Kazuradrop (カズラドロップ, Kazuradoroppu?), Class Name Alter Ego (アルターエゴ, Arutā Ego?), is an Alter Ego-class High-Servant of BB in CCC Incident Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail.



Alter Ego (アルターエゴ, Arutā Ego?), whose True Name is Kazuradrop, is a High-Servant created by BB. She was created from BB accessing the Moon Cell's Servant Archive and selecting goddesses compatible with Ego from inside of it. She reproduced their data, and Kazuradrop came to existence as a complex of goddesses. One of her components is Muryan.[2]


Kazuradrop's appearance resembles Sakura but is younger in appearance, closely resembles the original Sakura Matou from Fate/Zero but with purple hair and bright green-yellow eyes. She wears a green kimono with yellow clothing underneath and white frilly collar. The sleeves and the back of her dress has slightly darker color. On the front of her dress are yellow ropes woven into her kimono that tied into two knots and with two tassels, similar to the one on Nameless's outfit. Two tassel-like ornaments are attached to the bottom of her sleeves. Kazuradrop also wears a black short under her kimono and a pair of yellow shoes with white socks. Similar to the original Sakura, she has a yellow ribbon tied to the left side of her head.


Kazuradrop is the Alter Ego of affection, differing from the other Alter Egos in that she doesn't seem to hate humans. In actuality, she holds some doubts over their existence due to how she views it as contradictory. At first glance, she is quiet and caring in nature, and she holds no visible flaws as an AI, even wishing to go back to being complete. In reality, she bears a deep contempt for "imperfection" and seeks to consume everything she sees as flawed, including humanity and the world itself. For similar reasons, she despises Hakuno Kishimani due to their part in causing the existence of BB in the first place and by extension her own defective state.

She is the most tidy and youngest of the Sakura Five due to being pictured as a nurse. She is a "big health nut" and loves injections. Rin mentions that her personality is extremely different from the other Alter Egos. She would become a rival to Caster."[1]

Due to Repulsion For One's Kin, Kazuradrop came to loathe all the fellow Sakura-type AIs for acting on their own desire instead of continuing their original function as the "perfect" infirmary AI. Even with the skill sealed, she can barely tolerate being in their presence. While her origin of "affection" prohibits her from outright killing Masters, she has no qualms against mercilessly torturing them or having them killed via proxies.


Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail[]

Kazuradrop unveils herself.

Kazuradrop is the true main antagonist of Fox Tail, having stolen most of BB's power and brainwashed Meltryllis and Passionlip as her pawns. During the beginning of the story, Kazuradrop disguises herself as BB. She originally presents herself as the "First" BB.[3][4][5][6][7][8]

"First" BB fights Gawain and Violet.[9][10]

After Kazuradrop takes over the school, the Chairperson and other AIs decide to concede to her in order to survive. They later learn she has no plans to spare them.[11][12]

Kazuradrop after consuming Kingprotea

Kazuradrop tortures Hakuno in Bug Space once more, however, Kingprotea arrives to save Hakuno. Unfortunately, Kazuradrop compresses Kingprotea into a cube through the stolen id_es Trash & Crush, later absorbing Kingprotea into her being.[13][14][15][16][17][18]

Fate/Grand Order[]

Deep-Sea Cyber-Nirvana: SE.RA.PH[]

Kazuradrop appears

Kazuradrop is summoned by BB to be one of her Servants, something she isn't really happy with. Her id_es skills have been sealed away in order to prevent her from turning against BB and the other Alter Egos.[19]


Kazuradrop was one of the Five Alter Egos created by BB, who decided to betray her. Prior to the start of Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail, Kazuradrop decided to devour BB and steal her power, but eating her("the main dish") right away was impossible.[11] In order to strengthen her vessel so that it could contain BB's power, she started by absorbing Passionlip("an hors d’oeuvre") and Meltryllis("soup"). After storing up their power, she crept up on BB from behind while her guard was down.[11][18] However, BB had enlarged her data to the size of a giga-structure by this point, and thus, it required a lot of time for Kazuradrop to drain all her power.[18] BB managed to escape after Kazuradrop had absorbed 7/8 of her data resources.[11][18] Kazuradrop kept 2/8 for herself and used the remaining 5/8 to create the fake BB.[11] By disguising what remained of Meltryllis with the exterior of BB,[11][18] Kazuradrop gained a puppet with which she re-started BB's quest to reach the Holy Grail and conquer the Moon Cell.[18] Kazuradrop was controlling the actions of the fake BB from the School Building throughout most part of the story.[11]


