attracted the Outer God. He then fights Ritsuka, Suzuka, and Oei for deciding to defend Hokusai.

Mr. Gold eventually stops the fight, having realized something about Oei. He also decides to abandon his search for Hokusai. He then says he'll inform the shogun that a great painter will be coming to tomorrow's exhibit in Hokusai's place. Oei realizes he means her painter, and doubts the shogun would entertain such a request unless from a magistrate. After Mr. Gold leaves with his companions, Ritsuka, Suzaka, and Oei return to her home.

At her home, Oei and the others watch the octopus attempt to paint. She then suddenly says "Ph'nglui" twice. It's an incantation Hokusai began to chat one day, though Oei doesn't understand why it popped in her head.

The next day at Ryougoku Bridge, Oei and Hiroshige present themselves to the shogun. Oei is informed she is here today thanks to a special nomination from the northern town magistrate. She and Hiroshige then compete to see whose painting of a treasury will satisfy the shogun's taste. The shogun is impressed by both of them and decides to elevate their positions. However, the next painting competition requires the loser to commit seppuku. Not wanting a promising painter of her school to die, Utagawa Toyoukuni asks to be allowed to assist Hiroshige, which the shogun agrees to.

Toyokuni reveals they are in Ritsuka's dream. She also reveals Oei is acting like a Servant because Ritsuka is projecting their desire onto her. Oei realizes Hokusai died when Toyokuni details the Outer God's plan. She believes her father should remain dead and not try to return. But Toyokuni accuses Oei of lying to herself, calling her the biggest obstacle to the Outer God's plan. The Outer God's influence then corrupts the dream, corrupting Toyokuni and the others as well.

Oei starts to fade away, believing her father had abandoned her. Suzuka encourages her not to give up, revealing she is the one preventing the Outer God's descent and the Outer God is nothing but a fictional entity created from Hokusai's imagination. Even Toyokuni is a temporary manifestation of Hokusai's pursuit of madness in the dream. Hokusai then suddenly possesses his daughter's body. Hokusai admits his obsession allowed him to become the Outer God's vessel, but he will allow it to paint the world in its twisted perspective. He also reveals he saw the Outer God at the moment of his death and declares he will paint it while remaining himself. He, with Ritsuka and Suzuka, then fights Toyokuni and Hiroshige.

After Toyokuni, Hiroshige, and the Shogun disappear, the Evil God's presence also disappears. Hokusai paints an exit for Ritsuka and Suzuka to return to the real world. He then returns to his octopus at Suzuka's demand, returning Oei's body to her. Oei remembers everything that transpired. Suzuka says her goodbyes and takes a selfie with Oei. Oei thanks Ritsuka for reuniting her with her father and bids them farewell.

Later at the Abyss, the Gentleman commends Hokusai for overcoming the Outer God. Hokusai decides to join Chaldea as a Servant, saying Oei wants the same thing. The Gentleman replies that it's possible. After the Gentleman leaves, Hokusai expresses no fear about merging with the mythos. He declares that depicting falsehood and fiction is the ultimate dream for a ukiyo-e artist. He also declares that the Hokusai family will work for free whenever called.

Event: Oni Pagoda Festival[]

Oei is convinced by Shuten-douji to guard the 10th of her tower with the promise that she will be provided with paints, a place for her to paint, and subjects to paint. Said subjects being Servants. She explains this to Ritsuka's party when they arrive. As they're in a hurry, Tomoe Gozen apologizes they cannot stay to model for her. But Oei refuses to let them leave, forcing the group into a fight. They defeat her, and Ritsuka tells her to soak in the hot springs. The prospect of seeing her would-be subjects naked excites Oei, though she wants her father blindfolded. Hokusai inks her in response and goes off ahead of her. Oei chases after him, suspecting that he's trying to sneak into the women's bath.

Summer Event: Servant Summer Festival![]

Oei is the club representative of the suggestively named “Tentacle Iron Bar”, named so by her father. Her art is so good, though, that it doesn’t trend with the general public. Abigail Williams is also a member, but Oei forbids her from accompanying her to this year’s ServantFes as her art will be risque. While out shopping for art supplies and exploring Waikiki Street, however, Oei Oei is killed by Mysterious Heroine XX for being Foreigner.

Fortunately, in the final loop, she is saved by the timely arrival of Ritsuka’s party. They drive XX away and BB soon arrives ready to fight XX, only to see she already gone and Oei is still alive. Oei tells Ritsuka that she is indebted to them and says she’ll return the favor. She then returns to the hotel, barely able to hide her desire to illustrate XX.

Later on the beach, Medb challenges Oei to a combat match in which the loser must surrender their club space. Oei accepts the challenge, deciding to fight Medb and her men alone, since she doesn’t want a dainty girl like Abigail involved. Fortunately for Oei and Abigail, Ritsuka’s party arrives to help. After Medb retreats, Jeanne Alter asks Oei to give her art lessons. Oei, wishing to repay the group, agrees to teach Jeanne Alter.

