Noble Phantasm
Kavacha and Kundala
Lancer | Launcher
Japanese name: カヴァーチャ&クンダーラ
Title: O Sun, Become Armor
Japanese title: 日輪よ、具足となれ
Owner: Lancer of Red

Kavacha and Kundala: O Sun, Become Armor (日輪よ、具足となれカヴァーチャ&クンダーラ, Nichirin yo, Gusoku to nare (Kavaacha & Kundaara)?) is the golden armor and earring given to Karna by his mother, Kunti. She felt fear in becoming an unmarried mother and prayed to Surya to protect her son, granting him a powerful defensive-type Noble Phantasm integrated with his body that emits the radiance of the sun. Due to being light itself taken shape, it is difficult for even the gods to destroy. Vasavi Shakti requires the armor to be permanently sacrificed for it to be used.[1]

The armor differs slightly between the two incarnations of Karna. Within the Moon Cell, it is able to protect against being deleted, allowing a human that has it to return to their body after the Moon Cell Holy Grail War even if they are not the winner.


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