Kazuradrop's combat ability is nonexistent, and she functions more as a virus detector. If the data retrieved from a bug does not resist, then she will clean it and can turn it into something harmless.[20]

Without the Infantile Regression skill restraining her, Kingprotea becomes able to grow endlessly, and thus, Kazuradrop’s Bug Space is unable to miniaturize her. No matter how much Kazuradrop tries, it is futile, and it just increases the risk and burden on her. Kazuradrop states that she is an opponent with the worst possible compatibility for her.[13] Kazuradrop used BB's shadows and Meltryllis' All Drain to momentarily restrain Kingprotea, but they were still ineffective against her great physical strength. Kazuradrop took this instant to activate Domina Coronam so that she could buy herself just enough time to widen the distance between them. Once she was at the right distance, Kazuradrop used Trash & Crush on Kingprotea, successfully terminating her.[16] Overseeing the fake BB and the Bug Space, overusing Domina Coronam, and utilizing both Insect Eater and Trash & Crush made Kazuradrop use a huge amount of her resources. Being unable to maintain the Bug Space any longer, she was forced to devour Kingprotea right there or else her body would have forever been lost in the Imaginary Number Space.[17]


Class Skills[]

Personal Skills[]

  • Insect Eater (EX Rank): A unique id es skill that evolved from ??. This is an ability different from Meltryllis' All Drain which enables her to absorb others as Experience Points. This skill only works against those of the Sakura Series, and allows Kazuradrop to absorb the target into herself with all of their abilities and characteristics intact.[11] During the events of Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail, this skill allowed Kazuradrop to devour Meltryllis, Passionlip, and 7/8 of BB prior to the start of the story,[11] and eventually Kingprotea after defeating her.[16] Because the Alter Egos are being born from BB, they were made so that they cannot lay a hand on Sakura Matou, however, Insect Eater is an exception to that rule. It is an ability specifically for eating Sakura.[11] It also cannot be used to steal combination attack such as Virgin Laser - Palladion. Abilities stolen through Insect Eater include:
  • Domina Coronam: Authority stolen from BB. Kingprotea was able to break through Domina’s Coronam world overwrite through sheer physical strength.[14]
  • Dog Space: Ability stolen from BB. Renamed Bug Space by herself. Originally, it forced one to live out a life of crawling on all fours; However, It now shrinks one to the size of a bug and breeds them as such.
  • All Drain: id es skill stolen from Meltryllis. This skill allows Kazuradrop to drain and absorb the Experience Points of Servants. However, against Kingprotea, it was meaningless. The moment Kazuradrop stole her data, she simply increased her mass.[15]
  • Trash & Crush: id es skill stolen from Passionlip. She used it to defeat Kingprotea.[16]
  • Repulsion For One's Kin (??? Rank): The second unique id es Skill of Kazuradrop that evolved from ??. It is the embodiment of Kazuradrop's self-contradictory nature. She is a flawed program that is born to eliminate flawed programs. It results in a self-destructive nature that seeks out the destruction of all that is similar to the holder of this skill. It also perpetuates Kazuradrop's drive for perfection.
  • Self-Modification (??? Rank): Kazuradrop had initially planned to use Passionlip's Trash & Crush on Hakuno Kishinami, but since this skill isn't yet "complete", she is unable to harm him directly.[16] When Kazuradrop tried to assimilate Sakura Matou, Sakura shielded herself with a firewall and entered cryostasis. Using the power of Domina Coronam, she has been modifying herself so that she can break through Sakura’s firewall, but she isn’t yet capable to do that.[11] Because Kazuradrop's trait as one of BB's Alter Egos is kindness, her attack Authority is locked in regards to Masters, just like the old BB and unlike the other Alter Egos. BB had planned to bypass this restriction by using attacks towards the Alter Egos as a valid excuse to modify herself following the broad interpretation “self-defense”. Having absorbed nearly all of BB, Kazuradrop states that she should be able to release herself the same way. However, Kazuradrop hasn’t completely mastered the old BB’s power yet. And most of all, the old BB is still alive, so the portion she received from her is filled with lots of errors. As a result, modifying herself required a lot of time.[12]