The day before ServantFes,Ritsuka and Jeanne Alter run into Jeanne d’Arc, Oei, and Osakabehime while looking for a fight to relieve some stress. But hearing that they’re all done with final drafts only serves to frustrate Jeanne Alter even further. Oei tells her to accept what she has drawn and put it together the best she can when the latter says she’ll start over. Then, learning why Jeanne Alter came outside, Jeanne helps her relieve her stress, having Oei and Osakabehime join as well. Afterward, she leaves with them, saying they need to change their schedules.

Later that night, the three girls enter Ritsuka’s party’s room, having been invited by Ritsuka to help Jeanne Alter complete her story in time. For her part, Oei draws the backgrounds that Jeanne Alter described to her, insisting she couldn’t have done it without the latter’s vivid description. Unfortunately, when the end is so close, she accidentally deletes all the data. Jeanne Alter tells Osakabehime to recover what she can and confirms with Robin Hood that he’s been making backups every 15 minutes. Everyone then crunches until morning and successfully completes the story. Osakabehime, Oei, and Jeanne all collapse from exhaustion afterward.

The day of ServantFes. Oei allows Abigail to help her, telling her to take the “Line Starts Here” sign and show customers where they need to go. Though she’s glad to see Abigail happy, she still feels bad about her helping out, given the club’s suggestive name.

Summer Event: Las Vegas Bout[]


Oui uses a paintbrush approximately the size of her body to make paintings that can physical interact with the world. She has a collection of smaller brushes she uses as melee weapons, or throw them as projectiles. Her father also aids her by spewing the enemy with ink.


Class Skills[]

  • Existence Outside the Domain (Rank EX): A being who descended from the void of outer space.
    Enchanted by the evil god, she possesses and wields part of the god's power.
  • Item Construction (Rank B): Capable of creating beautiful paintings laced with mana that enchant people's hearts.
  • Territory Creation (Rank D): Capable of creating a territory suitable for working on paintings.
    However, she will not clean.
  • Divinity (Rank B): Having become the herald of a higher being from space, she has obtained a strong rank of divinity.
    There exists an unimaginable danger sealed inside Hokusai's body.
    In exchange for this, her father took the form of a strange octopus.

Personal Skills[]

  • All Things in Nature (Rank A+): The observing eye that studies the spectacles of nature and sees through that essence.[1]
  • Father-Daughter Bond (Rank A): The bond between the hearts of Hokusai and Ōi - who remained together even in the artist's final years - won't be shaken even by the madness of an evil god.[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

Their Noble Phantasm is Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji‎.

The Great Wave, the famous masterpiece of Mr.Hokusai.

The 21st work in his series of ukiyo-e pieces, The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

A mastery of the brush reached by discerning the essence of nature and reaching a state of mind resembling divine possession, and by preparing the mystical essence in painting, she moves and influences the hearts and bodies of those who lay eyes on it.

Then the awakened Hokusai who made contact with the god of the abyss channeled its madness and created unique piece of ukiyo-e. That is 'The Great Alien Sea off Kanagawa'. The original 36 views of Mount Fuji, and the additional 10 reverse views; this forbidden brush has stepped into a state of mind beyond even those.

Forms and Alternate Versions[]


She doesn’t change whether she’s 3 or 300!

This is the Katsushika Ooi who was addicted to reading books since childhood, and came to admire the smokin’ sick style kind of lifestyle!

“I’m a rare female Ukiyo-e artist who’s astonishingly smart and quick witted! Clad in a glamorous kimono, I’m perfection itself!”

……Aren’t you bragging too much, Oei? (Father is here, too)

The grown up form of Ooi from her childhood, who wanted to be a storybook warrior more than an ukiyo-e artist.

Even as a frustrated painter, she hasn’t yet experienced divorce after marrying, and is confident in her artistic skill, proclaiming, “Eventually I will surpass my father, Hokusai!” with conceit.

With a heart that wants to surpass her father, she calls herself “Katsushika Hokusai,” and is still quite immature. Still, there’s nothing her mature form has that she doesn’t.

There exists a rumor that Katsushika Hokusai is the great-grandchild of Kobayashi Heihachirō, a swordsman and vassal of the Kira Clan who was defeated in the Chūshingura assassination, though the validity of this claim is unknown. If it is true, Ooi would be his great-great-grandchild.

Even if Hokusai’s claim that he has some blood relation to one of the Kira Clan samurai of Chūshingura fame is to be believed, the “swordsman” act is an affectation. Additionally, it’s the result of believing wholeheartedly in delusions wrought by reading things like Kyokutei Bakin’s stories or Chinese novels such as Water Margin.


Ooi uses the Oyo Muhen Tenkai Hishou longsword technique, which she developed when she was inspired by many famous waterfalls. It appears to be a rather acrobatic and agile type of swordsmanship, as she's able to slash her enemies while spinning on the hilt of another sword she impaled with. She is also fast enough to slash with one sword, catch it in a sheath, and immmediately switch to another. Her father also helps by attacking together with her, wielding two of her four swords he borrowed. Ooi also uses ink to either empower her sword attacks, or fire a ink beam from the tip of a sword.



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