Noble Phantasm[]

Forms and Alternate Versions[]

"First" BB[]

The "First" BB is an avatar of Kazuradrop taking the appearance of BB. The true form of this "doll" is that of Meltryllis who had been previously absorbed by Kazuradrop, and now acts as the core of the fake BB. After using it to find and recover Kingprotea, Kazuradrop tasked her with resuming the plan of the original BB; reaching the Holy Grail/Moon Cell Core.[18]


After sneak attacking BB and stealing 7/8 of her power, Kazuradrop kept 2/8 for herself and used the remaining 5/8 to create the fake BB.[11] Despite being weaker than the original, her spiritual power is already close to that of the Moon Cell. She is an administrative AI backup with an ominous aura.[3] Although Leonardo B. Harwey states that Suzuka Gozen and Kingprotea are “threats as strong enemies”, he says that BB is a “threat as a system of absolute Authority”. He regards her as a walking calamity that spells the end for any of them the moment they walk into her before they can even consider the issue of fighting her.[8] Just like the original BB, Kazuradrop used this puppet to create the Sakura Labyrinth as a structure for connecting to the Holy Grail.[7] The "First" BB has advanced to the point where she can change the rules of SE.RA.PH, as seen when she deactivated the Sakura Labyrinth's eight floor’s check point.[4]

Although "First" BB can modify the virtual world, she is the same AI model as Sakura Matou, so she doesn't have any battle capabilities.[5] Although her specs are extraordinary, her battle technique is average.[9] Seeing that she was bugging out due to an error, Leonardo B. Harwey decided to fight her alongside Gawain. Using Sword Camelot to prevent her from escaping, the two of them alongside Violet and Shinji Matou tried to take her down. Being able to nullify BB's Domina Coronam with Crack Ice, Violet attacks her repeatedly with her superior speed. Gawain took these oportunities to attack her when her guard was open, or off-balance. After fighting for less than a few minutes, Gawain attacked her with Excalibur Galatine, getting a direct hit. After seeing the battle data from his previous fight with Karna, BB had concluded that she could withstand it, however, when she was getting hit by it she was worried for a moment that she would be eradicated. Although she wasn’t able to suppress the attack completely, she was able to get a solid hit on Gawain in return. In truth, she had been aiming to deal a counter after being hit by his Noble Phantasm from the start. BB states it would have been a close call if she hadn’t stolen some of his power already throughout their fight.[9]


  • Domina Coronam (??? Rank): This is the power of the original BB. A skill of supreme Authority capable of even creating a country, and overturning the fundamental structure of cyberspace.[6] The true nature of Domina Coronam is a skill that can negate all results as if they never happened. Erasing space is merely a portion of that ability.[9] However, she hasn’t completely mastered the use of Domina Coronam.[6][9] Therefore, she can’t completely negate the damage she receives.[9] After accessing Kingprotea's heart, she activated this skill with a snap of her fingers, completely preventing Kingprotea, Tamamo-no-Mae, and Hakuno Kishinami from breathing and moving their arms and legs in a single instant.[6] Violet is able to cancel out the effects of Domina Coronam with Crack Ice.[9][10] Although the limit of times she can use this ability is 4, during her fight alongside Gawain, Violet pushed herself beyond it, using it up to 6 times over to support Gawain.[10]
  • All Drain (??? Rank): This was originally Meltryllis' id es skill. They enable BB to summon shadows that steal power from anything they touch. Even with Gawain’s guard tightened, they forcefully and voraciously suck away part of his strength. However, he still needed to avoid receiving a direct hit at all costs, so he couldn't carelessly attack either.[9]
  • Insect Eater (??? Rank): The trump card of fake BB is Kazuradrop's Insect Eater. This is a tentacle made of high-density data, somehow different from her other shadows. After using Domina Coronam repeatedly to weaken Violet, she tried to use this ability to absorb her, however, Shinji Matou shielded her, saving her life at the cost of his own.[10]


Creation and Conception[]

« Kazuradrop: Welcome. This is a colony where the nonradical Sakuras come together.
Rin: Now this is ridiculous, this girl's personality is just way too different.
Kazuradrop: If you return the Sakura Drops that come from our source, we can supply you with items and recover your stamina. ♥ »

(Fate/EXTRA material)

Kazuradrop was cut during the development period of Fate/EXTRA CCC along with Violet and Kingprotea and detailed in Fate/EXTRA material. She later appeared with them in Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail. Had she been used in the game, she would have lived in the planned village for the Sakuras and given Hakuno Kishinami items in exchange for "Sakura Drops." Nasu cited her love of injections and similarity to Sakura's role as school nurse as a reason for not appearing.[20]


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    • Height: 133cm
    • Weight: 30kg
    • Blood type: Unknown
    • Birthday: 12th April
    • Image colour: Bright green
    • Talents: Sugoroku Board Game, Cleaning
    • Likes: Other than herself
    • Dislike: None
    • Enemy:

    Comment from Kinoko Nasu
    One of the unused sakura five members, see more in the glossary.
    A Japanese system, she would become a rival against Casko

    How Sad (Nasu)


    • 身長:133cm
    • 体重:30kg
    • 血液型:不明
    • 誕生日:4月12日
    • イメージカラー:若草色
    • 特技:双六遊び、掃除
    • 好きな物:自分達以外
    • 嫌いな物:なし
    • 天敵:天敵しかいない

    Comment from Kinoko Nasu

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    One of the Sakura Five members that didn't make it into the game.
    The Alter Ego of love.
    She's different from the other Alter Egos in that she doesn't hate humans, actually, she even holds some doubts over their existence, specifically, how contradictory it is.
    Kazuradrop is quiet and caring in nature, and has no real flaws as an AI; she wants to go back to being complete. Because she was pictured as a nurse, she's the most tidy and the youngest. Her combat ability is also nonexistent, and functions more as a virus detector. If the data retrieved from a bug doesn't resist, then she'll clean it and can turn it into something harmless.
    She loves injections and is a big health nut...... errr, you could probably guess by now why we didn't use her in the end. Since this Alter Ego's character was too similar to the Sakura Matou from the school infirmary, she was scrapped pretty much instantly. This was just an idea we wanted to push for in the planning stages, but there would've been a village inside a dungeon where the normal Sakuras would've been, and that's where you'd find Kazuradrop living too.

    Kazuradrop: Welcome. This is a colony where the nonradical Sakuras come together.
    Rin: Now this is ridiculous, this girl's personality is just way too different.
    Kazuradrop: If you return the Sakura Drops that come from our source, we can supply you with items and recover your stamina. ♥

    That's something like how this surprise development would go.
    Initially, Sakuraments were called "Sakura Drops", and they were something you'd collect that would be administered by Sakura in the infirmary to retake the security of the world. This is just one example of how they would come into play.
    Kazuradrop's id_eses are "Identitcal Genetic Disgust" and "Insect Eater."

    他のアルターエゴど違い、人問を憎めず、むしろBBゃエゴたちの在り方......矛盾だらけの在り方 ......に疑問を持ってしまっている。
    看護師(イメー)をイメージしたアルターエゴで、いちぱん清楚で幼い。戦問離舵力こそ皆無だが、ウイルスチェ ッカーに特化したAI。バグをおこしたデータが無抵抗ならこれを洗浄し、無力化する事ができる。お注射大好きな健康マニアでもある。

    凛「 ......いくらなんでも人格分裂しすぎよね、この子」
    カズラ「わたし達の源である桜の滴を還元してくれた ら、アイテム提供や休力回復が可能ですよ♡」


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